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I-It’s n-not like I like y-you @shanatical! (But yes, as you may have figured out from Messaging, I did a thing for Addendum.)

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what are your thoughts on people writing to killers?

I think people are often confused by what motivates somebody to write to a killer or somebody in prison for that matter. People assume that because you write to an inmate then you must condone what they do in one way or another and it couldn’t be further from the truth. There are countless reasons people write to inmates.

If you’re interested in something, why wouldn’t you want to correspond with somebody associated with that thing? How many people fascinated in WWII would jump at the chance to speak to Hitler? To understand a crime, you have to have a look at the criminal. Not just their crimes but them as people - how they behave and interact with people. Additionally, letters are the only interaction inmates have with the outside world, and while they have committed heinous crimes, they are still people. It’s counter-productive for inmates to be locked up with no correspondence with the outside world and the last thing inmates, or the prison staff need is for the inmates to deteriorate - mentally and physically. For example, isolated inmates are seven times more likely to harm or even kill themselves than other inmates.

TL;DR - I don’t care if people want to write to inmates or not. It’s none of my concern.
Things you should take to class.

If you are in high school, like me, you probably won’t be allowed to use your laptop during the class and will have to write down everything. In colleges / universities, you are allowed to use your laptop. Nevertheless, these are the things you should carry in your classroom or lecture hall no matter what.

  1. Writing utensils: Pens and pencils. A must. I mean what will you write with otherwise.
  2. Paper: In the form of notebook or binder, your choice but take something you can write on.
  3. Folder. If you are using a binder to keep your notes then you don’t need one but if you are using a notebook, carry a folder to keep the syllabus sheet and other handouts.
  4. Planner: To write down all the important submission dates. It need not be a bullet journal or a proper planner. It can just be a small notebooks where you write down all the important dates. You can also note down in your mobile or laptop.
  5. Laptop: If you are allowed one.
  6. Textbook: If required by your teacher or for your own personal references.
  7. Others; Highlighters, sticky notes, page markers, correction tape, hole puncher, assorted colors of pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers all come in this category.
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how this works:

  • february’s theme is fantasy au’s e.g. pirates, royalty, zombies, mermaids etc. 
  • everyone will create a jily graphic/fic based around the theme. 
  • i’ll match everyone into pairs of (vaguely) equal skill level.
  • you will have the same prompt as your partner.
  • you’ll have until the end of the month to post your creation.

how to enter:

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How to Write a Book: 4 Simple Steps to Getting Started

Step 1. Develop a Kick-Ass Idea

All book writing has to start somewhere, and the best place to kick off your manuscript is by coming up with a great idea. Book ideas come in all shapes and sizes and can be found anywhere—an article you read from your local newspaper, a conversation you overheard at Starbucks, a recent experience you during a vacation, etc. You’re overall idea should be narrowed down to one-to-two paragraphs, similar to the back cover copy you find on most books. When writing books, idea is king. Always remember that.

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Okay what about this

Skyrim, or a game similar to Skyrim, but with no in game quest journal, map, waypoints, or fast travel. But, when you buy the game, it comes with a physical map, and a leather bound journal. But the only thing on the Map is the geography, major cities, and major roads. The only in game form of a direction indicator you get is a compass. You become the person who must keep the journal, and write down what you need to know, where to go, and who to talk to.

“So tell me! What’s she like? You must tell me. All of the details. There’s nothing too little, nothing too weird. I want to know everything about her.”

She’s excited to hear everything you couldn’t say out loud.

“Nothing too little… nothing too weird… hmm…”

You can’t help but notice that past the coffee table the blood shot leaves pressed against windows, winter is indeed almost here.

“I guess you could say she knows how to laugh. There’s certainly something about her.”

I didn’t want to tell her that she’s a constant reminder that autumn will be ending soon, a warm belly laugh from time to time could never hurt.

“Does she like you?”

I wouldn’t know. It’s hard to know such things when all you’ve been able to pick up is the small details that no one else likes to see.

“I guess we’ll find out. Won’t we?”

The leaves start to slide down the window, you’re not going to be alone tonight.

“I’m happy for you. You need something like this. You do want this, don’t you?”

“I think–

I think I do.”

