wrinkle prevention

I’m not an expert so I could be wrong on some of these but these are just some skincare tips I’ve gathered from reading a ton of articles and books. These are strictly just skincare routine tips but of course, diet and exercise are also very important when it comes to having a good skin.

  • 10 step korean skincare: makeup remover + oil-based cleanser → water-based cleanser → exfoliator → toner → essence → serum → sheet masks → eye cream → moisturizer → sunscreen (not all are done every day)
  • apply skincare products while skin is damp for better absorption
  • dab or pat products instead of rub to prevent wrinkles and to prevent rubbing them off your face and onto your hands
  • massage face while cleansing to promote blood circulation by putting your hands in a fist and using the knuckles of your index and middle fingers to massage from underneath the cheekbones, up the sides of the nose, to the top of the forehead, and along the sides of the face for a minute or two
  • apply eye cream around the orbital bone and not directly below the eyelashes to prevent irritation and tap it on with your ring finger for less pressure
  • put on eye cream on other parts of the face where you also get wrinkles like around the mouth
  • layer toner on 3-7 times and wait for a minute before each layer to hydrate the skin
  • apply excess essence in sheet mask pouches to your neck, shoulders, and hands
  • don’t keep sheet masks on all night as they can soak moisture away from the skin if left longer than what the directions say
  • acne treatments are typically applied before moisturizer but consult with your dermatologist about it
  • if your acne treatment contains benzoyl peroxide wait for a minute before applying moisturizer for it to work better
  • apply sunscreen!!! and reapply every couple hours if you’re gonna be outside all day
  • use sunscreen that says ‘broad spectrum’ to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays
🌈🌈things to improve your health and overall well-being🌈🌈

-silk sheets and pillowcase: prevents hair breakage and damage, prevents wrinkles and acne, feels good
-Epsom salt: add this to your bath and it’ll help cleanse and detox your body while helping you relax😎
-candles: the aesthetic of them with the scent can really help you chill out if you’re feeling uncomfortable
-humidifier: keeps moisture in the air which helps your skin and respiratory system
-tea: really good for you internally (fights free radicals, helps skin, etc.) but also has benefits topically. put on skin as toner/part of a face mask, can be used to tint hair (black tea=brown/black, chamomile tea=yellow highlights/naturally lightens hair, etc.) as well as improve scalp health
-plants: improves air and removes toxins, thus increasing your overall health and comfort


Here are a few of my fav products+their uses that makes every hoes life a lil easier

Coconut oil -
• Oil pulling
• Sunblock / tanning oil
• Deep conditioner
• Shaving cream
• Makeup removee

Jojoba oil -
• Skin moisturizer
• Hair moisturizer
• Lip moisturizer
• Make up remover
• After shave

Castor oil -
• Eyelash/eyebrow thickener
• Makeup remover
• Hair mask (helps hair grow faster)
• Laxative
• Wrinkle preventer
• Split ends repair

Tea tree oil -
• Itchy scalp treatment
• Acne mask
• Cuticle softener
• If yo feet stank this is the shit for you

Baby oil -
• Makeup remover
• Shaving creme
• Makeup brush conditioner/cleaner

Apple cider vinegar - • ½ cup for detox bath (resets your pH balance) • Makes hair shiner

what skin care culture is: expensive goop that ‘moistens’ and ‘prevents wrinkles bc most of us aren’t going to die before we’re 30′

what I want skin care culture to be: expensive goop that makes my skin STRONG and IMPERVIOUS to enemy attack

FACIAL Oils that r great for your skin!
1️⃣Tea tree oil: Really good for acne
2️⃣Almond oil: Is an good anti ageing and reduces huge pores
3️⃣Rosehip oil: Reduces dark spots, scars and hydrates
4️⃣Coconut oil: Has multiple uses and is very moisturising
5️⃣Castor oil: Good for lash and brow hair growth
6️⃣Olive oil: Natural and gentle makeup remover and does not clog pores.
7️⃣Vitamin C oil: Acts as a serum and repairs skin
8️⃣Hemp seed oil: Rich in vitamin A and E prevents cell damage
9️⃣Maracuja oil: Keeps skin firm and prevents wrinkle
🔟Lavender oil: Applying this to ur neck will help u relax and sleep well.


