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City Witches || Seungcheol || Oneshot

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Word Count: 1991

Genre: fluff, witch!au

Summary: What’s worse than witches? City witches. They are just so gosh darn charming.

Minghao // Woozi // Mingyu // Wonwoo //

Witches are bad. City witches are even worse. That is what your parents had told you since you were born. If you went into the city, be on a look out for witches, and when you saw them, turn the other way. How would you know if they were a witch? Well, you couldn’t. Witches in forest and witches in towns or villages would wear cloaks or have an otherworldly feel to them. City witches just acted like regular people. They had assimilated. They could charm you and you wouldn’t even know!—says your father.

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sooooo i got to chatting with @whatisthisnonsense yesterday about the lifespan of toons (or rather, trying not to think about it lol) and how they will probably outlive their human pals, (after seeing some new art by @doodledrawsthings​, because she’s good at that sweet ol’fashioned angst, even if it’s just implied) and how that’s a huge bummer 

but i remember one of my VERY FIRST thoughts upon seeing bendy’s design was “wow he’s gonna have terrible crow’s feet when he’s old”, like, just jokingly. and that thought really charmed me. and so… i was like… “well why not?”

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Don’t || BTS Vampire and Werewolf AU Part 2

Previous Parts: [Prologue] [Part 1]

Pairing: Vampire!Yoongi x Reader, Werewolf!Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: None in this chapter, see prologue for full list of series warnings

Word Count: 1280

Author: Admin Jewels

Notes: I hope you guys enjoy this chapter ~ The story will pick up pace next chapter so get ready! - Admin Jewels

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You couldn’t believe your eyes.

The city was nothing like you had expected it to be. The buildings were tall, their shadows casting darkness over the streets. And oh god, the noise. Cars were honking, and sirens were blaring, and people were yelling. So many people. All kinds of them walked the streets. Young, old, wealthy and hip, dirty and poor.

The lush green fields of your village seemed so far away now. It pained you to think of it, so you continued down the street. You and Jin were headed to the apartment he shared with relatives. Jin seemed to be in a hurry, getting quicker with every step, and you struggled to keep up with him.

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Let Me Curl Up Next to Your Fire - Quakerider One-shot

Words: 3,707

Request #7: Daisy slowly appropriates Robbie as her personal space heater

Fluff. Pure Fluff. Mushy Feelings. But, yeah, Fluff.

Read on Ao3: Here

It started the night of their first date …

* * *

“Wow, so is this where you take all the girls on a first date?” Daisy asked, shutting her door to the Charger before walking a few steps closer to the cliff’s edge.

After treating her to dinner at a local East L.A. food truck, Robbie had insisted on showing her something outside the city. They drove for what honestly seemed like forever down small streets then up hillside roads until Robbie pulled them off on to a dark dirt trail. Just when Daisy had been beginning to think this was all some grand ruse so he could murder her and no one would find her body (she honestly needed to stop watching horror movies on Netflix with FitzSimmons), the dark hills had given way to a shimmering cliffside that Robbie had ended up parking his car facing away from.

Daisy peered out over the steep edge and her shrimp taco from earlier squirmed uneasily in her stomach. Thousands of feet below her sat all of Los Angeles in all its glory. It was a chaotic marvel of colors and lights, but from way up here, with only the sounds of chirping crickets and rustling foliage, it was actually kind of peaceful. As if the whole cityscape were like the twinkling stars they outshone up above. She never imagined such a grungy, old city could look so beautiful.

“Nah,” Robbie admitted as he walked up next to her. “Just the ones who are special to me.”

Her stomach did somersaults, but this time it wasn’t because of height vertigo. “Gee, Reyes,” Daisy muttered as heat began to fill her cheeks. “You better watch yourself. Almost sounds like Mr. Broody McBadass cares.”

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A few hours earlier, at Tall Pines camp

Just as promised, Violet had returned to Tall Pines as early as she could convince her dad to let her. After taking her out for breakfast, he begrudgingly dropped her off at the train station, and they said their goodbyes.

The camp felt oddly quiet without children running around, giggling and chatting to each other. When Violet reached her cabin, she found Lina waiting for her, sitting on the steps, texting. At the crunch of the leaves under Violet’s boots, her head shot up, and a big grin spread across her face.

