And here’s the result of the Reddit “Shit Chicagoans Say” thread from Monday. <3 if you like it better than the other one we wrote about this week.

Fall Out Boy will perform at Wrigley Feild before the Cubs opening game, April 5th. The Chicago-native band is set to play 3 songs: “Uma Thurman”, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘em up)” and “Centuries”.

Sh*t People in Wicker Park Say

For the past couple months, Sh*t XYZ Says has been blowing up.  It all started with a man dressed as a young woman who impersonated typical young females with the help of Juliette Lewis in the YouTube sensation, Sh*t Girls Say.  I blogged that video as soon as I saw it, and said, this is going to blow up.  Who called it!?! 

Anyway, little did any of us know that for the next couple months, more videos would follow, such as Sh*t Gay Guys Say, Sh*t Black Girls Say, Sh*t Dudes Say, Sh*t Frat Guys Say, Sh*t Christians Say to Jews, Sh*t Jewish Girls Say, Sh*t No One Says, Sh*t People in L.A. Say, and the my most recent favorite Sh*t Chicagoean’s Say (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofy5gNkKGOo).

After watching this video a couple times, my friends and I realized that although much of it was pretty spot on, the video really should have been called, “Sh*t People in Lincoln Park/ Wrigleyville Say”.  Coming from Wicker Park, I LOLed at the video of course, but if I were to make another Sh*t Someone Says video, it would be “Sh*t People in Wicker Park Say”.   So without further ado, here are is what Sh*t People in Wicker Park Say:

-OMG, every guy at this party looks like Where’s Waldo meets Lumberjack.

-Ew! I had to take the Red Line, it’s so gross.

-Do you know a place I can get prescriptionless glasses?

-Nice beanie!

-Ugh, his jeans were skinnier than mine.

-I don’t drink Starbucks.

-Is this gluten free?

-I’m only smoking this cigarette to look cool.

-You’re going out in Lincoln Park?…ew

-I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters!  This is totally vintage.

-Ugh, the Bongo Room has a hour and a half wait…I guess we could grab coffee at Wormhole while we wait.

-The Red Line is soooo slow.

-You’re going to Wrigleyville?…ew

-I’m going to a concert tonight at the Double Door, you’ve probably never heard of the group.

-We ended up at Flat Iron after Debonair sucked.

-I love house parties.


-Do you have soy milk?

-Everyone’s moving to Logan Square!

-Wait, do you live in actual Wicker Park?  Or do you live in Ukrainian Village?  Bucktown?  West Town?

-You can get anywhere on the Ashland bus.

-The Brown Line is sooo slow.

-Nice mustache!

-There’s a hour wait to get on the hour and a half waiting list for Big Star, we should just get in the 45 minute line at Violet Hour while we wait.

-Ooh, they serve brunch too!

-Why are all the coffee shops always so crowded?

-I love talking to sexually ambiguous guys at bars.

-Do you go to Wicker Park fitness?

-We ended up at Evilolive….shit.

-He has a tattoo of the PBR logo, so cool.

-Well, this bar has a photobooth.

-I can’t tell if that’s a girl or a guy….

-Oh my god, I recognize that guy from Okcupid.

-Do you know Michael at Starbucks?

-It’s right by Six Corners.

-I got it at the Renegade Craft Fair!


-That poor girl needs pants!

-That restaurant closed!  I guess they couldn’t hack it on Division.

-You don’t have a bike?…Ooh.

-I got this dress at a vintage boutique, definitely NOT Urban Outfitters.

-Does the Damen bus actually exist?

-I’d rather be shot than be seen on Hubbard Street.

-You’re going to Wrigleyville?  Have fun getting thrown up on.

-I can’t tell if he’s gay or not!

-I got another tattoo!

-I love carrying around canvas totes with weird animals on it.

-I love dive bars.

-Do you want to check out this new, underground DJ with me?

-Did you hear there’s a new restaurant opening?

-Bottomless mimosas!

-Everyone at this bar is wearing the same outfit.

-I won’t pay more than $5 for a beer.

-Is it on the Blue Line? Ok good, or else I’m not going.

-That’s so mainstream.

-I don’t have Facebook.

-Why is everyone moving to Wicker Park?! Go back to where you came from!

-You can only tell it’s a bar cause of the Old Style sign outside.

-I’m thinking about becoming a Vegan.

-I’m NOT a hipster, I just have hipster interests.

Maybe one day that will become an actual YouTube sensation!  A girl can dream…

Until next time…