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Can’t whisk, then two months later…

Harry: You know when he’s been cooking if you walk into the kitchen and there’s stuff everywhere. Just stuff everywhere.

Niall: Yeah, that’s what I said to Harry the other day – remember, I came in the kitchen and I said, Louis’s been in here.

First Birthday | Tom Holland

Summary: A compilation of cute little moments during Baby Holland’s first birthday. All the while, Tom realizes how quickly his son is growing up and he starts to get a little broody…

Warning: major cuteness, light fluff, and minor smut

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot (I will write more of these if requested)


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Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 1,453

Summary: You and Jin didn’t really get along. He was an asshole, and you were as stubborn as stubborn could get. So what happens when you’re asked to look after a sick, naughty Jin?

A/N: Enjoy ya nasty

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“Y/N!!” “Arhh, Y/N! Can you please get me some tissues?”

“You don’t have to yell! I’ll be right there!” I replied to Jin’s loud demands.

“I’m sorry! It’s just that I’m legit dying here, and you’re not being fast enough! You’re supposed to be taking care of me!” He complained.

“I am!” I argued, handing him a new box of tissues. “Who’s the one making some soup for your weak ass?” I rolled my eyes, walking into the kitchen. Jin lay on the couch blowing his nose, while some drama blared from the tv.

The day had started out pretty casually, until Namjoon had called me up for a favor. I agreed with no problem, not knowing how big this “favor” was.

“Look Y/N, can you watch after Jin for awhile. We have comeback schedules and I don’t think he can be left alone.” he exasperatedly spoke into the phone.

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anonymous asked:

Tips on how to fix handwriting? I can't doodle OR write nice for shit, and it makes me feel bad when I see the studyspo posts :(

I see a lot of studyblrs just tell you to “practice”. Practice is important but if you just practice with bad technique there’s no point and it just hurts your hand. 

Handwriting is all about honing your fine motor skills. I learnt a little bit about paediatrics for my optometry course :) Generally if someone has poor handwriting or drawing skills, they didn’t develop fine motor skills correctly during the child developmental period. Sometimes this can show through incorrect pencil grip (source). 

Many people are stuck in a 4 finger type of grasp from failing to properly be taught how to hold a pencil. A lot of people report their hand tiring out after writing a lot for example. I personally have a perfect tripod grasp, and I could probably write something like five to six 1200 word essays in 2 hours with minimal strain and no pain. (I could probably write more, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to write more than five essays in a row like with English lol). 

So one way you can try improving your handwriting is to change your pencil grip to the tripod grip. The other thing is that holding the pencil you shouldn’t put any force into bending your fingers - a lot of people have that lateral tripod grasp (bottom right) where they press down and the last joint of your fingers bends inwards instead of forming a circle. The last thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be any wrist action when you write - you need to train your fingers to do the fine motor movement - that’s what they evolved to do (instead of your wrist, which can only do crude sweeping motions). 

The other benefits of the tripod grip is that it’s also easy for you to see what’s being written - some people’s hands cover their writing because of the way they hold their pencil, which of course is better for improving handwriting

The other thing about neat handwriting is that it’s all about uniformity - so use paper line guides for kindergarten children so that you can practice making your d, t, l, etc. letters all the same height, and all the g, y, j, etc. with the same downwards loop. Just search up “handwriting paper” - there should be a series of 3 repeating lines. In the sample below (source), you write on the red line, and the two blue lines act as guides for the tops and bottoms of letters. You can scale them to whatever size you want. 

Of course, this method is somewhat like learning an instrument. You might want to play beautiful concertos on piano at first, but you can’t - you need to practice a little bit. But at least practicing using a good technique is better than just bluntly ramming your pen against the page using no technique whatsoever. 

Hope this helps! ^_^

When it Becomes too Much - Batfamily x Reader

Originally posted by thedragoon

Requested by robinlover11620 - A batsis imagine where she deals with depression and self-harm. 

You could feel their stares as you tried to find the energy to punch the punching bag. They watched you from across the cave, judging you. In that moment, you hated them for it. Landing a hard punch on the bag, you found agitation eating away at your soul. The punch seemed to drain you.

After a long moment, you heard footsteps behind you followed by a warm hand coming to rest on your shoulder. “(Y/N), are you okay?” Dick asked softly, coming around to face you. 

You suppressed the urge to scream or burst into tears as you laid a punch onto the bag. “I’m fine,” you growled, blinking back the tears that wanted to fall down your cheeks. You hated yourself so much at that moment. 

Dick’s hand started to rub your back. “Why don’t you take a break?” Dick suggested, trying to guide you towards the Batcave stairs. “Alfred has some of your favorite cookies waiting.” 

