Red | Park Jimin

Genre: Fluff | Soulmate AU
Word count: 3,709
Requested by: @ceruleanbubble
Member: Park Jimin
Summary: In a world where everyone is born with a soulmate, around your wrist is tied a light blue bracelet that changes colors as soon as you come into contact with whoever is your other half— but you have to find them within the time you’re given, and your time is running out.

So I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you

Park Jimin reads the numbers aloud again, feeling the weight of each one as the sound leaves his lips, almost as if condemning him to a death sentence. 

Three hundred and sixty four days, twelve hours, forty-two minutes and six seconds left, the first set of zeros engraved into his skin in a haunting pitch black tone, warning him, reminding him as he ran his fingers over them, his pulse beating rapidly against the skin and he couldn’t look away, the numbers changing rapidly every second; he could almost hear the clock ringing inside his ears.

Tick. Tack. Time waits for no one, and it certainly wasn’t waiting for him.

Carefully, he wraps the light blue bracelet over his wrist again, convering the counter but not masking its presence— it was still there, it was always there and he desperatly wishes it wasn’t.

He has less than year, he has to find her.

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hahaha these are my old drawings from 2004!! i was  freaking 9 years old!!! XD




HAHAH XD … i think i’m going to remake some of these someday hahaha

Facial mask

Just so you know, Sirius here goes by they/them pronouns. No particular reason, I just prefer my Sirius as non-binary.

Special thanks to my beta @stripygirl

  • It all started with Lily
  • being conscious of how fucked up a broken relationship with your family could make you feel
  • Sirius decided to pay more attention to her
  • spent more time with her
  • and kind of fill little by little that void that Petunia left on her
  • a weird and sickening void that they knew too well
  • at the beggining it was easy
  • letting her braid their hair
  • but she decided to unsuspiciously level up their activities
  • from painting their nails
  • to add some make-up
  • and now it was this
  • wich didn’t actually bothered Sirius
  • it probably was some other ‘girly’ stuff that she did with her sister
  • they could play along a bit, right?
  • Lily started to apply the cream on their face
  • saying the things that mask was going to do
  • “It’ll vanish your black heads—”
  • “Vanish black heads?? What are those??”, muttered to themselves Sirius
  • “– and help with the elasticity of your face”
  • “With the elasticity?”, he asked out loud intrigued
  • “Yeah, so your face doesn’t have so many wrinckles”
  • “I HAve wRInckLES!?!?”
  • and without noticing they got addicted to those
  • at first it was fun
  • because they actually didn’t need them
  • thanks to inbreeding and those good genes
  • you couldn’t even see a pimple on that precious face
  • so it was a weird show of trying to maintain a beauty that they would never loose
  • oh, but Sirius didn’t think that
  • they needed those facial masks
  • they needed to be pretty
  • one, two, five, after ten facials creams lying on the bathroom the boys lost count 
  • and after some scare jumps
  • “pRONGS, don’T SCAre me like that!”
  • “You’re the one scared!? I thought some kind of spawn of the devil came to kill me!”
  • Remus decided that it was time to face the matter
  • he needed to confront them
  • “Pads, we need to talk about those facials”
  • “Prongs wants to try one? Thank goodness, his skin would–”
  • “No, we— what’s wrong with his skin?”
  • “Well, you see, those pimp–”
  • Remus rolled his eyes
  • at this rate he’d lose his patience
  • weird that he already hadn’t
  • he needed to go straight to the point
  • “Sirius, no one wants to try facials”
  • “Then what is this, Moons?”
  • “We’re kind of worried…”
  • “By the facial mask? Those are just facials and–”
  • “Exactly. Just facials, and you’re living out of them”
  • “Well, that’s cause I need them”
  • “No, you don’t”
  • “But the black heads and the elasticity–”
  • Remus tried not to laugh
  • this was bonkers
  • but with Sirius things all the time were bonkers
  • he cupped his hands on their face and obligue them to look at him
  • Sirius stopped talking, feeling their heart start to race
  • and a blush crawl on their face
  • “You don’t need facials, Pads. You’re young and utterly beautiful.”
  • “You think so?”
  • “Yeah, facials are for old ladies with fear of—”
  • “No, I mean… you think I’m utterly beautiful?”
  • Remus’ lips parted without any sound coming out of them
  • the tip of his ears going red
  • his stomach drop
  • eyes on Sirius, who smiled
  • and closed his lips with theirs
  • after a couple of seconds, they separated
  • Remus frowned his nose
  • “You need to stop with those creams”
  • “I will if you kiss me again”
  • his eyes lit up
  • a playful spark
  • he couldn’t risk it, right?
  • “It seems that I have to take some measures”
  • with sudden husky voice
  • a half-smile formed on Remus’ face
  • before kissing them again

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Wow. Famous.