“Hey girl!!” she jumped up excitedly and gave her a hug, “I’m so glad you’re back!”

Violet laughed at her enthusiasm. “Yeah, feels good to be back. The woods smell a lot better than the city does,” she said, wrinkling her nose.

“Well I hope you brought back some cute outfits from the city, Vi,” the blonde smirked, “We’re gonna have a party in the woods tonight! Helene and some other people snuck in some alcohol.. there’s gonna be a bonfire and everything! It’ll be fun.”

“Errr.. a party? I don’t really have anything… appropriate for that..” 

“Oh don’t worry. I can probably find something for you. You have to go. Seriously, everyone will be there!”

“Okay, okay,” Violet said, playfully rolling her eyes, “I guess I’ll go with you…”

Lina squealed and grabbed her arm, “Awesome! C’mon, let’s go start getting ready.”

Falling In [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: But wouldn’t it be so cute if Luca was starting to fall in love &’ he didn’t know how to describe it or know for sure so he asks E-2 Barry how he knew he loved you &’ E-2 Barry tells him when he realized he was in love with the you &’ you over hear them &’ at night you admit to E-2 Barry how you overheard &’ start being all cute with him :’)))) I just love daddy E-2 Barry

a/n: i love him toooo THIS WAS CUTE………. lowkey e2barry reminds me of that dog guy from treasure planet

My kids list is here, look, request, yeah :)

When Barry gets home from work, he kisses you before he heads upstairs to change. Unloosening his red bowtie, his feet shuffle against the carpet, stopping when he hears ‘All By Myself’ from Luca’s room. Raising an eyebrow, he fixes his glasses, pushing the door open just a tad. “Luke?” he mutters, poking his head in.

The seventeen year old groans from his position on the bed; face smushed against the mattress, body the opposite way of the usual, feet dangling. Barry frowns, shutting the door behind him before walking towards the bed. In one swift motion, he lands on his back beside the teenager; brown cardigan riding up his torso. “Dad, how did you know you loved mom?” Luca questions in a muffled voice, turning his head to the side.

A mad blush appears on Barry’s cheeks, descending down to his neck as he laughs awkwardly, upturned nose scrunching. “Well…” he interlaces his fingers together, placing his hands on his stomach. “I think I knew I loved mom the week after she asked me on a date. I went to get lunch with her and…whenever she looked at me, it was like everything stopped.” he sighs, grinning. “When she smiled, when she talked, I kept…zoning out. It was like…nobody was there. I was so focused on her, I spilled my drink all over myself!” he chuckles, green eyes shifting to his side.

Luca smiles shyly, running one of his hands through his blond hair. His gray Central City football t-shirt wrinkles against his back as he lays on his arm. “Do you still get like that? Does everything stop when you look at her now?” he asks in a gentle tone, eyebrows crinkled together. A hum comes from Barry while he nods. There’s a pause. “Dad, I think I’m in love.” he frowns.

Widening his eyes, the dad turns his head, glasses jumping up his face. “Really?” he muses, “Who’s the girl-”

“Evan…” Luca breathes, biting his lip. Nodding, Barry grins, urging him to go on. “Usually I go for girls, but…he’s really, um, cute? I don’t know. I think…he likes me. And I think I like him, ‘cuz I feel like you said.” he mumbles. “But…um… Thanks, dad.”

Barry leans over, kissing Luca’s forehead. “Anytime, son.”


The night has slowly arrived and you yawn, grateful Barry put Nico and the girls to sleep. After changing into your pajamas, you walk into the bedroom, seeing your husband unbuttoning his tan slacks, chest bare. “Mmm, hey sexy.” you purr, patting his pecs as you pass by. He blushes, kicking his pants off, leaving him in his boxers, and gets into bed. “So, I heard your conversation with Luca…” you trail off, pulling his glasses from his face.

Barry blinks, eyes trying to adjust. “Oh, did you?” he whispers bashfully, wrapping his arms around your middle. “Wh-what did you think?” he asks, nose just barely gracing yours.

