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Fic tags/warnings : angst, pining, friends to lovers, roommates, but they don’t live in the same actual room, flatmates, modern flat, domesticity, cooking, cooking breakfast, not cooking lunch or dinner, eggs, omelettes, non-veganism, dish ware, tea, drinking the tea, bickering, snark, watching tv, rupaul’s drag race, shangela, more pining, referring to boys as gorgeous, holding hands, interlaced fingers, legs touching, knees touching, fabrics, use of shoulder as a pillow, cuddling, breathing, hearts pounding, continued television watching, whispering, failing to act, time skips, sleeping, sleeping in separate rooms, nightmares, waking up, moving to the same bed, bed sharing, cotton sheets, awkwardness, hugging, comfort, a restful night’s sleep, morning breath, pretend disgust, staring into each other’s eyes, kissing, giggles, face touching, noses, butterfly kisses, fluff, lots of fluff, pressing together, frotting, frotting through pajamas, silk pajamas, flannel pajamas, friction, hardness, pleasure, sweat, ecstasy, sexual release, bodily fluids, mentions of laundry, implied bathroom usage, more breakfast, hugging from behind, feelings of surprise, feelings of contentment, happiness, hopeful resolution

Commenter: y wouldn’t u have a warning for doing the dishes? I hate being reminded of my chores, had to stop reading

Mike was never a big fan of Valentine’s day. To be quite fair, it may have been his least favorite day of the whole year. It was just a dumb day where his sister would rush off to school to be all grossly romantic with her boyfriend and his parents would be out all night on a romantic dinner that left Nancy to babysit both of the younger kids (her form of babysitting consisted of strict homework time, vegetables for dinner, and early bedtime. What fun) and kids at school teased him with insulting fake Valentine’s cards. The upside, if any, was the cheap drugstore chocolate that went on sale the next day, which he raided with his friends as they pooled their allowances together. With Eleven around, naturally, she had a lot of questions, most of which her best friends answered with enthusiasm and great detail. When she asked the dreaded Valentine’s Day question, Mike Wheeler felt his cheeks burning up before his friends could even open their big mouths in laughter or light teasing. To get out of the question unscathed, he quickly threw together an explanation with hearty emphasis on its stupidity and cheesiness, though quite aware of El’s dissatisfied expression. She didn’t press the matter, to his surprise, and they all went on with their month, dreading the lovey-doviness at school on that stupid holiday. As the day rolled around and the four boys locked their bikes onto the rack, Eleven pulled up quickly afterward—little pink bows and heart hairbands that Hopper had affixed into her curls and a wrinkled paper bag in the basket of her bike. She fished through the bag and proudly handed each of her best friends the specially personalized cards she made (construction paper hearts practically dripping in glitter and lace with carefully penned cheesy poetry and sentiments) along with full sized candy bars. Rolling their eyes playfully at the dorkiness, Lucas, Dustin, and Will hugged and high-fived and fist-pumped her in thanks as they ran off to class. For some odd reason, though, Mike noticed her utterly puzzled expression as she looked for his…. “Hey, El, it’s really no problem if you forgot mine. I’m just..uh…happy to spend the day with you. We can go the arcade or something after school,” he said easily, not really paying attention to the eery smirk appearing on her face. Eleven quickly kissed his cheek, shoved a Valentine into his hands, and chased after the boys before she was late to science class. Mike Wheeler was certain in that moment that his entire brain function shut down, as he could barely focus on the heart-shaped card long enough to read the flowy script on the front— “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Eggos are very sweet, But not as sweet as you”

march 30th

Jaebum | 1449 words | angst
Jaebum is stuck in a time loop on the day of their two year anniversary.

loosely inspired by jyj’s “in heaven

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Do you headcanon that Dani would do street performances for spare cash when on the road?


Pedestrians on the Magnificent Mile didn’t know what to make of the shabby girl in the grungy blue hoodie until she pulled off her much newer looking Cubs cap, somehow turning her clearly black hair stark white. 

