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So the aftermath of the reveal of Gabriel Agreste as Hawk Moth could be all grim dark and terrible. But consider this instead:

  • Adrien is obviously shocked and hurt and angry, but the first thing he wants to do is talk to his dad and figure out why he felt the need to do this
  • He knows that his dad hasn’t done so great ever since his mom disappeared and that he’s gotten more and more absent, but he never would have considered this
  • But of course he can’t compromise his identity- because if he does, then people will start asking Ladybug to reveal her identity as well, so he stays transformed as Chat Noir and starts asking Gabe really pointed, serious questions about why he did what he did and if he had ever once thought about the implications it could have for his son and everyone close to him
  • And Ladybug, who is going through her own existential crisis about Adrien and wondering how he’s going to take this and what to do about this reveal and so worried about who’s going to be there for him now, is surprised by how thoughtful and considerate Chat Noir is being towards Hawk Moth, considering that he the Enemy
  • After they hand Gabriel off to Master Fu and discreetly call the authorities to deal with the situation- knowing that this is a big deal and needs to be handled with discretion before the press gets wind of the news, Ladybug asks Chat Noir if he could come with her to the Agreste mansion
  • Chat Noir is nervous about what his lady is going to ask him to do, because it could compromise their secret identities, and she asks him if he will tell Adrien about Hawk Moth being his dad, because she wants to be the one to tell him before someone else does
  • She wants him to hear it from the source, rather than through the news, and even though he’s hurting more than he ever did before, Chat Noir’s heart swells about ten sizes because his lady cares about him so much, and he decides right then and there that he wants her to know who he is, even if he doesn’t know who she is. She deserves that much, for caring about him so much
  • So he says “Yes of course, I’ll come with you,” and they make their way to the mansion, which is as dark as can be, but Ladybug makes her way into Adrien’s room with ease, and Chat Noir has to bite back a laugh at how skilled she is into breaking into his mansion. the security cameras have nothing on her
  • Ladybug calls for Adrien when she sees that he isn’t in his bed, and just as she starts to get worried that he’s in trouble because he’s not answering her, she feels a warm hand on her shoulder, and she turns around to see him standing there, waving at her
  • She’s not even thinking as she barrels into him, wrapping him in the tightest hug, and then she pulls back and says “I’m so sorry Adrien, but I have some bad news to share with you. I came here with Chat Noir to tell you before the press finds out- but wait, where is he?”
  • Adrien coughs and awkwardly waves at her with a little smile.
  • “You’re looking at him, my lady.”

ok but you know the jeremy jordan arm thing. like that thing he does in all his roles where he’s got one arm around the person and the other sweeping out over the distant horizon as he gazes off, longing for a better life. you know that thing


As we know all too well:


Come May the 2nd, regardless of if you want Feysand to live happily ever after, you need Moriel to be canon, or you’re that one person who somehow thinks Tamlin is a Great Guy™, it’s a fair bet you are going to be emotionally destroyed. We can’t predict what will happen, but we’re all fairly sure it’s going to be brutal.

Thus, to prepare for The Day of Reckoning, I’m hosting a fanworks exchange to try and grasp one last shred of ignorant bliss out of the beauty of ACOMAF. If you wish to participate, please fill out the form included below and email it to acowarexchange@gmail.com. This exchange will function like a secret santa: everyone will be randomly assigned to a request, which has to be filled by April 25th. Whether they want to anonymously gift it or not is up to them. 

Rules will also be listed below. Fanworks can include artwork, fic, podfic, or really any medium you want to use, so long as you put some effort into it (Remember, someone has to defend their fragile heart against the forces of ACOWAR with this, so try and give them something to hold onto!). If you have any questions, feel free to message, ask, or email me!

If you don’t want to participate, please consider reblogging so that others can see this and hopefully it’ll inspire some people to create even more AMAZING fanwork for this wonderful, if slightly masochistic, fandom! 

