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Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Sense8!

Ahhh, such good ones. I can always count on you, Lexi! :)

Harry Potter:

  • Favourite character: This varies from day to day, but usually it’s either Neville, Harry, Luna, or Ron.
  • Funniest character: In the books, Harry is pretty snarky! Ron’s also pretty funny.
  • Best-looking character: Gilderoy Lockhart, duh. ;) (I never had opinions about the kids in the movies because they were kids, but if you ask me about the now-adult cast I might admit that Matthew Lewis is fairly attractive, which was not something I would have predicted at all. Bonnie Wright is also quite lovely, which was less surprising, haha.)
  • 3 favourite ships: HP’s never been about shipping for me; I’ve always been fine with the canon ships. I particularly like Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, and Harry/Ron/Hermione as BFFs and a family team.
  • Least favourite character: Snape or Umbridge.
  • Least favourite ship: Snape/any student.
  • Reason why I watch it: Because it’s Harry Potter. :)
  • Why I started watching it: I saw trailers for the first movie, and thought, “This looks really cool!” and “Ohhh, this is what everyone’s been bugging me to read.” I didn’t read the first book till after the first movie or two had come out, and then a friend advised me to not read the books till after all the movies had come out if I wanted to keep enjoying the movies, which I thought was very sound advice. So after all the movies had been released, I read the series over the week between Christmas and New Year’s and it was like getting all this awesome EXTRA info about some of my favorite stories. I totally understand why a lot of people are angry about the HP movies not doing the books/characters justice, because I’ve felt that way about many books and movies over the years; but I’m really glad that I get to enjoy both the movies and the books.

Stranger Things:

  • Favourite character: Either Joyce or Dustin. Or Eleven. Or Mr. Clarke the science teacher!
  • Funniest character: All the kids are pretty funny. Probably either Dustin or Lucas.
  • Best-looking character: Uhh…this is really not a show that made me think about the characters’ appearances. :)
  • 3 favourite ships: I don’t really ship anything on this show, except maybe Eleven/Eggos, Eleven/happiness, Eleven/having lots of people who care about her and give her hugs. Maybe Barb/justice. I could ship Joyce/Hopper, if the show goes there, but I don’t need it.
  • Least favourite character: either Joyce’s ex or Matthew Modine’s character, whatever his name was. Dr. WhiteHelmetHair CreepyScientist.
  • Least favourite ship: ?
  • Reason why I watch it: 80s movie homages, intrepid kids, found family, sci-fi, Winona Ryder.
  • Why I started watching it: Because I saw it everywhere on tumblr, and @wwjend told me it was awesome.


  • Favourite character: Nomi, Riley, Capheus, Sun.
  • Funniest character: Hmm…probably Lito? Amanita gets some great moments too. So does Will, actually.
  • Best-looking character: They’re all pretty damn good-looking. Either Amanita or Hernando.
  • 3 favourite ships: Nomi/Amanita, Lito/Hernando, Sun/kicking ass.
  • Least favourite character: Whispers? And Nomi’s mom. Fuck her, she was awful.
  • Least favourite ship: Wolfgang/Kala, only in the sense that I’m not invested in it. I don’t actually dislike it or anything.
  • Reason why I watch it: Love, family, identity, sex, relationships, amazing locations, amazing story and acting and writing. I hope S2 doesn’t disappoint!!!
  • Why I started watching it: Because you told me to! :) You and @writeanotherballad and @damecatoe and @yadykates and @jenndoesnotcare all ordered me to watch it, basically. And at some point this post crossed my dash and I thought, “Yep, okay, this is a show I wanna watch.”

Thanks, Lexi! <3

Give me a TV series and I’ll tell you…


tagged by the evil writeanotherballad (don’t worry, still adore you anyway)

And here’s today’s (cause it changes a bit) list…

  1. Peggy Carter (can ya blame me?)
  2. Sam Carter (hey, names… can I pretend they’re related, cause you know, I could see Sam looking up to someone like Peggy)
  3. Aeryn Sun (a season in and I adore her)
  4. Rose Tyler (always and forever)
  5. Felicity Smoak (adorable as ever)
  6. Barry Allen (puppy)
  7. Sarah Manning (favourite clone)
  8. The Doctor (just you know, not eleven or twelve…)
  9. Jack O'Neill (giant idiot)
  10. Regina (cause damn best character on that show)

So I’m gonna tag……. anniviech, greatspacedustbin, callistawolf, kelkat9, lunarsilverwolfstar, licieoic, sympatheticapathygallifreyanathearts, johnspuddlejumper aaaaand chevronlocked

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Eliot, Parker and Hardison :D

Oh man. Okay, I’ll give it my best shot!