You glared at him, emotion bursting from you. “I said I was fine,” you screamed, elbowing him in the stomach and flipping him over your shoulder. Dick slammed into the ground, groaning from the impact. 

“What the hell, (Y/N)?” Tim shouted, running to Dick’s side. He helped Dick sit up before glaring at you. 

“I’m fine, Tim,” Dick reassured, rubbing his head where it smacked against the floor. The guilt from your actions ate you alive. Tears started to well up in your eyes. Tim’s face soften at the sight.

Before either man could speak again, you ran towards the stairs of the Batcave, desperately wanting to escape. Bruce and Jason were in the study when you stepped out of the clock entrance. Jason was arguing with Bruce, preventing them from noticing the tears on your face. You felt Bruce’s eyes on you as you slipped out of the study.

You ran down the hallway, bumping passed Damian and Duke to enter the kitchen. Alfred was cooking something, calling out to you, but you ignored him and sprinted out of the back door. Tears clouded your vision as you ran through the garden and into the woods surrounding the manor.  

Eventually once you were deep into the woods, you came to a stop. Leaning onto your knees, you caught your breath before sinking to the ground. A sob escaped your lips, burying your face in your hands. Your emotions were racing a hundred miles a minute. 

Everything was falling apart. You didn’t want to eat and all you wanted was to sleep. Alfred wouldn’t let you sleep, making you enraged beyond your control. You were restless and exhausted at the same time. More tears slipped out your face.

Reaching into your pocket, you pulled out a small pocket knife. Slowly, you rolled up your sleeve, revealing the scars you had made on your wrist. You traced the scars before flipping out the blade. Just when you were about to lower the blade to your wrist to reopen one of the scar, a gasp stopped you.

Your eyes shot up in surprise to find Duke standing only a few feet away from you. Duke took in the sight of the knife and the scars on your wrists before springing into action. He tried to disarm you, but you moved away from him.

“(Y/N), put the knife down,” he ordered, holding his hands up in surrender. His eyes were on the knife as if willing for it to disappear from your grasp. 

More tears fell down your cheeks. You shook your head, sobbing. “You weren’t supposed to see. No one was supposed to see.” 

While you were distracted, Duke shifted closer to you. You flinched at his movement, accidentally cutting your arm deeper than you meant. Hissing from the pain, you looked down as the blood started dripping down your arm.  

Suddenly, the knife was gone from your hand. You were too distracted by the blood rising from the rather deep cut on your arm that you didn’t see Duke taking the knife from your hand. He folded the knife before hiding it into his pocket. Slipping off his over-shirt, Duke pressed it to the cut.

“Come on,” he ordered, pulling you to your feet. He kept the shirt pressed to your wound while dragging you back towards the manor. You followed best you could, lightheaded by the blood loss. 

“Please don’t tell anyone,” you begged as you walked. “I won’t do it again. Just please don’t tell anyone.” 

Duke stopped, turning to look you in the eye. You could see his hesitation, but there was resolve in his eyes. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), but things like this can’t be kept a secret.” With that, he pushed on. Stumbling behind him, you knew your family was never going to look at you the same way again.

Later, you were laying on a couch in Bruce’s study with your head in Dick’s lap. He was stroking your hair as Alfred cleaned up the cut on your arm. Duke had told them everything, and your secret was out. 

Bruce was on the phone, making an appointment for you to see a doctor. Tim was sitting by your feet on the couch, typing rapidly on his laptop. Every once and while, he would stop to give you a long look before going back to work. Damian and Jason left a long time ago, unable to handle the news. Duke sat in the corner of the room, watching you with a solemn expression. 

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” Dick whispered, wiping a rouge tear that fell down your cheek. “We should have known.” You didn’t say a word, saying blankly at the ceiling.

Alfred finished bandaging your cut, getting to his feet. He rubbed his eyes, gathering the medical supplies. “I’ll go make some tea,” he mumbled before leaving the room. More tears slipped down your face when you heard the door shut behind him. You could feel them rejecting you already for what you had done to yourself. 

Tim laid a hand on your foot at the sound of your tears, trying to comfort you. Dick pulled you up in his arms, hugging you to his chest. 

You didn’t know how long you sobbed into Dick’s chest. All you knew was you felt dead inside. 

When your tears dried, you were handed over to Bruce. Bruce leaned down to whisper into your ear.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He kissed your forehead as he carried you up to your room. “I’m so sorry you were in so much pain, and I didn’t notice.” Entering your room, Bruce laid you down on your bed before sitting on the edge of it. 

“Please don’t hate me,” you coughed, your eyes burning from crying so much.

Bruce was taken back. “(Y/N), why would you think of such a thing? Sweetheart, I may have hated that you got to the point of hurting yourself, but I don’t blame you. I don’t hate you, (Y/N).” He reached out to take your hand.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, exhausted. “I always cause you trouble.” 