Raw Natural African Black Soap

Source: Ghana

History on black soap: African black soap originated from amongst the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and the Yoruba communities in Benin and Togo, West Africa. The soap goes by various names depending on how and where it’s made, Nigeria / Ghana - Ose Dudu, Dudu Osun, Alata Samina and Anago Samina. The soap contains no lye, it’s 100% natural. The plantain skins and cocoa pod ash are used to saponify the oils and butters.

$1 per ounce

Left to right:
*5 oz (1-2 months worth) $5

10oz (3 month’s worth) $10

16Oz/1lb (about 5 month’s worth) $16

20oz (7 month’s worth) $20

Ingredients: palm oil, cocoa pods, plantain skins, kernel oil, water, Glycerin, Shea Butter


* 1. Helps to remove scars caused by acne. Since acne is not caused by dirt, but due to the release of excessive oils within the skin, the soap cannot REMOVE acne. But use of African black soap helps to remove scars cause due to acne.
* 2. Helps to remove skin irritations. Use of black soap helps to remove skin irritations like rashes.
* 3. Suitable for all skin types. Black soap can be used for the treatment of problems on all types of skin including the dry and rough, oily and moderate skins.
* 4. Beneficial for skin diseases. Black soap is very beneficial for reducing the discomforts that are associated with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema
* 5.Delays ageing on the skin. Regular use of black soap helps to remove facial lines that are mostly early signs of ageing. Thus black soap can be used to delay ageing of skin.

Proper use of Black Soap:
* raw African black soap, take the soap apart and knead it into a ball to make sure there aren’t any jagged edges, and rub between hands to work into a lather.  If you apply the soap directly to the skin, do so gently, because there could still be particles that can tear the skin.
* Washing and rinsing with cool water can help reduce the possibility of stinging and redness.  Avoid getting the soap in the eyes.
* If you have sensitive or very reactive skin, don’t leave the soap on the skin for a long period of time.

* You could experience tingling or a burning sensation in acne areas, open sores, and cuts.
* If your skin feels squeaky clean afterward, it means the skin is too dry. Try reducing the amount of soap that you use.  A very small amount (the size of a marble) can cleanse the face and neck

Recommended you put shea butter, aloe, even Vaseline, or any good moisturizer afterwards to avoid skin getting too dry from air dry

—-Raw Natural Unrefined Ivory/White Shea Butter

$8.55 per 8 oz cup

Source: Ghana, West Africa

Most popular uses: Dry Skin, Aging Skin, Eczema.

How is it made?
Shea Butter comes from an indigenous African tree called Vitellaria paradoxa. These are
wild-growing trees producing tiny, almond-like fruit that every May start falling on the ground. Villagers harvest the fruits, separate them from the nut, then boil and let the butter oat to the surface.
The butter is then milled and ltered for impurities, packaged in huge blocks, loaded on large boats, and shipped to the US for packaging and resale.

What’s in it?,
* naturally rich in a number of vitamins. Vitamins A, E, F and K are the most popular.
* Vitamin E balances and normalizes the skin. Helps keep it clear and healthy, particularly beneficial for dry or sun-exposed skin.
* Vitamin A has soothing and hydrating properties which provides healthy skin collagen in order to prevent premature wrinkles, premature facial lines and premature slackened skin. Vitamin F - Acts as a skin protector and revitalizer. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin on contact and helps soften and revitalize dry or damaged hair. Vitamin F consists of linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids.
* Vitamin F - Acts as a skin protector and revitalizes. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin on contact and helps soften and revitalize dry or damaged hair. Vitamin F consists of linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids.

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Foods for Skin

1. Dark Chocolate - Cocoa hydrates your skin, making it firmer and more supple. A couple of squares a day should be enough to improve luminosity.

2. Greek Yogurt - Prevents wrinkles and makes your skin firmer. Eat a single serving daily to make your complexion smoother.

