wristband came

8 Reasons Why I Am Not Giving You Your Stuff Back

1- My sister wears your soccer shorts when she cleans her room. It’s satisfying watching them get dirty when you haven’t cleaned a day in your life.

2- There is market for cursed objects online and if you think I am above making money off of every tacky souvenir you’ve bought me then three years has taught you nothing.

3- Every good car deserves a homemade CD left haphazardly scratched up and bare in the confines of its glove box. And you know how much I love my Volvo.

4- Your grey sweatpants are perfect period attire. The bloody crotch stains are only visible from the inside anyway.

5- I remember you told me how proud you were of the Percy Jackson paper bookmark you made when you were 13. I also remember you told me you couldn’t remember the last time you finished a book.

6- Your favourite wristbands came in pairs. I know you’d love to give her the one you gave me. Too bad I lost it. On purpose.

7- I set my insides aflame and now I can’t stop travelling. You painted these ceramic figurines - the dragon and the plane - but they belong to me now.

8- I like the idea of a part of you stuck in a white trash bag stuffed in the corner of my closet.

9- The drive to your place only just faded from my muscle memory.

10- I am still not sure if it would hurt you more than it would hurt me. 

11- You never asked for them. You never fucking asked.

—  D.K.