He turned over your hand, studying the scars on your wrist. Bruce closed his eyes, gathering his next words. “You are not a burden to me, (Y/N). If you are suffering, I’m going to help you because I’m your father. You don’t have to be sorry, Sweetheart.” He smiled when he saw how you were trying to stay awake. “Go asleep, Honey. I’ll be here when you wake.”

Peace filled you at his words as your eyes drifted closed. You knew you were far from better, but somehow the future seemed just a little bit brighter than before. 

Innocent Doctor? (Part 1).

As requested, a dom!spencer multi-fic for you! (Dom!Aaron multi-fic can be found here)

Not too much dom!Spencer in this but hey, it’s definitely there. On the other hand…..Part 2 is going to be a killer hahah. Please let me know if you want to be untagged for this series lovelies!

Warnings: oral sex

Originally posted by stallingdemons

The doctors low growls were silenced as he slammed the door behind him, groaning slightly in annoyance as he rested his hands against the table. The deep tones of his voice made Y/N’s breath hitch in the back of her throat, dark eyes fixated on the frustrated man as she shifted subtly, thighs pressed together firmly. Spencer exhaled through his nose before glancing up at the intern, eyes intensely observing her reddening cheeks as she dropped his gaze, fingers fumbling with the ends of her hair nervously.

“He’s tough to break.” Spencer uttered but Y/N simply nodded in response, not trusting herself to form coherent words as she cleared her throat slightly in attempt to rid herself of her inappropriate thoughts regarding her temporary co-worker. Though, her mind wouldn’t let go of the way his voice sent shivers down her spine, his dark eyes sending her into frenzy or the way his jaw clenched and muscles tightened when he grew frustrated. However, her thoughts were quickly halted when his soft voice interrupted her but when she adverted his attention to him, she didn’t realise he had moved inches in front of her.

“Earth to Y/N?” He murmured, smirking devilishly when she glanced up at him with blown pupils, cheeks painted pink.

“Ah, sorry. What is it?” Y/N replied, voice cracking slightly as Spencer chuckled lowly, inching towards her gradually.

“Come with me, I have some things to show you.” Spencer ordered, voice merely a whisper as he briefly brushed her hair away from her blushing face, his hot breath making her inhale sharply as she unthinkingly glanced down at his lips.

“I-I thought you were supposed to be teaching-” Y/N began, voice wavering nervously but Spencer cut off her train of thought by brushing his fingers against hers slightly.

“I will. Just follow me, Y/N.” Spencer laughed, pushing past her, smirking softly to himself knowing she would be quick to follow after him. She swallowed anxiously, glancing behind her to see him walking away confidently without looking back. Y/N bit her lip lightly, knowing her internship wasn’t going to be easy.

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24 with Ethan?

“Aren’t you cold?”

Rather than directing your glare at the twin who’d inquired the statement, you instead found yourself glowering at Ethan as he grinned smugly next to you. As if the prove a point, he shoved his hands farther into the pockets of his jacket and shrugged his shoulders, that shit eating smile directing towards the pavement.

“Uhm,” Grayson cleared his throat, “Touchy subject?”

Ethan had reminded you several times before leaving the house that you probably needed two jackets and long pants and gloves and maybe even a hat. But you’d insisted stupidly that you would be fine, going out wearing nothing but a thin long sleeve shirt over some jeans and one of Ethan’s beanies. 

Now a half mile into your trek for food, you were beyond irritated. “Just wondering why we half to walk in this age of, you know, vehicles.”

Maybe you didn’t like to admit Ethan was right. Or maybe you didn’t like it when Ethan mothered you. Maybe you were just having a day that made you beyond irritated at every little thing.

The last was probably the most plausible answer, you’d decided.

“I’ll give you my jacket,” Ethan wagged his eyebrows, lightly leaning over to knock his elbow against yours. “It’ll make me feel chivalrous.”

“I don’t need your jacket,” You shot back, elbowing him twice as hard in response.

“As cute as you look in my beanie, you’d look hot wearing my jacket,” Ethan’s steps had stalled slightly as he worked on shrugging it off his shoulders.

“I’m not wearing your jacket, E.”

With the black material half off his arms, he caught your wrist. The action tugged you to face him, leaving a half confused Grayson trailing awkwardly in front of the two of you. 

A dark eyebrow rose, “You are taking my jacket.” His words were slow and deliberate, no longer a suggestion or a question. A large hand slid down your wrist to cover your ice cold digits, lightly squeezing as his eyes trailed his movements. A frown then morphed across his lips, honey golden gaze shooting back up to meet yours.

You’re trembling! What the hell?” Warmth washed over you in seconds as Ethan draped his jacket across your shoulders. Rigorously, he tore his gloves from his hands and easily began covering yours with the knit fabric. 

