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KLangst Week is here!!! I’m so excited. Today was Unrequited love/unrequited pining. I am a sucker for pining Keith, so here we are. @klangst-week

Rating: T+ for mild swearing

WC: 1,331

AU: Modern, wherein Keith pines over his best friend and is guilty for it

         It was windy. So windy that Keith wondered how Lance stood upright as he did.

    Well, okay, disclaimer. It’s pretty typical of Oklahoma to be windy, and as someone who grew up in the area, Lance was a bit experienced in high winds, Keith supposed. It was crazy, downright insane weather and winds so powerful that Keith wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was enough to pull brick buildings up off of their foundations.

    In all honestly, Keith was a little afraid that that might just be the case, and Lance’s parent’s house would be blown clean away.

    When Lance roped Keith into watching his parent’s house with him, Keith thought that it would be a fun time; it would just be Keith and his best friend, hanging out in Lance’s childhood home. There were plenty of snacks, the bed Lance put him up in was pure heaven, and the flatscreen they used frequently was fantastic. It was going to be a good time. Hell, it was going to be great!

Well, that’s what Keith tried to trick himself into believing.

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“Delirious, It’s been an entire week. Why won’t you say anything? Even Luke is starting to worry about you.” Evan said with concerned expression written on his face. “I’m here to help you. Please tell me what is wrong and we will solve this problem together.”

Once again Evan got no response making him worry even more. For the next two weeks Evan tried to get the clown faced man to talk, but sadly nothing had worked. Everyone in the asylum was getting more and more concerned about the now mute man. 

Guns, Blades and a Dash of Science: Epilogue

OH MY GOSH I FINISHED IT! This is kind of a big deal because I hardly ever finish projects this big, but I DID IT! WOOHOO! No warnings for this chapter. :)


Chapter 1

Chapter 12

     “How close are we to that…weird thing that you’ve been tracking, again?”

     Ford squinted at his weirdness detector through the thick, swirling snowflakes. “We’re almost there, Stanley. Just a little further and we’ll be right on top if it.”

     "You know that you’re kind of nuts tracking this thing through a blizzard, right?“

     "Well, our GPS should guide us back just fine, so we’re in no danger of being lost…aha! There it is!” Ford pointed ahead of them. A purple, irregular line glowed through the falling snow and slowly expanded into a larger shape.

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  • Me: *tries to write*
  • Me: *writes two paragraphs*
  • Me: fRICK
  • Me: *goes back to watching cartoons*
  • me: wow I love my au so much it's so cool I could literally talk about it all day I can't wait until it's finished
  • me: [never actually works on the au]