It’s About Time to Duel!

Imagine you’re at a coffee shop because you’ve been stuck inside all day and wanted to get some fresh air. You look across the room and see another person sitting a table with a few “MTG Duelist Kingdom” wristbands on. You freak out for a second and suddenly run to your car to grab a deck box, you’re about to challenge this person to a duel! Winner take wristband.

I know, the whole in the wild thing is kinda silly, how likely are you to find another Magic player outside of a LGS or a GP? But imagine if starting at the next Grand Prix the first X people who showed up to claim some quantity - let’s say 5 - of special wristbands started a long term game. From then on, while wearing these special wristbands you could be challenged to a game of Magic - the big hang up admittedly being agreed format - with the winner claiming the wristband and going on to be challenged themselves.

It’s starts at the Grand Prix, distributing the 300 or 400 right there, but it could continue on outside of the event, at Game Nights or side games of FNM. It’s just an idea, but I wonder if it would work. 500 bands is only $160.