“I don’t-”

He grunted, ducking to barely peck your lips before drawing an arm around your waist, “Shush. I’m not letting you freeze to death because you’re stubborn as hell.”

“You’re so-”

“Charming? Adorable? A great boyfriend?” Ethan grinned down at you as he nudged you to start moving forward again. “I know, you don’t have to tell me twice.”


“Stop,” His lips hovered dangerously close to your ear as he continued marching you forward, “Let me take care of you for like, thirty minutes.”

“-annoying,” You finished out your second protest by bumping his hip lightly with yours. “You’re so annoying, is what I was going to say.”

“Wow, I love you so much too!”

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Feeling suffocated in this room of yours, the walls felt like they were about to close in. Grabbing the nearest jacket, you couldn’t stay inside for much longer, you needed to feel the breeze on your skin.

“Where you going?”. Isaac asked. Hands in pockets, leaning on the door threshold.

“For a walk around the block, a girl’s gotta stretch her legs”. You lied, straight through your teeth and you knew Isaac didn’t buy it.

Pushing himself off the door frame, he gave you his “oh really” smile. “Great, I’ll come with you. I love a late night walk”.

Flipping your hair over the jacket letting it fall naturally around your shoulders. “That’s really not necessary, I’ll be back in 5 minutes”. Again, lying the best you could.

Isaac’s height now towered over you, his cologne wasn’t overpowering but you could still smell the musky scent. “Even better, but I’m still coming with you”.

Gritting your teeth and feeling the muscles in your jaw tighten, it was time to insinuate plan B. Removing the leather jacket and dropping it back onto the bed, you maintained stiff eye contact with the tall, hunky werewolf. Un-clipping the few buttons holding your shirt together, Isaac didn’t flinch when your bra became visible.

“My dear brother has put me on house arrest, a werewolf is babysitting me and I’m not allowed to go outside for a walk because Scott believes I’ll end up in some sort of supernatural danger. So tell me Isaac, do you mind if I take a shower or am I forbidden to go into the bathroom as well?”.

Out of you and Scott, you had always been the more sarcastic, daring sibling. So trying to intimidate Isaac to get some sort of leverage for him to allow you to set foot outside, was what you were aiming for. Plus the bonus side to this situation was you always took a liking towards Isaac. You had plenty of daydreams that involved what you imagined were a skilled pair of hands, and those lips tasted nothing less then divine.

“I know what you’re doing”. He bent down to collect your shirt, handing it back. “No-one is stopping you from taking a shower, but if your going to take one then get undressed in the bathroom”.

There was something about Isaac telling you what to do, taking charge, that gave him a newfound sense of attractiveness in your eyes. But you rarely listened to authority as it was, so it was no surprise when you discarded the thin material across the room. “Well it is my room, which means I can get undressed in here or in the bathroom. And I would prefer to get ready for the shower out here. If that makes you uncomfortable, there’s the door”.

The next item off your remove list was the black high waisted jeans, reaching down to unzip Isaac’s hand took a hold of your wrist to prevent further action.

“If Scott walks in right now, you know he’d misread the situation and most likely kill me for witnessing his sister half naked?”. Panic was mixed faintly in his tone, but that came and went in a split second. Now it was replaced with a new set of confidence. “But that’s part of your plan, isn’t it?. Hang this over my head if I don’t let you go for a walk, you know that’s blackmail right?”.

Smirking. “No, it’s called being smart”.

“And here I thought keeping a watch over you was going to be boring”. His fingertips purposely brushed against your waist as he walked around you to sit on the bed. “You’re going to have to try harder, because I’m not falling for this little trick”.

“Okay, can’t blame a girl for trying”, you replied putting on a plain white top from the wardrobe. Standing before Isaac, you bit the the corner of your lip. “Expect the thing is, I don’t like to lose..and I rarely ever do”. By the way Isaac jumped up he looked ready for anything, but your lips weren’t one of them. “Better luck next time, handsome”, softly speaking against them. And what you imagined was spot on, they did taste divine.

Taking the small window of opportunity you raced to the door locking it from the outside. Isaac banging, shouting for you to let him out. “Y/N!,Y/N, I swear open this door”.

“I will once I come back from my walk, don’t worry Isaac I won’t tell”. Responding with an amusing giggle.

Heading down the stairs you opened the door. Face fallen once you saw Isaac blocking the path. “You and your freaking werewolf abilities”.

“Yep, me and my freaking werewolf abilities”. Wearing the biggest smug expression you’d ever seen, Isaac backed you into the foyer, closing the door to freedom. “Better luck next time, love”.