Eliot Spencer:

  • Eliot’s URL: itsaverydistinctiveblog.tumblr.com
  • what he’d reblog: ALL THE FOOD PORN, also self-defense tips and martial arts stuff, artsy photography, probably some MCU stuff (Hardison got him into it and it’s actually pretty good), and of course cute animals
  • who would he follow first: Hardison, because he’s the one who dragged him onto Tumblr in the first place
  • his theme: probably the super basic default theme
  • 2am text posts: lots of “DAMMIT HARDISON blah blah blah.” Also probably recipe ideas and rants about people who make his life harder and/or don’t appreciate his cooking


  • Parker’s URL: thiefjuice.tumblr.com
  • what she’d reblog: really random stuff, things she’d tag with “LOL” and “hahahahah” that weren’t remotely funny to anyone else, classic movies and Star Trek, any photos of jewels that happened to cross her dash, cool science stuff, and of course cute animals. And from Thanksgiving to New Year’s her blog would be ALL CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME.
  • who would she follow first: Hardison, because he’s the one who showed her what Tumblr was
  • her theme: probably something very basic, black-and-white, and symmetrical
  • 2am text posts: “really horses are terrifying,” odes to breakfast cereal

Alec Hardison:

  • Hardison’s URL: ageofthegeekbaby.tumblr.com (too on the nose? maybe something like bankoficeland.tumblr.com or wantediniceland.tumblr.com)
  • what he’d reblog: all the Treks, Doctor Who, Star Wars, MCU, Whedonverse, championship poker, video games, all the geek culture you could possibly want
  • who he would follow first: I’m willing to bet Hardison was on Tumblr before anyone else he knew, so…maybe the first good Trek blog he came across? Maybe Chaos, hahaha.
  • his theme: probably something he custom-coded, sleek and ultra-cool, with Matrix-style falling code on it somewhere (on the sidebar or in the background)
  • 2am text posts: fannish rants, discussions with other gamers, venting about how no one at his job appreciates everything he does to make their lives easier, “my Nana always said”-type posts with bits of life wisdom.

Send me a character!

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Aw i wish i could watch gilmore girls again for the first time. :))) Do you like it?

I do like it, it’s fun and sometimes a bit heartbreaking and all, but the characters are amazing, and Lorelai and Rory and Sookie and just all the GIRLS! We have so many, it’s nice. more shows with lots of girls please!

Though uh, we could easily lose Rory’s boyfriends, she seems to get the worst ones…

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'Do you realize there is going to be a season ten?' is this your speculation, informative guessing or someone from tptb said something? Great answer btw. :D

Nothing in particular, really!

Just, remember before s8 when Carver went on and on about his three part arc that would span three seasons?

Three-part plot structure generally looks something like this

  1. Establish the world (which in this case means Abaddon, MoL, and so on). A dramatic situation happens (metatron! the trials! the tablet’s information!) which forces our heroes to make a decision - the first turning point (fuck the trials!). This raises the dramatic question (what about the heaven and hell?? THEY ARE IN DISARRAY and therefor Earth is fucked! what will TFW do??).
  2. This is the rising action. Generally, the main characters try to respond to the dramatic question and only make shit worse. This is what keeps you interested. The path seemed clear (the brothers are stronger than ever before! -Carver) but shit gets hairy. The main characters don’t have the tools or skills to properly fight the problem. They gotta learn these skills, get their shit under control, and formulate a game plan - these things change the characters dramatically. This is where most character development takes place which, again, keeps you interested. (You can see some of these bits at the end of season 8. Cas tried to close the gates of heaven and only made things worse - the angels fell. But that’s just the beginning).
  3. Shit gets resolved! Loose ends are tied up! The dramatic question is answered! The characters have a concrete sense of who they really are and what they really stand for! SOLIDARITY AND RESOLUTION!!

Now, of course, this structure is super popular. You can pick it out in individual season and individual episodes. But I think it’s important to remember - Carver planned for a three season arc.

So why am I not worried?

This is act two. Shit has to get worse before it can get better. This is what makes stories engaging.

So this season doesn’t go like your heart desired.You feel pissed off, frustrated, and a bit hopeless. That is how you are supposed to feel now. Ideally, the payoff will be worth it.

