I wanted to make a gifset of when Edgeworth casually holds Phoenix’s tea for him when he’s talking to De Killer, just cuz I thought that was one of the cutest things ever to happen in the Ace Attorney Anime. Ace Attorney Anime:E023

Fictional Landscapes

This was the last Frank Lloyd Wright’s dream: Ellis Island ‘city of the future’, designed in 1959. As a part of those projects never built in New York. Here is how a daily journal describes:

‘’..After the immigration centre was decommissioned in 1954 the site was offered to developers.
The highest bid proposed a ‘completely self-contained city of the future’ designed by recently deceased Frank Lloyd Wright.
It featured a circular podium superimposed on the rectangular island. There were thousands of apartments and a 500-room hotel. Air-conditioned domes would house theatres, hospitals, churches and schools. Cars would be replaced by moving pavements.
All proposals were rejected and the island was declared a national monument…’’ 


I know I’m super late and I have no excuses but here’s the festive squad