So today I had a dream about receiving the Mockingjay pins. I woke up, went to the computer and tweeted about it. Then I heard the doorbell, thinking it was the pins, I ran down, but had the urge to pee. =)) Posting about that because I am very happy. So I didn’t. I was later called for lunch, ate, and then turned my chair around and saw an Air21 package. I was hyperventilating. “BUFVNEVFEDVNWA IS THAT MINE?” I screamed in my mind. So I saw my name, opened it and saw the awesome pins. Thanks, Wrist And Shout! 

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Abby, Krisha, Gillian, Kyla, Cheska and Angel, pay me when I see you. =))

**I have two extra pins. Who wants? :)

They’re for 350 each. =)) PM me why. Yes, sorry, I’m poor. :( or you can buy directly from WristNShout but there’s a shipping fee unless you buy 10+

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because the series may be almost over, but we’ll always be Hogwarts Students at heart. <3

debossed like a boss, seamless legit silicone in GOLD&&SILVER bands.

@ 200 each. Exclusive for shipping only

Shipping to Luzon: 100 Php
Shipping to Visayas & Mindanao: 120 Php
All items will be shipped via Air21. If you want to use other couriers then please let us know.

Payment Options:
BPI Deposit: http://wristnshout.tumblr.com/post/3695393936/sending-your-payment-through-a-bpi-bank-deposit
GCASH: http://wristnshout.tumblr.com/post/3695403285/sending-your-payment-through-g-cash
LBC Pera Padala

Order Now!
THE ORDER FORM: www.wristnshout.tumblr.com/shopwristnshout

Sending Your Payment through a BPI Bank Deposit
  1. Go to any BPI Branch near you, go to the counter where the bank slips are and get a deposit slip.
  2. The deposit slip will look like this:
    External image
    Fill up the parts of the form marked with a check. Please note the correct spelling of the name and the correct account number according to the bank deposit details we have sent you. List the exact amount you want to deposit.
  3. Line up for the teller and wait for your turn.
  4. When your turn comes, give the teller the deposit slip and the payment and he/she will handle the rest.
  5. Keep the teller’s validation / deposit receipt for future references.
  6. Notify us about the deposit and the amount you have paid by sending us a text, taking a clear picture of the validation slip and sending it through our SUBMIT or through our FB inbox.

ONLY A WEEK TO GO ‘til three of you guys get to win these awesome babies! i have 7k+ notes on the post and counting! thanks for all your amazing support guys. XD

REBLOG THIS —->> http://wristnshout.tumblr.com/post/3562726541/ready-set-reblog to win!

if you don’t wanna bother reblogging, here’s my ORDER FORM! —->> http://wristnshout.tumblr.com/shopwristnshout

Love, T <3


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then now’s your chance to get a shot at reselling my awesome wristbands!

i reckoned most of you are dying of boredom this summer with nothing to do + the measly allowance, right?


especially you guise from MANILA [and other places as well] (a lot of people making kulit asking me to do meet-ups kasi, but im too far away now, so no can do:( you can meet up with those makulit people instead!)

and don’t worry, i’ll help you advertise and give you some publicity and all. I’ll plug you in all my pages and refer you to people who want to do meet-ups.

and yes, big discounts (bigger than others who do reselling too. hihi:3) for BIG ORDERS.

Reselling will be for all, even for other baller shops too! (for additional income purposes) and for individuals who wanna start their own shop. you wouldn’t have to worry about pricy custo rates (since my reselling rates are cheaper) and you wouldn’t have to wait for so long for the ballers to arrive.:)

so watcha say? gimme a holla and LET YOUR WRISTS DO THE TALKING! :)

much love, T <3

p.s. my ballers have no cut ends, are made of 100% legit silicone, laser-debossed and ink filled, so yea, you’re really getting a bargain:)

Sending Your Payment through G-CASH

FOR GLOBE SUBSCRIBERS who are noobs (lol kidding)

If it is your first time to use G-CASH to pay, you have to register your number to activate your G-CASH WALLET. Registering is easy, you just have to:

  • make sure you have load
  • go to the globe menu on your phone
  • Select GCASH
  • Select REGISTER
  • It will then ask you to create a 4 digit pin and some other personal details
  • After that wait for 2882 to send you a message that you have successfully registered to G-CASH

you have now activated your G-CASH Wallet! Now it’s time to convert your cash and put it into your gcash wallet.