Yan yung unang iisipin ng kahit na sinong tao kapag napadpad sa twitter account ko.

“View more photos.”

Pictures after pictures. Ayy. Fangirl.

That would be the conclusion when people try to check a little bit of my timeline.

“View more Tweets.”

In a mili-second may bagong tweet. Julie-Elmo-ish tweets. JuliElmo Faney.

Kilala na ako bigla ng tao. That is as far as they could get. By simple reading tweets.

Reading is a food for soul. Kaya nga nauso din yung think before you click. Reputation mo yung nakataya.

Being a JuliElmo faney.

Matindi pa sa roller-coaster ride. Unang-una, nakaka-proud. Ikaw ba naman laging nasa-twitter trending list eh. Pangalawa, nakakakilig. Yung mga magdikit lang yung siko nila, iba na yung epekto sayo eh. Third, nakaka-inis. Hindi naman bago sa inyo na lagi na lang, lagi na lang tayo ang masama. Bakit nga ba?

Teka, sasagutin ko yan dito.

Una kong naiisip, kase madami tayo. Yung ang dami natin na sumasalungat sakanila. Pero, ano ba namang magagawa ng quantity if they’ve got the power? Wala di ba? Nganga na lang forever. On the second thought, masyado kasi tayong mareklamo. Konting-kibot, himagsikan. Jeskelerd. Nakakasawa. Bakit hindi pa tayo masanay? Gusto ko lang malaman ng lahat na hindi mali ang magreklamo, pero sana alam natin yung salitang preno. Masakit din sa mata na mabasa na lagi na lang nega yung dating ng lahat ng bagay sa inyo. Yung tipong mali na lang lagi ang nakikita niyo. Kelan ba yung araw na wala yung bitterness sa katawan niyo?

Naiinis ako. Oo. Hindi ko nilalahat, pero, sa karamihan. Tama na yung pagiging bashers, you can do better than that. Tama na yung panglalait, it will do you no good. Tama na sa paninita ng mali ng tao, it may backfire on you. Tama na yung pagiging selosang faney na konting ma-partner lang kay ganito, issue na agad. Tama na. Please lang.

Pros and cons.

With those things being raised, wala akong makitang pros. Puro pangit lang din ang napapansin ko. Sinong nagmumukhang masama? JuliElmo fans. Sinong kinaiinisan ng marami? JuliElmo fans. Sinong laging laman ng pangit na balita? Ito yung masakit eh. Si Julie. Sino yung kawawa? Si Julie.

Elmo Magalona – related issues.

Never akong nagalit sakanya. Never akong nainis. As in never. Sabihan niyo na akong ipokrita or what. Pero, never talaga. By simply looking at his pretty face, kinikilig na ulit ako. By hearing his voice with his conyo acts, minamahal ko na ulit siya. By seeing him and Julie together, feeling ko in love na naman ako. Medyo sanay na ako kay Elmo. Ganito na rin naman siya dati. Nasasaktan lang ako na mismong fans niya, sinasabihan siya ng hindi magaganda. Well, I can’t blame you guys. Pero, sabi ko nga, konting preno. If you don’t support him on this, be it. Hayaan niyo na lang. Wag na lang pag-usapan. Maging sensitive naman tayo para sakanya. Elmo yan eh, mahal mo yan.

Julie Anne “More Matured” San Jose.

I’m proud of this girl. Kahit parang sobra na, sobrang tough pa rin niya to face all those, kahit na lagi na lang siyang dinadamay sa mga intrigang labas na dapat siya. Kaso lang, may mali pa rin tayo. Hindi kase tayo marunong mag-ingat. Wag na rin maging over-protective faney. Not all the time, kinakawawa si Julie, not all the time. In today’s industry, hindi lang si Julie yung sinusuri, pati na rin yung fans niya. Idol mo siya di ba? Why not be like her? Yung mas matured. Yung mas matured para maintindihan ang tama sa mali. Yung mas matured na hindi tatapatan ng mali ang isa pang mali. Be matured and wise enough not just for Julie but most importantly is for yourself. With Julie, lagi naman tayong nagiging proud eh, make Julie proud too. All the love and respect, Julie.

