wright college

its been three years now since i started those shitty MH comics(I started then in March 2014 :0! ), and it was a dang trip for me. I had been such a fan of MH way before i started the comics, but it helped me shove my art out there and ive met so many incredible people and creators and dang here i go being sentimental

so heres me trying my best at recreating 2014 mh comics style

College Trucy Headcanon

So expanding on my Older!Trucy headcanon, I like to think that in her second year of college, she’s required to take a series of performing arts classes that will improve her skill as a magician. I imagine her classes include, but are not limited to: improv, comedy, sleight of hand and misdirection, physical training, magic, and acrobatics.

Now of course Trucy has a lot of experience with magic, but she knows that if she wants to move into more “dangerous” tricks, she’ll have to get in physical shape.

So consider this: Trucy comes home to visit her Daddy and her Papa (I imagine Trucy’s left the nest but still visits often) and tells them all about her training as a magician. The one thing she doesn’t mention, is just how sore she is after acrobatics. It has no doubt been fun, but Trucy can’t deny how sore her legs have been after a few weeks.

So visiting home, Trucy decides to help clean up and organize the house, since a lot of the clutter is stuff she plans to use for upcoming shows. She was moving a box of her magic stuff to another room, when she drops a pen.

So normally, Trucy would’ve bent down to pick it up and moved right along, but unfortunately, this time was a little different. Trucy bent down to pick up the pen, and suddenly realized her fatal mistake. She couldn’t get back up. Her legs were too sore.

Having realized her situation, Trucy snorts and starts laughing out of embarrassment. She calls out, “Daddy! Can you come help me, please?” trying so hard to contain her laughter. Phoenix came to her aid (Miles was picking up groceries since it was a weekend), but he immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw Trucy on the ground.

Phoenix looks confused and asks, “What’s wrong, Truce?” Trucy, realizing she has to explain her dilemma, starts laughing so hard and says, “I CAN’T GET UP! My legs are so sore, Daddy, acrobatics is so hard!!” At this point Trucy can’t stop giggling, especially when she sees Phoenix smile and laugh just as hard.

Phoenix giggles back, “Oh no, Truce!” and lends her a hand. She helps herself up, and Phoenix pulls her into a hug, realizing how much he missed his daughter and her silly antics.

(Naturally, Phoenix never lets her live it down either.)

College!AU: Paint battle

Inspired by the College!Au of Ace-lazyass.

Once again, I don’t know where that idea comes from! I just found all the college!au idea quite cool and my brain produced that story…. I apologize to Ace-lazyass about Miles’ ponytail. I just can’t draw Miles with a ponytail, my brain can’t handle the concept. He has shorter hair instead! XD

Note: Don’t paint with your finger or put paint on your face: the chemicals inside are not very good for your skin (when I said not very good, I mean very dangerous. So don’t do it at all!)

Bonus: Alternative dialogue

While studying animation at Sheridan we spent a lot of time learning about human anatomy. It all seemed weird at the time; why do I need to know about the skeleton when I’m drawing Mickey Mouse?

It’s because we see people everyday (who have skeletons) and to make Mickey feel solid and part of our world…he needs a skeleton.

The more you know about their shapes, angles and movement the stronger you designs, drawing, paintings and animation will be.


10.20.17 Continued

One of the fun facts about the Kentuck Knob is that the family who asked Wright to design it thought that he would design the house on the side of the hill with the view. There’s a clearing facing east and from this point you can see three states (I believe PA, WV, and Maryland). Wright didn’t do this because he thought if the house was on this part of the hill, they’d grow tired of the view faster. The clearing is a short walk from the house, and I just can’t even imagine having the ability to get up every morning and walk a short ways to see the sun rise over three states!