—  Strangers & coffee shops

so… a Harvard admissions officer called me today (I actually missed the call so I had to call him back LOL ahhhh)

I got into Harvard 😭

I was waiting for him to finish talking so we could hang up bc all I really felt like doing was sobbing (idk, so many emotions. LOL) but he kept talking so I had to act normal and sound calm hahaha

this is honestly so insane


                           These stories can never be erased, because they are more than stories.
                                     They are the t r u t h. And the truth is what you must write.

Summary and Draft Submission

Summaries and drafts will both be submitted through email to stuckybigbangsubmissions@gmail.com. Drafts should either be through a link to a google dog or an attached word file. Summary information will follow this format:


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Rating: (G/ PG/ M/ E)

Archive Warnings: (None, Graphic Violence, Rape/Noncon, Major Character Death, Underage)

Important Tags: (any additional warnings/type of au/important things to know. please limit yourself to 8 tags max)

Summary: (keep it to a 8 sentence max, one paragraph)

You may submit each as soon as you are certain of what you’re writing. Summaries and Drafts must be submitted by May 20 at 12 Midnight MST.

Final submission on August 12 will also be done through email.

Final Submissions

All final entries must be submitted by 12 midnight MST August 12.

Final submissions will also be done through sending an email to stuckybigbangsubmissions@gmail.com. Fics should be in either a google doc or an attached word file. Art should be in a photograph/scan attached as a jpeg or png. If it’s Audio/Visual art, we will require the file in an mp3, mp4 or .mov format.  

We require that each team sends in only one email for the whole group with all files attached, following this format to describe the submissions:

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Add more entries for artists as necessary.

After your Submission has been accepted and information added to the masterlist, you will receive an email confirming your team’s entry has been received and the files containing your work deleted. We will not keep the files of your submissions as to protect you from reposting. The only people seeing your submission will be the mods and the only information we will copy is the descriptions.

what is wrong with me and my soulmate aus

“Did you know the whooping egret gives tokens of affections to the members of its species it’s closest to?” are the words scrawled in massive caps across Castiel’s arm.

He looks up the whooping egret, and it turns out that the bird actually does not give tokens of affection to the members of its species it’s closest to, so he learns everything he can about whooping egrets in order that, when he meets his soulmate, he can debunk everything they’ve ever known about whooping egrets.

To be honest, the first words his soulmate will ever say to him are actually what start his interest in birds and flying animals, and he becomes very knowledgeable about species of egrets, cranes, and herons. All throughout his school career, he learns more and more about birds and finally, when he applies to college - 

“Bird biology,” says his father. “My son, going into bird biology.”

“Ornithology, actually,” Castiel says. “I’ve applied to several schools that are well known for their department and included my lifelong study of birds.”

Gabriel snickers from the corner. Castiel shoots him a withering look.

My son,” his father says.

“Your son,” Castiel answers. “Is there a problem?”

“It’s not a very well-respected field of science, Castiel. If you were to go into neurology instead - ”

“Father, I’m not going into neurology. We’ve had this discussion,” Castiel answers.

“Also, it’s not like owning a candy shop is any better respected,” Gabriel pipes up.

“Be quiet, Gabriel,” Father says. “This is between me and Castiel.”

Gabriel shrugs at Castiel, as if to say, I tried.

“I’m going to college for ornithology,” Castiel says. “I’m sorry if I disappoint you.”

“You’re not disappointing me,” his father says. “I’m just surprised.”

Castiel cocks his head to the side. “You’re not going to try to stop me?”

He puts a hand on Castiel’s shoulder. “I won’t. I very much wish you were doing something better with your life and I’m going to make very clear that I do not approve of this career choice, but I will support you, Castiel.”

Castiel blinks. “Thank you, father.”

Gabriel starts slow-clapping from the corner.

Castiel sits behind a desk in his History class. He took so many science courses in high school that he didn’t have time for a history class, so now he has to make up a semester of them in college.

He glances around the lecture hall, at the students slowly filtering in with satchels and bags. His eye catches on a blond girl and a boy with green eyes entering, the girl almost crying from laughter as the boy doubles over in hysterics. 

The man’s laughter is kind of infectious, and Castiel turns to his desk, smiling slightly to himself.

(He misses the man catching sight of him.)

After class, as he’s packing up, he’s confronted with a pair of sneakers, and looks up to see the green eyes of the boy from before.

The green-eyed man holds out a gel pen and blurts out, “Did you know the whooping egret gives tokens of affections to the members of its species it’s closest to?”

Castiel promptly forgets everything he knows about whooping egrets and all the research he’s done in order to fill up an essay somewhere on the man’s body about why exactly whooping egrets do not give out tokens of affection. He blurts out, “I’m absolutely positive you just made that up.”