“I wonder what Scott will do when he learns that you saw me half naked?”. Innocently, or not so innocently throwing that back in his face. However Issac seemed to be the least bit fazed by your attempt at a threat.

“And I wonder what Scott will do when he finds out you kissed me?”. His conceited expression growing.

Glaring, you hated this over-protective nature your brother had. Which caused you to end up in this very predicament with a member of his pack. “Oh, I can’t wait to wipe that smug look off your face”.

Isaac dared to lean in. “We both know these only one way to do that”. He was hinting at another lip lock, but you had a different idea.

Making it look like you were going for a kiss, your knee accidentally collided right where the sun don’t shine. “It looks like I found another way”. The glare, turning into a much satisfied grin.

Isaac clutched his most prized area, kneeling on the floorboards. Watching as you swayed those hips up the flight of stairs, playing ridiculously hard to get.


Someone Else’s

Someone Else’s 
[Sometimes you just end up with the wrong person │ Changmo]

Changmo groaned, mumbling to himself. How did he even get himself in this situation? He was too nice for his own good sometimes. It was in the middle of the night, freezing cold, he had a studio session in the morning and here he was carrying your drunk ass home. He stopped to hike you up, adjusting you as you slid down his back. “You’re such a pain” he mumbled.

“Oppa~” you chimed against his ear. “I can flyyyyyyyy”

“You’re not flying.”

“Yes I am…” you pouted “Explain this then Weeeee~” you held out your arms in a superman pose. “I’m a superhero”

“Will you stop, you’re gonna fall!” he shot you a glare over his shoulder.

“You’ll just pick me up again. Won’t you Changmo?” The look of sincerity disarmed. You looked so damn vulnerable and he hated it. It wasn’t safe for you to be that open and that drunk. “Won’t you?” you asked again against his ear.

“Yeah…I will… I always do” he smiled feeling you relax on his back, you happily hummed one of his songs while playing with the lapel of his jacket.

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Word Count: 641

Produce 101

Contestant: Im Youngmin

Originally posted by swoojin

“I think we should hang out together more, (Y/N),” your crush, Youngmin said, sitting next to you in class. “I’m free today after classes, are you?”

At the moment, your teacher had given the class extra time to work on their partner projects, but you and Youngmin were such an productive duo, the project was already complete. This gave you and the boy of dreams all the time in the world to talk, at least an entire class, but hey, you weren’t complaining.
“I am!” you said, smiling at the turn of events.
“Great!” Youngmin’s smile made your heart skip a beat. “Is there anything you want to do?”

You paused, contemplating the possibilities. You were certain about your feelings for him, but you had no idea whether Youngmin liked you back or not, so you didn’t want to pressure him into anything he wasn’t comfortable with. Your eyes wandered out the window, spotting some people playing basketball outside for gym.

An idea popped up into you head what the two of you could do together.
“You play basketball right?” you asked.
He nodded, running a hand through his red hair. “Yeah, I do.”

“Do you think you could teach me? Maybe you could show me some tricks while you’re at it,” you suggested hopefully.
“Definitely,” he agreed. His brown eyes sparkled with anticipation. “Meet me by the basketball court after school. I can’t wait until classes are over, this’ll be fun.”
Me too! You thought, counting the minutes before you could spend more time with this boy. Perhaps you could take this positive response as a good thing.


“So, you hold the basketball like this,” Youngmin held the orange ball in his hand lightly. “Then when you try to shoot, try to use more wrist action.”
You watched him, enraptured by his skill and form as he managed to sink the basketball into the net in one shot. Youngmin was so talented…!
“Okay, (Y/N) you give it a try!”
“Okay,” you repeated. Picking up the extra basketball lying around on the court. 

You tried to imitate Youngmin’s previous stance. “Like this?”
“Almost,” he replied. He moved behind you, his arms wrapped around you as he tried to get you in the right position. You could feel the temperature in your cheeks rise. “There. Try now.”
Keeping the position in mind, you tried to make the shot. As the ball flew through the air, in made the perfect arch towards the net only to rebound back towards you, giving you no time react as it came back and collided with your arm.

“(Y/N)! Are you okay?!”
Youngmin immediately darted over to you, checking you over to see if you were hurt. As he was doing so, you heard him mumbling about how he should’ve stopped that from happening and how bad he was felt about getting you hurt.

“Youngmin, I’m okay,” you said, putting your hand on top of his. He paused, his brown eyes staring into your searchingly. “Don’t worry about it, I’m having fun with you and I’m getting better at basketball. Usually, I can’t the ball anywhere near the net, so thank you.”

“You sure?” When you nodded, Youngmin let out a sigh. “Thank goodness. You’re all that matters…” He flushed, realizing those words came out of his mouth. “Truth is, I really like you, (Y/N). I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, it would hurt me more know if I hurt you.”