  • Go to any Globe branch or a G-CASH outlet (there are gcash outlets in some pawnshops and western union branches nationwide)
  • ask them for a cash-in form to put money on your gcash wallet.
  • Fill up the form with your details and the amount of money you want to put in.
  • Wait for a text confirmation from 2882 stating the amount of g-cash you cashed in

you are now ready to send G-CASH!

  • go back to that globe menu on your phone and select SEND G-CASH.
  • you will then be asked for the amount you want to send, your G-CASH pin, and then the number of the recipient you want to send g-cash to.
  • wait for the confirmation text from 2882 saying that you have successfully sent g-cash to the recipient.

It’s as easy as that! if you have any other questions about G-CASH, go to http://site.globe.com.ph/web/gcash?sid=TXLrkcuxpRYAAAK3db0AAAAGe


most, if not, just some of you people don’t get what “NEW SCHOOL, NEW BABE POOL” really means.

and im like: asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl :)))))

but that’s okay! it simply means “BAGONG SCHOOL, BAGONG CHICKS” in tagalog

It’s an epic line from She’s The Man. And for those who don’t know you better watch the movie. Yes?

what is happening to the world. HAHA


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Because I’d love to give you more value for your shipping money’s worth:)

Ain’t it cute? It’s still a prototype though. I still have to convince my mummy because she got pissed after seeing that i printed out a lot of it. HAHA

I tried printing on brown bags a week before because i figured i wanted a more eco-feel to my packaging, but the brown bag’s material is too soft and flimsy so it keeps getting crumpled and jammed in my stupid printer. It was epic printer fail. haha

External image

And oh, the dead trees!… But never mind, they’re already dead anyway. And paper will always be better than plastic, no?

Suggestions? Violent Reactions? What do you think?:)

The very much awaited Splatt.MNL and Wrist&Shout! collab! IN VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES.

NEW SCHOOL, NEW BABE POOL ♥ Just in time for school opening!

No cut ends, DEBOSSED LIKE A BOSS with ink-fill, super stretchy legit silicone @ 200 Php each.

Will be available at Wrist & Shout! in Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue :D

Shipping fee is 100 Php for Luzon and 120 Php for Visayas and Mindanao.

Payment through BPI Deposit, GCASH or LBC.

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK white will be exclusively sold at Splatt.MNL. so if you’re desperately dying for the glow ones drop by their shops as soon as you can! They have stores at Pop Culture ATC & Market!Market!, Victoria Shoppes Timog, QC and they’re also joining the Solstice Bazaar at Rockwell this weekend!

All orders made to Wrist&Shout! will be exclusively for shipping only.

send an order form at www.wristnshout.tumblr.com/shopwristnshout

Shop til’ you drop and let your wrists do the talking!

Love, T ♥

p.s. Sending an order form will not guarantee sure reservations anymore. It is your responsiblity to send your payment as soon as i send you payment details if you want these awesome wristies to be yours.:)

BTW IN BLACK! pampalubag loob bilang nadelay ang shipping. haha. paisa-isa lang muna yung mga pictures para suspense!:D

anywaaaay, have you ever wondered why i don’t have my logo on the outside of the wristband like so many others? it’s because i have my bonggang-bonggang brand name embossed on the inside!

Yes folks, only at wrist & shout!

Love, T<3


the born this way baller will be available next week! It will be available in 3 colors, PINK, WHITE, AND BLACK. as of now i only have pics for the pink but ill post more as soon as i can!

and we only have it for shipping, sorry:P

but its definitely available for RESELLING:D (will post reselling details later)

i have moved to a new town so i still need to talk to the local couriers to ask for their shipping rates, ask for discounts and all, so i hope you guys understand.

sorry for the delay! that’s all shitty mercury retrograde’s fault.:|

much love! T<3