3. Pomegranates - They’re packed with polyphenol antioxidants. Polyphenols fight free radicals and regulate skin’s blood flow, giving it rosiness. One pomegranate or a few glasses of juice daily should do the trick.

4. Walnuts - Softens skin.Snack on a handful of walnuts each day to improve your complexion’s texture.

5. Peppers - Women who eat green and yellow vegetables regularly tend to have fewer wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Studies found that carotenoids – the antioxidants in yellow and orange veggies – can decrease skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Aim for about two cups of peppers daily.

6. Sunflower seeds - Loaded with vitamin E, sunflower seeds keep your skin supple by protecting its top layers from the sun. Eat a handful daily.

7. Kidney beans - They’re high in zinc, and studies indicate a correlation between blemishes and low zinc levels. Have a four-ounce serving of kidney beans to help your skin stay clear.

8. Soy - Evens out your skin tone. One cup a day should yield results.

9. Oatmeal - Makes you look younger.

10. Green Tea - Reduces reduces redness. Sip at least one cup of green tea a day.

Olive oil 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Okay so listen and trust me on this one. OLIVE oil is basically as good as coconut oil, and if you put it on your face over night (not too much) it can help STOP acne. It can also PREVENT wrinkles, TIGHTENS pores MOISTURISES skin and basically yeah use it on your face people.

I use it under my sudocreme but I’ll make another post on that

Trust me my little hoes

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I have to admit I find myself a little annoyed by people asking all the bathing questions, because they seem like they don't want to accept that their dog smells ... like a dog. Your dog doesn't NEED a bath unless something extreme happened, like it got covered in mud or it was sprayed by a skunk. Reminds me of people who get their cats declawed. Dogs smell. Cats scratch things. If you can't accept these basic traits of the animals, then don't get one. Sorry, just wanted to get that out there.

True, dogs don’t need to be bathed at all. But I wouldn’t doubt that some dogs are smellier than others. Bloodhounds, for example, are known for smelling bad. They seriously have their own musty body odor!! Usually dogs with wrinkles, folds, and drool, get smelly quicker. There’s nothing wrong with bathing your dog as long as you’re not doing it every week. I’ve known Bulldog owners to use baby wipes on their pup’s wrinkles to prevent bad smells and infections.

But for your normal looking dogs, only clean them when they’re messy. Bathing too often dries out the skin and damages the coat.

I’ve gathered a lot of skincare tips that r great for our skin and since there r a lot of them I’m breaking them down to pt.1 and pt.2!
1️⃣Not rubbing any products on ur skin: Our skin is very gentle especially on the face, rubbing can lead to premature wrinkles and breakout. I’ve seen its best to tap moisturisers, serums and any cream products on ur skin.
2️⃣Hydrating and moisturising ur neck: A lot of the times we tend to neglect our neck but not hydrating our neck leads to the skin being dull and wrinkles forming.
3️⃣Using clean cold spoons under ur eyes: This trick does wonders for de puffing ur under eye. Refrigerate some clean spoons or u can use those metal balls that comes with some eye creams, u can also use this to apply eye creams. It is really good for the skin as it calms the skin down.
4️⃣Refrigerating aloe Vera or lemon juice: This is great for ur skin! Ice tightens our pores and calms the skin but using beneficial products like aloe and lemon can be really good for ur skin. Aloe calm the skin while lemon brightens the skin and the ice will tighten the pore.
5️⃣Being extra moisturise: I do this all the time. I moisturise my skin a lot and this makes my skin extra soft and prevents premature wrinkles!
These r some useful tips for ur skin I found and pt.2 will be on its way !

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Have you tried the skincare line by Saturday Skin? The packaging is so cute, I'm really intrigued!

I haven’t, but i’ve been super intrigued as well!

What I do know is this line is targeted towards young people worried about aging. Anti aging for millennials. 

This is a high performance, science backed anti aging line from Korea. What makes this line “anti aging for millennials” is the products aren’t as heavy as other anti aging products. They still make an oil controlling lotion, a feather light night cream, a shine purifying cleanser. Products marketed at combination, oily, acne prone skin while still being moisturizing and anti aging. Most anti aging products are aimed at maturing skin and can be a little too greasy and don’t take into consideration more “youthful” skin concerns like oil and acne. Still plumping your skin with ingredients that target prevention of wrinkles, skin texture, etc.

