Protective- Dean Ambrose x Reader

||Request: Can you make a wolf Dean where he’s jealous because AJ is flirting with reader. Then almost kills him. Dean then whimpers like a pup for forgiveness.||

“You like that hon?” AJ said as he pinned you against the wall. He traced your collarbone while he watched your mouth for what he thought was going to be a moan.

“No AJ get off of me!” You pushed the Southern man away, “and I thought Southerners were supposed to be mannered!” AJ gave a cocky smirk, “well of course honey, we are! I’m just the champ. Girls just fall for me- like you.”

You gave a wide eyed response, “dude, I never said I liked you. So get the fuck away from me.” AJ rolled his eyes in response, “feisty young thang you are,” his southern slang was kind of alluring. You looked to the other guys in the locker room. You saw Ambrose was the only one paying attention to your little situation. His deep blue eyes gave a fierce stare at AJ.

Defend mine.

Dean walked over and grabbed AJ by the neck to pin him to the wall, “you like that punk? Don’t fucking think about touching my mate again.”

AJ’s eyes begged for a release, “F-f-fuck you, Ambrose,” was the only thing he could choke out. Before a fight broke out you inserted yourself between the two men, “how about you let the dumbass go babe and we can go back to our room?”

Tear into him. Dominate.

“She’s mine. Claimed,” Dean spat as he dropped the choke. AJ huffed, “you got a fine piece of ass on your hands though.” You quickly grabbed Dean’s hand and jerked him away, “don’t mind him. But I do have a fine ass!” Dean looked down to you and smirked, “yes you do,” he said as he gave your ass a big spank, “and it’s all mine.” You jumped in surprise and giggled.


You sat in your hotel room alone. You decided against running with the wolves tonight; reason being is because you didn’t want to get side swiped again by AJ.

You settled into bed at 1:30AM, praying Dean was staying away from the city with the pack. You knew how unpredictable he was when he shifted.

Your phone rang.

“Fuck,” you groaned as you rolled over to the nightstand to unplug your phone to take the call from Seth of all people. “Yes?” You asked bluntly.

“Call your fucking hound off of AJ,” he uttered quickly. You gave a tired grunt, “what am I supposed to do? Where the fuck are they?” Seth gave a long pause before responding, “we’re in the back of the hotel in the bush line. Hurry.” Seth hung up.

You swung your legs off of the bed and slipped into your fluffy black slippers. You grabbed the room key and jogged out. You jogged all the way down to the lobby and out the door.

You ran in the shadows of the hotel to not be detected by god knows who but you were paranoid. “Stop Dean!” You shouted at the bipedal werewolf. AJ was just in his feral wolf form.

“Dean I said stop!” You yelled as you got up to the group standing around the brawling were’s. You took a deep breath and yelled, “bad boy! Bad Dean!” You hated scolding your mate like a literal dog but it worked ninety nine percent of the time.

Dean stopped his assault and looked at you. His eyes became soft. His tail tucked between his legs. Then whimpers followed; he hated disappointing you.

You made your way to your mate and ruffled his fur, “I didn’t mean it baby boy. You’re good. Good mate.” You pressed your head into his hard chest, “good mate. No fight.” Dean ceased his whimpers and wrapped his furred arms around you.


“I forgive you Dean,” you said looking up to meet his royal yellow eyes. He leaned down to sniff your face and give a quick lick on the cheek for his thankfulness.

You were released from the embrace to see that Seth and Xavier were checking AJ’s wounds. “He didn’t hurt him that bad, did he?” You asked. Seth quickly shook his head, “nah. Looks like he has a few cuts but besides that he’s just a big pussy.” You smiled and thanked the boys for alerting you to this fight.

“Goodnight babe, you know where the other door key is, come in anytime you want,” you muttered to Dean. He nodded and bounded off into the wooded area. You sighed and made your long trip back to your room.

You pulled out the room key and unlocked your room. The bed was basically calling your name at this point. So you went ahead and slipped into bed for some much needed sleep.


AJ Styles & Becky Lynch + Baron Corbin. - Have I lost ya?

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Lucha Underground’s third season shines bright through its grit

Photo Credit: El Rey Network

Why you should be watching one of television’s wildest rides, whether or not you like wrestling

What do an evil skeleton ninja, the physical manifestation of death, and a man who is literally a for-real dragon have in common? It may sound like an episode of Game of Thrones, but when those battles between good and evil play out inside a wrestling ring, it’s Lucha Underground. The gritty, melodramatic pro-grappling spectacle that’s part Mexican telenovela, part police procedural, and all insanity has just entered its third season, and in its premiere episode, it’s already promising to be the wildest ride on television.

