In 2011, 6 year old Timmothy Pitzen was taken out of class at school by his mother, Amy Pitzen, for what she claimed was a “family emergency.” However, this was found to be untrue. It turned out that Amy had spent the rest of that day at a zoo with Timmothy, before driving to a different town and checking them both in to a water park resort. The following day, they then travelled from Illinois to Wisconsin, where they again visited another water park. Amy eventually made contact with family back home and informed them that they were both safe, a phone call during which Timmothy’s voice could be heard in the background. Despite this reassurance, it was to be the last time that relatives would hear from them. Amy Pitzen’s body was discovered in a motel room after she had apparently cut her wrists with a box cutter. Timmothy was nowhere to be found. A search of Amy’s car brought about the discovery of her son’s blood, although whether this indicates foul play is disputed as the marks could have been a result of the severe nose bleed Timmothy had prior to going missing. The only indication of his whereabouts was left behind in a message by Amy, which read that he was safe and “with people who loved him.” But, as of this day, the little boy who would now be 10 years old remains untraceable.