oh my god. here it is. here’s the end of it

RIGHT as Ginger got to chapter 111 of CoBC too. It’s PERFECT

god this AU is so convoluted. Peter Capra, an undertale oc, goes on The Bach and meets Shane from stardew valley, who’s probably there because… sophia dies? maybe? I think that was the explanation you guys came up with?


@ginger-delight-writes @totalskeletontrash this is your guys’s fault

the second installment of this fucking incredible bach au where Sophia is dead and Cap had an argument with MTT about TV or something??

holy shit this is convoluted, TST, we’re reaching underswapfell levels of AU here

@totalskeletontrash and @ginger-delight-writes, the partners in this crime


pictures from stream!! these are sketches that usually go unseen because I only really give TST things that are directly related to CoBC or anything she’s working on

so here are some doodles / things I practice on

there’s not a whole lot of a quantity thing going on so quality is hit n miss, but that’s the point, right, transparency of how much you suck on any given day


So, I wanted to share this because it’s always good to share how people reach other people and bring them joy.

Remember that beautiful commission I asked of you from. Christmas for my daughter? She decided to make a costume of it for Comic Con and wear it and she got a TON of compliments.

Also, my brother is a HUGE Napoleon Dynamite fan so his kids are as well. As a surprise for my bro we went to see him for a photo op and chatted with him a while. Short story, he LOVED her costume and we showed him the sketch/ colored pic that it came from and he was VERY impressed (he asked if I had a booth but I told him noooooooooo I didn’t make the amazing pic) .

Anyway, just know how far you work went and inspired and that it reached the infamous Napoleon Dynamite :)

OH MY GOD……. I cannot BELIEVE this

and dude, it was YOUR sketch?? you just paid me to paint it??? like, not to downplay myself, but the infamous Napoleon Dynamite saw OUR work

FUCK I know I messaged you already but that’s SUCH a fucking cool costume I’m so impressed by it, and real talk, it’s a little stunning to see something you worked on like…. exist? in real life?


a lot of research went into these looks. the minute @onadacora complained about not knowing how to describe how they looked, me n @tongueofcat were ON IT

with cat’s fashion knowledge and my art skill and Ona’s writing, we done it. we maked a pretty pair. good job team

also me too sans

me too.

(go read Would That Make You Happy?? Ona has been churning out the quality fic like nothing else and sure its size might be a little intimidating now since we’re at 54 chapters but also IT’S WORTH?)

(also dress-up chapter had a lot more substance and feels than I anticipated,,, ona how do you weave the things I hate into my heart and make me like them)


doodles from last night’s stream!! I’m really liking sketching on grey it’s super easy on my eyes compared to white, even with f.lux on 

mmm here’s that Would That Make You Happy? plug cause at 61 chapters it continues to be real close to my heart I have never felt so much love between two people in a fic, been so invested in two people in a fic, and been completely heartbroken over them and not just them but thE PEOPLE AROUND THEM

it’s good shit

(And thanks to all you sinners in the jail there for coming to the stream. You’re all always a ton of fun! <3)

alright here are the safe for work doodles from the stream last night with @onadacora!!

nowadays after she posts a chapter of Would That Make You Happy? we do a stream where I draw scenes from the chapter and you guys can come in and joke around with us and ask questions and sometimes get really cool teasers to future plot. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself

the other half of this pic is coming up soon. you know the half