wrist trainer

Pikachu has a Z-Move. Red owns a Pikachu. Red using the Z-Move while keeping the same face from the battle animation that’s been shown. 

tiny-booty  asked:

I can imagine steel maxie being a metal head with tounge, lip, and eyebrow piercings all around

Headcanon accepted, sorry I didn’t have the willpower to finish this, so have a wip! I could only think of this the entire time sketching this omg.


10:21am Monday 16 March // Early morning starts are terrible, but at least I found a nice new place to study. This room has all the benefits of studying inside with amazing natural light and an indoor garden. Even better is that it’s absolutely empty. Turns out the changes to the building are still pretty secret, which makes it my new favourite place to study. In other news, I just won a week of free personal training in the city. I entered it on an impulse last week, assuming I wouldn’t win. It should be interesting with my wrist as the trainer told me that it will be primarily strength-based training. With my wrist, that will be very interesting. I’m going to have to just tape it up, take some painkillers and hope for the absolute best.