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I’ve had crushes and hopeless dreams, physical attractions and infatuations, and pure feelings of want and desire, but never have I been so deeply and througholy in love with someone, until now.
—  you’re different
Not Just A Pretty Boy {NCT Johnny Scenario}


Anon: Can I request a fic sort where y/n is an average girl in her class who isn’t particularly talented or pretty but is witty, sassy and fun AND loves to write and has a crush on sunbae Johnny, who’s popular and hot with chicks and flirty but isn’t a fuckboy? how she thought he’d never even notice her but he did when he read her poetry in the school magazine and approached her and then you can escalate it your way PLEASE ILY already. 

Hello Anon! Here is your request- sorry for the wait I had no idea I had anything in my ask box but now it’s here. I’ve written in a weird way but please tell me if you like this kind of writing. Hopefully you’ll like it. 

 Bisous, Flo 

 Word Count: 1017

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She gets described as average. Average pretty. Average clever. Average talented. Average funny. The average person would feel insulted by such a comment, but for her, it’s a relief. It means she doesn’t have a reputation to uphold. She doesn’t need to change her own self to be called something better. She expects it. 

He gets described as tall, dark and handsome. People naturally are drawn to him like a magnetic, despite him not doing anything to induce it in the first place. He comes across as cool and broody, as if one wrong word could cost your life. He doesn’t mind it though. He doesn’t see what other people see in him, but he doesn’t mind. 

But really, she’s gorgeous and funny. She’s tall and confident, without even trying. Unlike everyone who are smaller and cuter, she’s taller and maturer. And she doesn’t even realise how much attention she secretly she gets. From guys and from girls. All the guys want her. And all the girls envy her. She can make you laugh within minutes of meeting her, and makes people feel worth it. 

But really he’s lost and doesn’t know what to do. He feels pressure to uphold his status that he didn’t even work for or ask for. People rely on him but he has no one to lean on himself. He doesn’t want to come across a womaniser or bad boy. His looks have only turned against him, in his opinion. He makes girls swoon at his feet because of this gentlemanliness, and guys only wish to be his friend rather than his foe. 

She just wants to be appreciated for who she is. She wants someone to show her all the exciting things in the world that she can’t do right now. She wants someone tall like her. Someone who not only will look after her but she will look after him. 

He just wants someone who’s strong and will look after him. Someone who’ll still love him when she realises there’s more to him than she see’s. He wants someone tall who will stand by his side and make him feel confident. 

She wants Johnny and he wants her. 

Johnny always watched Y/N from afar. They never had spoken to each other before but that didn’t stop him from admiring her anyway. She was a writer and wrote poetry regularly, her work often published in the school newspaper. He had always enjoyed reading them. He was a singer himself and a lot of his inspiration came from her and her poetry. It was the only way he could feel close to her without being directly in contact with them. 

Y/N always watched Johnny from afar. Obviously, every girl she knew were in awe of him. He was a gentleman, many people told you. She were jealous of them; the opportunity to speak to him never arose or came about. She had heard him singing and dancing performing. Some of the catchier lyrics were even sometimes stuck in her head. 

Neither of them ever expected to meet face to face. Neither of them ever expected to fall in love either. 

The bell rang for the end of school, the chance for people to leave what they call “prison” and, go back to the comfort of their homes. For Y/N, the school rooftop was her comfort place. She liked visiting every few weeks. It was cool and had a vast view of Seoul. She was leaning against the metal fence of the rooftop roof, when she heard the door creak open. Turning her head to see who it was, she made contact with someone she had never met. Johnny. 

He never expected to see her here, especially in his alone space. Back at the dorms, it was hard for any SM trainees to relax in quiet. The rooftop gave him the chance to catch a breather before returning to his cramped building. You would’ve thought that seeing someone in your place would’ve made you a little annoyed. Both for Johnny he felt undeniably comfortable in her presence. 

When he moved closer to lean on the fence next to her, he realised how beautiful she looked up close. He couldn’t help but stare. Y/N’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at him. He was way taller than her 5"10 stature; she was impressed. 