The price point is high but not luxury. Similar prices to what you’d find at Sephora. Nothing is over $50 or under $20. Unlike most Korean brands this is a little more easily available at places like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Peach & Lilly

If any of my followers have tried this brand please message me your thoughts!

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Tips on getting that perfect Korean skin?

  • Wear a high SPF face sunscreen every time you go out (helps prevent wrinkles and keeps an even skin tone)
  • Don’t touch your face unless you washed your hands
  • Sanitize items that frequently touch your face at least once a month (phones, pillow cases, blankets)
  • Buy face masks/sheets that suit your skin type and apply once a week
  • Diet is a huge factor for your skin so be conscious of the food you eat (lots of vitamin enriched fruits/vegetables and collagen rich food)
  • Drink a lot of water!
  • Get a set skin care routine with acne products incorporated (wash your face every night)

I’ve answered an extensive list of my personal skin care routine, the products I use, and recommended stores here
I also answered tips and products to use on blackheads and large pores here
I also answered oily dehydrated skin + firmer skin here.
And recommendations for the best brands for teenage skin here.


Folk Names: Incense, Oilbans, Oilbanum 

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire


Also known as Olibanum, Frankincense is a resin obtained from the Boswellia sacra tree as well as other closely related trees. The resin is gathered by slashing the bark of the tree & allowing the sap to bleed out & harden. The Ancient Egyptians burned Frankincense at sunrise to honour their Sun God, Ra, & was also used in their embalming process. According to the Bible, Frankincense was one of two magickal resins presented to Jesus in the story of his birth by the Magi or “wise men”, who were traditionally wizards from the east. Frankincense resin can be burned over hot coals in a brazier or made(or bought) as incense sticks or cones. It is often crushed & mixed with other resins, particularly Myrrh. Adding Frankincense to any incense blend will increase the action of the other woods, herbs & resins in the blend.

…Magickal Uses…

Purification: Frankincense is most commonly used as an Incense to purify an area of evil & negativity. Often used by many Witches to cleanse a space before Ritual as it not only rids energetic tensions, but also raises the energy of the space. 

Protection: Due to the great purifying qualities of Frankincense, it is also a great addition to any banishing, exorcism, or any general protection ritual/spell. Frankincense can also be used as an oil for protection/purification sachets.

Meditation: The strong purifying, uplifting vibrations produced by Frankincense make it an excellent choice in meditation incenses & also in mixtures used to promote spiritual growth as well as to induce visions.

Misc: Frankincense is commonly added to herbal combinations as when burned, Frankincense sends off strong vibrations that work to increase the action/effect of the other herbs, making Frankincense one of the most commonly used herbs in Witchcraft both historically, & today. Frankincense is also a great herbal offering to any Sun Deity. Rosemary may be used as a substitute for Frankincense. 

…Medicinal Uses…

Frankincense is used as an oil in aromatherapy to relieve stress & anxieties. Frankincense is also used topically on the skin to reduce inflammation. When purchasing essential oils, avoid those that state ‘fragrance oil’ etc, as these have synthetic chemicals added in which may inflame the skin more. Stick to 100% pure Frankincense & dilute with water if needed. A few drops of the essential oil can also be in combination with lavender &/or Chamomile for an ultimate tranquil experience which helps to ease tensions, paranoia, & anxieties.  Due to its antiseptic properties, Frankincense oil is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen. Look for natural oral care products that contain frankincense oil, especially if you enjoy the aroma. It can help prevent dental health issues like tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, or oral infections. You can also consider making your own toothpaste by mixing Frankincense oil with baking soda. Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can help to fight acne, blemishes, the appearance of large pores, & works to prevent wrinkles, it will even help lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging. Be sure to always do a small patch area first to test for possible allergic reactions. Frankincense can be burned or the oil used as a natural cold & flu remedy. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce & eliminate phlegm in the lungs, as well as to aid an inflamed nasal passage, or throat. Add a few drops of the oil to a cloth & breath in, or allow to burn as incense. 

