wrist fashion

ddadds characters as griffin mcelroy inventions
  • craig: a safe space for buff dads
  • mat: matchbox 21
  • hugo: the machine urkel used in family matters to transform into steve urquelle only real
  • brian: "i wrote down 'the pasta pal' and idk what that one is but it's a super good name for an invention"
  • joseph: alcoholic snapple
  • damien: ice cream/makeup/fashion forward wrist watches for dogs
  • robert: "those are just some of my really good ideas and if you know how to turn them real, fuckin don't because they're my ideas"
  • amanda: a mall where every store is hot topics
  • dadsona: savoury dinner cereal

Local nerd (or probably not unless you happen to live in Glasgow or Yorkshire) finally posts some selfies.

I’m super stressed about exams right now and executive dysfunction is kicking my ass and I’m in sensory overload almost nonstop but on the plus side I found this cute shirt in a vintage shop and I watched some of the New Avengers (in Russian because I couldn’t find an English version but at least I can pretend it’s revision for my Russian exam lol) because I was on a Joanna Lumley kick after S&S. am I in love with Purdey. Possibly.

@erika-mann look!


🌸 They | Them 🌸

Tagged by sheepji to do the selfie tag meme thingy. Thanks my meme friend B^).

Um… I guess these are a few looks I’m gonna be wearing throughout my freshman year of college….. 8D!! Guess I was kinda going for a good/bad theme but hahah who even knows.

I tag: keairadiamond | le0watch | icheru | unofficialmeme | onepunchhero | and literally anyone else who wants to do this since I don’t know who else to tag RIP…. Just say I tagged you!