“Y/N”, he whispered her name, any quieter and she could’ve missed it. She couldn’t believe that he knew who she was. 

“Johnny”, she said back. It sounded perfect coming from her lips. All he wanted was for her to say it again and again. 

“Stay here with me”. 

For months, they met regularly on the rooftop. Usually after school but sometimes during school hours or at night. Despite their strong feelings for each other that just grew at each meeting, they learnt more each other and remained close friends. They learnt their preferences. Their dreams. Their past. How Y/N just wanted to love. And how Johnny just wanted to be loved. The romantic tension between seemed to get thicker each time as well. Not only was the rooftop the place where they met. It was the place they confessed. 

As soon as she met him on the rooftop, her arm grazing his strong bicep, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her face to his. His lips were soft and needy, her lips seemed to fit perfectly. There was no fight for dominance; it was just passionate as if they were telling one another what they couldn’t say for months, through their mouths and kisses. 

When she pulled back, he breathed out a raspy “I love you Y/N”, his voice breaking slightly and his heart rapidly beating. Y/N was still in shock, but upon hearing those three words, she smiled pulling him closer to him, with her hands in his hair. 

“I love you Johnny.” He groaned. He had waited so long to hear those words. 

“Say it again”, he murmured before pressing his lips to her’s once again.

Another Phone Call
  • Molly: *rolls over in bed to grab and answer her ringing mobile* Hello? This is Dr. Molly Hooper.
  • Sherlock: Molly, it's me. I'm using a different phone.
  • Molly: *sighs heavily* Right, what now?
  • Sherlock: I just need you to do something very easy for me.
  • Molly: *clenches her jaw* Are you trying to be funny, Sherlock? When you said that earlier today there was nothing easy about it.
  • Sherlock: Yes, but now I mean it. Because all I need you to do now is listen. Can you do that?
  • Molly: Well...yes.
  • Sherlock: Good. *exhales* You count to me, Molly, so very much. And I trust you. I trust you with my work, with my secrets, and with my very life. You matter more than most of the other people that inhabit this entire planet. You are unique, intelligent, brave, and puzzling to me in the best sort of way. And you're beautiful; so very beautiful in every way a person can be. And...I love you, Molly...I love you.
  • Molly: *speechless*
  • Sherlock: Molly?
  • Molly: Y-yes I'm here.
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Molly: *her voice unsteady* And...was that it?
  • Sherlock: Yes, that was all I needed you to do.
  • Molly: *softly* Ok.
  • Sherlock: Well...goodnight, Molly.
  • Molly: Wait! Sherlock, can you do something for me now?
  • Sherlock: Anything.
  • Molly: *pauses* Come to my flat please.
  • Sherlock: ...right now?
  • Molly: Yes, now please. Because...I'm not saying it over the phone this time.
Half to Death

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: Dan swears he can’t be scared so Phil tries to make Halloween as scary as possible, and maybe takes it too far

Excerpt: “Fine! Three days,” Phil’s voice was now wavering, the more he thought about it the more he regretted agreeing to the dare. “Expect the unexpected.”

Dan swears he can’t be scared so Phil tries to make Halloween as scary as possible

“Boo!” Phil popped himself out from behind the kitchen corner, his hands nearly smacking Dan in the nose. Dan’s face stared blankly back at him, lips pressed into a straight line.

“Is that it?” Dan pushed past Phil into the the kitchen, reaching into the cupboard to grab some cereal. “It’s only 9 am, I’m way too tired to deal with all this.”

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This latest SKAM update makes me so stressed. Because: Sana not the only one with access now - Sara was standing right there! And now - let me just gush about your fics I love them so much. One of my most embarrassing moment in recent weeks, was when I was waiting for the start of a business meeting, was passing time reading TNMN and was called in in the middle of a smut scene. My cheeks were so red. ILY!!!!! Your fics are some of my favorites on Ao3. Please never stop writing.