Common Fursuit-related Questions

Is it hot in a fursuit?

Yes it can be. When building your costume plan to add vents in as many places as you can. I prefer to leave the mouth area open as much as I can by hollowing out the muzzle all the way to the wearer’s nose. I also add ear vents and have large eye openings good for ventilation as well. Small battery-operated fans can help move air and ventilate as well!

Is this hobby expensive?

It depends on your budget! It is possible to build fursuits on a budget, use fabric store discount coupons as much as you can! Some things involved in fursuit-making can be expensive, particularly the faux fur and the foam. Even online retailers of faux fur have sales, so if you are budget-conscious be sure to get on their mailing lists so you know when to buy! You do not want to “cheap-out” on your thread or faux fur, however, so buy the best you can afford.

How much fur do I need to buy?

Create your patterns and then measure them. Everyone is a different size and their projects are varying shapes, so this is a hard question to answer with one number! It is easy to figure out for yourself, though! You will know exactly how much fur to buy if you mark out a space on the floor 60 inches (5 feet) wide by 36 inches (3 feet) long – this is the amount of fabric you get for one yard of faux fur – and arrange your pattern pieces to estimate your yardage you would need to buy for each color. Fur is directional, the fur lays with the length.

What is the best way to cut out my patterns in fur?

Use a razor blade and cut only the backing. Your fur will not shed as much and it makes the process go by quicker than using scissors! Cutting against a carpet remnant is better than cutting against a hard surface as well, it will reduce the likelihood of shorn fibers when cutting with a blade.

Why did the fur I order arrive wrinkled?

The fabric known as faux fur that we all know and love is manufactured in various places around the world. Some is manufactured in the USA while others are manufactured in China or other countries. During their long trips from the manufacturer, to the distributer, to the fabric store, and then to you it is possible that the ship, truck, or warehouse endured hot weather, hot climates, and/or compressed conditions. This recipe of heat and compression is why occasionally the fur will arrived wrinkled, creased, and sometimes even damaged when it finally reaches our doorstep. Many online suppliers have a good return policy and you can return it if it is something you do not think you can fix. I have a tutorial on fixing wrinkled fur here.

Does storing fur wrinkle the fibers?

Long-term compression and heat are often what wrinkles the fibers. Storing your faux fur and finished costumes in a cool place where they are not compressed or folded tightly for a long time will prevent wrinkling. You can also re-arrange your fabric every so often so it does not get the chance to compress down on itself.

Will using a space bag or vacuuming the air of of plastic bags when I travel wrinkle the fur?

Space bags are the perfect way to travel with a fursuit. Space bags are special bags with a nozzle that you vacuum all of the air out with. They are an excellent solution if you are traveling with multiple costumes! It is perfectly safe to space bag your costumes for a day or two while you are traveling. Be sure to unpack them right away at your destination because anything longer than a few days can wrinkle your costume. I would never recommend storing any costume or fabric like this long-term.

How do I accommodate for glasses when making a fursuit head?

Get some used sunglasses, from a thrift store for example, and tape them directly to your dummy head. This way you can build your head over that dummy form with glasses on it to accommodate the wearer having glasses worn under the mask. Make sure the neck opening is big enough so it is not a struggle for the wearer to get them on that way though!

Do I need a sewing machine?

No, many people get by without the use of a sewing machine and have had lots of success hand-sewing their costumes. However, know that a sewing machine is a tool to help you sew faster and more accurately, it can be a really awesome time-saver on a large project such as a fursuit costume! There are some techniques that cannot be easily done without use of a sewing machine.

Do I need an “old fashioned” or “heavy duty” machine?

While an “old fashioned” machine (pre-1980’s) is perfectly suitable for sewing, it is by all means not necessary. The same goes for “heavy duty” or industrial-rated sewing machines, they sew but are not a necessity for fursuits. Modern sewing machines have modern advantages, I personally use modern Pfaff brand sewing machines and highly recommend them! I have two, a LifeStyle 2022 that I used for over 13 years and an Ambition 2.0 that I recently upgraded to. I learned to sew on an “old fashioned” White brand sewing machine. I struggled and fought with it, but it sewed. When I upgraded to a modern sewing machine, sewing no longer felt like a struggle or a chore and I was delighted to sew any and everything!