For the next five minutes and twenty-two seconds, all foot traffic on that side of the street was at a standstill as the teen-aged girl pointed at random people and perfectly described lost loved ones and the manner of their deaths, swallowed coins the audience marked with markers and knives and somehow reached into her stomach, arm vanishing up to the elbow, and pulled them back out again.

The hat was passed around and stuffed with spare change and crumbled bills as she doled out playing cards to people, and then ignited them into green flames with a flick of her fingers. People gasped as she pulled back her sleeves and showed them her non-existent arms, gaped and chattered with amazement as she sat down on solid air several feet over the pavement. 

Around the time she handed back people’s water bottles frozen solid, a pair of officer’s arrived and asked if the girl had a permit to be performing on the street. 

“…a what?”

“Miss, how old are you?” one of the patrolmen asked. 

“That is a very complicated answer,” the girl replied. 

“Well you can explain it all to us at the station.” The crowd booed as they read the girl her rights and gently placed a pair of handcuffs on her wrist. 

As the cops guided her through the crowd, the girl said cheerfully, “Thanks you’ve been an awesome audience!” 

Once the stars cleared from the sudden, blinding flash, both patrolmen were handcuffed to each other, and the crowd applauded even though there was no one to receive it. 

Danny paused the video, put the tablet down and tried to massage the migraine blooming behind his eyes. 

“I don’t know what you’re getting so worked-up about,” Tucker said. “Girl’s already got 70,000 hits.”

Moana Au

A Moana au that I couldn’t get out of my head for Malec. Thought it would be nice to share. Moana is Isabelle. Maui is Magnus. Te Fiti is Alec.

There once was a god who saved a mortal. That mortal was cast away by his mother when his eyes glowed gold and sparks appeared at the wave of his  hands. She threw him into the ocean but the god saved him and taught him how to use his powers. The mortal was bestowed with immortality and became the world’s heroic demigod. With both beings immortal, it gave them limitless time so with the power of the god and the powers of the demigod, they created the world that before was only sea and one small island. The two made more islands, seasons, and food. The demigod battled the evil beings, protecting and providing for humans while the god remained on it’s land always there waiting for the demigods return as they gave life to the world.

With time and care the two fell in love. It was said that their first kiss caused an explosion of stars as the world glowed with their love. For a millennia they loved and cared for humans but the more they helped the more humans started to request. Now the humans believed that the love of the two could create anything imagined and those with hearts of black sought to take it for themselves.

One human, the evilest of them all, created a spell that made her able to control the demigod and made him steal the heart of the god. With the god’s heart stolen a great lava demon was created and now guards his god’s resting place as the world started to decay. The great demigod was free’d from the evil humans spell when he felt his lover’s heart break, now heartbroken and devastated by what he’d done.

He exiled himself and cast his lover’s heart away, now lost and broken with the love of his life gone. More monsters and terrifying creatures were left to swim free and far, the demigod no longer there to protect humans. For centuries the heart was lost, being carried and protected by the ocean who waits to find the one who can return the heart; the one who can help start to heal the broken world.

The ocean has always called her, sang to her, whispered for her to come. Finally she answered.

Isabelle knew what to do, what needs to be done. “Let them come to me please.” The ocean parts and then the lava demon is crawling to her, digging and scrambling. “I know who you are.” The words are whispered through the air. She begins to walk to them and the ocean lifts her up onto a high rock. The lava demon is a mere foot away from her when they start to slow, stopping before her as the two stare. Isabelle smiles and closes her eyes as she leans her forehead to theirs. “I know who you are.”  The creature’s molten hot skin cools and blackens as their foreheads touch and then Isabelle lifts the glowing red stone to fit perfectly into it’s chest.

Magnus gasps far behind them from the rock he collapsed on as he watches the menacing being begin to blossom and change. What was once an immense being of lava and anger was now a smaller but tall man finally whole in a Sarong that bloomed with life who kneeled before Isabelle on the rock they stand on. The man pulls back and stands causing Magnus to let out a sob. “Alexander.”

