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The Poetry Diner

The Poetry Diner
Couldn’t be finer
Don’t judge its cover
Until you discover
The far superior
Bookshelf interior
Offering a wide
selection of books
To read while you wait
for your poem to cook
How will you take it
Freeverse or rhyme
With a computer
Or paper and pen on the side
Now I mustn’t reveal
The mysterious appeal
For if you’d like to read the story
It’ll cost your two cents


On this day in music history: June 25, 1996 - “Reasonable Doubt”, the debut album by Jay-Z. is released. Produced by Sean Cane, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Premier, Irv Gotti, Jaz-O, Knobody, Peter Panic and Ski, it is recorded at D&D Recording Studios in New York City from Mid 1995 - January 1996. Demonstrating a natural gift for writing rhymes, with an equally masterful flow to go along with it, Jay-Z makes his debut on record in 1989 with his musical mentor Jaz-O (aka Jaz) on the single “Hawaiian Sophie”. When Jaz is dropped by his label EMI Records, Jay-Z turns to selling drugs to support himself. However, he moves away from that when other opportunities to pursue his career as a rapper materialize, appearing on tracks by Original Flavor, leading to an association with rap legend Big Daddy Kane. Along with friend and business partners Damon Dash and Kareem Biggs, Jay begins selling tapes out his car, attracting the interest of hip hop label Payday Records. After releasing one single and unhappy with the way the record is promoted and marketed, Jay-Z opts not to sign with Payday, instead starting up his own label Roc-A-Fella Records with Dash and Biggs. Recruiting a team top hip hop producers including DJ Premier, Super DJ Clark Kent, and then up and coming producers Irv Gotti and Ski, Jay-Z begins recording his debut album independently. The album also features guest appearances by Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G., a then sixteen year old rapper named Foxy Brown (aka Inga Marchand), along with Roc-A-Fella signees Memphis Bleek and Sauce Money. With beats culled from semi obscure R&B, jazz and funk records, paired with Jay’s rhymes about his life coming up in the streets and his upwardly mobile aspirations, painting aural pictures that mirror the cinematic approach of contemporary gangster films like “Scarface”, “Goodfellas” and “Carlito’s Way”. The album is released after Roc-A-Fella signs a distribution deal with Priority Records. Hailed as an instant classic by the hip hop music community “Reasonable Doubt” is regarded by many as Jay-Z’s best album and one of the best albums of the 90’s. The albums breakout single “Ain’t No N*gga” featuring Foxy Brown (#4 Rap, #17 R&B, #50 Pop) (a double A-side w/ “Dead Presidents”) receives an additional boost when it is also included on the soundtrack to “The Nutty Professor”, which in turn leads to Jay-Z signing a deal with Def Jam in 1997. It spins off two additional singles including “Can’t Knock The Hustle” (w/ Mary J. Blige) (#7 Rap, #35 R&B, #73 Pop) and “Feelin’ It” (#13 Rap, #46 R&B, #79 Pop). “Reasonable Doubt” peaks at number three on the Billboard R&B album chart, number twenty three on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

This has nothing to do w/ anything and I know people have talked about it before BUT I want to as well. Usually my metas tend to be angsty af and then end on a hopeful note, and this will probably be no exception. But anyway, a delve into Victor’s love of fairytales!

I can recall on 2 occasions Victor specifically comparing Yuuri to a fairytale.

Which may not seem like a lot but we have 12 episodes and if something is pointed out twice in a story, it has some amount of significance. Anyway, I just think it’s so damn cute that Victor considers Yuuri prince-like. Even the visuals and story of On Love: Eros is like a fairytale!

We go on about how extra Victor is (and he 200% is…that 50s pink cadillac tho) but I wanna here more about how much of a true romantic Victor is. 

This entire thing is like an hc-palooza courtesy of me. Here we go!

I like to think of a little Victor, watching all these fairytale movies–Disney or otherwise–and dreaming of one day finding a prince of his own.

A 12 year old Victor with his first real crush, staring at a pretty boy with darker hair and kind eyes in one of his classes or at the rink. Victor thought he had found his prince, until one day the affection faded and his mind focused on other things. 

A teenage Victor, going through various relationships like others would go through clothing. He’s a busy young man after all, and no one seems to want to look beyond the Victor Nikiforov on screen, one the ice, and actually date him. Victor starts to wonder if there is a prince out there for him. 

