Time After Time

Summary: The five times the universe appeared to be against you when you wanted to ask Steve out.

Word Count: 4,447. (yikes, might want to grab a bowl of popcorn or feed your cat while reading this)

A/N: This is basically a remake of an old Peter Parker fic I wrote a while back, but of course I switched things up and improved it. Thanks to my pals @heaventide & @theassetseyeliner for being my betas. Hope you like! 

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Seriously guys. Text ‘Resist’ to 50409 and follow the prompts. Resistbot will walk you through the steps.

You do not have to speak to anyone. You use text to write out a letter that is delivered via fax to your reps. 

It is easy, painless, and free. 

Go tell your GOP reps what you think about this tax bill. 

So. I just ordered this multicoloured covered in sequins skirt for myself.

As? A? Reward? For? Decluttering? I think?

Lol anyway, fun little present for future Chinx.

anonymous asked:

Would you say Richard loosing his virginity at only 11 contributed to his increasing need for different types of sexual gratification?

Richard had writing in a letter to one of his pen pal, that he lost his virginity at 12 with a prostitute. And yes. I do think that all these early sexual experiences with prostitutes, had contributed to his increasing need for different types of sexual gratification.

But I think that what had contributed the Most to this. To his need of different types of sexual gratifications. Is these pictures that his cousin Mike had showed him when he was just a kid.

When Mike returned from Vietnam, Richard began hanging out with him. He was just twelve. Mike would regal the boy with colorful, bloody, sexually sadistic war stories. and had polaroid photos to prove he had been there and done it.

In these pictures which Mike showed Richard many times, there were vietnamese women on their knees being forced to perform fellatio on Mike. In each he looked grimly at the camera and held a cocked .45 to the woman’s head, genuine fear in the woman’s eyes.

To Richard, in a sense, Mike was a god. He listened to his older cousin’s war stories of rape and killing wide eyed, fascinated beyond normal curiosity. The photos had a profound effect on Richard. They aroused him sexually in a way far more intense than the girlie magazines his brother had.

In some of the pictures Mike was holding the decapitated head of a woman. It was the same woman who had been forced to fellate him in another photograph. 

Richard didn’t know why these pictures excited him so much, he knew it was wrong for him to be aroused by such brutality, but he would often masturbate thinking about those pictures. He couldn’t help becoming excited by Mike’s photographs and stories.

I really think this what had push Richard in this path.

Read the full story here: http://richardramirez-thenightstalker.tumblr.com/post/160600729044/when-his-cousin-mike-returned-from-vietnam

Season´s Greetings

Martin: What´s that smell?

Douglas: You mean the distinctive fragrance of a malfunctioning heater? Welcome to the Portacabin, captain.

Martin: No, I stopped registering that two days ago. This one´s not bad. Bit burnt, but chocolate-y.

Carolyn:  Arthur?

Arthur: I´m just writing a letter, mum.

Carolyn: On a huge slab of chocolate?

Martin: With a pyrography pen?

Arthur: It´s a chocolate letter. But I might have set the heat too high.

Martin: You know there is such thing as being too creative.

Douglas: I am sure that´s what they told to Orville and Wilbur.

Martin: Douglas, I wish you wouldn´t invoke the Wright brothers so flippantly.

Carolyn: Why are you making a chocolate letter, Arthur?

Arthur: To make Santa happy.

lightfilledcity  asked:

"Was Shakespeare gay?” EddEddy.

“Was Shakespeare gay?”

Edd practically breathed out his respiratory system with the groan he heaved. His head collapsed in the pages of notes that had been written out but never properly developed into he and Eddy’s ten page research paper.

“Eddy, what gives you that impression? We’re putting together notes about how Shakespeare came about with his poetical format. Besides, Shakespeare married a woman by the name of Anne Hathaway.”

“The actress? Damn she still looks good,” Eddy mused.

Edd felt the urge to tare out his hair even more. “An Anne Hathaway of a different generation. She and Shakespeare were happily married. Now to get back…”

“You haven’t brushed up on your facts have you?”

“What are you referring to, Eddy?” Edd asked heaving his book down on the table.

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@brian-mansfield wrote a post the other week about how Secret Sessioners should consider that Taylor probably writes more hand written thank you letters after a session than she ever receives.

It inspired me to do some handwritten letter writing and some painting to send as a thank you, not only to darling @taylorswift, but also to Elise from @taylornation for calling me to invite me and for being so chatty with me and to Ali for sharing all our joy.