“That I feel the same way about you. I’ve always felt like that when I’m with you.” you mutter, cupping his cheek in your palm. “I love you, Barry.”

“I love you, Y/N.”


My final on time piece for Chlonath week Day 7 - AU. (Yes that means I’m coming back to do some prompts later!!!) 

A continuation of my previous chlonath prompt, Thunder (ao3 link). Beetle Rouge finds himself relaxing one evening, watching the stars in the sky, the reflections along the Seine, the twinkling lights of the city…when he hears a familiar sound that brings a smile to his face and a faster rhythm to his heart.


Beetle Rouge sat atop the roof of the Louvre, settled above the Denon Wing as he stared over the city once more, contemplative in his thoughts. He thought about all the works of art below him: Veronese’s Les Noces de Cana; the Victoire de Samothrace; Canova’s statue of Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss; and of course, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. He literally stood on the shoulders of giants. And unlike when he was fighting to protect the City of Paris, he didn’t feel quite so burdened or overwhelmed.

He felt inspired.

While his hands itched for a pencil, a brush, a pen—even a crayon would do!—mentally Beetle Rouge felt relaxed and serene in the moment. Having battled against an akuma earlier that day, he took advantage of the night to rejuvenate.

Beside him the ripples of the Seine glowed in the Parisian evening light. The silence was a nice change of pace and Beetle Rouge enjoyed the moment of tranquility. Nothing—not even the familiar thud of heavy boots from behind him—could interrupt the moment. If anything, he welcomed the company. A small smile easily crept up onto his face in response. But, he didn’t need to let her know that. And so he didn’t bother turning around. Knowing that he’d only find a pair of brilliant blue eyes shining bright neon against the dark night. Instead he just waited, feeling her eyes on him. He painted them in his mind.

“Evening, Yeux Bleus,” he called gently.

He chuckled at the sound of a surprised squeak, picturing the fierce Black Cat jumping at a simple greeting.

Eventually she came out from the shadows and he saw her out of the corner of his eye. She stood at his side, looking down at him.

He chanced a glance up at her.

“Red,” she nodded.

“Bleue” he replied, nodding back.

Black Cat smiled, her blue eyes sparkling against the black of her mask, bright stars against the night sky. She stared down at the rooftop, pursing her lips, and she finally sat down by his side. Her blonde ponytail swung out behind her as she sat down, and with a smile she said, “I knew you’d be here.”

The duo shared a brief glance, blue eyes meeting blue, both hidden behind two very different masks. While his brought out the green in his eyes, her mask—along with what must have been Miraculous magic—caused for the entirely of her eyes to blink blue, flashing like ice, cold and beautiful. He returned her smile easily. “And I knew you’d find me,” he returned.

In the space between them, atop the roof of the Louvre, their hands found each other as easily and naturally as they found each other in battle. It was common practise for them to be close to each other, for her to jump into his arms after he purified an akuma, for him to spin her in victory.

And so they sat like that, holding hands, partners, side-by-side, enjoying their view together in peace. Together they basked in the evening light, safe in the knowledge that for today, their job had been done.

Eventually, he felt her creep closer, as she scooted near towards him. He raised an eyebrow behind his mask as she let go of his hand in favour of moving close. And he laughed, welcoming her with another smile. She bumped him with her hip, pouting a little, before playfully dusting off his shoulder. He scowled in jest and she laughed, winking at him before resting her head against his side.

Together they stared out across the city they continually fought to protect. Again their hands found each other once more and settled atop their pressed together laps. Beetle Rouge couldn’t tell what he liked looking at more: the starry night before him, their interlocked hands, or her—her bright blue eyes, the silly gold bell at her neck, her adorable cat ears, the bright pink lip-gloss on her lips, absolutely everything about her. He tried to soak in every last detail, another piece to add to each and every sketch, every drawing, everything, until he had something worthy of her likeness. And while he studied the Parisian night and her everything, they bantered away, speaking up every once and awhile, asking silly questions like:

“Favourite sport, Bleue?”

“Oh, oh no…me? In sportswear? I don’t partake in that sort of thing.”

“Oh good! Me neither.”


“What’s your favourite colour?”

