THERE uwu finished Rebs’ request ohoho!

She wanted DaveJade smoochies, so I really hope this is alright… I mean… it’s kind of a smooch right

… I dunno I’m just trying to keep these requests varied you know

I’m still streaming these! Thhhree more to go before I take new ones u0u

…. Although at this point I might just start taking more right now I mean it’s kinda getting late for everyone else

I noticed the other day how bulky the armor is on Wrathion’s forearms, and immediately began pondering if that would translate into his dragon form

my only regret is that I actually have no idea how quadrupeds work

my sparkle-dog phase (you know, the one where you insist you can’t draw humans?) was very meager and short-lived

this was for that draw drill but then I spent so much time on it that… I think it lost the spirit of what the drill was about


also I need to start using more interesting colors to shade with

also get my values right

Headcanon, Red would totally try to count Ard’s freckles

and Ard would shout out random numbers every so often to try and mess up his count

Get up to 243 or something and suddenly “32!!” “Two-hundred and thirty– DAMMIT.



Ardois is there something you haven’t been telling me.


He’s been modeling for Ardacrombie & Rich between panels.

Just putting this into my art tag. Also fixing that reference because Non is better at puns than I am

Uhhh I kind of used the entire Abercrombie and Fitch search results page as a reference too

I have this problem where it takes me so long to sketch because I insist on shading the sketch and to a lesser extent messing with the line quality on the sketch

I wanted to do something too, so I drew this scene from today when Dana had to leave for a bit and I wound up running around in circles around Sien

I’ll Ymde and Jour tomorroow sometime I’m too tired I’m sorry ;;