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Finn Balor x Reader

Summary :- You and Finn have been dating for a while. You’re about to make history as one of the first inter-gender matches of the New Era, but neither you nor Finn can focus entirely on the match…

Warnings :- Fluff, mentions of cheating

Word Count :- 1,431

AN - This is literally just something I dreamt up last night, so let me know what you think. Should I do a part 2 of when they get back to their hotel if you get when I’m saying? *Wink wink nudge nudge* 

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Dress to impress- Seth Rollins, prompts #73+#74

Seth Rollins

prompt: #73 “I’m not wearing that dress” #74 “I’m not wearing that tie”

warnings: none!

Requested by: @m-a-t-91

A/N: AYYYEE I’m back after a few days! schools started again so ya know I’ll probably do more imagines instead of homework. ANYWAY hope you enjoy this!


It was a simple April day, the sun was out, the sky was clear and the heat was something you loved. As it was April that would only mean ‘The Hall of Fame’ was coming up in a few day and you and your long term boyfriend Seth had gone out to buy outfits for this oh so special occasion.

The shops where pretty busy and it had only just turned 1PM. “Ya know I have no clue what to wear!” You mumbled as Seth casually draped an arm over your shoulder.The pair of you browsed over countless clothing items. “How about this?” Seth asked, you could here the grin in his voice as you looked up to see probably the most ugliest thing you could have ever laid eyes on. You raised an eyebrow and gave him a disapproving look before you both burst out laughing. “Eww it looks like my grandma’s curtains” you giggled. Seth turned around and went back to looking for him.

After a good thirty more minutes you both had a few options in your arms. “To the dressing rooms!” You yelled like a child and dragged your boyfriend till you where outside the rooms.

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned in an hour and after countless outfits tried on by the pair of you there was nothing you could agree on, “I’m not wearing that dress!” You whined for what felt like the 90th time as Seth tried to get you to say yes to some dress that you hated, “Well them I’m not wearing that tie!” He grumbled back. “Fine be like that” you huffed and walked away, your boyfriend calling after you and you ringing up Bayley. “Hey girl,” you cheered down the phone “wanna help me pick out a dress for The Hall of Fame?”

Two more hours had passed and you and your best friend Bayley had finally got a cute black dress with lace top and long tight skirt with a slit down the side. “God you look amazing!” The younger girl squeaked and hugged you. “So what happened with you and Rollins?” You let out an uneasy laugh “well..” You started, Bayley cut you off obviously knowing that you didn’t wanna talk about it. “Its okay it doesn’t matter!” The pair of you smiled and walked out the shop and off to hang out.

The night of the Hall of Fame had come around and you had stayed at Bayley’s house, you tried to talk to Seth once but it just made everything worse. There was an awkward tension as you met up with your boyfriend to walk the red carpet. “You look stunning” Seth whispered in your ear as you posed for a picture. “Thanks” you whispered as you smiled, “See you have the tie I told ya to get.. looks good.” You winked “I’m sorry ‘bout the other night.” You finished, turning around and giving Seth a quick kiss on the cheek, “Its fine, I’m sorry too” Seth mumbled and you both let out a little laugh ready for the night to start.

What you do for the people you love.

***Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m back with a new fic for you this evening, sorry it took so long but I worked super hard on it. So, I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think! Also, feel free to send in request! P.S. this gif doesn’t belong to me! Credit to owner!!

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“I love you Baron.” I grinned, kissing him a final time before slipping into the locker room.