Can I use a cheap sewing machine?

Sure, but you do get what you pay for! Like what I mentioned above for “old fashioned” and “heavy duty” style machines, they will sew. But if you find it is a struggle or a chore because you are constantly fighting with your machine you may be using the wrong one for the job. Take a trip to a sewing machine store and bring faux fur scraps to try out on the display models with the salesperson.

Do I need to use “upholstery”-weight thread?

No. You are sewing a garment, not a couch or curtains! It is better to have your seam pop than it is for your fabric backing to tear. High quality thread suitable for sewing clothing is what you want to use to sew your costume items with! Many sewing machine issues stem from using upholstery weight thread, especially in the bobbin. If you are using this kind of thread and having machine trouble, definitely switch to a garment-weight thread. As for the history behind this question: Upholstery thread is an old-school fursuit maker recommendation from a time before fursuits knowledge was as vast as it is now, and costumes were not tailored as well as they are nowadays. So it was a choice to use Upholstery thread to make a possibly ill-fitted or quickly made fursuit last the long convention weekend. Now fursuits are worn for record numbers of years and tailored very well, so appropriate materials are extremely important for a fursuit that lasts more than 1 weekend.

What kind of thread is recommended for sewing a fursuit?

Polyester thread is perfect for fursuits, definitely buy the best you can afford – you get what you pay for! Note, unfortunately Cotton thread has very little give to it and tends to break easily, so is not suitable for faux fur. Since Polyester has a slight give compared to cotton it is perfect for faux fur’s backing.

What kind of sewing machine needle should I choose?

A ballpoint needle is recommended for the knit backing that most faux furs commonly have. It is very important to use new needles when sewing, otherwise over time the tiny holes created by a broken or dull needle can become larger.

Do I need a serger or an overlock machine?

No. While many manufactured clothing seams are serged or overlocked in a factory-setting if you are a hobbyist you certainly do not need to serge or overlock your fursuit’s seams. In professional fursuit making it can be used as finishing step to make the interior look nice for a paying client. A serged seam has built-in elasticity common for use on knits, but due to the bulkyness of faux fur using the cutter of a serger is often not practical for directly sewing pattern pieces together, so a serger is only a finishing tool, and not a replacement for a sewing machine.

Do I need to double-stitch or reinforce any of my seams?

Not every seam needs double stitched. Only the heavy stress areas such as the crotch, and armpit areas. I recommend reinforcing them with a zigzag, in case the straight stitch breaks the zigzag is a more stretchable stitch. Again, it is better to have your seam pop than it is for your fabric backing to tear.

What if my fabric backing tears?

You will either have to cut a new pattern piece, or patch in a new piece of fabric. It is not as easy as sewing another line of stitching if it were just a seam that popped.

Do I need to hem?

Hemming is a technique where an edge is folded over once or twice and then sewn. On faux fur, hemming is just not practical or necessary. Since faux fur does not tend to unravel is it perfectly safe to leave arm and leg cuffs untreated. In fact the costume parts blend nicer with one another (such as between an arm cuff and a paw glove) if the cuff edge of the bodysuit is left untreated. If you want to prevent an edge from stretching, instead use bias tape to finish the edge. Bias tape is a small strip of folded cloth cut on the fabric’s bias so it has a slight stretch to it. Bias tape can be used on the bodysuit’s neck opening, the cuff opening for a paw glove, or the cuff opening for a footpaw. It is not used on the arm or leg cuffs of the bodysuit or the neck of the head, those are left untreated.

I thought I knew how to sew a zipper, why is my zipper slider always getting stuck in the fur?

Faux fur is a completely different animal, and it needs a special approach when sewing in the zipper. It cannot be sewn in with traditional techniques if you want the zipper to not be exposed. Please see my tutorial here.