“Magnus.” The god smiles, a small sad smile as he turns to see his love. The ocean gently rises around Isabelle and the god to carry them to Magnus. The god slowly walks the short distance on the large rock to the man he loves, Isabelle remaining where she was put down to give the two some semblance of privacy. The demigod has his eyes squeezed shut with tears freely falling as he lays on his back shaking with silent fear. He doesn’t want to face the love of his life who he hurt, who he betrayed. He doesn’t think he would survive.

The god sighed fondly but still sad knowing the harmful thoughts his love has running around his head. “Magnus it-” Magnus shakes his head violently. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! If I could rewind time and end that evil woman’s life I would, I would do anything to never have done that horrendous and unspeakable thing! I could never ask for forgiveness my lo-” he chokes on the unfinished word and his arm is thrown over his face for some form of cover.

Magnus can feel his love near him, his gaze almost a physical presence on him. It makes his throat tighten as if he’s being strangled, his heart in agony that’s still broken but hopeful. He deserves this. “Just say the word and i’ll leave you in peace. I’ll stay as far away as possible to keep you from any further harm I could cause you.”

The god sits with his legs crossed near Magnus’ head, the action causing Magnus to flinch away but his head still twitches trying to turn and get closer to the familiar warmth that he thought was lost to him forever. “Well that would be counter productive my soul. Leaving would be the most harmful thing you could do. Dramatic as always.” Magnus shakes his head again in refusal. It can’t be this easy, so quick to be forgiven. “Why do you deny this? You knew I always ached for you when you were not by my side. I missed you, have still missed you even now just as I still love you.” The god lets a hand gently brush away some of Magnus’ tears away then moves to stroke his cheek. Magnus has always been weak to his touch and presses further into the gods palm.

“Now please let me see those lovely eyes I missed and let go of the past we cannot change.” The god curls forward to rest their foreheads together. “There is no need to ask forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive because this was not your fault. This I will remind you until the universe ends if I must.”

When Magnus finally gains enough courage to open his eyes as he latches on to Alec’s hand; his Alexander, his love, his soul, his heart. Magnus lifts himself up to cry into Alexander’s neck as apologies, I love you’s, and I missed you’s spill from his lips.

The two remain close together finally reunited after so long apart; their broken hearts slowly healing as their love grows and strengthens. Isabelle watches in awe as the desolate place the god Alexander used to rest is restored by green lush plants that sprout like a wave washing over it. The dark feeling of decay is replaced by warm life; the world is at peace again.

CONSENSUS: MOM REALLY LIKED NWHS (and yelled “OH NO MABEL YOU HAVE TO TRUST HIM!” followed by “GOOD GIRL!” when she lets go of the shut down switch)

Was told immediately after that we had to watch ATOTS (aw jeez whiz twist my arm, mom)

After watching ATOTS and going through some of the things I’d been pointing out along the way (Stan’s fishing boat in Legend of the Gobblewonker, his license plate, his “tattoo”, the glasses he picks up on the sly in Carpet Diem) and got: “It’s insane how much planning they put into this so early on” and I’m sitting here going !!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!

Was told that Soos explaining things to Wendy is exactly how I sound doing the above explanation XD

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but coffeeshop au where piper has a slot every tuesday and spends each second of it on the tiny stage, singing like a siren and bringing in the crowds. jason works for an air-travel company and always finds time to squeeze in a song or two on his lunchbreak, paying rapt attention, front row, centre. and more often than not, piper forgets the lyrics or jason orders too many cups of coffee because there's a cute, elfish barista, tinkering with the coffee machines and cursing in fluent spanish uwu


Nine and Lisa arguing

A.K.A -When Nine and Lisa make Twelve look like the mature one of the trio.

@luthorslesbian requested a bit of Pomona Sprout/Poppy Pomfery :) 

Pomona Sprout - the most up and coming Herbologist of her day - didn’t imagine falling in love at this point in her career. She imagined finding a woman to settle down with sometime far into the future, when she was ready to still her hardworking hands and live in a little cottage near the village of Kirke where’d she’d grown up, surrounded by a couple of acres of plants… Until then, she was happy with herself and her plants and her travel and her small group of close friends, who all seemed to be pairing off. 