Hsjshsjsj 💛
Everything’s making me stressed lately. The clips, the spoilers, the fact that people are out there harassing the cast, sigh. Haha
Yeah I don’t think that password thing was random. I’m trying to guess what could be so important in her email. Maybe she has court stuff in there? Do people know what happened to Noora with William’s brother? Perhaps they’ll find Noora’s drafts to william? Perhaps Sana will take matters into her own hands and create drama all by herself? Haha we’ll see

Nsjsjsjaja. I’m sorry about your meeting. If it’s any consolation, I sometimes space out in my meetings cause I’m plotting hahahaha. ILY TOO 💛 thank you for stopping by

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HELLO, it's me. *sings like adele* lmao, okay, i know i already sent in a request like a couple of days ago but can i send in one more for another reggie reader insert? using this dialogue (“Hey! Don’t talk to her like that!” 'And who the hell are you!?' “Who the hell am I!? Who the hell are you!?". please? hehe the dialogue gave me reggie vibes man + have i told you that your blog and writings are divine? + ok im blubbering around now.., thank you!

HI BABES so update first I already finished writing your first request but I need to proofread and edit it first and secondly YES I WILL TAKE NOTE OF THIS REQUEST BUT I HAVE OTHER DRAFTED STORIES THAT I WILL EDIT AND POST FIRST SOOOOO pls have patience with me ily xxx

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Hey again i'm the one asking u for ur mafia au! And i'm sorry for not reading ur faq first my dumb ass mind isn't trained to think that far yet! 😂 But tank you so much for taking your time and answering! And i totally understand that it's not a loss or anything i mean your recent stories are literally the best and there is nothing that can beat them i'm pretty sure ❤️ Ily have a great day and thanks for answering again

ahh please don’t worry!! I’m aware that some people just forget to check if there are any faqs, it happens and that’s okay :’) I do wish you’d been around the time the story was online, it made me very happy to see people enjoying it because it was a turning point for me as a writer, even though the writing wasn’t the best ahaha. hopefully in the future I can finish another series, but as of now I’m just focusing on oneshots (blame my packed schedule, rip). you’re so nice and I’m glad you took it well ❤️❤️ have a great day as well!

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Klena rec list please??

AHHHH YAY ANON ILY (sorry don’t mean to scare you but omg klena feels, i’m just going to give you way too many but check them out whenever you can)

these two authors are amazing:

Anything they write is gold. And most of their fics are klena so yeah (and they’re on ffn)

other fics:

simply-aly has so many good ones too

And I’ve actually written a few too (but they’re not as good as the ones listed above me because…ahhh they’re just better writers *bows down*)

But hey, if you like my writing, why not check them out?

Well, that’s it for now anon. I might have missed a few really good ones but all these are my personal faves (and some of them actually bring me to tears at the missed potential tvd did not take advantage of)


Sam Winchester-Too young Part 4

Title: Too Young Part 4

Pairings: Sam Winchester x sister reader

Word count:1025

Request:Omg I love Too Young! Please tell me there are going to be more parts!!


Request:Please tell me you are going toncontinue too young

Request:Hey, first of all I LOVE 5SOS too and second if you could please do another part for Too Young 🙏🏻🙏🏻 you’re writing is seriously mind blowing 💞 Ily😘💕

Links:Too young, Too young part 2, Too young part 3

As for now you were sleeping soundly.

Sam and Dean had been looking into your dreams; they contacted Cas and looked up every Lore they could. Cas too grew concerned over your well being but he was stumped on what it could possibly be.

At first, Cas had suggested that maybe you were having normal nightmares and had rolled about in your sleep and hurt yourself but when Sam explained that you got a hand print bruise and that there was no possible way of accidently making that, Cas too agreed something wasn’t right.

Cas sat you down and asked you to explain every detail. You didn’t want to and you grew uncomfortable but you really liked Cas and Sam was with you the whole time.

Dean went out to speak to professors near by or any type of Folk Lore they had missed.

You were currently sitting down next to Sam, your small frame merged into his large one as he ran a comforting hand over your locks.