“What!? You can’t have a favourite colour! I could never pick…”



“Nothing…I just thought…”


“It’s nothing.”

“Oh, um, well…do you have a favourite colour?”


“Then Bleue is the perfect nickname for you!”


“Favourite season, Red?”

“Hmmmm…I like spring.”


“Yeah, like when the flowers are in full bloom. Everything starts to feel alive. I like that.”

“Oh…me too!”

until finally:

“May I kiss you?”

Black Cat froze. Her hand squeezed his a little too tightly as she slowly raised her head from off his shoulder. A deep red blush peeked out from behind her mask, and Beetle Rouge revelled in it. It was a rare sight to see his partner being the flustered one.

She was always the one flirting and winking at him at every opportunity, leaving him to become the reddest superhero in existence: red suit, red hair, red cheeks—something she see loved to point out as well. This time it was her turn to blush, and he gently rubbed his thumb across the back of her hand, wishing for not the first time to feel what it was like to hold her hand, without their superhero suits in the way.

So as she stared at him with her mouth partially open in shock, Beetle Rouge lifted his other hand off the rooftop, leaning towards her to caress the side of her face.

She gasped.

“That is…if you-if you want to…” he continued suddenly nervous, leaning away from her slightly, “kiss me, I mean.”

Like a zap of lightning, a spark of life seemed to pass through her. Her eyes opened wide, blinking at him. And suddenly she was nodding her head.

After a few seconds, her nodding seems to die down and they were left staring at each other, stupid grins on their faces, holding each other’s hand.

And just like always, they moved to balance each other out. Both of them turned to better face one another. And he leaned forward, while she brought her free hand to the back of his neck and immediately filled the empty space between them. Their lips meet and he felt her tense up at the touch. Gently, he let go of her hand that he held, and he felt her lean in closer, wrapping both hands around his neck for purchase. She tilted her head to the side to better meet his lips and he sighed, feeling all his worries and doubts leave him. They both smiled into their kiss, as their legs seemed to tangle over the edge of the building.

The kiss was sweet and awkward, but for Nathanael he wouldn’t have had it any other way. He may not have known who exactly the girl was under the mask. But she was his partner, and if he knew anything—

He jumped. A drop of rain sprinkled against his cheek. Black Cat pulled away just as the sky seemed to open up, unleashing a gentle shower of rain across the city. She wrinkled her nose cutely—her cheeks still blushing—as she blinked at him with a smile. Behind her, he saw a flash of lightning, and it made her bright blue eyes glow in the night.

Somehow in her eagerness she had practically moved until one of her legs was bent across his lap with the other nestled between his. With her hands still locked around him and his own arm wrapped around her waist, his hand still on her cheek, they looked like quite the pair, a tangle of black and red.

She giggled, eyes squinting as rain continued to pour. Together they met again, foreheads touching as they bowed towards each other, their laughs filling the air before their lips met once more, neither one quite ready to seek refuge from the rain. In between each kiss, each loving caress, they continued to giggle and laugh, still working through their balance with a few bumps and snags along the way.

And it was perfect. Even as her hand reached up to tangle in his hair, her ring getting slightly caught and pulling him back away from her for a moment. He wouldn’t have changed a second of it. Even as he leaned back in, hair plastered against his face by the rain, and missed her lips, kissing her nose instead. She laughed before kissing his nose in response. Even as she mumbled a comment about her hair and makeup getting ruined, he simply shushed her with his lips—with her lips still moving against his in protest before finally dropping the subject in favour for exploring the warm of his tongue.

And he knew, he knew no matter who she was under that mask—

She bit his lip—

—he loved her.

Malec drabble - “I’m not happy here.”

Feel free to send in drabble requests based on these prompts

Requested? Yes, by an anon
Word count? 381
Warnings? None

Magnus walked into Alec’s bedroom at the institute quietly. He hadn’t been answering his phone, and naturally Magnus got worried. But, when he went to the institute, he asked Izzy and she told him Alec was in his room, napping after a long mission.

Magnus sat on the edge of the bed, putting his hand onto Alec’s shoulder. Alec shifted and turned towards Magnus, smiling softly when he saw who it was. “Magnus,” he mumbled, voice heavy with sleep. “What’re you doing here?”