You smiled, seeing how flustered and cute he was. You leaned over to kiss his cheek before ducking you head slightly and admitting,“I like you too Youngmin.”

Jughead Jones x Reader: Never Enough


Could I get a Jug x reader with the prompt: “I stopped trying when I realized I wasn’t enough for you”?. Pleaassee???


A/N: This is my shortest imagine, I hope you like it. I don’t know if I lived up to the requestor’s vision, but when I read the request this was instantly eating up my mind I had to go with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this one even if its my shortest one, I’m so proud of this one.

Words: 738

Summary: Reader and the gang graduate Riverdale High. Sadly Jughead breaks it off with you. Time goes by and you are reminiscing over the time you and Jughead finally talked about your breakup after plenty of years.

Spoilers: Not a happy ending

Warnings: Some curse words.

This was it you were finally a senior. You just got accepted to 6 colleges and were finally going to leave Riverdale. Graduation and Prom were so close.

Although your happiness came tumbling down when your high school sweetheart Jughead Jones decided to call your relationship quits. You were devastated because you had actually planned to attend the same university as him so you wouldn’t have to deal with a long distance relationship.

Time went by, last you heard of Jughead he was a best-selling author on a book tour and you started your own foster care homes across the United States and were busier than ever.  


Suddenly you had a break from work and you felt sick, homesick you packed some things and went to visit Riverdale. Much to your surprise you ran into the person you never thought you’d ever see again.

He was sitting his same old booth typing away and for a moment you felt you were back in high school and he was boyfriend and all was well in the world.

You stood there like an idiot watching as he typed away so carefully, until you worked up the courage to go inside.

Although one glance your way made you lose it and you ran out of there.

You wish you would have stayed and finally asked him why he ended things.

Seems as if the universe heard you because he stepped out and grabbed you the wrist, this simple action sent a thrill of electricity over your body. This one movement and it made you alive, not just living. It was as if your body knew the hand that touched you and you missed the familiarity missing it as he removed it and you stared at each other. Those blue-green eyes and that dark luscious hair covered by the infamous grey beanie that looked like a crown. And tears escaped your eyes as if he had you under his spell, and you never knew how to break it.

“Why didn’t you stay?” you finally asked

There was a pause, you both remained silent.

“Just tell me this” you broke it with the thought that were eating you up “tell me that I meant something to you, that you were at least happy when you were with me” you sobbed and you hated that you were sobbing because you practiced those words for so long in your head and they came out as weak instead of strong.

Jughead finally spoke up.

“I- I wasn’t good enough for you, you- you deserve the universe and I’m just a star.”

You grew angry at his words.

“You left because you thought you weren’t good enough” you hissed.

“You don’t get to decide that Jug. You asshole. How dare you? I- I loved you” you shot back at his somber face and a tear finally escaped his eye and you wish you saw him cry no matter how selfish that sounded, you wanted him to feel the pain and agony you went through without knowing he did, he was just better at hiding it.  

He moved closer to you and you hugged each other for what felt like an eternity and you were fine with it because you were finally home.

“I will always love you.” He spoke in your ear and pulled apart from you.

“I knew that if we separated you would blossom into this great women and you did. I know if we stuck together you would try to plan our lives together not caring much for your plans. That’s what’s amazing about you, but I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I dragged you down. I was happiest with you. I had to get out of the picture (Y/N). You turned out amazing I’m sorry if what I did seemed wrong, I did it for you.” He concluded as much as you wanted to fire back you knew he was right, you’d do anything for him even give up your dreams.

“You will always be enough” you concluded because it was all that could come out of your mouth.

You bid farewells and went back to your regular life and hoped that one day if the universe cared you two would come back together. And so you kept on waiting and waiting, wishing on every shooting star, but none seemed to grant you the only thing you wanted in life.

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Title: Care and Attention

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: This is so long lol, it got away from me but it’s nice and fluffy. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “60 with Gibbs”

Word Count: 1,104

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

60. “You should have come to me!”

You shuffled over painfully to your desk and let yourself slowly sink into your desk chair. It was the dead of night, hardly anybody was here just a few security guards and one unlucky soul in another team pulling an all-nighter. Opening one of the drawers to your left you took out a small mirror, you winced when your saw the black eye already forming as well as the swelling to your lip but your reaction to your face only made it hurt more.

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Happy. Happy?: Part 3

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Part 2


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Note: Thank you for the lovely messages and comments on this story! It seriously motivates me so much when I see that shit! So thank you for spreading the love! This part is where shit gets serious. It has been a slow burn so far but this chapter begins the angst train.