The man laughs and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, well, I - ” He peers at Castiel. “Say that again,” he demands.

Castiel isn’t even trying to hide his smile. “I’m absolutely positive you just made that up,” he repeats.

“Oh my god,” the man says. “I just tried - I tried to - ” He turns away, brushes a hand through his hair, checks his breath, and then turns back around. “I, uh, I, I guess we’re soulmates. Then. I.”

He glances over his shoulder and mouths words at the blond girl, his eyes bugging out of his head. 

“I am Castiel,” Castiel says, and the man’s green eyes snap back to him. He holds out the gel pen (bright blue) and Castiel takes it, smiling at it.

“Dean. Winchester. That’s me. It’s, uh, great to meet you, Castiel.” He pauses. “I’m really sorry for making something like that up, I don’t know if it, uh, offended you or anythin’ - I just saw your bird shirt and thought ‘why not, he looks like a pretty cool guy, we could be friends’ - I need more friends, by the way, literally the only person I know is Jo, over there, y'know, I didn’t expect you to be - ”

Castiel smiles. “It’s funny, actually. I’ve done so much research on whooping egrets that I actually got very dedicated to the study of birds - and I’m now majoring in ornithology.”

“Are you kidding? The whooping egret is actually a real bird?” Dean asks, and oh no, wrong thing to ask.

Castiel feels his eyes light up with the fire of a thousand whooping egrets.

rin knows gou well (aka tsundere rin)

Momo: A memo from Gou-san? What’s in it? What’s in it?

Rei: Uhh looks like I know without reading it…

Makoto: Me too..

Haru: That’s right..

Makoto & Rei:Muscle Contest”..

Rin: Oi! Are you all making fun of my sister?!

Haru: Then what do you think whe writes? You’re sibilings so you must know, right?

Rin: Ugh– Of course I know! I-It’s that! T-That… Uhh.. ....."Muscle Contest"

Ai: So Rin-senpai thinks about that too, after all…

Sousuke: Don’t cry, Rin

Rin: I’m not crying!!

The episode with Emily and I, there was a turtle shell right next to us, when we were sitting on the porch and we were talking. And I stole that, and I wrote her a note on the turtle shell and gave it to her.
—  [x]
Do what you must to get by. Do what you need to survive. Only the most vicious of us all will have the will to stay alive.
—  s.z (No Judgments

From Franz Bardons Initiation to Hermetics he goes over our dualistic nature from each element characteristics of ourselves on the step Magical Schooling of Soul Introspection (Self-Cognizance). He calls it our “astral mirror” one half is light with pentagram characteristics and the other is dark with the inverted characteristics. Each element has a characteristic and if you have any inverted ones you must transmute them to the non inverted characteristics. He says you must use a magical diary and write down what you have as a trait and be honest with yourself.

Here are the characteristics
Fire element: activity, enthusiasm, determination, daring, courage
Air element: diligence, joy, proficiency, kindheartedness, propensity to work, optimism.
Water element: humbleness, modesty, abstinence, ardency, compassion, tranquility, peace (contentment), forgiveness, tenderness.
Earth element: respect, perseverance, conscientiousness, thoroughness, circumspection, soberness, prudence, punctuality, sense of responsibility.

Fire element: quick temper, jealousy, hate, vengefulness, anger.
Air element: thoughtlessness, boastfulness, self-conceit, gossip, wastefulness.
Water element: indifference, apathy, cold-heartedness, acquiescence, carelessness, shyness, defiance, inconsistency.
Earth element: being easily offended, laziness, irresponsibility, ponderousness, melancholy, inconsistency.

how this works:

  • novembers’s theme is relationship milestones e.g. proposal, first kiss, wedding, pregnancy, meeting the parents, etc.
  • everyone will create a jily graphic/fic based around the theme. 
  • i’ll match everyone into pairs of (vaguely) equal skill level.
  • you will have the same prompt as your partner.
  • you’ll have until the end of the month to post your creation.

how to enter:

  • reblog this post until october 31. 
  • (optional) follow the jily challenge blog.
  • [you must have a gifs/edits or writing tag (depending on what you’re planning on contributing) and your submit must be open]

when posting:

  • tag your partner and #jilychallenge (no space) within the first five tags.
  • your caption must include:

JILY CHALLENGE | @yoururl vs @yourpartner

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