She didn’t plan on her visit to Hogwarts to find a brand of Misery’s Mistletoe ending with a nasty rash. She definitely didn’t plan on Poppy, who had been the Hufflepuff Prefect when Pomona was a first year, to be up in the Hospital Wing…nor for the gorgeous woman she was suddenly presented with to be quite so adept at applying Essence of Dittany. 

They fit together so easily. It seems that one afternoon they’re getting reacquainted in Pomona’s favorite greenhouse, and the next she’s spending every spare moment in the little atrium of Hogwarts’ hospital wing, hoping for a few minutes with her love. She continues to travel, research, and write, but now she has something to come home to. Her dream of a comfortable little home gets closer and closer than she ever imagined - she no longer wants it in her seventies, she wants it now. 

When new Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, who’d been her Transfiguration teacher, offers her a job in sunny, beautiful Hogwarts, with her kind, wickedly smart girlfriend, and in front of hundreds of excited students to mold and shape, she accepts before he even sets the contract fully onto the table between them. She proposes that night, and Poppy agrees. Their wedding has more flowers than people - just how they like it. 

As they get older, their relationship becomes less charged and more comfortable. They take comfort in each other, seek advice and counsel, share everything. Their torrid, passionate arguments turn to bickering that no one ever really wins or loses. Their hungry kisses and frenzied passion turn to warm companionship and mutual pleasure. The fear one has in a new relationship disappears, and they are fully, completely, un-apologetically themselves. 

Their love, even if the students aren’t directly aware of it, brings calm and balance to the castle as it does to their own lives. 

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Write something! Tell us what Gillovny is up to right now!

david texts her every hour before she takes the plane. when she’s home “12 hours. i love you.” when she checks her suitcase and is sure she’s got everything and is ready to go he texts her “11 hours. i want you.” when she’s at the airport she sees “10 hours. i need you.” she keeps smiling and her heart keeps beating faster and her foot doesn’t hurt that much anymore. she calls piper, then the boys and tells them she loves them. she texts him and receives “9 hours. i adore you.” she sits on a plane and wonders whether he’s got everything ready. the flowers are probably in a vase now. the fresh towels that were washed in her favorite washing powder. she can already feel the sweet scent of her favorite candles and if she closes her eyes, she can taste on the tip of her tongue that same wine that he buys everytime she visits. her phone is on a flight mode so she won’t receive any texts from him so she opens the messages and reads every single one of them every hour and when no one’s looking, she whispers to herself “i love you, too”. when she lands and her phone is back to the normal mode, it keeps buzzing as she goes to the parking lot. “2 minutes. i love you.” she spots his car and smiles. “1.5 minute. i want you.” he gets off the car and there’s “10 seconds. i need you.” and she falls into his arms and kisses him so strong he doesn’t even care she stood at his feet with her plaster.

Levi and Petra

The chapter where we meet Levi introduces us to Petra as well. He entrusts her with several orders and later finds her assisting a dying man. 

Together she and Levi comfort the soldier. The dying man wasn’t the only person Petra comforted that day. Levi needed reassurance as well. He wanted to know that the soldier heard his parting words. Petra had no way of knowing for sure, but she wanted Levi to believe his words mattered. She told him, “Yes… I’m sure he did, sir. He looks like he’s sleeping peacefully.” 

Levi chose his special operation squad because “they lived through hell producing results all the way”. Petra had proven to him that she could make tough decisions in worst-case scenarios. He knew she was reliable. He knew she wouldn’t hesitate to take down Eren if he proved to be a threat. He trusted her implicitly. 

I’m glad Levi had Petra. I’m glad he had someone who was equal measures kind and tough on his team. 

When the female titan killed his entire squad, Levi paused only when he reached Petra’s body. The look of anguish on his face is indescribable. Meeting her father later added salt to the wound. Levi learned of her pride at being chosen, and of her plans to devote her life to him.

Ouch, Isayama. Ouch.