Debuting in late 2014 on the upstart American cable network El Rey — brainchild of grindhouse cinema legend Robert Rodriguez — Lucha Underground immediately set itself apart from every other pro wrestling promotion on North American screens. The show takes place in The Temple, an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights district, and is run by Dario Cueto, a slick and sadistic businessman with a penchant for doling out dark-comic punishment. Cueto opened his fight club to the world’s most elite and violent fighters for a chance at glory, and occasionally championship belts — though his “unique opportunities” to win them often come loaded with a Faustian twist.

The rogue’s gallery of grapplers includes Pentagon Jr., the sadistic skeletal spectre who breaks arms to serve the will of his dark master; Sexy Star, the stoic luchadora who’s overcome an abusive past and donned her mask to fight for the strength of women everywhere; and Aerostar, a time-travelling space man battling to save the present from the wrath of the ancient Aztec gods. In its first two seasons, Lucha Underground’s roster has swelled into the dozens, and has become a kind of sanctuary for wrestlers who’ve been cast off by the bigger promotions, offering a chance at redemption to the dark horses and bastards of WWE’s talent pool.

In turn, Lucha Underground has set its own path by being consciously different from WWE in every way. Thanks to the talent-swap partnership with AAA, Mexico’s largest lucha libre promotion, the wrestling is a faster, more acrobatic style that wears its Hispanic heritage with pride. And unlike Vince McMahon’s travelling road show, which airs live weekly programs with scripts subject to change at a moment’s notice, Lucha Underground is possibly the most produced wrestling show out there. Every episode is taped and edited in advance, with Rodriguez’s fingerprints on every shot, looking every bit like they’ve been filmed on 8mm and processed in a smoke-filled cutting room.

The wrestling matches may be Lucha Underground’s lifeblood, but its soul exists in the backstage vignettes that break up the action, advance the complex plots, and breathe life and depth into its vast array of characters. Wrestling is known for its reality-bending pageantry, but Lucha gathers up the tropes of the genre, douses them in gasoline, and sets them alight to harness the heat of their flames. Stories of deception and betrayal are right at home alongside elements of the supernatural and straight-up murdering dudes by feeding them to a monster who lives in a cage and is somehow the brother of Dario Cueto.

Of course, now that season three is in full swing, that monster, Matanza, has long been out of his cage, and the Temple is a very different place than it was two years ago. Spoiler warning for the uninitiated: shit gets real.

(It’s worth noting that while Lucha Underground has just begun its third season on American screens, Canadian affiliate Telelatino Network (TLN) is broadcasting on a delay and is still making its way through the first. Savvy viewers can still catch the show on iTunes and other web-based avenues, but please: give the show the revenue it deserves. Like Abe Simpson and the Super Bowl, people need to support this thing if it’s going to make it.)

In the closing scene of last season’s Ultima Lucha finale, Cueto had been snagged by the undercover cops who’d infiltrated his underground fighting ring (by posing as wrestlers, of course). Sexy Star finally secured the Gift of the Gods championship, granting her a shot at Lucha Underground’s primary title and elevating her to the top of the card. Pentagon Jr. betrayed his master, confronting his inner demons and then consuming them to become Pentagon Dark, an even more powerful manifestation of his wicked self. Yeah. This show is bonkers.

But the third-season premiere casts these happenings in a very different light — literally. Despite the foreboding storm looming over the Temple, it’s a much brighter place. Perhaps it’s beaming with the unshakable arrogance of Cueto himself, whose stay behind bars was short-lived, thanks to his mysterious benefactor pulling the right strings to spring him. Ever a fan of gimmick matches, he’s introduced Dario’s Dial of Doom, a contest wheel that’ll give one lucky luchador a title shot every week. If the inaugural match featuring fan-favorite Son of Havoc is any indication (not to mention what I’ve had the fortune to preview by attending an in-person taping earlier this year) Lucha Underground’s third season is on pace to outshine everything we’ve seen so far.

Note: This story was originally scheduled to run in VUE Weekly on September 15. Due to issues with the publication’s schedule, it was not published, and will now run as an independent story instead.