Other Mike picked up this cool late ‘64/early ‘65 Mustang to restore it, but I think it’s awesome as-is! Real-deal ’70s Wide Range in the bridge with the original moved to the neck, pat-pend vibrato and some cool stickers. I think we may leave the Cola one on. #guitar #fender #mustang #vintage #offset #mod #seattle #yes #wrhb (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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I’ll make a few more detailed posts later, but here’s Adam’s guitars for @the1975’s recording session starting next week: his ‘64 Jaguar, black and red Fano JM6s, the Music Man JP model he got when he was 17, a '70 Telecaster Custom, and a Schecter Robert Smith model. Lots of great stuff in that studio!

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Holy shit! Speaking of old friends, the fabled “Clownburst” stopped by for a minor tweak, and it felt great to get re-acquainted. The body’s from OSG’s @adhguitars and the neck came from @paulrhoney with an ebony board, no less. Vintage WRHBs and Pat Pend vibrato, too. What a beast! #guitar #clownburst #tele #telecaster #jazzmaster #jaguar #deluxe #wrhb #seattle #custom #andrewdoeshair #paulrhoney (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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It’s been a long road, baby. This Road Worn Telecaster, as you may know, was NOT looking good when it came in, but after a lot of work it’s finally ready for stage and studio. Outfitted with a Mastery Bridge and @lollarpickups’ Regal and Special-T models (such and amazing combo!) this Tele is full of twang and punch, and if you haven’t heard the three-dimensional complexity of the Regal you haven’t lived! Upper right corner is as it was upon arrival. I dubbed it ‘The Shitcaster’ when it came in, but now I’d rock this one… #guitar #repair #fender #tele #telecaster #lollar #wrhb #custom #seattle #masterybridge #yes (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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In “HOLY SHIT LOOK WHAT ELSE WE GOT!” news, this near-perfect 1976 Fender Starcaster just arrived and we’re gonna list it ASAP. Incredibly enough, it includes its original case in excellent shape, and the original Fender strap too!!!! Zoinks! #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #fender #starcaster #1970s #1976 #wow #sunburst #johnnygreenwood #WRHB #perfect #omg (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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Man, our ‘76 Starcaster is just an incredible guitar! I’ve been trying not to spend too much time with it lest I become attached to its case-kept goodness! So clean, so barely played, so beautiful. For sale now @mmguitarbar! #mmguitarbar #seattle #fender #starcaster #vintage #vintageguitar #vintageguitars #sunburst #semihollow #hollowbody #fholes #wrhb #widerange (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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Someone asked about aftermarket WRHBs a few days back, and this morning I happened to stumble upon a collection of links on OSG thanks to user Ratwhacker. This is just about everyone making Wide Range pickups these days, some in normal humbucker enclosures. And I’ll admit it, I haven’t even heard of many of these. Behold:

Arcane Inc.: Broad Range (site isn’t working)
Ardizzi Pickups: Wide Range T72
Brierley: custom order only
Curtis Novak: WRHB
Lollar: Regal
Mojotone: 72 Wide Range Clone
Mojotone: 72 Wide Range Custom
Oil City Pickups: The Buccaneer
Telenator: MOD 1 Plain Magnet
Telenator: MOD 2 Fixed Pole
Telenator: MOD 3 Hybrid Cunife/Alnico
Telenator: CuNiFe
The Creamery: WRHB *Both full size and standard HB

Axerus: Split Pole
Barfuss: NEU
Catswhisker: Ranger DLX
Lindy Fralin: P-92 & Twangmaster
Curtis Novak: HUM-WR
GFS: Vintage Split HB
G&B: G116 C/-1 C
The Creamery: WRHB

hippyjamfest  asked:

Do you guys have any experience with the Curtis Novak WRHB and how they compare to the Lollars?

We do. I would call the Novak ‘more faithful’ if that makes any sense to you. Where Lollar’s Regal pickups retain the darker personality of the vintage unit, it also packs on the characteristic Lollar clarity increase and the slight kick in the mids associated with their Imperial pickups. A PAF it is not, but there’s a bit more of a rock tone in them, which is kind of what I might say about most Lollars. His pickups have ‘a sound.’ Fantastic.

Novak’s WRHB is very close to the original, with the low-mid focus and round yet present high end. Dark, yes, but with the slight decrease in midrange that makes the originals so highly coveted in Indie rock circles. Sounds just like the opening of “I Might Be Wrong”. Also fantastic.

Which would I prefer out of the Lollar or the Novak offerings? Depends on my application, really. They’re not exactly the same, you know?

Both are really, really great. You couldn’t go wrong either way!