Trans woman stranded in SF

Needs a safe place to stay ASAP. Do NOT message me - contact her directly at lostinalegacy@gmail.com

If you have a place to stay, know someone who does or any (actually, not just in theory) trans friendly shelters contact her ASAP please

I will not have reg access to Internet for the rest of the week so I won’t be able to boost this. Please Reblog and queue, also if anyone has a chance submit to trans housing network. & last but not lease tag popular bloggers! THANK YOU

wretchedoftheearth replied to your postSacredfemales deleted his blog…. So does it really matter? He obviously decided that it was wrong and won’t be posting them again…. I mean getting someone to delete their blog shows you won.

also FYI usually when these people delete their blogs they remake. i have a lot of creepy pornish blogs that follow my bdsm blog that have gotten deleted and they just remake

Yep he’ll pop up elsewhere I bet.

wretchedoftheearth replied to your post: jesus christ it cost so much though th…

people with black ancestry are underrepresented in genetic research so occasionally companies and universities will offer them for free. 2 of my sisters got it for free this way. since there are major unis there you could try looking

Thank you! I’ll see if any colleges/ schools offer that in Manhattan, I’d hope so cause shiddd 200 dollars is mula

wretchedoftheearth replied to your post: just that one song? he used it to impersonate george bush though

he’s doing it to be like “ha ha look how much of a progressive white liberal i am” and advance the harmful narrative that there are bad racist homophobic whites and good white liberals like him

i hate going back to shit i said i was done with, but you’re right, it’s that stupid fucking binary thinking fucking people up. you’re “bad” or you’re “good”, you’re shouting slurs intended to harm or you’re an ally, that’s how people break it down. and since he’s not doing what most people think of as actively “gay-bashing”, then he’s okay. i mean, didn’t he say he SUPPORTS gay marriage, how could his use of “f****t” in TWO songs be wrong, he’s making a point, but like…. this shit is more complicated than saying “yeah, they should get able to get married”. whatever man. fucking hate “nice” white people.