Aaand…now for the main event! Funassyi made his professional wrestling debut when he participated in a Battle Royale match with all the wrestlers of Ryuyu Dragon Pro Wrestling in Okinawa on April 18, 2015. Before a packed crowd, he managed to emerge victorious. The match will most likely be part of his Funanomics 2 DVD. Fans at the event marveled at Funassyi’s prowess as a wrestler.

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The Transformers Brainstorm figure doesn't’t come with his IDW briefcase...

…So I bought these together…

…and then…

Brainstorm grabbed it! Brainstorm is the new Mr. Money in the Bank! The crowd goes wild!

No but seriously, the second briefcase Damien Sandow came with will look very close once I shave off the lettering and paint it.  It’ll just be sort of large-ish.


Roman Reigns brought to you by me, because I wanted to share some Roman with you. Because it was REIGNING on Saturday. So I wanted to give some REIGN to my followers.

My camera’s photos do not have the best quality, but I wanted to share with you the moment when my lifelong dream came true at my first WWE LIVE SHOW.