Always My Doctor

This is me exploring my own headcanon regarding the Doctor’s gender identity. And this also fills @doctorroseprompts‘s prompt from forever ago regarding post-regeneration conversations.

Thirteen x Rose

The Doctor and Rose have a much-needed conversation after the Doctor regenerates into a female body.


Rose glanced across the bed at her bondmate, her eyes tracing over the new features. The blonde hair, the sharp cheekbones, the bright eyes. She’d gone through this four times now, but this was the first time her Doctor had regenerated into a female body.

She could feel the Doctor’s disappointment and hurt just moments before her face tightened.

“Is this too weird, then?” she asked, gesturing between the two of them.

“No,” Rose said, reaching out for the Doctor’s hand. “No, it’s just…”

Rose sighed and closed her eyes, letting the feel of the Doctor’s hand in hers soothe her. No matter the body, their hands always fit together perfectly. Rose absently rubbed her thumb across the Doctor’s and basked in the feeling of her bondmate in her mind. That still felt the same; it always felt the same, no matter the regeneration.

“I don’t know what to do,” Rose admitted.

The Doctor’s hurt flared, and her face fell.

“No!” Rose said immediately, realizing how her words sounded. “Not like that! It’s just… what do I call you?”

The Doctor’s brows furrowed. “The Doctor?”

Rose shook her head impatiently. “Yes, yes, but when I’m addressing you to people. I always said “my husband”. And it’s habit to call you my husband, but now you’re my wife, but do you want me to introduce you as my wife? Or my spouse? Or my bondmate? No, most people don’t know what a bondmate is. This is just so different from anything I’ve ever done and am I supposed to call you “she” and “her” now too, or is there something else I should say instead?”

Warmth and comfort pulsed across the bond as the Doctor wriggled over and bed and enveloped Rose in a hug. She went immediately and nuzzled into the Doctor’s neck, inhaling the new but comforting scent of her bondmate.

“I’m sorry,” the Doctor whispered. “I didn’t realize how hard this would be on you.”

“It’s not,” Rose insisted. “You are still my Doctor. My bondmate. The love of my life. And you always will be.”

“Then that’s the important part,” the Doctor said simply as she grinned broadly.

Rose could feel the utter relief and happiness the Doctor was projecting, and Rose snuggled closer. She burrowed deeper into their bond and passed along all the love and support that she could, not realizing how afraid the Doctor had been about her newest regeneration.

You will always be my Doctor, she said fiercely. No matter what. I love you.

As I love you, the Doctor whispered, brushing a kiss along the bond. It doesn’t matter what you call me in public. Time Lords didn’t have the strict concept of gender identity that you humans have. A person’s identity wasn’t dependent upon the body they were in. In Gallifreyan, there were dozens of pronouns and ways to identify oneself and others, and it was all very complex and next to none of it translates well into English. So what I’m trying to say is you can introduce me however you’d like. I won’t be offended, because we know what we are to each other, and that’s all that matters to me.

Rose’s eyes stung with tears as she smiled at her Doctor. She carded her fingers through her hair, enjoying the new, silky strands, before she leaned closer to press a kiss to the Doctor’s lips. The Doctor hummed and angled her head to the side to deepen the kiss.

I love you so much, the Doctor murmured. Forever, my Rose.

Rose slowly rolled onto her back and urged the Doctor to straddle her hips before she reclaimed her bondmate’s lips in a kiss.

Forever, my Doctor.

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Fluffy hc that the first few weeks or so of them sleeping in the same bed Cas is not yet that used to being human and the concept of sleep, and although he's got millions of years of sleep to catch up on, he tosses and turns and wriggles around all night unless Dean practically straddles him (which Dean is low-key - okay maybe a little high-key - glad about)

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I really don’t do this a lot, as you can tell. But enjoy, nonetheless (I hope).
—Very very very NSFW—

Halfway through the evening was when Liam had dragged her away from the ballroom and into an empty hallway. He took her elbow firmly and steered her away from the handsome ambassador from Italy she had been speaking to without a word.

