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Broken Promises ~ Kenny Omega

Originally posted by kinshasa-chaos

Imagine: Kenny and the reader have been dating for three years or so. He leaves to go back to Japan to wrestle. But not before telling the reader he promises to come back to the reader. He never did, now the reader tagging along with the WWE.

Mentions: Xavior Woods

Kenny Omega x Reader 

He told you not to worry about anything. He promised you that he would be back for you. That was a lie. A lie to your face. Being lied to was something you hated. Kenny knew that and did it anyways. You were waiting and waiting for him. 

Going to bed, you had one of Kenny’s shirts that you wore. You felt like wearing his shirt, he was still here with you. Turning your head to the side next to you, empty and cold. His pillow laid untouched, it slightly smelled like him. You’d always put your nose on it to take a whiff. 

I love you, I will come back. Don’t cry… 

Those were Kenny’s last words to you before he left. It’s been too long since you seen him. He broke his promise and it hurts. Bad. Whenever someone mentions him, even his name out of the blue. You’d close your eyes, picturing him in your head having a clear memory of how he smiled just for you, how he held you in his arms, how he made you laugh, how his lips felt on yours, how he made you feel. It all came back rushing, tears streaming down your cheeks. 

“ Hey, what’s wrong?” you heard from besides you. One of your closest friends,Xavier Woods turned to you putting his hand on your shoulder. You sniffed, he was talking to the guys about Kenny. It still hurts, it hurts that Kenny lies to you. He never did love you if he left you like that. 

You shook your head not really wanting to talk about. Xavier watched as your face dropped, then it was like a light bulb flashed above his head as he just remembers who he was talking about.

“ Man, Y/N. I’m so sorry. I’m such an asshole..” you nodded, shrugging. He pulled you into a side hug. His phone lighted up, you peeked through behind your hair that was covering your eye. Eyes going wide seeing the name on his phone. 


Xavier was talking to Kenny. 

“ I see you’re talking to him..” you mumbled. Xavier grabbed his phone, he looked guilty because he never told you that he was talking to him. But who were you to stop him. He could be friends with the lying asshole.You didn’t care. Nope. Deep down you did, hoping that Kenny would reach out to you and say something.

“ He misses you, he knows he did wrong. He wants to talk to you..” you changed your number after giving up on Kenny ever coming back to you. 

“ I don’t care, I have nothing to say to him” 

“ Maybe you should hear him out Y/N” you shook your head, glaring at the ground. “ He’s a lying asshole who broke my heart” 

“ So you don’t want his number?” 

“ No” you lied. You did want his number, you wanted to see him. But hearing his voice might cause you to break down once more and you couldn’t go back there. It was too much to handle. It took you weeks to put yourself back on your feet.

You wanted him to tell you he still loves you. But you don’t want him back. He lied to your face. That was a no no. 

“ Yeah, right. Y/N, you need to talk to him. Don’t beat around the bush” 

“ I’m sure he doesn’t want to talk to me” 

“ You want the truth? He asks me about you. He knows were close. You know what? Where going to be in Japan next week. you should talk to him then”

“ How do you know he’ll show up?” 

“ He will. Trust me” 

Shall I continue this? Let me know


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