SnK Ship Appreciation/12 of ??

okay so for the longest time I really had trouble writing emails to teachers because I would spend 1-2 hours trying to word them perfectly but this year I’ve gotten a little better with that and realized that most teachers don’t care about that BUT 

this year I have a teacher that if you send in email, it HAS to be in grammatically perfect and formal format or she’ll take points off of your grade and send it back to you to fix the mistakes,,, thanks a lot that doesn’t help me at all  

Glitch Interlude (Glitcherlude?) - By Any Other Name

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Glitchfic chronology to bring you a short, standalone literary response to Blizzard’s name dropping our favorite hacker because E can’t handle her feelings right now and had to write something about it.

Suffice to say there be spoilers ahead for those who have not yet read Searching.

When Sombra arrived, she slammed the door behind her. It was a level of petulance even she rarely stooped to, but today was a special day indeed.

“You do know how to make an entrance,” Widowmaker said, looking up from her work with one eyebrow raised. “Welcome back.”

“I cannot believe that Volskaya pawn figured it out,” she said, flopping down in a chair next to Widowmaker, sighing in deep exasperation. “Maybe Lynx. Maybe, through some chance encounter with the right contact, even though I’ve been watching them chase their own tail for the past year trying to find me. But a bodybuilder with a gun?” She shook her head. “It’s insulting.

“Figured out what?” Widowmaker asked, intrigue coloring her features despite her veiled annoyance at the interruption. She pushed her gun aside, half-cleaned, and turned to face the hacker.

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Revenge via ghost peppers against a homophobic ass

Ok so as some of you know I work in a garden and today as already been really eventful. This soccer mom looking lady, white pants shirts shoes and of course wearing a cross the size of her bleach blonde head, showed up by the veggies bitching and griping about all sorts of homophobic things. Usually I can ignore it, people have their opinions, But she fucked up. She fucked up bad. While I’m watering I hear her whispered something under her breath to the other soccer mom about how she thinks the cashier is a lesbian so she’s not going to go through her check out. Again, her choice and opinion, but then she says something about writing a letter to the owner about her “concerns.” So now only is this lady being homophobic but shes trying to cost my favorite coworker her JOB?? Oh its on now. So here she comes waddling up to me and asks what pepper is the least hot. After denying my help earlier saying she already knows what shes doing and all about peppers. So I did the right thing…. Aaaaaand sold her a ghost pepper plant. She has no idea. I hope her ass burns like fire in a few weeks from now when she picks the harvest.

Frustrations (MATURE)

I’ve written this over the space of about three months, so I apologise if it’s absolute shite💟

Justin’s P.O.V
I sighed for the hundredth time that night, feeling the lights and the atmosphere becoming too familiar after being there all day.

“I don’t know,” I said, finally taking my head off the table. “I can’t feel any creativity,” I felt my body was tense and my neck ached as I laid back in my chair. The air felt too hot around me.

“Justin, you should go home and get some sleep,” Scooter said, sitting on the couch, looking relaxed compared to Justin whose hair was sticking up on end.

“No, I need to get something started before I go anywhere,” I said, picking the pencil back up from across the table.

“You know what your main inspirations for songs are, use them. Tell me about them.”

I took time to think, staring down at the piece of paper with scribbles all over it, and nothing else.

“[Y/N],” I said, already feeling a smile edge at the corner of my mouth, showing my teeth.

“What about her?” he asked.

“Everything, man,” I said softly. “But I’ve already written hundreds of love songs about her. They’re all just starting to sound the same,” I huffed, feeling myself sinking again. I felt drained of any kind of creativity.

“Justin, maybe it’s time to change direction. Find a new aspect about her that you can write about or something.”

I hummed, thinking about her at home right now. Curled up in our bed, I hoped. Her skin would be warm and her breathing would be steady, unless I was there, then everything would be different. She’d be panting and writhing from underneath me, her slender fingers gripping our bedsheets. I chewed on my bottom lip to stop myself from grunting.

Then an idea came to mind like a blindfold had been taken from my eyes and I was finally able to think.

“Scooter,” I said, turning in my chair. “I’ve got a direction. It’ll be a little risky but I wanna do it,” I took a deep breath and let my mind get to work.