“Liam? What are you-”

He didn’t answer, just directed her through a nearby doorway, shutting the door behind them. When he finally turned to look at her his eyes were dark and hooded. He pushed her against the wall before she could question him again, studying her features in a silent but deadly manner. She smirked, kicking her shoes off. She wriggled her toes, reveling in the ice-cold feeling of the marble floor beneath her feet. “Oh, I see. I must say, I thought you’d be able to handle yourself for a while longer. Maybe I should forget to wear panties more often.”

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i just want to throw out there that Spot Conlon would /seem/ all tough in front of his newsies but the second he's got you in the bed and you call him a good boy or give him any kind of praise???? boy is gonna whimper like a sub. i totally see that he's a switch and when he's subbing he's a total brat. like??? tying him to a bed? yeah he's wriggling out of your reach. trying to punish him? he makes sure you know he enjoys it cause he likes when you push him. he also /loves/ to return the favor


The thing that sets humans apart from any other species is our capacity for determination. It is easily, from an outsider perspective, our most terrifying and awe invoking trait. Whenever there is an all-powerful demon that’s the villain, they’ll always say something like “you humans and your determination…” and that is because it is a really freaky phenomenon, all things considered.

Get your arm cut off? Still fight. Lose an eye? Still fight. On your dying breath? STILL COMING. We have incredible willpower that’s only increased by hardship. I’m sure plenty of us have uttered the phrase “just have to make it through this week…” at least once. And furthermore, other instances of this mysterious “power” are downright impossible to believe. When a 1000 ton boulder fell on a man’s arm, he was able to push it off and wriggle himself loose.

It’s nothing short of incredible.

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Okay- *he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a scruffy, scrappy, skinny little dog, which immediately wriggles out of his hands and roams around the room* Tadahh-? *he looks at Books, a little anxiously* -Jojo

*gasps happily* I knew you was hidin a dog. aw, he’s cute. Did you ever find him food? Why’s we gotta hide him though?

(I wasn’t sure how to have him react, sorry this ones so bad!)

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❝ I sorta had a bad day. Just cuddle up with me for a little while, please? ❞

sentence starters: misc. romantic tension !

The out-of-the-blue announcement actually eased some of Blakk’s awkwardness, as he’d tried to figure out - and react appropriately to - Zim acting so … off this evening.  But he hadn’t figured it out, which resulted in Blakk keeping his distance and dancing around Zim as if he were something fragile that Blakk was too afraid to touch.

“… Oh.  Okay.”  After a few halting steps, Blakk found it strangely easy the way he fit next to Zim on the sofa, and oddly natural how Zim’s arm fell around his shoulders.  He wasn’t sure how fully Zim wanted to cuddle - but he did know that Zim liked to cuddle - so he let his head rest against the other’s shoulder and wriggled a tiny bit closer.  Maybe that was what Zim wanted, because he wrapped both arms around Blakk and tugged him against his chest, burying his nose in Blakk’s hair.  The urgency of it made Blakk’s heart ache.

“… Are you okay, Zim?” he asked, softly, mentally kicking himself for not understanding sooner.  But he would listen to anything Zim wanted to say, and watch whatever Zim wanted to watch, and then he would go stab whatever it was that had made Zim feel so bad.

Makeup trends come and go, however, some truly leave nothing to the imagination and leave us all questioning “Who thought up this one?”

Meet the Squiggle brow the newest obsession. As crazy as this newest sensation appears, anyone who walks out in public does receive a round of applause because, not only does it take affirmative action but, tentative time to get those wriggle/squiggle brows to look sleek and perfect.

Youtube beauty sensation Promise Phan is the most recent internet celebrity to take on this craze in the above photo.

Will you be wagging those squiggle brows anytime soon?