One year ago, one of the best albums ever came out ♥ #WretchedAndDivine is an INCREDIBLE work of art. ♥ I appreciate the blood, sweat, & tears that was put into this heavenly album ♥ Honestly, it is crazy to believe that its already one year’s old! ♥
Wretched and Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones has touched my heart deeply.. each song was written very passionately and expressive. These men really outdid themselves♥ and its only the beginning!

I love this album so much that I have five copies♥ :)
#BVBAppreciation ♡
Through this album we’ve gained more members of our #BVBArmy family and have brought a bigger image to the name we carry! People see our Army story, understand us more and understand the band more. This album was a huge step for BVB, especially working with official producers and such! Its so so beautiful to see what the album came to be and very empowering to hear each and every message W&D provokes.
I’m very VERY proud of our men and all the awards they recieved for this album!
I take huge pride in being apart of this family and words cannot express how much W&D means to me…

#HappyBirthdayWretchedAndDivine!!!! ♥
#BlackVeilBrides #BVB #WretchedAndDivineTheStoryOfTheWildOnes

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