“You weren’t answering your phone,” Magnus told him. “Are you feeling okay? Isabelle said you were tired after your mission, but you always call.”

Alec pushed himself into a seated position and ran a hand through his messy hair. “I’m fine. Just tired is all.”

“Alexander, I know there’s something bothering you. You can tell me.”

Alec met Magnus’ gaze, and frowned. “It’s nothing. Just something another shadowhunter said.”

Magnus frowned, all ready knowing where this was going. “What did they say?”

“I don’t want to get into it, he was just being arrogant,” Alec said.

“If he’s going to treat you like shit, I’m going to kick his ass,” Magnus practically growled. Nobody treated his boyfriend poorly and got away with it. He started to stand, but Alec held his wrist.

“No, don’t.” Alec sighed. “I’m the head of the institute, I’ll deal with him. But not right now. I’m not happy here today, Magnus. I don’t want to make it worse by having to deal with some teen who thinks he knows everything about love just because he’s kissed a few seelies.”

“Then let’s go somewhere.” Magnus took Alec’s hands and pulled him to his feet. “We’ll leave the institute and portal away.”

Alec smiled slightly. “Where?”

“Anywhere your shadowhunter heart desires,” Magnus said, smoothing out Alec’s wrinkled shirt.

“How about … Paris?”

Magnus grinned. “Ah, the city of love. What an excellent choice.”

Imagine #22: When you first meet.

My mother didn’t know I left, probably best. She would kill me. I couldn’t sit around worrying in that house anymore though, I was going to die. That was that, staying home and knitting all day wasn’t going to prolong my life. So I just left. I mean I’m 20 so I can do what I want really.

I jumped out the window and ran, literally just ran, I had no idea where to go but I just needed to go.

I kept running until I couldn’t anymore, I looked around to see I was just down the road from the train station. So impulsively, I jogged to ticket holder, bought one for the next train, and got on.

I sat by the window watching the night flash by, I didn’t know where I was going, or how I would get home, only that I was out of here. I glanced over my shoulder to see one other passenger. Well it was something like 1am..

He had a mess of flaming ginger hair atop his head, tattoos covering every inch of his pale skin and deep beautiful blue eyes. He smiled at me, that’s when I noticed I was staring..

I whipped my head back around and watched the night pass by.
It was sort of beautiful, actually. Calm, serene. You don’t see the city like this often. But the darkness of night covers flaws of all kinds, in the night all you can see is the day lights hidden beauty.

“Hi brown eyes” an low angelic voice came from behind me, I knew it could only be one, and boy was I embarrassed.

“Ah hi.” I stuttered. A wide grin formed on his face.

“Mind if I sit?” He questioned, I was to busy gaping to understand. One he was Ed Sheeran. And two he was so much more handsome up close.

“Uh um sure”
He sat across from me, his eyes never leaving mine, well until I ducked my head and turned my vision back to the window.

“What’s your name brown eyes”
Gosh his voice was beautiful.

“Um y/n” I still avoided eye contact, I didn’t want to freak out and make him uncomfortable to be honest.

“Well y/n why on earth are you riding a train this late, with nothing but the clothes on your back?” He leaned in placing his finger under my chin directing my attention to him. “A runaway perhaps?”

“More like a temporary escape” I muttered. I knew I couldn’t run from my life forever, I could run from my home but my problems would follow.

“Hmm I know how that one goes” he sat back in his seat still watching me intently.

For moment we were just silent it want awkward silent, just peaceful.

“It’s beautiful” I whispered, I didn’t think he would have heard but he parted his lips and began to respond, proving me wrong but not diverting my attention from the wondrous spectacle before my eyes.

“I didn’t think any one else saw it like I did” he slid over to the window seat opposite me.

“Watch this, it’s my favourite stop.” He whispered as he extended his finger out onwards a beautiful array of wrinkling city lights.

“Oh..” I gasped, it was breathtaking. “I guess you ride this train a lot then” I asked

“Kind of.. Usually it’s empty” he grinned my way. Gosh he was handsome. I couldn’t pull my gaze from his deep blue eyes. My favourite part about this whole thing was his gaze never broke me either.