Victor as a young adult, still a romantic at heart, but has pretty much entirely lost hope on finding his true love. No one sticks around, and he hasn’t found anyone he cares deeply enough about to chase. Victor’s lonely, to put it simply. He sits up at night sometimes, and watches all those fairytales from when he was a child. Victor smiles sadly at the end of them all, and dreams of a prince of his own. 

And Victor in his late 20s, as we see him pre-series. He’s frosted with depression and loneliness; the never-ending cold discs of metal, the isolation from other skaters, people kissing up to him left and right. Everything is predictable. He’s running out of motivation, out of ideas. Victor knows people only want him as what they see when he performs. It’s a saddening thought, that Victor is not lovable as himself. Some people were not meant to find a true love, he supposes.

Until one night, a night we all know well. 

The Sochi GPF banquet. Victor is intrigued by this attractive man flitting through the room, clearly intoxicated, but with this charming energy no one can resist. Not even Yuri Plisestky, himself pulled into a dance with Japan’s Yuuri Katsuki. 

Victor manages to escape from his sponsors to laugh and point and take pictures from the sidelines. Yuuri whirls past him and the way the light shines on his hair and eyes makes Victor’s breath catch and his heart skip. 

Victor watches as Yuuri dances with Chris–and wow, is that a show and a half. Yuuri strides over to Victor and holds him in place, hips shaking and Victor can only stare on in wonder. This beautiful, energetic, charming young man is staring up at him, like he’s the only person in the room. Victor can’t understand Japanese, but that doesn’t matter–what matters is the warmth of Yuuri’s body, the sparkle of his eyes, and the earnestly fond tone he speaks with. Victor’s heart is beating out of his chest and he can’t imagine this moment getting better until-

Be my coach, Victor!

Victor’s face flushes with a little gasp and he can’t find it in himself to refuse the request or the next dance they share together. 

As Victor laughs spins and smiles like he hasn’t since child, looking at Yuuri all the while, he can feel it in his chest. 

A prince. A prince is with him!

And oh, when Yuuri dips him low, the lights above framing his face and hair like a halo, Victor knows that his prince has finally come for him. 

You thought you’d never fall in love even though you wanted to.
It just wasn’t in the cards, there was no one right for you.
Your mind was too complex, your personality severe.
No one could relate and soulmates weren’t real.
That’s why it took so long to let that boy inside your head.
And why you felt so vulnerable after everything you said.
But when you told him that you loved him, he said he loved you more.
And for the first time in your life, you had no regrets at all.
You still can’t comprehend how that boy loves you relentlessly every single day.
But you finally understand how hearing someone’s voice can make everything okay.
He taught you what it means to have a person feel like home.
And that being with someone else means you don’t have to be alone.
He knows when to hold you close and he knows not to let go.
He says you mean the world to him but you already know.
He always wipes your tears but he hates it when you cry.
He forgives you when you hurt him because he knows you didn’t try.
You don’t know how you got him and you really don’t know why.
But when he tucks you into bed, you see your future in his eyes.
Wear your skin
like you’re wielding
and feel it
in your heart
so you can reveal
the real you.
Treat your skin
like polished armour
and sharpen
your blade
so you can carve
your name
on your
Show the world
your skin
so you can show
them who you are
within this metal,
because your
should never be
even if the
armour is dented.
—  J.A.Fiddy “Wear your skin like armour”

To all the females who watched Wonder Woman,

If you came home feeling empowered
Or saw her bold bravery and felt like a coward
Know that courage is not only meant for battlefields
Not all wars are fought with swords and shields
Warriors are not made of just skin and bones
They are made of belief; as strong as metal and stones
We’re women waging wars to show our worth
To oppressors with whom we share the same earth
It doesn’t take years of training to stand up for our rights
We’re as capable as she is, to win this fight
She represents the power and grace within us all
To show that even amongst men, we can stand strong and tall

she arrives
like sunbeams on a rainy day.
my heart soars
and the raindrops go away.
she leaves
and my heart frays.
the rain comes back
and it’s here to stay.
“you miss her,”
the stars say
and my heart aches
and aches
and aches.
“i miss her,”
i say.
“i miss her everyday.”
—  and the worst part is i don’t know if i would have it any other way | OCEAN M.
1. Our bodies and our eyes become heavy with the love and lust that lingers in the space between us
2. Our throats desiccate as our shaky breaths control our lungs
3. The world becomes softer as our vision gets hazy from our dilated pupils
4. The goosebumps on our skin betray any sense of secrecy that hid our sensations
5. We can no longer control ourselves.

The steps leading to loving you


June 24 2017

I swear, it’s like I missed you before we ever spoke
—  Cynthia Chapman