I don’t have the words for how thankful I am… but hopefully it’s a start. I hope it makes it to y'all 🐍 ✨ 🎨


we were using one of these notebooks from the lost and found at work over the summer and I️ ended up missing it when it was gone but never found the brand! spent half an hour looking for it online this week and found it again!!!! gift from the universe!!! also caved and finally got nice paper for writing letters!!! + a nice morning drink

gurguliare  asked:

turgon and [any hadorian] "o not departure"

aaaaaa ofc Hurin and Huor….Turgon is “writing letters to Elenwe”, a habit he started after her death, and talking about how like, he’s spent all his time in Middle Earth so far regretting coming and stuff, but like, there are these humans who don’t exist in Aman and omg? He can really feel Ulmo’s tip to welcome them? There are some good things here at least. He really wishes she was alive to get to know them too. They talked about having more kids back before the Darkening, and if these human kids wanted to stay maybe they would have lived long enough that he would come to love them as much as his own before they die, he feels sure she would too…..

omousvarii  asked:

💙 💙 💙 !!

in meme’s sun instantly regrets: send sun  💙 and i’ll write positivity for a url

  • @ragnarsscn !! for motivating me into being a better writer every day, for not taking tumblr’s shit on the vikings fandom and how rp is handled in general, for being a generally gr8 person and protecting their friends. also: for playing ivar ace as he should be
  • @kingfallen !! lenee is easily the most positive person in this fandom and it’s !! amazing that we still have them around ? can i say that i love ? lenee ? so much like ? they constantly are willing to help me out with my stupidity, like legit lenee helped me write an apology letter yesterday bc im trash and don’t know how to human
  • @oktva !! mal for playing the one of two octavias i can actually support int his fandom. for being the sweetest person even though i shit on their character all the time. for being a genreally a+ human and putting up with peoples shit. ( mainly mine, i’m the worst ok ). 

#REALTALK… how has sense8 never won an editing award? in fact, it’s never even been Nominated for an editing award… like?? a series featuring Eight leads from Eight different cities across the globe (all filmed ON LOCATION, with multiple global film crews!!) who literally weave in + out of each other’s environments, seamlessly taking over each other’s bodies + minds, all while trying to act without suspicion in their own real world surroundings… joseph jett sally, joe hobeck, fiona colbeck and their entire editing teams make this pseudo-time-travel, out-of-body plot device feel tangible and easy to follow, without ever making the audience feel lost or confused on which character to focus on… and none of this has ever been given any recognition within the industry. i am….. disgusted.


Taehyung’s Gucci tiger necklace that he bought with Jimin and it is in a park where Tae and Chimchim used to go together to talk.

Jin playing guitar and his sugar gliders Odeng and Eomuk

The trophies BTS won: Show Champion, Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards MAMA, Kpop Culture and Art Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Inkigayo

Love Yourself flowers to represent the Love yourself series and album + ARMY bomb fuse + lights = ARMY’s lights while holding ARMY bombs.

The flower from BTS and Puma collab

Jhope dancing and his Bearbrick + the 2017 Festa house + Mailbox from Bon Voyage S1

Jin’s Mario hat + Sope’s tracksuits and Jimin’s baby chicks (it is one of his nicknames)

Eat Jin + the white little balls are mochi/rice cake, one of Jimin’s nicknames.

Defective glasses that RM always break to show how he always destroy something + Namjoon’s tomato lamp and his grey tote + Monie sitting on top of a machine that writes a cloud recipe = lyrics. The clouds can be our dreams and the recipes are the lyrics and songs that BTS make and make us not give up on our dreams. He is smiling to show us that he is happy today contrary to his state in the past. 

Jimin with a telescope near and the same clothes as in Serendipity. He is sitting next to a Calico Cat and his signature yellow flannel. 

Yoongi is sleeping and there is Ink to represent how he writes his lyrics using pen and paper, not his computer.  Meanwhile, Jungkook is showing his strength and right behind him we find the huge bag he carried during wings tour and in it, there is a trophy to recall the lyrics from “Mic Drop” (there is also a mic behind). The hat represents the one Jungkook wore in Hawaii and thus Bon Voyage S2 + The quill can represent the ones they used in Bon Voyage S1 to write letters to each other.