Okay. Tama na rin ako sa puro reklamo ko sa inyo. Kasi, una sa lahat, proud ako sa lahat sa inyo. For staying. For choosing to stay even if it hurts.

The Fangirling Journey.

This is not new to me. Meeting new faces and having them as friends is not new to me. I was a fangirl all my life. But, being a JuliElmo fangirl means a lot to me.

You go places. Ang saya pala fumaney ng malayo. Yung may overnight pa. Sobrang kakaiba yung feeling. Yung wala ka sa lugar na kinasanayan pero dahil sakanila, dadayo ka pa. You owe this to Julie and Elmo, nonetheless.

Being friends with friends. Yung kabit-kabit na pagkakaibigan. Sobrang cute. It’s like you’re part of this team and you became one of this team, pero with that, in the end of the day, isa lang kayong lahat. Team JuliElmo.

Having multiple emotion at once. Yung alam mong inis ka pero bigla mag-iiba kase kikiligin ka na lang bigla tapos matatawa ka and babalikan mo the other day, parang naiiyak ka na. Yung ganon, yung pati ikaw confuse na sa sarili mo. You only feel that with JuliElmo.

You gotta experience being a fan of a fan. Yung sa loob ng fandom may sarili kang idol. Most of them are the fanfiction writers. Sobrang gagaling nila na tipong ang tataba ng utak. Yung kaya nilang paglaruan yung emosyon mo tapos sa end ng isang chapter maiinis ka kasi bitin. Wow. Just wow. There were bloggers too. They let you fall in love with their words and see what is within. Yung ipapakita nila sayo yung hindi nakikita ng mga mata mo. Maraming ganyan sa atin. Some can sing, and others can dance. Just like Julie and Elmo, JuliElmoes are talented kids too.

You’ll surprise yourself that you are good at it. Yung bigla ka na lang nagiging instant writer. Yung dahil sa JuliElmo magugulat ka na magaling ka pala sa bagay na ganito. Yung tipong magugulat ka na lang na kaya mo na palang gawin ‘to. Dahil yan sa JuliElmo.

Instant collector. Yung tipong magugulat ka, pwede ka na palang magtayo ng magazine stand sa dami ng nabili mong magazine na feature silang dalawa, hiwalay man o magkasama. Pwede ka na ring manalo sa Guinness sa pinakamaraming nabiling self-titled album ni Julie. Meron pa nga diyan na araw-araw naka-FMCC. Yung dati mong favorite color di mo na napapansin, kase blue at orange na lang ang mahalaga sayo. Yung gusto mo nung gamit na meron sila. Yung kakain ka ng Oishi product, gagamit ka ng Black Beauty at Rexona, at bibili ka ng Smart sim kahit na Globe ka naman talaga. Iba. Iba pagna-adik ka na sakanila. Kay Julie at Elmo.

Gaining true-classy-amazing-wonderful friends is the best thing on earth. Not in my imagination, but being a JuliElmo fangirl, I’ll meet them.

May nakilala akong faney sa Party Pilipinas studio. Nakita niya yung camera na gamit ko, tinanong niya kung may picture ako nina Julie at Elmo. Nahihiya pa ako, pero, sabi ko, oo. Sabi niya, idol niya daw ako. Tinawag niya akong Madam and everything went fine. Hanggang sa nalaman kong hindi niya alam ang kaliwa’t kanan.

Nagkaroon ako ng travel-food-movie buddy. She could be too good to be true. Pero totoong mahinahon siya sa lahat ng pagkakataon. Pinagulong niya ako sa kama the first time I met her, sobra yung kilig ko non. Hanggang sa nalaman kong para siyang construction worker kung kumain.

Ilan lang naman sila sa sobrang pinagpapasalamat ko na isa akong JuliElmo faney.

Being the JuliElmo Perfect Faney.

Katuwaan lang ang lahat. Being the natural me, I self-proclaimed. But, I don’t have any intentions at all. Joke lang yon, biruan. But, yeah, madali lang maging perfect faney. Sumuporta ka, manatili kang positive at mag-stay ka. You’ll be consider as one. Pwede kang mang-asar, send them JuliElmo pictures na sweet na sweet but never use profane words, at gumamit ka ng sarili mong mukha as DP, wala ring name either ni Julie or Elmo sa username mo. Ako? Gusto ko, masaya lang. Pwede naman yon di ba. At alam ko sa sarili kong choice kong maging masaya. Kaya bakit ko sasayangin ang oras ko sa mga bagay na in the first place magbibigay ng wrinckles sa akin. I-enjoy natin ang mga bagay-bagay hangga’t nandiyan. Maliit man yan o malaki.