    I was the shy girl in the company, I guess it came with the lack of friends as a child. Wrestling was my only dream as a kid, the only thing that made me feel like I belonged. So, after many years busting my butt down in the indies, I made my way up to the major leagues of WWE. To start, I was in NXT as a new competitor in their women’s division. My character’s name was Adeline, she was bold, outgoing, and completely fearless. With an attitude like that, Adeline was a simple fan favorite. In other words, my character was the polar opposite of my true self. I barely talked unless I needed too and always feared what others thought of me. The only place I wasn’t afraid to be myself was in the ring. It was safe to say that my shyness keeps me from having many friends in the business. However, as of recently, I’ve been dating Baron Corbin for the past six months. We met when we were both down in NXT in the Performance Center training a little over a year and a half ago. We clicked right away, both of us rather quiet, him being reserved and me being timid. I took liking to him right off the bat and him to me. Baron asked me on a date seven months ago and after a month of dating, we decided to make it official. Baron and I have been through it all together, from late night car rides to moving up to main roster from NXT. Baron always made me feel comfortable and like I didn’t have to be afraid to be myself around him. He always seemed to smile around me, something I rarely saw him do around others. Today wasn’t any different as it was Tuesday night which meant Smackdown Live. I sat quietly by myself in catering, scrolling through twitter on my phone, trying not to look out of place.

   “Is this seat taken?” a voice asked, slightly pulling the chair next to me out. I jumped at the sudden break in the bubble of silence that surrounded me. I turned around, flustered, only to see Baron grinning down at me.

   “Oh! Of course! I-I mean, of course you can sit here, not that it was taken. W-Well, you can kinda see that bu–” I rambled, my face flushing red and my tongue confusing my words.

   “Babe, I get it. Relax, I knew what you meant the first time.” He chuckled, sitting in the folding chair next to mine. Baron always seemed to smile around me, although the very first time I saw him, he was constantly frowning or straight-faced. I nodded sheepishly, my cheeks still burning and my gaze down on the table. “Hey babe, nothing to get all embarrassed over. Besides, it was cute seeing you stumble a bit. No need to be nervous around me.” He soothed placing his hand on my lower back, and using his other hand to gently rest on my chin and guide my eyes to his. The red had decreased though I could feel that my cheeks were faintly pink as I nodded at his declaration. He grinned once more and leaned down at softly pressed his lips onto mine. It was simple and sweet, a loving kiss. I laid my head on his shoulder as we separated, which caused him to rest his head on my head.

   “You have a match tonight?” I mumbled starting up conversation, my hands reaching up and toying with the strain of black hair that fell loose from his beanie.

  “Yeah, not till later on in the show. How about you?” he answered, sliding his hand down to rest on my hip.

  “Second match of the show, speaking of what time is it?” I wondered, trying to map out y schedule in my head.

  “Uhh,” he glanced down at his watch, “ 4:23” he responded.

  “I have to be in hair and makeup in five minutes, wanna walk me down?” I asked, my voice quiet, attention focused on his hair.

  “Sure thing baby.” he pressed a kiss to my head. We stood up from the table, pushing in our chairs on our way out. We walked side by side, not speaking much, just enjoying each other’s company as we walked down the hallway.

   “Hey, uh, Bar?” I spoke in a hushed tone, fidgeting my fingers.

  “Yeah doll?” he replied, glancing down at me.

  “Umm, uh, would it be okay if I held your hand?” I asked nervously, my cheeks starting to glow as my nerves grew.

  “Of course you can, baby girl! You never have to ask. In fact, it’d be an honor to have you hold my hand.” Baron beamed cheerfully, taking my hand and intertwining our fingers. I smiled up at my, feeling my heart swell at his words. He locked his eyes with mine as he lifted our joined hands and placed a kiss on the back of my hand.

  “Thank you, babe” I bashfully grinned, swinging our hands lightly back and forth. Barons face lite up at the word, the first time I ever grew the guts to call him the term of endearment that he always used. I never used it, not because I didn’t want to, but because I was too embarrassed.

  “Babe? I like it.” he smirked, leaning down and pressing a kiss to my head, “But, what exactly are you thanking me for?” he questioned, returning to my previous statement.

  “Uh, ya know, for, putting up with me and my unbearable shyness, a-a-and for always making me feel, ya know, comfortable, a-a-and, uh, not afraid to be myself. So, uh, I really appreciate you.” I fumble over the words that are tumbling out, playing with Baron’s fingers that are still locked in mine.

  “That’s my goal, I always want you to feel comfortable and safe and protected. That’s what you do for the people you love.” he told me, gazing into my eyes with a light grin on his face. I stopped dead in my tracks, completely starstruck at his words. “Why did you stop?” he wondered, glancing back at me from a couple steps ahead of me.