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Now you have to tell which fic you quoted (for the fishing=sex post) and where can one find it? :D (it's super vaguely familiar but i can't remember and it's driving me nuts)

XD  It’s from It was a Dark and Stormy Night.  Suddenly a Jaffa Yelled “Kree!”

“Well, we need to get one thing straight. I’ll fish with you, but I’m not going to fish with you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I mean, I’ll fish,” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and grinned, “but I won’t fish,” she frowned deeply and shook her head.

“Still not following.”


No one tagged me but I saw this meme on my dash and decided I wanted to do it: describe my aesthetic using only pictures on my phone

I low-key, no-pressure tag: reflectingiridescent,  thebadddestwolf, thisisfromawhileago, katiedoylewriteanotherballad, and anyone else who wants to do this–it’s fun! 

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you!

(shhh, i’m cheating, I know…)

littlewhomouse - is so damn sweet and adorable and her brain is like the ultimate place to play around! seriously though, she is so very talented, even if she denies it. and she’s funny and kind and has a screwy sense of humour (which is perfect) and one day I’m gonna show up on her doorstep and hug her a lot!

anniviech - First, Anni is sooo talented. I mean if you haven’t seen her artwork, you’re missing out! But you know, even more, she is so nice, funny, sweet. seriously, I almost fell over in shock the first time she sent me a message, but so glad she did, cause if she hadn’t I never would have known just how wonderful and awesome she really is! :D

greatspacedustbin - my favourite spacesuit! have met some of the most amazing people on tumblr and spacesuit is one of them. she’s funny, has an unhealthy obsession with a certain crazy Time Lord. Really, if you want to talk to her, just mention the orange space suit and Mars ;) mostly, she’s just all round awesome!

sympatheticapathy - ok, so not long ago when I fell into that new fandom, met some new people, I discovered some people who’s interests overlap there was even one in the SAME country! And she’s funny and friendly and generous and out to corrupt my viewing habits and I don’t care cause she’s fantastic :D

writeanotherballad - I might still be totally and utterly blaming her for my descent into madness but she’s unashamedly proud of herself and as I got dragged deeper she’s put up with my yelling at her as I fell. But she’s funny and COMPLETELY  evil and I really kind of adore her anyway ;)

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What exactly even happened to Gallifrey? That part was a bit confusing to me (and I can't rewatch rn). Is the Doctor now looking for a picture where Gallifrey is frozen? Or is the actual planet relocated somewhere in space (and /isn't/ frozen in time or... wherever)?? Are Time Lords loose in our universe yet again is basically what I need clarifying. :D

lmfao I think it’s hidden like an Easter Egg cup-a-soup somewhere in time/space where everyone is frozen in “hope”? And so he wants to find it and unlock them so they can go back to being the goddamn worst.

10x10 meme

Answer 10 questions and tag 10 people

I was tagged by the lovely @writeanotherballad

  1. What was the last movie you saw? In the theater, The Force Awakens. At home, The Martian, I think?
  2. What was the last show you watched?  I am currently watching anepisode of Teen Titans Go with my 5yo.
  3. What was the last song you listened to? Love Is Christmas by Sara Bareilles. It’s not seasonally appropriate, but it’s been going through my head lately.
  4. What was the last book you read? I just started re-reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell because it’s been a while since I read it.
  5. What was the last thing you ate? a few totally cute rainbow shortbread bites 
  6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be? On a date with my husband. It’s our 20th anniversary today and he’s deployed. *sigh* Military life.
  7. If you could pick a decade to travel back in time, what would it be? I wouldn’t go to the past, I’d go to the future.
  8. If you won the lotto & millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do? First I’d say, “I won? What the hell!? I never even bought a ticket!”
  9. Which fictional characters would you like to hang out with for a day? I was going to mention a few of Rainbow Rowell’s characters, but then I realized I really just want to hang out with all of them.
  10. What was the last fandom you joined? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I guess?

low-key, no-pressure tagging: @saree-town, @malfallia, @dorothyoz39, @yadelah, @iamnotmagic-cath, @urlbending, @tdp-random, @thisisfromawhileago, @fooferah, @watchhowisoar, and anyone else who wants to do this.

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why does peggy/chad michael murray happen to good people? ugh. just saw your tags on that stills post, for the next episode. i don't ship peggy with anyone either tbh, except maybe with success in her job lol. plus, any one of them could end up being hydra.

So far no one’s really Peggy-worthy yet.  But at least romance is really the last thing on her mind right now.  (And you just know one of them is going to go all Hydra by the end.)