“Get off with me, let’s find a new escape?” He questioned. I wanted to say no, my brain said just follow the train through then get another home, simple, just like you planned. But without a second thought I wrapped my hand in his and dragged him to the doors, that I could see about to close. He ran down the train isle slipping quickly through the closing doors.

We found a hill and began trekking up the side of it, I wanted to see more lights. They were beautiful after all. We talked the whole way up giggling here and there, a serious question slipped between giggles and a silent moment or two rounded out the conversation perfectly. Ed made me laugh. I almost forget everything. Almost.

When we reached the top, we sat up against a large oak tree looking out over the blanket of tiny white lights covering the silent city.

“So what are you escaping from brown eyes?” Ed asked, as he played a flower in his hands.

“Oh um,” I stuttered, I knew telling him would surely secure me the “pity” look I so desperately wanted to avoid.

“You don’t have to tell me, it’s just ah I feel this weird, and random but wonderful connection with you, I mean if you wanted to tell me that would great I feel like we could ah shit I’m blabbering, ah never mind” he seas clearly nervous, I didn’t know what to make of it.

“No no it’s fine. Um well it’s a pretty basic story, few years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, they can’t cut it so yeah, and um yeah that’s it” I nervously looked down to the ground. Ed stayed silent…

“I’m sorry, you don’t deserve that, no one does” his hand found mine and he entangled our fingers, it was strange only having really known this man a few hours but it felt right.

I didn’t know what to say, all night I had been thinking about my illness and what it meant and hearing Ed say those things just brought them to the closet surface in my mind. There was things I just wished I could experience that I don’t have time to.. Like travelling the world, experiencing, learning, reading, seeing and appreciating everything I ever dreamed of. Falling in love. Getting married. Becoming a mother. Raising my child. Watching my child have children. I just wanted to cram an entire life in what little time I had left, I didn’t realise but I was crying.

“Y/n, y/n what’s wrong! Talk to me?” Ed cried. Which made me for some reason cry harder.

“I’m just gonna miss so much, I’m sorry I don’t want to do this I want to be happy I just it hits me every now and again oh wow I’m so sorry this is awkward.. I’m sorry” I blubbered.

“Y/n, look at me, ok this isn’t love or really anything at minute” he whispers gesturing between us “but I feel something and I’m not gonna miss out on it, and neither are you, I know it’s strange because we just met and even if this leads no where but a friendship I’m going to help your experience, learn, see and love everything you want. I promise” and with the last word he brought his lips to mine they moved slowly, smoothly against my own, fitting perfectly. And once they left my lips the cold air whipped across my plump red lips, but I couldn’t not feel it all I could feel was the sweet, warm and wonderful memory of a truly perfect kiss.

This would have been a pain to try to stuff into an askbox, for you and me. ;)

“What do you mean we’re stuck in here? Can’t you just sonic it open, or something?”

He grimaced, stepping away from the revealed wiring. “It’s a screwdriver, not a magic wand. I can’t conjure missing parts out of thin air. It’s been purposely sabotaged.”

She slumped against the wall. “Isn’t there an escape hatch or something?”

“It’s a transportation pod, Rose. The doors are supposed to be able to be opened manually. That is the emergency exit.” He hit the alarm button, sighing in defeat, and leaned against the side of the pod himself, arms crossed over his chest.

“Not exactly what I had in mind when you promised me sightseeing in the city.” She glanced pointedly at the blank gray wall.

“Greetings, transportation pod zero-two-heart-gamma-five. Your distress call has been received.” The voice was robotic, likely automatic. “We are currently experiencing an usually large volume of calls at the moment, but rest assured we will retrieve you as soon as possible. Estimated time until rescue: one hour. Thank you for traveling with Llordan City municipal transport.”

“An hour?” Rose wrinkled her nose.

“Better than some places.” He frowned. “I wonder if this is a city-wide phenomenon.”

“Like a strike, or-or a terrorist attack?”

“Quite possibly. The anti-collision system’s still working properly, as far as I can tell, so we’re not in any danger.” He settled himself down on the floor, his back to the wall, facing her. “But there are several companies who’ve been lobbying for privatizing the public transportation system, and this incident is going to cost the city probably hundreds of thousands of credits.”