[Y/N]’s P.O.V

Hearing the door unlock downstairs and the sound of shoes on the hard floor, I climbed out of bed and made my way through the darkness of the room and towards the stairs.

I saw Justin shrugging off his jacket as I reached midway down the steps, and I folded my arms when I felt the chill from the door being previously opened. Cold air touched every corner of the living room.

“Justin?” I mumbled, leaning against the banister. “What time is it?”

He sighed before pulling out his phone. It lit up his face and I noticed the frown on his face. I frowned too.

“Just gone midnight,” he threw his phone down on the couch next to him and proceeded to slip his shoes off. “Why are you awake, anyway? You shouldn’t have waited up,” he moved across the room and into the kitchen, I let my foot hit the cold floor and leaned against the wall.

“I couldn’t sleep.” I said, and he didn’t respond. “Are you okay?”

“Mhm. Just dandy,” he said before taking a gulp of the beer in his hand. He stood against the counter and I simply watched him.

Taking a step forward, I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not when he turned his head and watched me out of the corner of his eyes. I heard him take a deep breath in the silence and placed the beer bottle down heavily.

He walked closer to me so slowly that I felt my heart rate start to pick up. I could tell by the way his shoulders were drooped and his eyelids were heavy that he was tired. His hair was pushed back but fell down the sides of his face, by the tangles I could tell he’d been running his fingers through it all night.

He only got closer until he couldn’t move any further. His eyes scanned my face and his hand reached out to pull me closer, I fell into his touch.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked once again. “Because if you’re not, you know that you can tell me. I don’t want you to be upset or angry or-”

I felt a sharp pain run through my back and I gasped. I watched as he kept a hard gaze on me while he now had me against the wall. I couldn’t help but look into his eyes as he grinned subtly.

“I’m fine, [Y/N]. I’m not upset or angry, I’m just tired.” He reassured me. “There’s just so much stress, and it’s so hard.” He whispered into my ear before biting down on it.

His pressed his wet tongue against the patch of skin under my ear and I felt a shiver run down my spine at the hotness of it. I felt his hands moving to my underwear, his cold hand fell flat against my stomach so that his fingers were only just under the waistband of my underwear.

“You know,” he started. “I started writing a song about you today- not that I haven’t written a million already,” he chuckled and his hand moved further down while I held my breath. “But this one, it’s different. It’s more than sensual, it’s sexual. It’s hot and steamy and gives a vague insight into just what happens when you open yourself up for me.” He left a soft lick of his tongue across my cheek and I let out a shaky breath. “I’m very excited about it.” He kissed my cheek roughly before pulling away. His hand didn’t move, however.

“J-Justin.” I whispered, letting my hands rest on his chest.

“I’ll play it for you when it’s finished, you’ll be the first to hear it,” he said. “And then, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to fuck you while it’s playing. Over and over,” he rasped and I shook slightly. “That sound good?” His lips fell on my jaw.

I nodded eagerly and to this, he smirked. Finally, his hand fell further down so that his fingers were causing friction against my clit. He moved them in circles and watched my face carefully.

“Do you wanna cum? Say you wanna cum for Justin,” he whispered and I whimpered in response. “I’ve had a hard day. The only thing that got me through was knowing I was coming home to my little fuck toy.” His lips attacked my neck while his fingers continued to touch my clit in a way that sent pleasure seeping through every inch of me.

“I wanna cum for you, baby,” I muttered. “But, maybe I should take over. I can tell you’re tired.” I let my hands run up and down his chest.

And I could tell. His eyes were still drooping and his movements weren’t as harsh as they would’ve been if he hadn’t been working so hard all day.

“Hmm.” His lips fell lazily onto my jaw once again, and I pushed him back.

“Lets go upstairs,” I said, taking a hold of his hand and pulling him towards the stairs.

“Your ass is so perfect,” he muttered. “I just wanna slap it and bite it,” he growled and I chuckled softly.

He squeezed my hand as we walked into our bedroom. I ran my hands up and down his chest and he gazed at me with hunger.

I grabbed the end of my shirt and kept my eyes on him as I pulled it up and over my head. I was suddenly almost bare for him to see.