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Usually Draco falls asleep on the couch while watching the film he and Harry picked for the night. Harry is seated with his legs under himself at the far end of the couch, Draco sprawled with his head on Harry’s lap in a silent beg for hair strokes. Like every night Draco can’t stay awake to see the end of the film, falling asleep ten minutes before its end. Harry, with a smile lifting the corner of his mouth slips himself from under Draco’s soft hair and (with the help of a lightening charm even if he wouldn’t admit it) picks Draco up from the couch to deliver him to their bed. Draco wakes up, mumbling “ ‘m not bloody girl” in Harry’s chest, straightening the hold around his boyfriend’s neck. “It’s not like you have to be a girl to be treated like a princess” says Harry smirking, arrived in their bedroom and softly putting a sleepy Draco on their bed “mm Potter always saying the right thing”. Harry would chuckle, slipping himself under the sheets. After a moment, Draco’s nasal drawl breaks the silence “I think you deserve something in return for saving the princess”.

santa: what do you want for christmas

me: for the wholesome characters of Red queen to be happy. For Cal, Mare, Farley, Kilorn and others to finally get what they deserve.

santa: *wiping away a tear* shit me too

This Will Do

For @ebbthegoatgirl

Merry Christmas, Sadie


I wake up to a mouthful of sweet, golden hair.

           I’m not expecting it and I’m shocked backwards. Impossible, it can’t be.

           And then I remember.

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.  I remember being so afraid of what I’d begun, of what kind of a door I might have opened – or closed.  I remember him begging me to look him in the eye, of being terrified to let him see exactly how much I need him.

           I remember him extinguishing my fear, kissing me over and over and over again, holding himself above me and making me reach up for him.

           And I did.  Long into the night, I did.

           I would again.

           We must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms, because here I am, gazing into his sleeping face, lightly touching the moles on his cheek next to his eye like I’ve always wanted to.

           Crowley, all the things that I’ve always wanted to do.

           Simon is an unbelievable kind of beautiful up close. He’s the kind of beautiful that is significant from a distance, but if you stare at his features too long, they begin to lose their meaning.  His eyes are just eyes, not Simon’s eyes, until you look away and back again.  It’s like the longer I take in his face, the more I realize I could never possibly get enough.

           Sunlight is drifting into the room, setting his curls aglow, and I remember another thing.

           “Simon,” I whisper, “it’s Christmas.”

           He doesn’t stir.

           I’ve just woken up with Simon Snow in my arms on Christmas morning.

           I grin.  What more could I possibly ask for?

           I press the lightest of kisses to his lips, and he sighs, starting to wake up.  When his eyes flutter open, they meet mine and there’s the slightest moment of confusion before I see that he remembers everything, too.

           And suddenly I’m afraid again.  I’m afraid he’ll have come to his senses.  I’m afraid he’ll push me away and regret everything that happened the night before, from the first kiss to the last.

           “Morning,” he mumbles, and I feel him stretch under the covers, his feet lightly brushing mine.

           “Hi,” is all I can say.

           For a long time, all we do is lie there, facing each other, inches away, searching each other’s eyes, thinking all the things we wish we could say.

           “What’s today?” he asks suddenly, his brow furrowing.

           “December twenty-fifth,” I murmur.

           His face lights up.  “Christmas Day,” he breathes.

           A pang of guilt hits me suddenly.  “I don’t have anything for you,” I admit.  

           I probably shouldn’t be guilty.  After all, he did sort of show up unexpectedly, I haven’t really had time to prepare, and anyway we were still enemies.  Reluctant allies.  Until… well…

           Simon snakes his hand out from under the blankets, and he touches my cheek, as gently as though I were a butterfly.

           “This will do,” he whispers, and there’s something in his eyes.  Certainty. A promise.

           I want to kiss him.  So badly.


           He must see it on my face because he doesn’t wait for me to decide.  He kisses me with a softness that I didn’t think he was capable of.  I almost want to laugh because his mouth tastes sleepy, drowsy, and it’s not the fiery heat he kissed me with last night and it’s so new.

           Simon Snow, the Chosen One.

           You’re meant to kill me, not kiss me.

           He laughs and I realize that I’ve spoken aloud, whispering against his lips.  “Chosen One,” he scoffs quietly, “just this once, I’d like to choose for myself.”

           My heart nearly sinks because for some reason I think he’s going to change his mind, but to my relief he joins our mouths again, and I wonder if it will always be this way, if I’ll always doubt that my luck could turn, that a boy like him could ever love a boy like me.  I wonder if he’d keep kissing me if he knew how afraid I was.

