Hey guys!!

I’m selling some merch!

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Nem sok eselyt latok ra, de hatha valaki:
Osszekapcsoltam a ZeWatchot az appal, (ez se volt konnyu!) most mar szinkronizal is, de a kib….. k…. hivasokat meg mindig nem fogadja!!Azt mutatja, hogy nem fogadott hivas volt meg a notificationok is atmennek.
Mi a tokot kene csinalnom meg vele????

SHOW PREVIEW: Paul Simon at Merriweather Post Pavilion

Last summer, in his home stadium of Forrest Hills, I heard Paul Simon perform what he said would be his last show. He played all of his classics, without the help of Garfunkel, with whom he last played the venue. He put on a beautiful show, bringing in sounds from his beginning with Garfunkel, his adventures and experimentation in Africa, and his newer pop song called “Wristband.” Surprisingly, but luckily, Simon is back on the road this summer and stopping at Merriweather. Really, I don’t know what happened there, but I’m not complaining. June 9th, accompanied by Sarah McLachlan, Paul Simon will be here.

I’ve now been to two of his shows: his solo show last summer, and his partner show with Sting. At both shows, he played a variety of songs, having his audience up and dancing the entire time. I went with my dad, who turned me onto Simon at the start of my life. Simon is our pick-me-up, road-trip music. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever been in the car with my dad without a Paul Simon song coming on.

The audience was filled with 60-year-old couples that met at a bowling alley in Queens 37 years ago. They wore dark denim, with white shoes, and striped, button down t-shirts. The husbands stomped their feet to the beat with their hands crossed behind their back. The wives danced with their arms up, fangirling over Simon as if he were, well, Paul Simon. Simon interacted heavily with the band behind him while also making point to engage his audience with dialogue and explanation.

If you’re busy, don’t be. If you’re contemplating going, go. If you’re already going, good job. This concert is going to be awesome. Don’t miss it.

-Chelsea Crane

Get tickets here for Paul Simon with Sarah McLachlan at Merriweather Post Pavilion on June 9.