“You’re so hot,” he rasped. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” He grabbed me and pulled me close. “Isn’t that right?”

“No, I’m going to fuck you.” I said and grabbed a hold of his shirt before pulling it over his head. He simply let me.

“Either way, you’re going to be cumming all over this cock tonight,” he rasped, letting his hands run around my back to unclasp my bra.

Once it had been slid down my arms, and he’d thrown it on the floor without hesitation, my chest was open to him and I felt his eyes burning into my skin.

“So beautiful, so sexy,” he muttered, pulling me close to him again. His chest collided with my own and it caused slight friction against my nipples. “What did I ever do to deserve you?”

I smirked as I pushed him onto the bed, he bounced before settling, not once did his eyes stop admiring my chest. I watched as I undid the button of my jeans, planning on taking my underwear down with them. Justin licked his lips.

“Take them off, babygirl,” he muttered and I found it funny that he thought he was in control. Although, it looked like he was when I dragged the clothing over my hips and down my legs.

I stood naked before him and his eyes only widened with interest. His lips shined in the light. Without saying anything, I moved forward and climbed on top of him. I felt the material of his jeans against my thigh as I rocked my hips against his covered crotch.

“Oh, this isn’t fair,” he whispered and his eyes fluttered shut. Meanwhile, I had to hold back a moan as I felt my clit exposed to the intense friction. “This isn’t fair at all and you know it.”

I continued to move my hips, loving the pleasure but also, the way he bucked his hips in attempt to gain more.

“Don’t be a tease,” he grunted, a frown growing on his face. I knew the only problem in his eyes was that he wasn’t in charge for once; he got off on being dominant and having me be submissive, this was a taboo situation for him.

“What do you want?” I asked, moving my hands from the sheets beneath Justin, to his chest. It was warm under my hands.


“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it,” I interrupted him and it only seemed to send his annoyance higher, I quite enjoyed it.

“Fuck me. Ride my dick and let me cum,” he said quickly, I could feel his chest rising and falling a little faster with each second that passed.

“Whatever you want,” I giggled and climbed off of his body so I could undo his jeans and yank them down his legs. He watched and I could see hope in his facial expression. I’d never seen him so relieved until his boxers were off of his body. I immediately fell back on top of him.

“C'mon, babygirl. Make me happy, please me,” he panted, his hands running up and down my thighs as I straddled him. I took my time positioning his length at my entrance; loving the way he was shaking. I slid down onto him and he let out a shaky breath throughout the whole process.

“Shit,” I whispered as I felt his length filling me up. Hot flushes ran over my body constantly.

“Always so tight for me,” he muttered, his fingers were creating white spots on my skin where he was gripping me. “Bounce.”

I didn’t stop rocking my hips at the slow pace I was going, and Justin looked at me expectantly but I didn’t do as he said. I could tell it annoyed him to some extent.

“Don’t rock your hips, bounce on my lap right now,” he demanded, but I ignored him and dug my nails into the skin of his chest. He growled and I smirked.

“I’m in charge, remember?” I teased, rocking back and forth still while I moved my head closer to his until my lips were near his ear. “And I don’t remember telling you to speak,” I whispered and I felt him shiver.

“Fuck,” he whispered.


“You drive me crazy-”

“I just told you to be quiet, I’ll stop if you don’t shut up,” I warned him, feeling powerful. I immediately understood why Justin was always so dominant.

“Oh, okay, I’ll humour you. Yeah? Please let me cum, I’m begging you, princess,” he said dramatically, and just to annoy him, I stopped my hip movements. “Don’t fucking stop,” he spat.

“Shut the fuck up and I’ll keep going,” I said, harshness dripping from my words. His jaw clenched but he said nothing, I lifted myself off of him before falling back down once again. We both moaned as the pleasure seeped into us.

“Justin,” I whispered, my head falling back as the pleasure took me under. I wasn’t expecting him to answer, so when the room fell silent again, I wasn’t surprised. “You like that?”

He nodded, and I noticed how his cheeks were turning red. I couldn’t blame him; the room was heating up drastically and I could feel my own body becoming sweaty.