           “What would you choose?” I dare to ask when we pause for breath.

           He grins at me like I’ve always wanted him to. “You, of course.”




           “That’s not very smart,” I tell him, “you might want to think about that.”

           “I don’t think,” he reminds me.

           “That’s for the best,” I mutter ruefully, “if you did, you’d run as far from me as you could.”

           His face goes solemn, and he takes my chin in his hand, not letting me look anywhere but into his eyes.

           “Baz,” he murmurs, “I’m not going anywhere, because it turns out I like you a lot and now you won’t be able to get rid of me.  I don’t care how crazy it is.”  He smirks. “Now shut up and let me give you your Christmas present.”

           I’m laughing against his lips at how ridiculous he is, how ridiculous all of this is, and I move my mouth to those three little moles by his eye, pressing my hands into the small of his back, peppering his face with kisses.

           Crowley, all the things I’ve wanted to do.

           And now I can.

Oh my god what day is it anymore? For someone who has to do a lot of date-sensitive things, you would think I would know. 

@audidraws!!! I got you for @voltron-ss!!!! I really like your art wow I was sort of floored that I got you, and I wish I had better knowledge of BJJ to give you the fic you truly deserved but I hope that some vaguely Klance-ish shenanigans in the snow makes you happy <3

also I think I caught all of the tense shifts, but forgive me I just finished a novel in present tense, I tend to drop back into it by default

They weren’t allowed to see out of the ship windows until they had landed. “A surprise,” Coran explained as he winked and twirled his mustache.

Safe to say, the Paladins were suddenly uncertain and anxious.

“Okay, is it anything like last time? Because I think the black eye I got has finally gone away and I don’t want to get another one,” Hunk asked, raising a hand shyly from the back of the group.

Lance bounced eagerly from foot to foot, waiting for his cue. “I’ll race you to the hangars, Keith–”

“You can use the door, like a civilized person,” Keith muttered, nudging him in the side, but it went largely ignored and was answered with a tongue being stuck out.

So when the ship jolted beneath their feet, bucking with the impact of entry into the atmosphere, Lance was already off running, shouting as he went. The words bounced and echoed off the halls, and were lost to incoherency as the others followed along at a slower pace.

There was another sharp jolt as they finally landed. The Paladins braced themselves against the movement. Lance’s high level of energy was starting to rub off on them, fidgeting and shifting anxiously as they waited for the doors to open.

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CS ff: “My Eyes, They Speak for Me” (2/3)

Summary: Canon divergence from 3x13 onward, where Walsh never reveals himself and Storybrooke isn’t where it should be. Emma and Killian have to not only find a way back to Storybrooke and Emma’s family, but keep each other and Henry safe in the process. 

Rating: Still T… But we’re getting closer to the elusive M.

A/N: This is part 2 of @swankkat‘s longest gift ever, but I’m having such a blast writing this. However, where I originally figured it would be two parts, it has now grown to three. Sigh. Special thanks again to @phiralovesloki for making sure I stay on task with this fic (and for just generally being amazing). This part is also 11k… So we’ll see how long part 3 ends up being. Sigh x2.

Part 1 found here! | FFN | Ao3

“What, uh. What do you think about moving in here? Pretending we’re a couple. I think Henry already thinks we’re seeing each other and whatever. I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to convince him that there’s something going on and we’re closer than we’re letting on.”

He takes a moment to pour himself a finger of rum and drink it down in one swallow before attempting to answer, but she can see it’s still a struggle. “I don’t know if that’s wise, Swan.” He pours another for himself and one for her, sliding her glass across the table to her waiting hand.

“Oh, come on. We are adults. I’m going to have to teach you how to function in New York, which will be easier if you’re in the same room as me. And it’ll save money if you’re not living in a hotel. Just sleep on it, okay?” 

“Aye, Swan, I will.” He lingers after the words, looking like he has more to say, but inevitably just shaking his head and returning to the table.

He told her he’d sleep on it, but the truth is that he immediately starts considering all the options before he even returns to the table. His mind is a conundrum of possibilities and options, complications, scenarios, hopes

But Killian cannot hope that the same things he wants are what Emma Swan wants, so he has to think carefully on the matter. Sure, their safety is a priority, but so is the matter of his heart, and he’s not entirely sure he can handle the idea of being Emma’s fake lover. Plus, the whole matter feels like much more than the white lies and omissions that they’ve been handing Henry since this whole adventure began.