“Sweet love…”

“Love, ya gotta wake up now”

The sensation of Tyler moving pieces of my unruly hair out of my face caused me to slightly stir in my sleep. I could feel his hand moving from my hair to my left cheek as he started to caress it in a manner that made me feel like he was afraid I would break. However, it wasn’t until I felt his lips place a gentle kiss on my forehead that I started to open my eyes.

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I Don’t Dream At All. Chapter 1

May have gotten some of the details/lines wrong.
References to David’s assault on Daniels, TW for that.
Anyway, my addition to the Walter x Daniels collection! I Hope you enjoy!

“Is that how it’s done?” his voice is devoid of any warmth, colored by malice and sickening curiosity. His body pressed down onto hers as he whispered the words too softly, too gently to her face.

Daniels strained against him, not wanting what was being forced onto her at all, but knowing it was fruitless. David was much too strong. The harsh power in his limbs pressing into her–


–feels trapped. pounding against the glass, looking into the green eyes of her captor. The hiss of the glass door sealing shut–


She should have seen it. It’s the eyes. Walter’s were always more blue, and they were kind.

Daniels begins feeling claustrophobic immediately, struggling against the oncoming sluggishness of the pharmaceuticals in the stasis pod. David’s depraved smiling face looming above her. Promising nothing but anguish.


“Look out!” She is pushed to the ground as Walter jumps in front of her blocking the oncoming attack. Daniels’ heart is beating too fast. Her breath coming in ragged shallow bursts.

Hands are touching her face.

David’s hands. She can’t breath. She can’t move. She lashes out and catches something in her hand, but suddenly she’s back on that slab of rock, beneath David, struggling to move away from his mouth as he takes from her what he wants.

“Captain Branson, open your eyes.”

This scene is unfamiliar. She catches a glimpse of the creature–pale. white. splayed open on the table of a cold, stony room. Its skin stretched, pinned to the table, entrails spilling out. But, she can still hear a beating heart. A pained and desperate breath coming from that direction.

Daniels finds herself moving closer to the table. The ragged breaths louder than ever. Her throat and chest aching, but not understanding why.

“Walter. What’s going on here?”

Tennessee is at the mouth of Daniels’ tent peering in, flashlight in hand and worry evident on his face.

Walter has the fingers of his right hand on Daniels’ wrist. “Her heart rate is currently 170.”

“Jesus Christ.” Tennessee steps fully into the tent, placing his flashlight down and kneeling next to Walter. “What, I mean…what can we do? Should we wake her up?”

“I have been trying to gently coax her awake, but my attempts appear futile.” He motions to his left arm, showing Tennessee just how tightly she is gripping his new hand. Her nails biting into his synthetic flesh hard enough to break it. “I have turned off the nerve receptors in that hand for now.”

The Covenant had a small stock of android parts for repairs Walter would have needed to make to himself during the voyage to Origae-6. With Daniels’ mechanical help, Walter was able to replace his missing hand. Tennessee didn’t know shit about mechanics, but watching Daniels and Walter interact was one of his favorite pastimes.

Approaching the stone table, the shape of the creature morphs before Daniels’ eyes. Her heart stops and she feels her blood run cold.

“I am detecting heart palpitations.” Walter’s focus moves back to Dani’s face immediately. “Her nightmares have yet to be this severe. I was hoping that this would pass without interference, as it is unwise to suddenly wake someone from a nightmare. However, it seems the more time spent asleep, the deeper she is delving into whatever trauma this nightmare is making her relive.” Walter reaches out with his free hand to firmly grip Daniels’ shoulder, leans his face closer to hers and says her name loudly and forcefully.

Tennessee doesn’t have much time to process this information as a heart-stopping scream erupts from Daniels in front of them and she sits bolt upright. Eyes open, red from tears, and wild, they erratically move around the tent.

Daniels still feels trapped. Her right hand feels crushed. Immobilized. She remembers pounding on the glass of her stasis pod looking into the face of the Devil. Everything feels and sounds chaotic. The voices around her a mad jumble.

“Dani. Jesus shit, are you alright?” at the same time, “Daniels please focus on your breathing.”

The hand on her shoulder a confining pressure, her right hand trapped in something, all the muscles in her body are taut and her breathing is rapidly getting worse.

She needs out.

“Daniels, I need to you focus on the sound of my voice.” Dani’s eyes snap to Walter. There must have been something in her eyes that told Walter that even though she was looking at him, she wasn’t seeing him, because at that moment, Tennessee could see Walter very quickly adjust his stance to face Daniels fully as her eyes went even more wild and she lunged toward him, her left hand grabbing at his neck and jaw and her right hand digging even deeper into his new hand, twisting and gouging out his flesh. Walter let her weight knock him over. His right hand having slid down to her left, holding it in place at his neck.

“Let go of me!” Dani screamed into Walter’s face. “You monster!” She tried to rear her left hand back to attack, but found it trapped in place by his. She snarled and twisted Walter’s left hand back to an unnatural angle.