Cas sat opposite the two of you, hands buried against his knee’s as he waited patiently.

You began to describe your dream to him (the one you had last night) even though it was hard to remember exactly.

“Do you see his face?’‘Cas asked quietly. You shook your head, looking up at Sam who gave you a nod of reassurance.

’'No. It’s too dark…b-but…’'You trailed off. Cas leaned forward, doing his signature head tilt as he squinted.

’'Yes, (Y/n). What is it? Remember, no detail is to small’'Cas smiled gently. You rolled your fingertips between the empty space of your palm as you licked your crackled lips.

’'He has red eyes. Big, scary red eyes’'You whispered, shrinking back. Sam patted your back soothingly as Cas titled his head to think.

’'Red eyes- that’s…a upper level demon. A really high level.’'Sam thought aloud. Cas nodded with a hum of agreement.

’'And you’re sure you didn’t catch anything else?’'Cas repeated slowly.

’'bubby I’m tired’'You yawned, tugging on Sam’s sleeve. Sam looked down, giving Cas a helpless shrug before nodding at you.

’'Okay. You did well, baby, c'mon’'Sam reassured, standing up and pulling you up into his chest. You rested your head on his broad shoulder, wrapping your arms around his neck as you closed your eyes.

Sam rocked slightly but remained where he was so he could talk to Cas. He rubbed his large hand comfortingly over your back whilst listening to Castiel’s words.

The door creaked open as Dean came through, he paused and made his movements more quiet when he noticed you were asleep.

’'She say anything?’'Dean asked, his green orbs flickering over to you and then back to Sam.

’'She said he had red eyes. You know what I’m thinking?’'Cas mumbled. Dean looked at Cas with a shocked expression as his brow furrowed.

’'No…he wouldn’t…oh that son of a bitch. I’m gonna kill him’'Dean grunted as he tugged at the strands of hair on the nape of his neck.

’'Dean, we’re not completely sure it’s him. What could he possibly get by doing this to her?-”

Dean cut Sam off with a short growl. “Because he’s a sick bastard that’s why. I wouldn’t give him the time of day, you can’t say he’s all rainbows and lollipops’'Dean grunted.

’'Yes but Sam is right. He has changed ever so slightly so unless he is after something important it may not be him. This leaves us with a bigger problem’'Cas informed with worry.

’'Let’s go check it out then. We can drop (Y/n) off with Jody and then head that way’'Sam stated.

Dean grabbed the Impala keys, all three of them heading out the bunker door and into the Impala.


The three tall men were waiting on the side of the road. A empty and silent path was filled with just the three fuming characters as they waited impatiently.

Dean paced back and fourth, the phone ringing in his ears as he muttered under his breath.

’'C'mon, C'mon. Pick up’'Dean growled out. He froze in his place when the phone was finally answered. ’'Finally! where the hell are you?’'Dean snapped.

Dean’s face contorted into a pissed expression as he rubbed his temples before his tried to relax his tense form. ’'Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just get here as quick as you can’'Dean snapped.

Sam leaned back against the hood of the Impala, his hands slumped in his pockets as he watched his brother with a worried expression.

’'He’s on his way’'Dean muttered, still pacing back and fourth.

’'What do we do if it is him? I mean we’ve always tried to do something but it’s always failed’'Sam broke in, finally saying the thing no one else wanted to admit too.

’'Yeah but this time it’s personal. Nobody lays a finger on my baby sister’'Dean barked.

’'I shall smite him’'Cas declared.

’'Easy there, tiger. No one’s rushing into anything’'Dean lectured. ’'If it is him then we’re gonna make sure he feels exactly what he deserves”

Sam stood up straight, Castiel’s face turning rigid and Dean spinning around so he was no longer facing his back to the on coming jet black car that strolled up the highway.

The car pulled over, screeching to a stop right next to them. The window rolled down as a musky scent left the air and coated their noses.

Dean rolled his eyes as the dramatic entrance before the door clicked open and shiny, black suit shoes hit the floor.

