Okay so look at this. Look. At. This.

I got my mail-order in from Topshelf today. Already super exciting because 2 of my favorite LPs of all time were in that order. But along with my original order was a little note that apologized for being out of YBI buttons, but they said they’d included some extras to make up for it. So I thought cool, some extra buttons? No. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve seen me post online about how much I love them before or what but these guys sent me a free copy of Josh Is Dead AND We Were Skeletons' Blame & Aging! That’s one of my favorites they’ve released! I can promise that you will NEVER find a better record label than Topshelf. I love those guys so much. Rep that crewneck til I die.

So much appreciation and love,


From winter to summer the climates like costumes. 
We paint them depending on spirit. 
With calmness we push on revealing the boldness we’ve disguised with blankets of distrust. 
We sleep through the tension. 

Take reign and strive, we’ll hold you close. 
Our years grow long; our patience short. 

Daybreak; the light brings encounter. 
The arms shake, the trunk stays unbroken. 
It holds mood and drive. 
The arms lull, the tree holds. 
At nightfall the city brings discord. 
The blood halts, the muscles keep motion. 
With motive we surge. 
The blood flows, the eyes close. 

Remember the late nights? 
We both watched the same lines unfold in the light.