“We should be out there! Helping to rescue people, or figuring out who did this, or something!”

“‘Course we should. But no one’s in danger, and I’d like to avoid further damaging public property if I can help it. Once we get out of here, we can join in.” She didn’t look convinced.

“It’s not exactly what I had in mind, either, Rose.” He made space for her between his legs, and held an arm out to her. “Come here.”

She sat down in front of him, leaning back into his chest with a sigh, and he wrapped his arms around her. They rested for several moments in comfortable silence, and he closed his eyes.


“Yes?” He glanced down at her, the scent of her strawberry shampoo tickling his olfactory receptors.

“Have you ever played ‘Two Truths and a Lie’?”

The Ninth Child

or, a loose adaptation of the Chinese fairy tale, The Butterfly Lovers.

Summary: Chirrut Îmwe, accosted by disapproving parents and an existential despair at home, enters the Temple. *Songs link to Youtube.


A/N: This is my fic for the @dailyspiritassassin​‘s fanworks exchange! My giftee was @bottombobbysinger​, and the prompt I chose (perhaps a little ambitiously) was “Disney-style spiritassassin.” Much thanks to @zhenzidan​ for the beta!

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Thank you @myhighlordrhysand​ for tagging me in this fun question game!  Here are my answers :)

1. What is your favourite book of all-time?
From my childhood: the Harry Potter series or A Wrinkle in Time
More recently: City of Illusions or ACOMAF

2. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Well in terms of people I have actually held a conversation with: Hank Green
But in terms of people I’ve just seen in real life: Kendall Jenner at Coachella in 2014 (lol) or Robert Pattinson in an LA diner like 8 years ago

3. Besides ACOTAR, what are your favourite book series?
Harry Potter, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Grishaverse

4. What one thing do you really want to see happen in ACOWAR?

5. You can invite any 3 people from the present/history/fiction to a dinner party, who would you choose?
The Marauders 

6. What was the last song you listened to?
Unbound by Cathedrals (GREAT Feysand song btw)

7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
New Zealand. I went last November and fell in love. I would move there in a heartbeat.

I will be tagging @elidexlorcan @cuddles-and-chocolate-cake @court-of-wildfire @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn

 My questions for them are:

1. An evil witch casts a spell on you, turning you into a plant. What kind of plant would you want to be?
2. If you could step into any fantasy world from any book series, which would you visit?
3. Would you rather live in the Autumn Court or the Spring Court?
4. What toppings do you order on your pizza?
5. Describe your ideal Friday night.
6. Worst book you’ve ever read?
7. Night or day? Dawn or twilight?

I’m Here For You (Steve x reader)

request: Hi, well since no one remembered my bday, I wanted to ask if I could request a Captain America imagine where you were with him when he came out of the ice and since that day you helped him with all the new things and stood by his side all the time he needed someone. Steve slowly fell in love with you over this time and now is head over heels for you and one day he invites you over to his apartment, where he shyly tells you his feelings and feel the same so you kiss him and become his Girl ? :)

HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’m sorry your birthday was forgotten but hopefully this fic will cheer you up. I also changed the plot a little bit. I’m sorry. Enjoy! 

word count: 3003 (longest fic i’ve written??) 

warnings: cursing

“Oh my God, oh my God,” Coulson stood next to you as he giddily watched the man in ice slowly melt into the twenty-first century. He gripped your arms tightly in excitement. You winced at how much force he put into his action as you subtly tried to wry away from him. It was so odd seeing your boss who was always so calm and collected act like a child around the discovery. Your attempt at trying to wriggle away from him failed so you toughed it out as you slowly lost feeling in your right arm. “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“Coulson, my God. Please control yourself,” you snapped at him as he gripped your arms tighter in anticipation, nearly cutting off all circulation in your arm. “You’re about to rip my arm off,” you hissed in pain, prying his fingers off your limb. The discovery was exciting but it couldn’t have been that exciting.

