50 Wrestling Questions!

So while at work I thought of some wrestling questions. Only rule is that you ask whoever you reblogged this from a question (because they most likely want one of these questions asked and that’s why they reblogged it).

  1. What got you into wrestling? 
  2. What is your favorite wrestling promotion? 
  3. Favorite male wrestler of all time?
  4. Favorite female wrestler of all time?
  5. Favorite current male wrestler?
  6. Favorite current female wrestler?
  7. Favorite theme song?
  8. Least favorite theme song?
  9. Favorite gimmick?
  10. Least favorite gimmick? 
  11. Best entrance (either their usual entrance or a special one, like a Wrestlemania entrance)?
  12. Best Undertaker Wrestlemania match?
  13. Most overrated?
  14. Most underrated?
  15. Have you ever been to an event? If so, which one?
  16. Who has the best merch?
  17. Do you own any merch?
  18. Best nickname?
  19. Worst nickname?
  20. Best mic skills?
  21. Most annoying?
  22. Most attractive male?
  23. Most attractive female?
  24. Favorite faction?
  25. Worst faction?
  26. Best ring gear?
  27. Who do you think would be the nicest in real life?
  28. Who would be the rudest in real life?
  29. Favorite heel?
  30. Most hardcore?
  31. A wrestler you could beat?
  32. Best story line?
  33. Biggest missed opportunity for a story line?
  34. Worst story line?
  35. Which wrestler should turn heel?
  36. Which wrestler should turn face?
  37. Who would be the worst to room with?
  38. Who would be the best to room with?
  39. Who would be your best friend if you were a wrestler?
  40. What would your job be in a wrestling promotion? 
  41. Favorite wrestling podcast/ Youtube channel?
  42. Favorite finisher?
  43. Least favorite finisher?
  44. Favorite match?
  45. Favorite PPV?
  46. Guilty pleasure wrestler?
  47. Favorite submission?
  48. Most entertaining to watch?
  49. Best spot?
  50. Who do you most respect?