@wrexie finished my commission (yesterday technically but I was asleep when it happened, I’ve been sick ok) and I’m screaming?? Just gosh, I love how they made the bottom look like there are freaking tear splotches and water marks and stuff (Cause Elincia would definitely cry when looking at this aha) The twins look so goddamn good and I love the outfits Wrexie designed, and the whole warm atmosphere of the image is just 👌👌👌👌
And oh my god Alea’s hair turned out so good, and the texture on her sweater! Ah! I can’t stop just raving about how amazing this is I squeal every time I see it it’s so good
100/10 would commission again

also a stream sketch for @trucbiduleschouettes, who came into my commission box like “wrexie please I need a kid with a terrifying wooden mask that’s all toothy and I don’t know what it looks like*!!” so of course I couldn’t resist yknow

my first few attempts were very…… japanese theater. They were toothy, but not frightening

I think I finally got it to look juuuust right, though

*that is absolutely a humorous paraphrasing

my art // commission me // my stream (m-w-f)

Actually, I just realized I never posted this

this is my character for the dA group, Gravefall.

I joined as a way to reconnect to a visual art community. I haven’t chummed it up with other artists for yeeeaars.

Her character design was a very meticulous undertaking, and some of the most fun I’ve ever had!! I hope to be able to pull her more into the cyberpunk setting whenever I update it, but for now she looks very suitable.


oh my god. here it is. here’s the end of it

RIGHT as Ginger got to chapter 111 of CoBC too. It’s PERFECT

god this AU is so convoluted. Peter Capra, an undertale oc, goes on The Bach and meets Shane from stardew valley, who’s probably there because… sophia dies? maybe? I think that was the explanation you guys came up with?


@ginger-delight-writes @totalskeletontrash this is your guys’s fault

the second installment of this fucking incredible bach au where Sophia is dead and Cap had an argument with MTT about TV or something??

holy shit this is convoluted, TST, we’re reaching underswapfell levels of AU here

@totalskeletontrash and @ginger-delight-writes, the partners in this crime


pictures from stream!! these are sketches that usually go unseen because I only really give TST things that are directly related to CoBC or anything she’s working on

so here are some doodles / things I practice on

there’s not a whole lot of a quantity thing going on so quality is hit n miss, but that’s the point, right, transparency of how much you suck on any given day


a lot of research went into these looks. the minute @onadacora complained about not knowing how to describe how they looked, me n @tongueofcat were ON IT

with cat’s fashion knowledge and my art skill and Ona’s writing, we done it. we maked a pretty pair. good job team

also me too sans

me too.

(go read Would That Make You Happy?? Ona has been churning out the quality fic like nothing else and sure its size might be a little intimidating now since we’re at 54 chapters but also IT’S WORTH?)

(also dress-up chapter had a lot more substance and feels than I anticipated,,, ona how do you weave the things I hate into my heart and make me like them)