Then again, when he thinks about the way their privacy was interrupted from this high up, his skin starts to crawl.

He stays while Emma cleans up the kitchen, and while she checks in on Henry again. When he hears her voice mingling with Henry’s, he decides it’s best not to eavesdrop on their moment. Instead, he idly stands by the windows, looking out each one to see if there’s a possible place someone might’ve been spying on them. But the windows that look in on the corner apartment are all occupied by residences.

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au where scully suddenly dies but mulder won’t accept it so he forces jeremiah smith to try and ressurect her but it only works halfway and scully is now undead and has to eat human flesh to stay alive, but is otherwise totally normal, and mulder really can’t handle it but he needs her so much he goes all in anyway and they use the x-files to murder bad people so scully can eat and slowly fall in love in the process

The Devil In My Shadow

For @soothsayerstale. A little early gift for Christmas~

Imagine a Soulmate AU where your shadow is the silhouette of your soulmate. You find it really odd how sometimes the shadow of your soulmate appears with horns on his head.

People thought Darcy was the devil. It was something that she had come to terms with years ago, but it never stopped being a reality for her. Wherever she went there were whispers, sometimes there was pointing, there was always fear.

No one had wanted to explain it too her when she was younger, but she had discovered it herself before too long. Your shadow wasn’t really your shadow, it was your soulmate’s shadow. So what did it say about her, that her shadow was this intimidating figure with horns on it’s head? It was jarring for those around when she was small, having this large, horned male figure spreading out from her tiny body.

The conclusion they had come to was as obvious as it was ridiculous.

Darcy knew that her soulmate was not a devil or a demon or whatever else people said. Even if they was, though, it would be pretty cool. How many people could claim that their soulmate was a demon?

By the time she was in college she had learned to own it. To walk with the confidence of someone with a devil on their side, to stop caring about what other people thought of her and said about her and live like she wanted to. Sometimes, she even went so far as to match her soulmate, getting small fake horns and wearing them on her head in solidarity.

She wasn’t sure why her soulmate had horns most of the time, why they seemed so much older than her, but never seemed to age from what she saw of the silhouette, but she had learned to keep an open mind.

When an alien fell from the sky and into Jane’s life, she was pretty sure she had her answer.

Jane’s shadow had always been larger than life, inspiring a confidence in her that most either hated or admired. Darcy had always done the latter, while most of Jane’s colleagues did the former. It was fitting that she spent her entire life watching the sky and that’s where her soulmate came from.

It was a while later that she met Loki. He appeared in all his horned, caped glory, and she couldn’t help but to look between him and her shadow, just to make sure she wasn’t imagining it. But no, there was her own image, standing behind this man.

“Where is my brother?” He asked, just as Thor came bursting out to greet him.

“Loki!” Thor bellowed, hugging the man tightly, holding him in place while Darcy got her barrings. The man’s name reverberated in her mind as she stared at him. Their words quickly drifted into the background as she gathered up the power to speak.

“Loki,” She said. Her voice wasn’t weak, as she had feared. It was strong, excited. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Hey, soulmate. Nice to see you in the flesh.”

The words seemed to be a switch. Loki looked at her more closely, at his shadow, then moved around Thor to stand before her. “You are the little one that has been following me for so long.”

“And you’re the devil that’s been stalking me all my life.”

Loki grinned, taking her hand and kissing it. “It will be a pleasure to stalk you in the flesh,” He told her. She was really looking forward to it.

Family Guy [BoKuroHina]

A/N: FOR SQUEALING SANTA 2016 – @crowswillfly I’m your santa! *waves* I’m so sorry x’D

Em’s prompts were:  • 1. Blue • 2. Autumn • 3. Fluff • 4. Tea • 5. Crop Top and I tried my best to include them all! ;D Hope you like it dear!~  ^///^ This is my first time writing a polyship ahhhhh. P.S. yes the anon who asked your fav Hina rarepair was me. Derp.