“Ah…Squirrel, moose…what can I do you for?’'he jibed. He stood up, gripping his suit collar and straightening out the crease before flicking away a speck of dirt on his collar.

’'Crowley’'Cas bellowed.

’'Geesh…what crawled up your angel ass and died. I’m so glad my presence brings joy to you’'Crowley mocked. ’'Always nice to be wanted”

“Shut up, Crowley’'Sam quipped.

’'Listen I’m gonna break this down easily for you’'Dean laughed bitterly. Crowley yelped in surprise when Dean’s fingers launched around his collar and slammed him into his car.

’'Whoa, whoa…calm down squirrel. This is brand new suit! it’s Italian!’'Crowley reminded as he looked down at his suit to see if any damage had been done.

Dean rolled his eyes sharply before slamming him once more. ’'What have you been doing to, (Y/n)?!’'Dean raged. Crowley’s brows shot up as an amused expression yet slightly confused fell on his features.

’'Well I have to say Squirrel. She’s a bit young for my liking’'Crowley wheezed, flinching slightly.

’'So it is not you’'Cas queried. Crowley gave him a startled and confused look as he kept his arms held up in defence.

’'Look, as fun as it is to watch you go on a wild goose chase; I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about’'Crowley urged.

Dean slowly let him down as Crowley wiped down his suit with a sharp glare in Dean’s direction.

’'What’s baby Winchester got herself in now?’'Crowley asked with curiosity.

’'That’s none of your business. But if I find out you had anything to do with it, or you’re lying to us then you’re dead meat’'Dean drawled. They all parted way and got into the cars as the three men sat silently in their own thoughts.

’'Dean…if it’s not, Crowley… then who is it?”

Forgotten Stars (Sam Wilkinson Fanfiction)

Hey guyss, so hey this is my new Sammy fanfic, i really hope you like it, so this is the introduction… i really need feedback on this so please tell me if you like it and if i should keep on writing it, thank you and ily guys, bye

Forgotten Stars- Chapter 1

“Can we please, please leave now? I can’t stand mom anymore” I whispered into my brother’s ear while my mother kept telling us the safety rules. Jack giggled and shook his head.

“And remember, never go out alone at night, specially you, y/n” I nodded trying to avoid rolling my eyes; my mom could be such a pain in the ass sometimes. I grabbed my suitcase and purse and carried them outside, where Jack car was already on. I accommodate them in the trunk before jumping on the front seat.

“If you are out of money, just call me, yeah?” she said while Jack drove backwards with the intention of taking the car out of the garage. She was following us anyway, still wearing her sleeping gown and her pink sleepers.

“Yeah mom, don’t worry” my brother said putting his sunglasses on.

“I can’t believe my babies are leaving for the whole summer,” she whispered with her hand on her chest, and I could swear she was at the edge of crying. We were leaving for the summer, not for the whole eternity. But I guessed that’s how mothers worked.

“We’ll be fine mom, promise. Bye” I exclaimed as Jack increased the speed. I waved through the window. From the rear view mirror, I saw how she stood still staring intently at the car. When we turned right, disappearing from her view, I let out the air I had been holding.

“So here we go,” I said putting my feet up on the dashboard.

“Yeah, I still can’t believe how she let us spend the summer on our own. I don’t believe she let you”

“Why me?” I asked copying his tone of voice.

“You know, you are the little girl,” He said smirking

“Shut up” I exclaimed shoving his arm.

“So, who is staying in the house again?”

“Jack was the first on to sign up,” he laughed.

Jack, or mostly known as Johnson was Jack best friend since like forever. It’s funny because they had the same name, fact they used to say that their friendship was ‘fucking real’ or something. For me, Johnson was like a brother. He was probably the funniest person I knew, like it was guaranteed that you would have a great time if he was around.

“Well that was almost predictable” I smirked rolling my eyes. They were inseparable and did everything together, literally. “Who else?”