What is “DF”

This term is semi-dated, it is a furry fandom word to describe a specific quality of faux fur. “DF” originated because Distinctive Fabrics was the first to the awareness of the furry fandom that that carried a soft fine grain 2-inch pile faux fur that Shannon Fabrics manufactures under the “Luxury Shag” name. Since Distinctive Fabrics is not the manufacturer (only one of many suppliers) using DF to describe it is a misnomer. It is also known as shag, punky muppet, or promo shag, all to describe the very same product. It is a nice quality faux fur suitable for use in fursuit costumes.

What is “fun fur”

It is a dated term, it is a furry fandom word to describe a specific quality of faux fur. Fun Fur is used to describe a low quality, cheaply-priced, dry, easily matted, rough-textured fur that is not suitable for use on fursuit costumes. The term is slowly going away because of the prevalence of much higher quality fur choices now available and saturating the market. A decade ago “fun fur” was common, now it is not.

What is “Buckram”

Buckram is a type of white, stiff, woven fabric mesh that is saturated in starch. It is primarily used for hatmaking and as an interfacing, but fursuit makers have discovered that it works perfectly for the iris and pupils of fursuit eyes. It can be colored with a variety of pigments and inks and can then be sealed to protect it from moisture. It is not waterproof, however.

Do I need an “Action Packer” to travel with my fursuit?

Absolutely not! If you are traveling, high quality luggage is most appropriate for a fursuit. Unfortunately Action Packers are prone to the handles breaking during flights and lids falling off, there have even been cases of parts of or even complete fursuits being lost while being shipped in an action packer and the costume spilling out and becoming lost. That just doesn’t happen with normal luggage! Most Fursuits are completely soft with very few hard parts (often only the nose, teeth and eyes) so it is safe to squish and vaccum pack them. If your fursuit has a resin-built head, very nice hard-sided luggage is available to prevent breakage. Most Action packers are literally sold alongside the trash cans in stores and nowhere near the luggage section, don’t trust your expensive fursuit to that!

How do I check for quality in this fursuit I bought?

Quality in many cases can be subjective, but the list below is very objective and is what the average buyer should expect from their maker in a fursuit that they buy:

  • No pins remaining or sharp edges left behind.
  • Fur pile is brushed from seams.
  • No stray threads left untrimmed.
  • Any edges that are left untreated are a material that does not unravel or at risk of separation (faux fur, fleece, lycra, starched felt, plastic, vinyl, and leather are among those that do not unravel)
  • Decorative stitching (i.e. on cuffs, paw pads) is even and thread color matches.
  • Interior lining (if present) has edges either sewn down, glued, or trimmed flush so it does not obstruct ventilation or vision.
  • Vision area on interior has fur pile or fabric trimmed or covered so it does not obstruct or fall in the way.
  • Materials used can withstand moisture or humidity or are sealed so they can.

If you are selling a fursuit, new or used, be sure to examine the above list to make sure that your client is aware of any issues before they commit to the sale.

I am happy to field more questions on various fursuit-related topics! Feel free to send me an Ask if you have something you’d like to know! Please note: I may not reply directly since I plan to update this list with future question(s).

How To Prevent Wrinkles

No one wants to wake up one day and notice a wrinkle starting to appear or discoloration getting stronger. Whilst aging is a fact of life that cannot be helped, there’s a few things you can do to help your skin age gracefully.

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Prompt idea: Alex realizes that what he said about Jo (in 13x01) about marriage being something she's "incapable of" must have been her biggest insecurity since it hints at Jo being the reason why Paul acted the way he did in their marriage.

“Hang the potassium and check her levels repeatedly. Page me with any changes and…” Alex’s mind drifted as he stood at the nurses’ desk watching Jo give her junior resident instructions. He didn’t really know exactly how she was doing as they had not spoken much since his charges were dropped, but she seemed to be doing well. He wasn’t sure how she managed it, but had he not known what all she had suffered through in the past year, he wouldn’t have thought anything had changed with her at all. And that stung a little. Well, a lot.

