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My prediction for No Mercy and what happens in the future – this is a LONG post

For the past couple of months, it seemed that Sasha and Alexa would be playing the next round of hot potato for the RAW Women’s Championship, but it seems that they won’t be alone in the hunt.

Nia Jax, the dominant woman who seems destined to finally have her moment. Decimating through all the women on Raw, it seems that she’ll be handling the title as soon as No Mercy.

Bayley, whose shocking return has rocked the match. As the #1 contender in the first place, it makes sense that she comes into the match as soon as she’s cleared.

Finally you have Emma. The leader of hashtags in the Women’s Division, she has made it seems as if everyone on social media wants her to win the title.

Anyone here would make sense. But I wouldn’t want Alexa and Sasha (I hurt to say that) to win. But that’s for future planning. I don’t want Bayley, as she should build her story from being injured and embarrassed for so many months, to earning the fans respect back then become champion. I just don’t want Nia yet. Her reign should start with a singles victory, like Mark Henry or Beth Phoenix’s 1st title reigns.

So that leaves Emma.

This would allow for a little freshness of the division. It gives social media a little stir, which would fit her character to a tee. Finally, she deserves it anyway and I wanna see the celebration. Plus, her vs a certain debuting superstar could bring back memories.

She should get the lucky win after Nia lays out Sasha and gets taken out the ring by Bayley.

My prediction and #newrawwomenschampion: Emma

For what happens after…
Emma is hosting a #Emmaischamp party in the ring. She says that without the influence of social media she wouldnt be champ. But without her, there woule be no Womens Evolution, so its an even partnership.

Out comes Alexa Bliss and she is yelling because Sasha cost her her title and she wants her rematch at TLC. Sasha comes and tells Alexa not to blame her for her problems (even though she lost; very heel move) and then attacks her. Nia runs down to beat down Sasha, which cues Bayley.

Emma is escaping, and Alexa decides to chase after her than help Nia. She gets Emma at the ramp, but then Emma pushes off the ramp and through a table.

Kurt Angle makes Emma vs Alexa at TLC a tables match. And then makes a triple threat between Nia, Sasha, and Bayley as well. The winner will be #1 contender.

This brings in Mickie, Dana, and Alicia Fox. They say that they want opportunities. Kurt makes a 6 women tag with the three of them vs Sasha, Nia and Bayley. If they win, they’ll be added to the #1 contenders match.

The women tag ends with Nia, Sasha and Bayley not being able to work together, and allowing the other three to take advantage and winning. Nia tries to lay them out, but they duck and send Nia out the ring.

Alexa and Emma have a contract signing. Emma says the hashtag is now #putalexathroughanothertableandstaywomenschampion. Alexa doesn’t even say anything and just drives Emma’s face into the table. She puts her on it and seems ready to do Twisted Bliss, but Emma runs out.

The same night, Sasha and Bayley vs Mickie James and Dana Brooke ends in a No contest as Nia comes out to cause havoc. Laying out everyone, but it was Alicia Fox, who was weirdly apologizing to Cedric Alexander, who wasn’t buying it and told her to show him that she’s changed, came and tried to fight Nia, and failed. Nia stands tall.

Kurt announced that he wanted to show up Smackdown’s Women’s Money in the Bank match and actually have a fair winner the first time. He announced the match as a ladder match.

Nia vs Alicia Fox happens. Alicia gives a valiant efforts, but falls short. She goes to the back disappointed, looking at Cedric.

Alexa and Sasha saw each other and fireworks went off. Alexa tells her she wouldn’t be in the spot if she would learn how not to lose. Sasha tells her that she wouldn’t be in the spot if she wasn’t a 5-foot troll who didn’t know how to wrestle. Alexa slaps her and they start fighting. They’re broken up by security and Bayley.

Mickie James vs Emma happens and it seems that Alexa and Sasha found each other again. They’re brawling and Emma talks about them trying to steal her moment, running right into a Mick Kick, giving Mickie the win.

The Women’s ladder match is insane. The finish comes when Bayley and Sasha get Nia pushed off the ladder. They fight for the spot and Sasha runs Bayley’s face into the metal piece. Sasha climbs up the ladder, but Alexa Bliss comes out and knocks Sasha off the ladder and DDT’S her. This leaves Mickie James to climb up the ladder and win.

In the title match, it seems Alexa is about to do Twisted Bliss through the table, but the BO$$ comes out and distracts her enough for Emma to slam her through the table.

The Sasha vs Alexa call out fight happens. These girls are ready to go at it, and when they do, it’s nuts. Kurt Angle gets them separated and says that punishment for interfering in other matches will be that these two will not be apart of the Raw Survivor Series team, because they’ll be in their own match, when the only way someone will win is when their opponents says “I Quit!”.

Emma holds a Women’s Division “meeting” backstage and says as Captain and champion, she will be responsible for assembling Raw’s team for Survivor Series, which means someone won’t be picked. #EmmasteamtoVictory is what she calls it. The first member is Nia Jax, who tells her that as soon as she’s done with Survivor Series, she #comingforEmmasbeltanddestroyingherforit. The next member is Alicia Fox, for her experience and her admiration for trying to #gethermanback. Next is someone who she knows very well and still considers a good friend, Dana Brooke. Dana looks weird at the statement. The final member is Bayley, because she’d rather have someone whose called a loser or her team than an old, washed-up has-been. Mickie gets in her face and says in case she didn’t know, she won the match last night, so she’s #1 contender. With that, she calling for the Women’s Championship match to happen next week.

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Cuddle // Alexa Bliss

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Request:Imagine where Alexa and the reader are cuddling and the reader will do anything to make the Alexa blush and then the reader says something and Alexa comes back with something that kind of shocks the reader but makes her blush

Warnings: None

A/N: First of all, I would love to thank you for all the requests ♥ and two: I thought it would be a great idea to finish and post this imagine since my baby won tonight ♥ I’m so proud of her 

Today was a day off for Alexa, your girlfriend. For once, which was very rare, she could spend the whole day at home with you. So you decided to do nothing special, simply enjoying to spend some time together and cuddling while watching some tv shows or movies. Which was you loved the most actually. 

But today, you wanted to make Alexa blushes more than anything, it wasn’t easy to make your girlfriend blushes. So you had to try a few compliments before maybe, succeeding at making her blush. But you didn’t except to turn this way. 

“ Y’know Alexa, you’re so cute when you’re cuddling with me. “ you said smiling 

“ Oh yeah? “

“ Yeah! Well you’re usually really beautiful, but when you’re all cudly, I love it so much “ you said

“ Well thank you love “ replied Alexa smiling lovingly at you

“ I have a question “ you said looking at your amazing girlfriend

“ Yes, what? “ 

“ How do you look so beautiful all the time? “ you asked her seriously, trying to make her blush

“ I don’t know. But there’s one thing I know. You are so beautiful and I’m so lucky to have you. And that’s why, one day, I’ll marry you “ said Alexa, suprising you and making you blush

“ Wait, you’re serious ? “

“ Yes I am. You don’t want to? “

“ Yes I would love to! “ you said smiling happily


For close to a century, women have more than held their own in the male dominated industry of sports entertainment. Mat-mavens like Mae Young shattered the proverbial glass ceiling; inspiring generations who would ‘Blayze’ a path —— taking their preternatural skills to unprecedented heights. Leading to a revolution in the women’s division.