“Well and Cass, but you know that” I nodded; my best friend was coming too. I had known her since I was five and we were like, unbearable for everyone else, when we were together. And that’s what I loved more about our friendship: That special thing we had that only we were able to understand. “Mike was coming but he has summer work or something”

“Dork” I laughed, “It’s going to be awesome, just the four of us” I closed my eyes as I took a deep breath.

“Actually” he exclaimed nervously, I opened one eye. He scratched his neck and took his eyes off the road to look at me.

“Jack” I said, “Is someone else coming that I’m not aware of?”

Please, don’t tell me he is coming, please, Jack, please. He nodded as if he knew what was on my mind. Holy crap, my summer was officially ruined.

“I don’t know why you don’t like him though”

“You have to be kidding me, I fucking hate him, he is so egocentric and narcissist and…”

Jack cut me off, “Chill Y/n, if you ignore him, he won’t bother you”

“Hell yeah, I’m ignoring him” He laughed and I rolled my eyes, “You do realize you’ve just ruined my whole summer, right?”

“You are so dramatic” he chuckled.

After two hours or so, we reached Wolf Bay. It was our first time here but we had heard that they had the sickest parties here in summer, so the guys were more than convinced to stay in this town. The house Johnson had picked up was huge and stunning. It was located right in front of the beach, like instead of walking out to the backyard, you walked out to the beach. Sick.

There was no other car there, so we supposed we were the first ones arriving. We took the suitcases off the truck and took everything inside.

“Jesus Christ” I looked around and came to the conclusion the house couldn’t be more breathtaking. It was perfect. On the right, there was a huge kitchen, which included and island and ivory furniture. On the left, there was this huge living room, with an enormous TV and leather coaches.

“I know” Jack said under his breath

Just then, we heard some noises outside and before we could look out the window, the Sam Wilkinson entered the house. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, well, Johnson really has taste” he said leaving his suitcase in the floor. He took his sunglasses off and glanced at me.

“Hey Y/n” he winked and an urgent feeling of puking hit my body.

“Hello Wilkinson” I said not looking at him and heading towards the kitchen. I sat in one of those high chairs and started scrolling down social medias.

“What’s up with her?” Sam asked to my brother, who just shrugged, shook his hand and hugged him.

I hated him, I hated the fact that he flirted with every single girl alive in this world, I hated that he was so egocentric, I hated that he loved himself and thought every single person turned around him. I hated him. I hated when he talked with that superior tone as if he was the fucking president or something, I hated that he was the center of attention all the time. I fucking hated him.

And I couldn’t believe I was spending a whole summer, in the same house, with him. 

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Okay so I've hinted to my mom that I self harm and I'm depressed (I have been for almost a year now) But when I brought up self harm she called self harmers 'attention seeking idiots' so I don't know how exactly to tell my mom that I am one of those idiots or that I've been depressed for so long I want help, I want to be noticed 😔 but no one sees, please if you have any advice on how to tell my mom that I'm depressed and self harm and how to get help, please tell me 😔 Thanks, ily ❤️

I always write letters to express emotions I can’t seem to say face to face. So when you’re feeling up to it, it just write her a letter thorough email or on paper. Explain that you really want help and would love to see a therapist or a psychologist. Talking to your school counselor is also a good idea.

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I honestly would watch a movie about your life because like you've been through so much and now you're so pure and nice even though people are mean to you and just??? I want to send you nice things and make sure you smile a lot and you make me so emotional please have a nice day ily

maybe one day i will write a book about my life (and embellish it a little, add some dragons, maybe a wizard) and they will turn it into a movie and then i can dedicate it to you sweet sweet kind anon


you know me– i don’t believe in heaven, i don’t believe in hell, i don’t believe in an afterlife or a god or the fact that any of us have any real purpose on the earth except for the cold hard fact of it all, that we are just compacted stardust and pieces of the sky and who the fuck even knows why any of us are even alive and i really don’t even know that i believe in anything anymore– but i believe in you.

you’re real, aren’t you?


i’ll write your face/ blogrates 

okay, so i’ve seen lots of book-esque descriptions of people floating around and i kinda wanted to do some more blogrates so i thought i’d do them both. this is inspired partially by the wonderfull @wookierey and my own need to get better at writing characters. 


