a lot of research went into these looks. the minute @onadacora complained about not knowing how to describe how they looked, me n @tongueofcat were ON IT

with cat’s fashion knowledge and my art skill and Ona’s writing, we done it. we maked a pretty pair. good job team

also me too sans

me too.

(go read Would That Make You Happy?? Ona has been churning out the quality fic like nothing else and sure its size might be a little intimidating now since we’re at 54 chapters but also IT’S WORTH?)

(also dress-up chapter had a lot more substance and feels than I anticipated,,, ona how do you weave the things I hate into my heart and make me like them)

alright here are the safe for work doodles from the stream last night with @onadacora!!

nowadays after she posts a chapter of Would That Make You Happy? we do a stream where I draw scenes from the chapter and you guys can come in and joke around with us and ask questions and sometimes get really cool teasers to future plot. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself

the other half of this pic is coming up soon. you know the half


AND THE DOODLES FROM YESTERDAY except for two of them because that other post was getting a lot of images in it already

Would That Make You Happy? written by @onadacora. halloween chapters in march though ona?? wow. incredible.

Chill Or Be Chilled written by @totalskeletontrash, where Capra is apparently being shipped with Sans?


You glance up to catch Deacon looking, smiling to yourself. “Find anything interesting?”

He leans in close to a little battered frame with a faded photograph Sans recognizes. It’s one of you and your father, one of the few you have of him, you said. At first you hadn’t wanted to hang it up on the wall with everything else because you didn’t think it fit in with all the photos of you, Sans, Frisk, and Papyrus. But of course it does, because it’s got you, and he likes to think that if your dad was still around that he’d be part of your life and your family right now. He scanned the picture into his computer and printed a copy to store in that broken machine in his workshop out back, just in case. […]

[…] Deacon’s eyes shift to the next picture, and scans up the stairwell at the handful more that are hanging there. He arches a brow and chuckles. “You know they have these things called photo albums, right?”

– from Would That Make You Happy? Chapter 89: Working Together, by @onadacora

Pictures from the stream yesterday!! Of the actual picture wall!! I want to do even more pictures tbh, send in ideas

I couldn’t actually decide on what the picture of Hope’s dad would be. I still have so many ideas. But now he has a face!! Look at that dad. I’m fond of the first one just because you can see his hands and I imagine him with really beat up hands?? Also he’s supposed to be like. Afro-latino(?? don’t quote me on this ask Ona) but the person I had in mind trying to draw his expressions and personality is Samoan so people who commented he looks jamaican/hawaiian?? that is probably why


doodles from the stream of the ninth of february, in the year twenty-sixteen

it was great I made people attracted to christopher. including Ona. Ona is still mad at me.

and for the newfound Cheacon shippers. hahahhaa.

obligatory wtmyh happy link because @onadacora is totally worth your time and energy but not mine so that’s just a link to whatever chapter I had up you’ll have to navigate to chapter 1

“Frisk, is that something you’d want? For Sans to be your dad?” You fight the urge to look up at Sans, to try and see what he’s thinking.

Frisk flings their arms around your neck, catching you by surprise as they give you a big hug and bury their face into the side of your neck. You fold them up in your arms, cradling them against your chest as you sink to your knees, and when you finally let yourself look up at the doorway Sans has one hand hanging in the air, like he was going to reach out for the two of you but caught himself halfway. There’s something in his face that you can only describe as longing. It’s painful and bittersweet, and you wish you knew exactly what he was thinking so you knew what to say.

“Yeah,” Frisk says, their voice muffled between your two bodies, pressed close. “I wished, a while ago, with Papyrus… Back in Waterfall. That the four of us could be a family. And if Sans was my dad then Papyrus would be my uncle! And we’d all be a family like I wished.”

From Chapter 47 of Would That Make You Happy, “More Than a Name”, by the VERY DETERMINED TO BREAK MY HEART @onadacora.

she said this is the scene she most wanted to see drawn so who am I to deny her like. 8 hours of my time. (I didn’t mean for it to be 8 hours it just ended up that way)

get back to writing how dare you leave me on a cliffhanger like that


that second pic is huge I’m sorry

I’m trying to stay in practice drawing while I’m here in washington which is hard cause nor wants the laptop like. constantly

also it’s really fun getting ona’s commentary as you draw sans n hope just lettin you guys know. she’s like an art beta