This exquisite watch does more than tell time, it shows the movements of the planets in our Solar System. It’s called the Midnight Planétarium timepiece and it’s the dazzling creation of luxury watch maker Van Cleef & Arpels. Wearing a miniature Solar System on one’s wrist that’s made of 18-carat gold and semi-precious gems is one of the most opulently awesome things we’ve ever heard of.

“This watch isn’t just for looks: The planets actually move in time with their real-life depictions. A self-winding mechanism containing 396 separate parts moves each miniature planet in true time to its actual orbit length. That means it will take your tiny Saturn 29 years to make its way around the watch’s dial, with Jupiter taking about 12 years, Mars 687 days, Earth 365 days, and Mercury 88 days. (Neptune and Uranus aren’t included as their orbits are longer than most human lifetimes at 165 years and 84 years respectively.)”

Head over to mental_floss to learn more about this incredible timepiece.

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James Bond has worn many fancy watches over the years, but he’s never had a watch that contained a miniature bento meal and a conceal pair of tiny chopsticks. The Department of Miniature Marvels loves this badass Bento Watch, the creation of which was commissioned by Kyoto-based company Takii Seeds to show off its agriculture skills. It’s the cutting-edge of both wristwatches and lunches.

Creating this one-of-a-kind watch was a team effort involving “a master watch craftsman to design the timepiece, a plastic surgeon to cut the vegetables, a famous chef to cook the tiny food, and a diorama hobbyist to put everything in this 30mm-diameter wrist bento. It’s teeny-tiny, but so cute and packed with vitamins and minerals.”

Watch this video to see how the bento wristwatch was made:

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