Di kagaya ni Mich, na may iniwang “This too shall pass.” wala akong akong ganon, may nabasa lang ako sa twitter na gusto niya daw marinig ang say ko dito, so ito na nga.

Hold On and Stay Positive.

I will. I promise. Its Julie saying, kapit lang, tiwala lang. Hangga’t JuliElmo ka, babalik at babalik sila. Hintayin mo lang. Wag kang magsawa. Para rin naman sayo 'to di ba? Sabi nga nila, go after your happiness. If Julie and Elmo being together will make you happy, then, stay.

I would be glad if I’ll you at the finish line. Hintayin natin yung sinasabi kong finals together ha?

Kase, alam kong …

..’, fAnZ nUä fAnX kHa d!Ñ n9 jUl!3LmÓ..’:)))

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jasico, 18?

“So you are telling me that I got hit by a bus, cracked my skull against the pavement, lost my memories but just got a broken leg?”

Nurse Grace straightened up his tubes and smiled, that I can cure cancer with the shine of my teeth smile.

“I wouldn’t say you cracked your skull, Nico”, he frowned and checked on the machines, scribbling out in his chart whatever they were saying about his state. “With an injury like that everything should probably come back in a couple of weeks”

“Like what, I will get a big flashback and all the moments in my life will pass before my eyes?”

This time his nurse laughed, a low grumbling sound that made Nico jolt and buzz.

“I doubt that’s how it works. Probably you’ll just start to remember little things and it will escalate from there”

Nico fumbled with the rim of his blankets, wrinckling them. He had woken up that same evening to a pair of concerned golden eyes that he didn’t know.

“She looked really upset”, he said to his hands, his voice quiet.

The blond halted.

“She understands. It’s not your fault, Nico”, he put a hand on his shoulder, just a graze of warmth. “Don’t beat yourself up about it, she just was really scared for a few days”

He chewed his lip, his chest still a turmoil.

“Do you want some ice cream? My treat”, he offered suddenly.

Nico blinked for a few seconds. “I’m not 5, nurse Grace”, he scrunched up his nose. “Plus, where are you going to find ice cream at 3 in the morning?”

“Call me Jason, please. And I have my ways”, Jason winked at him and Nico felt how his face spontaneously combusted. Wow, that cheeky grin had to be illegal.

He left the chart by his feet. “I can fetch chocolate or strawberry, which one would you like?”

Nico burrowed his eyebrows so much his forehead started to hurt. “… I don’t know”

“It’s alright, we will figure it out then”

“So? What’s the veredict?” Jason sat by his feet, a cup of individual chocolate ice cream in his hands, and his cheeks glow rosy in the dim lights of the room.

Nico rolled his tongue over a frozen piece of strawberry and hummed. “I think I like chocolate better”

“Well that’s unoriginal”, he swapped their cups again and Nico frowned, his mouth a straight line.

“What, like strawberry is such a bold flavor?”

“Everyone likes chocolate”, Jason smirked, his eyes too blue, his lips too red for Nico’s mental health.

“Shouldn’t you be somewhere else? Saving lives, taking old ladies to the bathroom?”

Nurse Grace snickered and took another spoonful of ice cream.

“Is my company so awful?” Nico blushed again and Jason shrugged. “It’s a quiet night. Went to check on my other patients when I went to fetch the ice cream”

Nico chewed his lip, relishing a bit in the numbness of his mouth and the stillness of the hospital.

“I thought nurses scolded you when you don’t sleep, not grabbed snacks and made conversation”

Jason looked at him for a moment, zaffre eyes tracing his face, his shoulders. He tried not to squirm under that gaze.

“Yeah, I’m being unproffesional, sorry about that”, he scratched his neck, cup of strawberry ice cream forgotten on his lap. “Just felt like talking”

“I don’t mind”, Nico blurted out at that frown. “Even if I know you are just using me as an excuse to not walk the grannies to the bathroom”

Jason laughed, clear and soft and Nico’s heart started singing in his chest. Amnesic and all he had found a new favorite thing.


20. Last minute throw-ons (x)

He got a lazy bun because it’s the easiest and literally quickest way to avoid bad hair day. The shirt is there to hide how wrinckled and dirty the t-shirt is actually. Finding a matching pair of socks in a hurry is nearly impossible, and because he just put on the first pants he could find, it happened to be not even his own. But hey, shit happens.