“Tell me you wanna cum,” I panted, having to throw my hair out of my face in order to keep my gaze on him without it tickling my skin.

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to speak?” he said bitterly, holding my thighs tighter and tighter, it was starting to hurt.

“You can speak when I tell you to,” I replied, almost unable to breath as my body shook. I could tell Justin enjoyed watching me.

He growled and it sent a wave of arousal through my lower body, he wasn’t aware, however.

“Tell me you want to cum,” I repeated, I felt his length rubbing up against my g-spot and it caused me to moan rather loudly.

“Of course I want to cum, [Y/N]. Fuck, make me cum,” he breathed, he’d been caressing my thighs since I’d placed myself on his lap. “Please,” he whispered, I could see his cheeks turning a pinkish colour.

“Cum for me,” I said, not feeling too far behind him. I could feel his hips bucking up to meet my thrusts, and it only gave me more pleasure, as I’m sure it did Justin. I moaned in appreciation.

“Holy shit, don’t stop,” he gasped and it surprised me to see Justin in such a way, I enjoyed it greatly and it got me to the edge immediately. “Baby, fuck,” he spat, gripping my thighs tighter than ever.

“J-Justin,” I rocked my hips sloppily; unable to keep my rhythm going as my orgasm wrack through my body.

“You can do it, princess. Just keep doing that,” he breathed heavily as, I guessed, his orgasm began to subside. “Cum hard for me.”

And I did only seconds afterwards his words left his lips. I felt his thumb press against my clit and it sent me into a spiral. My nails were clawing at his chest while I pushed myself into his touch.

“Oh, yeah, you like that, right? You love when I rubbed your clit for you,” he whispered and I gasped, I could see his eyes burning as I did so. He watched closely.

Ever so slowly, I came down. My vision turned from being black to being solid and clear and Justin was watching me with dark eyes.

“You turn me on so much, babygirl. I’ve only just cum and I already wanna fuck your brains out,” he panted, somehow succeeding in rolling us over to he was on top of me.

“Justin, you have to be up early tomorrow and I can see you’re tired as fuck,” I said, breathing heavily.

“You fuel me up,” he chuckled. “I don’t care about tomorrow, I don’t care about anything but tonight, and I’m going to pleasure you until you’re begging for me to stop.”

Imagine Oikawa and Iwaizumi adopting a baby girl.

  • Oikawa is super nervous during the home inspection because he’s so afraid that they might not be able to bring her home.
  • They get the phone call during dinner.  Oikawa almost drops the phone into the stock pot.
  • She’s so much smaller than they expected.  But she proves that she’s not to be underestimated when she smacks Oikawa across the face.
  • They take turns staying home with her during the day.  Oikawa plays for the pro circuit while Iwaizumi owns a small cafe.  Oikawa takes the morning shift while Iwaizumi runs off to take care of the cafe.  Sometimes he brings her out there so that people can coo over how adorable she is. And because he misses Iwa-chan.
  • She catches a cold and the both of them are on the phone with their moms.  Oikawa flies down the stairs of their apartment to the pharmacy.  Iwaizumi cradles her in his arms, rocking her until the tears stop.
  • Their girl has two doting grandmothers that shower her in new clothes and hand made quilts.  They also come over all the time when Iwaizumi can’t get away from work and Oikawa is trapped at morning practice.
  • They were originally going to split the time that they’d change her diaper or sooth her when she cries at night but since Oikawa is more of a night owl he lets Iwaizumi sleep.
  • The two of them play janken to decide who gets to be called daddy.  Iwaizumi wins 7-5.  
  • When she turns two, Iwaizumi closes the shop early and dresses her in a mini jersey with the number 1 on it.  It’s the final game of the season and she points and giggles at Too-chan every time he serves an exceptionally dangerous jump serve at the opposing team. 
  • It takes until the pro circuit for Oikawa to crush Ushijima but he does it.  They don’t let up a single set.  He holds the championship trophy in one hand and his daughter in the other.  Iwaizumi is standing next to him and for a moment he doesn’t want this ever end.