He was still having difficulty sleeping at night without her. Whenever something great happened on a case, he immediately had an urge to share it with her. Each time one of his patients on peds talked about their dog at home, he asked questions to help him decide what kind of dog he and Jo would one day get. He couldn’t help it, even all these months later, she was still at the forefront of his mind and it made him sad that he didn’t seem to be on her mind at all.

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For the last year or so I have been working on being happy with my physical appearance.  While I don’t believe anyone has to conform to any standards set forth by the media or society as to how someone should look, I wasn’t happy with myself.  I’m 5’4” and I weighed almost 190 pounds.  My complexion was dull, large pores and I am genetically cursed with bags, suitcases actually, under my eyes and droopy upper eye lids..
So I started making changes.  I wanted to lose weight.  I started eating better, drinking more water, not eating late at night and added in some moderate exercise.  I am happy to say I’ve lost almost 30 pounds. I’m fitting into to clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years.  But it wasn’t making the difference to my skin I had hoped.  I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on creams and lotions and serums.  Except for one eye cream nothing really made a difference. So I’ve started making my own.  Everything is natural, no chemicals and no hefty price tags.  I’ve been using my own moisturizer for about a month now and it has made a big difference.  No I don’t look like I’m 25 again, but I see the difference. There is more of a glow to my complexion, my skin feels so soft  So now my goal is to make all my skin care products myself.  
So when a discussion of last extensions came up I had to chime in with my recipe for longer, fuller lashes.  So I thought I’d share some of my recipes. 

Rejuvenating Rosehip Moisturizer

1 tablespoon shea butter
1 teaspoon rosehip oil
½ teaspoon almond oil
¼ teaspoon jojoba oil
1 vitamin E capsule

Melt the shea butter in the microwave.  Takes about 15-30 seconds.  It doesn’t have to be completely melted, it’s ok if there are some small lumps.  
Combine the melted shea butter with all the other ingredients in a small container.  I used an old lotion jar that was empty and I washed out very well.
Cover loosely and let it cool for about 1 hour then stir until it reaches a creamy consistency.  Makes about 1 oz.  You don’t want to make a larger batch because the shelf life  is about a month.  

Due to the oils in it, it will take longer to sink into your skin than most moisturizers.  Allow time for it to sink in before applying makeup.  

Rosehip Oil contains Vitamin A which helps to delay the effect of aging, assists with cell regeneration and promotes collagen and elastin levels. Brightens and tightens skin.

Almond Oil can greatly reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes as well as scars and dark spots. It helps to renew skin cells and rev up circulation, full of vitamins D, E, B1, B2 and B6, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Is light and absorbs easily. It helps to purge the pores of impurities therefore helping clear skin.

Shea butter is considered as one of the best anti-aging and moisturizing agents for the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, contains vitamins A and E. keep the skin supple, nourished, and radiant, and prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines.  It protects the cells from free radicals and environmental damage.

Vitamin E helps fight wrinkles and has a firming effect on the skin, can help block free radicals, slow down the skin’s aging process, and help heal scar tissues and skin issues.

Jojoba oil is rich in important vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and B-complex, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, and iodine. It restores the natural balance of the skin and hair by keeping them hydrated always.

And since I mentioned it earlier here is my eyelash treatment.  I’ve been using it about 2 weeks and can already see a difference.

Lash Treatment
1 teaspoon Castor Oil
2 capsules Vitamin E
½ teaspoon Almond Oil
Empty mascara wand and tube. Not an old empty one, must be new and clean.

In a clean container add castor and almond oil. Pierce and drain the Vitamin E capsules into the container and mix well by shaking.  Apply nightly to clean lashes as you would mascara, concentrating at the lash roots. Shake before use.

Hope you enjoy and don’t find this too boring or off topic.  I’m very excited and happy that I found something that is helping me look my best and that it is all natural.  

It wrinkles my brain to think that the dinosaurs roamed and dominated our planet for almost 200 million years. That’s 1,000x longer than the human species has existed and 20,000x longer than human civilization has existed. And then BAM! they were wiped out. Gone. Dead. Their lineage left to honking geese and dirty pigeons… I REALLY think we should invest in more extinction prevention.