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  • you can totally send me both

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French Tutor - Michael Clifford One Shot

A/N: its hard to find a tutor michael out there so i write my own, this was a request! I duno if this is a fluff but its not smut so excuse any mistakes PLEASE IF YOU LIKED IT, LIKE OR REBLOG ILY

I held my head with my hands, what was happening to me? I failed my French test… again. Why I have been so distracted? I saw Michael in the corner of the class, smirking at me, waving me his test with an “A+” on it like it was a flag. He was so proud. Not now Clifford. I rolled my eyes as I sighed. “Hey Y/N what did you get?” Luke tapped my shoulder from behind. I looked at him as I showed him my test “I got an F” I harshly said. “I got an A” He proudly smiles. “I don’t know what the hell is happening to me” I looked up at the ceiling in frustration “You should get a tutor” Luke suggested “That tutor can be you?” I begged him, making the best puppy eyes I could “I’m sorry Y/N, I’m already four persons tutor, I’m full” He apologized, making a pout “Thank you, fuck face” I loudly sighed. “Sorry” He stands up picking his backpack, while the ring that announces the lunch time sounded. I got out of the class, going to the front office. I took a deep breath before asking to the lady behind the counter “Hi, can I help you?” She said “Yes, I’m looking for a tutor” I smiled “Here’s the list” She handed me a list with the names of the people who had offered be tutors and next to them were the people who needed one, easy. The list was full; I searched for a place to put my name in. In the last space, in the corner, was the name “Michael Clifford” And next to it was a free space. No way! I wouldn’t let Michael Clifford be my tutor, he’s an ass. I desperately looked for another space in blank, but that was the last space. Well, I guess I wouldn’t have a tutor. I’ll make Luke to teach me, he has to. In that moment, Michael entered to the small office “Hi Laura” He smiled to the lady behind the counter “Hi sweetheart” she smiled back. “Hello, umm, how was your name…?” He tapped his lips with his finger, pretending he was trying to remember my name. “You know me and my name… Michael” I mumbled annoyed. Fuck, stop being an ass. “Ah, it doesn’t matter. Do we have a student for me this week, Laura? Where’s the list?” The lady pointed at the list in my hands. Michael abruptly takes the list away from me “Umm, let’s see” He said in a sigh. “You were going to write your name in here?” He asked with a smirk, then he takes the pen that was in the counter, writing something down in the list “Done” He put the list down before leaving the room in rush. I bite my lip in anger as I saw what he has written in the list. He wrote my name next to his. That means he was annotated as my tutor. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as I clenched my jaw. “Excuse me” I said to the lay behind the counter “Michael just annotate my name in the list without my permission” The lady looked down at the list “Weren’t you looking for a tutor, darling?” She asked innocently. “Well, yes but-““Then you’re lucky. That was the last space of this week. You have a tutor!” “But I don’t want to Michael Clifford to be my tutor” I complained pointing at the list. “I’m sorry darling, you’ll need to talk to him” I grabbed my stuff as I walked out of the Office. Michael was standing a few meters away, talking to a girl. I walked towards him and tapped his back “Michael” I rolled my eyes as he turned around to face me “What’s up?” “You annotate me for you to be my tutor. That’s not going to happen” “It is on the list, I can’t do nothing about it” He raised his shoulders “I don’t want you to be my fucking tutor” I tried to not to scream. He blinked a couple time before nodding his head yes and then turning around. I guess that means he just wanted to annoy me. I walked away in rush.

I was on my house, taking my dinner. Mom was working so I was home alone, I had nothing but my yoga pants and my band tee on. It was like… What, 5 in the afternoon? I help myself to the couch as I turned the TV on. Someone knocked on the door so I get to see who was. My jaw almost dropped when I saw Michael standing there holding a French book.”How did you get my address!?” I asked in a voice a little higher than I should have “Luke gave it to me” He smiled “I am here to teach you French, Y/N” He gets in my house and put the book in the table “May I…?” He said before he sits in my chair. “I told you I don’t want you to be my tutor, Michael get out!” “Well you should think about it before you put your name in the list!” “I didn’t, you asshole!”