Tennessee hearing a mechanical pop in the android’s wrist, sprung to action. He reaches toward Dani, only to be stopped in his tracks when Walter fixes his eyes on him. Walter’s message, though unspoken, is loud and clear, Please do not interfere yet, for your own safety.

“Daniels,” Walter’s right thumb begins gently stroking Daniels’ hand at his neck. “I am Walter. You were dreaming. David has been decommissioned and you are safe.”

“Fuck you!” Daniels’ spat back into his face. How dare he. How dare he take everything from them, from her. How dare he masquerade around with Walter’s face. Kind Walter. Her tears of grief and rage flow down her face. She follows a drop that lands in the corner of David’s eye

David’s…blue eye. She falters.

The image in front of Daniels’ eyes begins to rapidly shift–the android pinned below her changing from cruel to innocent and back again. Her breath stops and her vision begins to blacken around the edges as her muscles begin to shake.

Feeling her strength waning, she is no longer clawing at his neck with her left hand, though her right still has his left in a death lock. That’s alright, Walter thinks to himself, as he slowly moves his hand from hers around his neck, to slide up to her elbow and brace it there so she won’t fall over.

There’s a long tense pause in the tent, where all that can be heard is harsh breathing, and then…

“..Walter?” It comes out heartbreakingly unsure.

Tennessee is familiar with nightmares. He’s had his share since they’ve touched down on Origae-6. He understands what PTSD can do to a person better than anyone, and if they were back on Earth, between him and Daniels, they’d be any psychoanalyst’s wet dream.

Tennessee shifts forward cautiously, hands raised in front of him, “Hey, Dani…” Daniels lifts her face away from the pinned android and looks in Tennessee’s direction. “We only found one spare hand part for Walter on the Covenant,” nodding his head down to where her right hand has mangled Walter’s left. “Now, I know how long it took y’all to put that hand on him, I would hate to see that good work get fucked up so fast.”

Daniels looked quickly down to where her hand was clenched tightly around the hand of the android beneath her. Her fingers coated in the synthetic’s white blood and sees it dripping to the ground, the wrist at an extreme angle, with some carbon-fiber poking out where bones would be if who was beneath her was human. The back of the hand has deep gouge marks on it and she can feel the colloid material under her fingernails, three of the fingers on the hand appear broken.

Her breath leaving her body in irregular pants, she continues to stare at her hand grotesquely entwined with his.

Walter, attentive as always, notices a shift in Daniels’ demeanor.

She seems to be coming around to herself, he thinks, “I have lost this hand before for you. I am unafraid to lose it again, if I must.” is all he says, looking up into her face from his supine position underneath her.

Her eyes move to his again. “Walter.” this time certain. There she is.

All of a sudden the fight drains out of her and she heaves a couple broken sobs. The proverbial floodgates now open, Daniels removes her hand from around Walter’s neck and tries to disentangle her hand from his. It’s hard though, she can barely see through her tears and her hand muscles are clenched so tightly it feels as though they are stuck that way.

She is sobbing uncontrollably, the muscles in her whole body spasming with each convulsive gasp. Daniels’ is trying to speak past her tears but all Tennessee and Walter can make out is variations of, “I’m so sorry,” and “Fuck, I am so sorry.” sometimes interspersed with Walter’s name.

Daniels moves back, though not completely off of Walter, giving him room to sit up. His right arm moving from her elbow to her waist. His hand coming up to rest against her ribcage.

“Daniels. I need you to breathe in on four and out on eight.” Walter begins counting, his hand at her waist giving her something to focus on to regulate her breathing. “Good. 1…2…3…4…” Daniels pulls in a shakey breath and releases it on his count of eight. Tennessee having moved forward works on dislodging her hand from Walter’s, wiping both their hands down as best he can, and despite his inexperience begins inspecting the structural damage to Walter’s hand.

Fuck Weyland-Yutani. Fuck the Company. is all Tennessee can think at the moment as Walter works to calm Daniels down. She is all but cradled in the android’s lap, her face now buried at his neck. The same spot she had been gripping him by earlier.

Tennessee looks up and makes eye-contact with Walter. We’ll be fine, thank you for your assistance, is written all over Walter’s face. Another silent message Tennessee picks up on easily.

He gives a nod to his robot-pal and quietly leaves them, trusting Walter to deal with the aftermath. Stopping in front of his own tent, not too far away from theirs, he looks up at the sky–the foreign stars of this new system winking down at him. Tennessee takes in a deep shuddering breath as all that they have lost to get to where they are flashes before his eyes and, raising his middle finger to the night sky, picking out one especially bright cluster of stars, he softly says, “Fuck. you.”