Summary: Hinata chooses to plan his Christmas at his family home, so Kuroo and Bokuto make sure to give him his *very* early present plus a piece of their minds, because how can he leeaave them alone on Christmas Eve!

Word Count: 1867

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” Hinata blinked his eyes and stared at the present that was dropped on his lap.

“Christmas is next week,” he said, looking up at his two boyfriends who stood in front of him, big grins covering their smug faces.

“Yes but you’re in Tokyo now!” Kuroo said, sitting down next to Hinata on one side and patting his shoulder.

“Yeah Mr. I-have-to-celebrate-Christmas-with-my-family. It’s not like we had a choice huh? Open it!” Bokuto said, and he also took a seat on the couch, on Hinata’s other side.

“Hehehe you guys! You know I have to be there, my sister’s still young. We have to celebrate it as a family,” Hinata laughed, and he started to open the present, his tongue sticking out curiously.

“But stiiill,” Bokuto whined, and Kuroo dramatically shook his head.

“We’re family too, you know. But it’s okay, be a good brother. We’ll just be your lonely boyfriends. Here, in Tokyo.” Hinata basically ignored Kuroo’s drama-talk because the content of the present came into view, and his eyes widened with happiness.

“Wha?! I love blue!! Thanks guys!” Hinata said happily. Right before he could unfold it Bokuto snatched it away, yelling in excitement:

“Heyheyheyy! And you gotta wear it right now!” Before Hinata could say anything, his lover on his other side grabbed the sweater he was wearing and stripped him, just by playful force.

“O-oy! Guys!” Hinata let out a muffled cry when Bokuto pulled the new shirt over his head, and together they helped him get his arms through the sleeves as if he were a little kid.

“There! How’s that!” they both said when Hinata was finally wearing it, and Hinata blushed and looked down to see the text on the front:

← His Boyfriend →

Sitting in between them at this very moment this had both arrows point at Kuroo and Bokuto on either side, and it was just too suitable! He laughed joyfully at this, but…

“You guys hahaha! I love it, but isn’t it too small!?” He grabbed the hem of the shirt and tried to pull it down to cover up his exposed stomach with a blush.

“Too small? What are you saying!” Kuroo said, and Hinata squeaked when he poked his bare tummy.

“Yeah! We had it made especially for you. You know how much we love your tummy right?” Bokuto added, and he too poked Hinata’s tummy. Hinata let out a soft yelp and fell back against the cushions of the couch. 

“And since you’re so nice to neglect us on Christmas…” Kuroo said as he poked Hinata’s tummy again.

“You might as well wear it for our pleasure-”

“-and your punishment!” Bokuto winked after they finished their talk à la Fred and George- style, and Hinata’s eyes widened. He was squeezed in between them and on instinct he chose to sink back into the cushions, but this only caused him to end up kind of trapped. Realizing his situation, the little red head swallowed and held up one finger.

“G-guys. Can we talk about this?” he asked innocently, and he even did the cute Hinata-smile that could make his boyfriends melt all the time. This time however they both only had these mocking pouty looks on their faces as they looked at him, then looked at each other and back at their trapped little boyfriend before smirking wickedly.

“Nope!” The next moment Hinata was a hilarious, adorable fluffball in panic, arms and legs kicking and flailing as he turned on his stomach and stretched his arms to pull himself over the couch, but Bokuto grabbed both his sides and crawled his fingers up his ribcage.

“KYahaa! Nohoho no fair!” Hinata squealed, his arms shooting back down to protect his body that was under attack. He was dragged back and forced onto Bokuto’s lap while a nervous laughing fit took control of him. 

Bokuto laughed and managed to wrestle their smaller boyfriend down, keeping his hands together with one of his huge hands and stretching his body out on his lap. His other hand hovered above Hinata’s tummy, which was completely vulnerable because of the crop top. 

Meanwhile, Kuroo had managed to calm down Hinata’s kicking legs and sat on top of them, smirking at Hinata’s big smile while they hadn’t even started their attack on him yet!

“Ah come on,” Kuroo said mockingly as he took in Hinata’s giggly expression.

“You know you deserve it.” He lazily reached out and scratched Hinata’s tummy like he would do to a little kitten.

“AHA!” Hinata yelped, his entire body jerking in response, but with Kuroo sitting on his legs and his arms trapped above his head by Bokuto, he was left pretty immobile. 