Taehyung said if he wasn’t a singer he would be a farmer so they made his childhood dream come true here + You can see the new BTS logo being the little field

The heart to picture Jin’s hearts or the members in general + the power button is right next to Jhope as a symbol that he is the one who keeps BTS’ running +There are 3 cables portraying the 3 BTS studios by Jhope, Namjoon, and Suga and the power is coming from underground (it means that not everything is as pastel and rainbows as it seems and there is still another side to this picture that keeps everything running. A side that not everyone can see).

When the two elements of the photos BigHit shared of the 4th muster are put side by side, we can know the process to make the ‘dreams jars’ that passes from all the members in the map before being complete. When Namjoon was asked what makes people get interested in BTs he said it’s a whole package: the lyrics, the songs, the videos they post … those jars are like what BTS’ offer to their fans. 

Find the full photo in HD HERE

Paper Planes (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Soulmate AU where if you throw a paper plane out your window it always makes its way to your soulmate. You can’t write your full name, your location, or any contact info, anything else is fair game. It’s up to fate to bring you together.

Word Count: 1,775

Warnings: Zero proofreading. It’s strictly fluff though so you’re safe here.

A/N: This was such a cute idea and also reminded me of that one Disney short. You know the one. Also, I will jump at any opportunity I can to write sappy love notes and Lin’s messy handwriting. Please don’t ask me about logistics of this, I have no idea what happens if your window is shut and your soulmate throws a plane, I’m just here to write fluff.

Your parents had told you the story all through your childhood. They would always weave you intricate tales at bedtime about how you might meet your soulmate. Your favorite stories always had a prince playing that role. As you got older the stories evolved from fictitious plots to questions and conversations. 

You received your first letter from him at seven years old. It took you by surprise when the paper plane made of blue construction paper landed on the floor of your bedroom. You scrambled from you bed to scoop it up and inspect it. You unfolded it carefully, flipping it over.

‘ Hi! My name is Lin! ‘

You yelped as if the paper itself had spoken and ran into the living room where your mom was preoccupied with a book. She seemed to notice your panic because her eyes immediately left the pages to study your face.

“They wrote you, didn’t they?” she asked wryly with a twinkle in her eye. You squeaked out a yes, shoving the blue paper towards her. She unfolded it to see the note before chuckling. “Well, are you gonna write them back or not?”

You spent the entire night debating and when your mom came into your room to kiss you goodbye before she left for work she saw you sitting on the floor surrounded in papers. 

“For them or from them?” she asked with an amused smile as she leaned against your doorway.


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something is coming... (out)

So guys, I just want to share my take on the interview below. I’m intrigued by the whole thing. Here goes:

The interviewer asks Camila about changing the album title, and she replies with the following:

“I’m not ready to talk about why yet, but I will. I just always want my fans to be the first to know about those kind of things. So I’m gonna write like a letter, and stuff. But it’s complicated, but it’s gonna be great”

My mind went straight to Camila’s Facebook live, where she’s asked for her advice in regards to an LGBT relationship where the other half isn’t ready “to come out”.  This whole snippet is full of hints, and it all sounds very personal to Camila. One would say she’s speaking from experience. However, what caught my attention was: “I think that she’ll be ready to do that, when she’s ready to do that”


Connecting the dots back to the Interview with Energy, the last time fans got a ‘letter’ was to announce her departure from the group. Now correct me if i’m wrong, but that was a pretty huge deal right? So Camila isn’t going to start writing letters, if there isn’t anything important she didn’t want to address. During the interview, the guy implied to C if she was at ‘The Loving’ stage of her album. Here are her replies:

“So desperate for love, and you know, be with somebody

“I thought that being with somebody could make me happy”

“I always have a crush on somebody

“Man, I wish that I could be with somebody

“If it’s meant to be with somebody, it will happen”

These neutral pronouns in what seems like every single interview, are starting to formulate something. It happened in the Capital FM interview the other week, and it’s happening again. I’m not sure wether this is intentional on her behalf, but something is happening.

In summary:

  • What is that important, it needs addressing in a letter?
  • What (other than sexuality) could be something she isn’t ready to talk about yet?
  • What is so complex, it needs to be explained to fans?
  • What exactly are “those kinds of things”?
  • Why has the album been pushed back to January in the first place?

I think something is going to come out very soon. All we can do as fans, is show C plenty of love and support, regardless of what’s to come. Until she shares the letter, all we can do is speculate. 

And as my lovely Nana Pat would say, “everything comes out in the wash

Enjoy x