“I’m a feminist/social rights blog” but i hate my followers, veganism, and fitblrs. Too much hate for me. Didn’t even need to think twice to unfollow you. I was tired if your hateful rants.

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yeah actually most rapists don’t even acknowledge that what they did is rape and they rarely feel sorry, they only feel sorry if they get caught which is a different thing entirely

yeah this basically, there is a difference between feeling guilt for the consequences you’ll face, and the actual wrongdoing, and even then, WHY WOULD I CARE HOW A RAPIST FEELS

wretchedoftheearth replied to your postSacredfemales deleted his blog…. So does it really matter? He obviously decided that it was wrong and won’t be posting them again…. I mean getting someone to delete their blog shows you won.

also FYI usually when these people delete their blogs they remake. i have a lot of creepy pornish blogs that follow my bdsm blog that have gotten deleted and they just remake

Yep he’ll pop up elsewhere I bet.

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people with black ancestry are underrepresented in genetic research so occasionally companies and universities will offer them for free. 2 of my sisters got it for free this way. since there are major unis there you could try looking

Thank you! I’ll see if any colleges/ schools offer that in Manhattan, I’d hope so cause shiddd 200 dollars is mula

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I'd disagree that white people can really be fetishized, or that it's the same if someone prefers white people. White people are viewed as the default, as the standard for femininity and masculinity. Colonialism forces whiteness as the beauty standard for all people. So it's not really fetishizing, it's being amongst the norm for the most part. Women and men of color are never viewed as visions of perfection when white people want them, just special exotic objects.

so... I just got this email...

Good evening!

I am one of the people who signed your petition. I am a 2010 graduate (Ph.D.) and former employee of Illinois State.

I support you in your efforts to stop the madness. One of the reasons I left in 2009 was the appalling lack of University administrators (Dr. Bowman, in particular) to fight for what’s right.

If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.

ohhhh my god

he added me on linkedin

500+ connections

former assistant to the dean for student services