“B-b-but nohoho! I can’t mooove! And that shirt-NO! KUrohoho!” Hinata screeched. Kuroo was now tickling his tummy with both hands, fingers wiggling, scratching and scribbling all over the exposed skin. 

Bokuto joined in by lightly dancing his fingers up and down his exposed underarm, and the happy sound of Hinata’s laughter filled the room.

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Padfoot’s Parlour

@wolfstarexchange @mechengmama Hey there, it’s your Wolfstar Secret Santa! 

I was prompted with tattoos, and I hope you like this as much as I liked writing it! Enjoy! (Also, this is an AU where Remus was homeschooled, so he didn’t meet the Marauders in Hogwarts. And since it’s the holidays, there is no war! Yay!)

  • ever since he was little, Remus hated his scars
  • they made him stand out, they reminded him he wasn’t…human
  • he had gotten pretty good at covering them up over the years
  • jumpers, layers, and makeup for the ones on his face
  • Remus decides that he wants to get a tattoo
  • ‘This will just be another way to cover up my scars’ he thinks
  • so on one cold December night
  • Remus apparates to the Leaky Cauldron
  • and he asks Tom the barkeep if there were any tattoo parlours in Diagon Alley
  • “Of course there are. But the most popular one nowadays is Padfoot’s Magical Parlour. Here, I’ll give you the address.”
  • Remus isn’t sure if he’s being sent to a strip club or a hookah lounge tbh
  • but he just thanks Tom politely and heads into the back, tapping the brick wall and he begins his trek to 137 Diagon Alley
  • so there isn’t any other way to put it but
  • Padfoot’s Magical Parlour looks sketchy as f u c k 
  • the building’s entirely black, the only color being random pulses of light through the window
  • Remus double checks the address and to his dismay (”Oh fuck me”) realizes that it’s correct
  • steeling his nerves, he enters
  • and the inside couldn’t be more different
  • instead of large groups of people oggoling dancing nakes women or smoking god-knows-what, the inside looks like a regular tattoo and piercing parlour
  • complete with layers upon layers of both magic and muggle music posters on the walls
  • and Queen blaring from a record player on the counter
  • the wall behind the counter is the only exception to the music posters 
  • as it’s covered in personal pictures instead
  • (two dark haired boys, a blonde chubby fellow, and a beautiful red head seem to have overrun the wall of pictures)
  • anyway so as Remus looks around, he seems him
  • and he honestly doesn’t know how he missed him before
  • bc jfc this guy is a gOD
  • those cheekbones
  • those collarbones
  • holy fuck that hair
  • Remus is pretty sure he might just die
  • and the god is just sitting on one of the chases in the back
  • casually tattooing himself
  • Remus decides to announce his presence
  • “Erm, hi. I was wondering if I could get a tattoo?”
  • ‘Of course you can get a fucking tattoo you dumbarse, it’s a bloody tattoo parlour’ he thinks to himself
  • “Oh, sorry mate, didn’t see you there!” the god says, placing the tattoo gun down as he makes his way over to the werewolf
  • “Welcome to Padfoot’s Magical Parlour, the best tattoo parlour in all of Diagon Alley- nah, the Wizarding World! The name’s Sirius, what can I do you for today, uh…”
  • “Right! Hullo, hi. I’m Remus. And I was interested in getting a tattoo?”
  • “Pleasure’s mine, Remus. Follow me.”
  • Sirius leads him to the chase he was sitting on before
  • he begins to grab his sketch pad and lookbook and no Remus was not staring at his arse in those sinfully tight leather pants, all right
  • or at all the ink that stands out on the man’s fair skin
  • so after a while of discussing it, the two men reach a design that works
  • Remus had wanted to get a triskelion, in honor of his mother
  • “Alright, Remus, where was it you wanted it again?”
  • and Remus freezes
  • he had forgotten that in order to get this specific tattoo, his shirt would need to be off
  • his shirt would need to be off in front of Sirius the god
  • gulping, Remus slowly removes his layers until he’s sitting shirtless before Sirius
  • he avoids looking at countless scars on his torso for as long as he can afford to
  • to his credit, Sirius has barely batted an eye
  • Remus shyly points out the scar on his hip
  • it’s the oldest one, and yet it’s the one that stands out the most
  • it’s the one that started it all
  • and it’s the one Remus hates the most
  • he almost jumps in his seat when Sirius’s fingers being to slowly trace it
  • Remus doesn’t know why (since Sirius’s hands are fucking freezing good lord) but everywhere that Sirius touches him, it feels likes it’s burning
  • but in a good way
  • anyway, his heart almost stops when Sirius lays his palm over the bite
  • Remus looks up quickly, eyes wide
  • ‘He fucking knows, oh Merlin he knows’
  • grey eyes lock onto honey ones
  • “You know, Remus…some guys think scars are pretty hot.”
  • Of all the things Sirius Black could say right now, Remus Lupin was not expecting that one
  • “Oh yeah? Do you happen to be one of them?”
  • Sirius chuckles and grins slyly
  • Remus’s heart beats faster
  • “As a matter of fact, I am.”
  • needless to say, Remus spends the night at 137 Diagon Alley
  • what he didn’t realize, however
  • was how many more nights he would come to spend there
  • the end

