write graffiti

My writing experience with Graffiti vs Words That Waters Flowers has already been so different so far

Like, with WTWF, it was always ‘one scene = one chapter, I know exactly who’s going to say what and what’s going to happen before and after, write it get it done in time for the end of the week even if it’s semi-short’

With Graffiti, on the other hand, it’s more like ‘oh, I have a general idea of what needs to happen in this chapter but I know literally nothing beyond that until I start typing, let the characters do their own thing even if it takes 6k words, I love writing this fic and I’m going to enjoy the process no matter how long a single chapter is because I LOVE IT DAMMIT’


Temporary Calligraphy Illuminates Historic Sites Throughout Europe

Mexican calligraffiti artist Said Dokins combines calligraphy writing with graffiti techniques to create public murals that address conflicts of power, destruction, and control imposed by both historic and contemporary regimes. His latest project, Heliographies of Memory, uses luminous tools to explore displaced memory, creating light paintings that use famous historic buildings or other iconic sites as temporary backdrops.