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no no but anakin and padmé meeting for the first time since they were children when he sneaks out of the temple to tag the senate dome and she happens to be vandalizing the offices of a particularly vile fellow senator


At first all Padme sees is the Jedi robes and she thinks she’s about to be arrested. But then the Jedi in question blurts out, “Padme?” and he’s so flustered that he drops his paints, and then Padme drops hers and, well…

A very strange reunion happens. Then they argue briefly about which of their planned tags is more appropriate for the situation, before ultimately deciding that both. Both is good.

The next day the graffiti is all over the news and everyone’s speculating on who could have done it and how the vandal (or vandals?) could possibly have known about Orn Free Taa’s links with the slave trade before the scandal even broke in the press.

Senator Amidala is as shocked as anyone that a fellow senator would be involved in something so vile. Anakin Skywalker, of course, has never been interested in politics and probably doesn’t even know anything happened, since he always sleeps his way through Obi-Wan’s morning news marathon.

The identity of the vandal(s) remains a mystery.


His lips tasted like the blueberries that rarely occupy my fridge anymore
because it’s not summer
and it’s not the season for blueberries
and I guess it’s not the season for him either
maybe when the summer does comes
he’ll wish my hand was out his window
surfing the force of 80mph
instead of her hand
sitting delicately in her lap
maybe when the summer does come
his coffee eyes will wake me up
to a day of understood smiles and quiet kisses
and i’ll be his first thought everyday
and that girl will be past forgotten
maybe when summer does come
i’ll be a little bit more fearless
and I won’t be scared of our connection
i’ll trust myself a little more
to know I made the right decision
and when summer comes
I hope he finds passion
but what I really mean is
I hope he finds me
cause I can’t bear the thought of her kissing his cheek
no matter how much it makes him smile
and I lied at the beginning of this
he doesn’t taste like blueberries
he taste like the silver necklace I never take off
but whenever I eat blueberries
I imagine a summer day
only him and me
and the world miles away.