Can you imagine being one of Vienna’s most promising young composers, a piano virtuoso, next in line to the great Haydn and Mozart, only to discover, while in your late 20s, that you were losing your hearing? You try to keep it a secret. What would people think of a deaf composer? Surely your career would be ruined. You avoid social gatherings for two years, close yourself off to the world and retreat to the countryside to wallow in your despair. You contemplate suicide, and write a farewell letter to your brothers revealing the extent of your suffering. But you never send it. In it, you mention that there is only one thing worth living for. Your art.

“I would have put an end to my life – only art it was that withheld me, ah it seemed impossible to leave the world until I had produced all that I felt called upon me to produce, and so I endured this wretched existence.”

Well that was pretty lucky for us, because despite his misery, Ludwig van Beethoven would go on to write some of the greatest music our unworthy little ears have ever heard. He wasn’t going to let a little thing like going deaf stop him from making music! In the 10 years after that letter was written, and with his hearing gradually getting worse and worse, Beethoven composed an opera, six symphonies, four solo concerti, five string quartets, six string sonatas, seven piano sonatas, five sets of piano variations, four overtures, four trios, two sextets and 72 songs. This stage of his output, appropriately known as his ‘heroic period’ included some of his most famous works like the 5th Symphony and Moonlight Sonata.

Besides music, Beethoven’s other great love was nature. He saw them as intrinsically linked, with his music being a direct expression of nature’s beauty. His favourite pastime and source of creativity was the long, daily walks he would take in the countryside. He always carried his notebook with him, ready to write down any music that came to him, often inspired by birdsong. Unlike that show off Mozart, who could write an original concert on the spot, Beethoven’s process was a long and tortuous affair. He would constantly be scribbling down notes, have to change and revise his pieces and worked on multiple compositions at the same time over numerous years before he was satisfied.

Sure, his hearing loss, along with alcoholism and chronic stomach illness left the already grumpy Beethoven even more short-tempered, paranoid and miserable, but his saviour was always his art, which he viewed as a calling from God: “To Beethoven music was not only a manifestation of the beautiful, an art, it was akin to religion. He felt himself to be a prophet, a seer. All the misanthropy engendered by his unhappy relations with mankind, could not shake his devotion to this ideal.”

In 1824, when he was 53, and by this stage totally deaf, Beethoven completed his final masterpiece, his 9th Symphony. He was insistent that he conduct it himself at the premiere, the first time in 12 years he had performed in public, but was mainly there as a symbolic gesture (the orchestra actually followed a composer standing next to the great master). Legend goes that as the symphony ended, Beethoven was a bit off time and still conducting when the music had stopped, so an opera singer turned him around to face the rapturous audience, whom he had no idea were clapping. He received five standing ovations.

So yeah, next time you need a bit of a creative kick up the butt, remember that one of the greatest pieces of music in history was written by a deaf dude.

by Gavin Aung Than

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honestly fuck this fuck warner bros i fucking hate this so much its obviously a cash grab its way too fucking overpriced and and where and when the fuck would i even wear this dumb fucking thing but I’m so far up this bands ass i still want it and i still find myself searching all my pockets for money in the vain hopes that i could fucking afford it all the while mentally hitting myself over the head and yelling at myself for doing exactly what they want me to when will i be free from the wretched existence i lead

   “Always remember that our existence is full of woe and misery, and that the ills to which we are exposed are innumerable. Wherever we are, we need only cast a look around, to revive the sense of human misery: there before our eyes we can see mankind struggling and floundering in torment - all for the sake of a wretched existence, barren and unprofitable!
   If we remember this, we will not expect very much from life, but learn to accommodate ourselves to a world where all is relative and no perfect state exists - always looking misfortune in the face, and if we cannot avoid it, meeting it with courage.
   It should never be forgotten that misfortune, be it great or small, is the element in which we live.”

- Arthur Schopenhauer, “Counsels and Maxims”, Parerga und Paralipomena (1851)

“To say that ‘socialism doesn’t work’ is to overlook the fact that it did. In Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia, North Korea, and Cuba, revolutionary communism created a life for the mass of people that was far better than the wretched existence they had endured under feudal lords, military bosses, foreign colonizers, and Western capitalists. The end result was a dramatic improvement in living conditions for hundreds of millions of people on a scale never before or since witnessed in history.

"State socialism transformed desperately poor countries into modernized societies in which everyone had enough food, clothing, and shelter; where elderly people had secure pensions; and where all children (and many adults) went to school and no one was denied medical attention. Some of us from poor families who carry around the hidden injuries of class are much impressed by these achievements and are unwilling to dismiss them as merely 'economistic’.”

—  Michael Parenti

So if Yana never reveals anything about Sebastian’s past, does that mean any headcanon for him is now canon? Because that means the following ideas all have equal chance of being canon:

  • He could just be a cloud with limbs
  • He has a cooking show in hell and each contract doubles as an episode for his show
  • He likes sticking around Ciel because it’s an excuse to not go home, where he’s a wanted demon for tax evasion
  • He was there when Noah’s ark (the biblical one) happened and he snuck 20 extra cats on board
  • He’s the only crow demon left in existence because the rest were all like “so tired of life, we’re gonna jump this thingy and end our wretched existence” but Sebastian saw a cat at the last moment and decided not to jump down the thingy because he found his true love
  • He’s the only demon left, period. That’s why William hates him so much.
  • He spent every day of his life possessing people and laughing about it
  • He fought spring-heeled Jack over a pair of high heels
  • He dated a vampire and a mummy at the same time
This life, they say, is a dream, and I am apt to think so too, when I contemplate the narrow limits which confine the active spirit of man, when I consider that all his powers are exercised for mere sustenance, in order to prolong a wretched existence; that his seeming concern with respect to certain inquiries is but a blind resignation, and that his great delight is to paint upon the walls of his prison delusive figures and false landscapes, though the boundaries of his confinement are still before his eyes—when these thoughts arise, Oh, my friend! I am silenced, I begin to meditate deeper, to search the heart, and what is the result? More visionary shadows, more vain superstition and empty imagination…
—  Goethe, The Sorrows of Young Werther
To Curse An Enemy With Your Body

Onto a poppet inscribed with the name of your enemy drip your blood. Say:

My blood unto thee, a curse upon thee

Spit on the poppet and say:

My spit unto thee, a curse upon thee

Then say:

By witch’s spit and witch’s blood, cloak your life in shade’s dark hood. Of my body you now take, your life be plagued by pain and ache. As I bleed, so shall you bleed. As I spit, so shall the drool of misery ever cease to flow from the mouths of fate onto your wretched existence. By the true infernal power of the witch, (insert name) be cursed!

Leave the poppet at the crossroads or bury it. To end the spell burn the poppet and say:

As witch’s blood and spit doth burn, from this curse you shall return.

And you will never know

Silent, hushed and noiseless

Like a killer on the road

It will crawl slowly up to your heart

And you’ll never know…

Gloomy it is and dark inside out,

Like shadows in the night

It will follow you around

And you’ll never know…

Swiftly it flows in the fierce winds,

Like riders on the storm

It will take your soul away

And you’ll never know…

Dreadfully wretched in its existence

Like sirens in the sea

It will sing to you till you’re lost

And you’ll never know…

Hypnotic and hypnotizing

Like a fantasy out of a lore

It will consume you whole

But you’ll never know…

Don’t live in this darkness, run away!

Like a horse on the loose,

Or it will kill you inside,

Believe me you’ll never know…