It was 6pm and after almost an hour of fighting with Michael I gave up. It was just one time, no? We were sitting on the couch; I would say more close to each other than we have ever been. The next French test was an oral one, so Michael was teaching me the right pronunciation of the words. I couldn’t lie, he looked kind of cute when he speaks French, it is so easy for him, he was pretty fluent in it and I liked to watch him trying to do a good French accent “Répétez après moi” He said as he looked down at his book, biting his lip. Damn, he’s so cute… but still an ass. “Y /N a un beau visage mais une personnalité dégoûtant” “What does that means?” I asked. He looked at me severally so I rolled my eyes as I tried to copy what he just tell me “Y/N a un beau visage mais une personnalité dégoûtant. Now, what does that means?” “I’m glad you finally accepted Y/N” He laughed a little as he shook his head with a little smirk on his face. “Michael, what does that means?” I insisted. “It means ‘Y/N has a beautiful face but a disgusting personality’ Thing that is pretty true” “I DON’T HAVE A DISGUSTING PERSONALITY!” I screamed. He giggled before he grabs my face with his hands. I stood still, not knowing what to do. He gave a quick gaze to my lips before his lips parted, searching for air. I can feel his breathing, he’s way too close. He looked at my eyes before quickly smashing his lips against mine, he pulled me closer, resting his hand on my leg. His lips were I was focused on, they were so soft and kissable. Yet I didn’t know what to do, my stomach filled with butterflies, please tell me this is a joke. He pulled away, breathless as me, I would dare to say he blushed a little “Umm well, that’s all for today” He groaned in a low voice before with nothing more, run away. He slammed the door as he gets out. He doesn’t even pick his book. I looked around as I was still with my mouth open, what the hell did just happened?   

The next day

I took a deep breath as I saw Michael sitting in his usual spot in the class, in the corner. I hesitate before walking forwards and sitting next to him. He looked up at me “Hi” I mumbled “Hi” he gasped back at me. In the whole time of the class, he didn’t say a word. Weird on him, he usually never shuts up.  At the end of the class, when the bell ringed, he stands up to leave. “Hey wait” I growled as I took the French book he leaved in my house yesterday and hand it to him “You forgot this yesterday when you ran away from me” I sarcastically said. “Yeah” He grabbed his book “Can we talk about it?” I nod my head yes, so he grabbed my arm to drag me out of the class, to the Janitor’s Closet “What are we doing here? This is so cliché” I gasped looking around. It became pretty dark when he closed the door behind him. He stands in front of me and the he grabbed my wrists, pulling me to make my lips connect his. Oh fuck. I pulled away “What?” He hissed. “Why you kiss me like if you had been doing this since forever? I thought you didn’t liked me” I whispered so nobody out there listened me talk. “I like you” He raised his shoulders with disinterest. “What do you mean with that? Since when? Don’t you-” I trembled a little. “Hey that’s too many questions” He abruptly stopped me “Okay” I took a deep breath. He grabbed my waist to pull me closer to him, kissing me again. In that moment, I realize this would be complicated. “Stop kissing me” I whispered loud. He giggled like a little kid who has just see a woman in underwear for the first time “Don’t you like it?” He bite his lip “Yes but-“ “No buts, Y/N” He pulled a lock of hair out of my face sweetly, to move his thumb along my lower lip. “Sorry I’ve been an dick to you” He giggled a little, looking down “I’ve always liked you. I didn’t know how to tell you, I love you. Since we were like… fifteen years” He smirked again, but his voice cracks “Yesterday I was alone with you… I just wanted to be alone with you and… It gets a little out of hand. You looked so beautiful when you were so focused trying to speak French” I blushed. “I’m sorry. I really am, I… I love you” “You’re forgiven”