“Oh,” he immediately released his hold on you as you snaked away in relief, avoiding him at all costs until you knew he had calmed down. “I am so sorry. I just can’t believe this. You know I’ve been collecting his trading cards since I was young. He’s basically my hero,” he whispered dreamily at the figure still stuck in the ice. “(Y/N), I’m just so excited.”

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On the seventh day of #PAIN fic...

12 Days | Masterlist

A/N: Here we go, pals, LUCKY NUMBER DAY SEVEN IS HERE! Messages may or may not be piling up in our inbox again and we will do everything we can to get to those soon (stupid real life is getting in the way of talking to you cool cats). But until then, WE HOPE YOU ENJOY TODAY’S STORY AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR KINDNESS BECAUSE WE’RE STILL YELLING ABOUT IT.

are these getting gradually more #PAIN-ful as we go? was that intentional? there’s no way to know.

Word Count: 2,195

At some point, your life seemed to have plateaued. You were almost twenty-six years old, almost at the age where you’d be closer to thirty than twenty. Nothing in your life had necessarily gotten worse in the four years since you graduated from UCLA, but there was also nothing pushing you to get out of bed every morning. Nothing about where you were or what you were doing was exciting to you.

After two full years working for the LA Times, you realized that they were never actually going to promote you. Two years of grunt work and entrance-level pay and writing about real estate rather any of the numerous fascinating story ideas you pitched each week and you could tell that none of your bosses had any intention of helping you move forward with your career.

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Sorry I have’t posted fic recently. The Girl’s Night fic is suddenly multi-chaptered and already like 6,000 words. I don’t even know. I can’t do brevity. 

Have a little bit of something else I’m playing with in the mean time (not completed, because ahahahaha):

Rob Lewis wrinkled his nose at the thick, rank odor of the city. “I hate this place.”

“How do you hate New York?” Reggie Young, his friend and business partner, shook his head and followed him out of the Javits Center. “It’s the greatest city in the world.”

“I hate L.A., too, so don’t take it personally.” Rob smirked at him and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He’d missed a call from his dad. That was the fifth time he’d called since Rob mentioned he and Reggie were coming to New York for a general contractor’s convention. His dad kept trying to get him to call Darcy. And he would call her, he absolutely planned to call her. Just later. Later when he had an escape from the city first.

Darcy was his oldest brother’s daughter, and somebody who might be considered an odd duck. Not necessarily in a bad way, but more of a free-spirit than the buttoned-up, nose-to-the-grindstone Lewises were used to. She strolled through life with a particular sort of laissez-faire that baffled him and could, from time to time, grate on his nerves. How the hell could somebody be an intern for almost five years? How did she support herself? Where did she live?

Reggie pulled out his own phone and started tapping away. “We’re here for another day, so suck it up. I’ll find a hotel.”  

And that’s why he still hesitated on calling his niece. He didn’t want to do the awkward thing where she insisted on offering him a place to stay and he had to try to politely talk her out of it. To hear his sister-in-law Helen tell it, Darcy probably lived in a roach-infested studio apartment hell-hole. Except he was pretty sure Paul mentioned she was living with her other dad and his girlfriend. That would be even more awkward, honestly.

But he couldn’t avoid calling her. He shouldn’t. She was his niece, and as bewildering as she could be, he did love her. It probably didn’t say much good about him that she’d lived within a few hours of him for three years and he hadn’t visited her once. Hell, she’d come to see him twice. But he was here now, and he’d be here another day, so maybe he could just tell her he already had a hotel room and that they should just go to dinner. Yeah, that would work. He could be an awesome uncle and take her out somewhere nice.

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a/n: Welcome to the second part and I’m very happy to know many people (uhh can I count it as many? 40+ is a lot of notes for me!) liked the first part and waited for this :’) What will happen in this chapter? Hope this train will lead you to a safe place (?)

This chapter, as I’ve ever mentioned, inspired mostly by my favorite llw song, Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku of course, also Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan. Personally, I’m not really satisfied by what I just typed … like I want to indulge more in umimaki but I have to wait for some other time to do it.

And well, I do encourage anyone to post some umimaki for Maki’s birthday too! Haha!

Do enjoy~

Pairing: UmiMaki
Setting(s): Semi-canon. Adulthood timeline.

[03/15]04/19. ~6000 words 

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