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my fic for the @pjosecretsanta2016
thank you to the beautiful mods for organising it, you did such an amazing job at such a busy time of year and i really appreciate it!!!!

merry christmas to @tinyamren , i hope you enjoy this 5k words magical percabeth au and are having a wonderful holiday season (✿◠‿◠)

Annabeth came to terms with the fact that she didn’t have magic a long time ago.

If she had to pinpoint the moment, she’d probably tell you it was when she was seven and overheard her father talking about how even when she was particularly emotional she didn’t display any signs of accidental magic, but secretly she knew that she didn’t fully accept it until she was twelve.

She got cornered in an alleyway by some vicious bullies and she still couldn’t summon any magic to help her. Not that she needed it, in the end - she’d found a hammer that had done just as good a job of persuading them to shut up as any spell would have.

Not everyone had magic. In fact, very few people did. Only about ten percent of the population, was the estimate, although of course it was hard to get accurate figures when so many of them chose not to officially disclose their powers.

But Annabeth’s mother had been magical, and she took after her in every other possible way, so it had just sort of been assumed that the magic would come, too. When it didn’t, her father was relieved, glad to have some semblance of normalcy, while Annabeth was immensely disappointed.

If you’d asked, she probably would have told you that she got over it pretty quickly. Normal was fine, normal was easy, normal was as good as it was going to get. She never expected to feel that spark inside her, that tingling at the tips of her fingers, the overflow of energy pulsing through her and out into the universe.

And then she met Percy Jackson.

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BokuAkaKuroTsukki go to Brazil

This is my submission to @not-haikyuu ‘s secret santa. I was @hidingfromthehotties ‘s secret santa. I hope you have fun reading this story, as much as I had writing it at least! Have a great 2017!!

BokuAkaKuroTsukki - Secret Santa

“How can I pack if you don’t tell me where we’re going?” Tsukishima asked Bokuto who waved his hand dismissively.

“Just pack like you would for any trip.” Kuroo said from the couch where he was snuggling with Akaashi.

“Have you two packed?” Akaashi asked as he flipped through channels on the TV.

“Pftt… Of course not. The trip is only tomorrow night. We’ll have plenty of time to pack tomorrow.” Bokuto replied and Tsukishima rolled his eyes before walking to their room where he could pack.

But of course they nearly missed the flight because Bokuto and Akaashi had taken forever to start packing. They ran through the airport looking like a bunch of dogs chasing a rabbit. Bokuto ran ahead and asked a guy about flight JJ 637. The guy gave Bokuto a paper and the latter turned to his boyfriends.

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Annabeth and Percy celebrate special days by making pancakes. But not just any pancakes. Blue pancakes, with lots of whipped cream and raspberries. Annabeth loves the whipped cream and raspberries, and Percy will eat anything that’s blue. Somebody’s birthday? Blue pancakes! New Year’s? Blue pancakes! Fourth of July? Blue pancakes! Got an A on a test? Blue pancakes! It’s such an ingrained habit that they end up getting ‘Annabeth and Percy celebration kits’ as Christmas/Birthday presents, complete with blue food dye, whipped cream, and raspberries.