  “Did you mean it?” I muttered under my breath, locking my eyes on the floor.

  “Mean what? That I want to make you feel safe and protected? Of course I did, sweetheart.” he looked confused, still staring at me.

  “N-n-no, uh, that you, um, that you love me.” I whispered, rubbing my finger over his smooth nail.

  “Oh! That! Well, yeah of course. I do love you babe, I thought that was common knowledge.” he said nonchalantly, smiling at me. He took a couple steps back and pressed a kiss onto my forehead. I blushed rapidly as I started to walk by his side once more.

  “I love you too Baron.” I stated proudly, not stumbling over my words so he knew I was serious. Baron grinned like the cheshire cat and removed his hand from mine so he could grab me by the hips. He leaned down and pressed his forehead on mine.

  “God, I love you. I could listen to you hear me say that you love me for every second of everyday and never get sick of it.” he whispered passionately, taking his hand from my hips and using them to cup my face.

  “I love you Baron Corbin.” I whispered again so he could hear me say those three words once more. The second the last syllable left my lips, he placed his lips on my mine. We molded together like two pieces of a puzzle, my hands flying up to his necks while he griped my hips tighter. I was so lost in his lips I completely forget we were in public, which a makeout session is something I would never do in public. We parted after a minutes, both of us breathing slightly heavier than before.

   “As much as I would love to stand here with you in my arms forever, don’t get me wrong, it would be a dream come true. However, a certain someone is due in hair and makeup in a minute.” he breathed, rubbing his nose against mine. I hummed in reply as Baron gentle pulled away from me and grabbed my hand again. “Off we go, my love.” he lovingly said, as we headed even closer to the makeup section in blissful silence. We were there in a matter of minutes, walking in and seeing a couple of superstars lingering in there. Jackie spotted me right away and ushered me into a chair, Baron trailing behind us.

  “Okay, so what look are we going for today hun?” Jackie asked cheerfully, sorting through her supplies. I shrugged, going red at my lack of an answer. Baron placed a hand on my shoulder from behind and ran it up and down my arm.

  “Whatever you like, I mean, whatever is easiest for you, I guess.” I stumbled, trying to stop the words from falling out. Jackie laughed at my slight fumble and smiled.

  “I gotchu girlie. Now, close your eyes and let’s get started.” she grinned. I gave a light smile and leaned back into Baron’s touch, his hand still racing up and down my arm. Jackie worked rapidly while chatting with the other makeup gurus as I had small talk with Baron. She worked quickly and quietly which I was very grateful for. Within ten minutes, my makeup and hair were both completed flawless and Baron and I quietly hand in hand.

  “I, uh, have to go get my gear on for my match.” I spoke softly, re-starting my finger fidgeting, running my fingertip over his nail.

  “Sure thing, love. Want me to walk you to your locker room?” he asked, lightly swinging our hands back and forth.


  “Anything for you.”

  I blushed at his compassion and headed toward the women’s locker room that was around the corner. We were there in a matter of minutes, pausing in front of the locker room.

  “Well, uh, this is my stop.” I muttered, rocking back and forth on my heels.

   “Good luck tonight babe, make sure you are careful tonight in the ring. I’ll find you after your match,okay?” he smiled, resting his hands on my hips. I nodded and rested my head on his chest.

  “I’ll be watching your match tonight, well, I always do, like really I do, but I want you to know that I watch and, uh, um, be careful tonight Bar.” I stumbled, hiding my face in his t-shirt. He laughed at my fumbles of words, rubbing his hand up and down my back.

  “Will do, baby.” He laughed, pressing a kiss on the top of my head.

  “Uh Bar, c-can I ask you something?” I mumbled.

  “Of course, you can always talk to me.” he reassured, his tone turning serious.

  “Do you want to, ya know, uh, stay the n-night, in, uh my room.” I muttered, twisting his shirt in my hands.

  “I’d be an honor to stay the night with you.” He grinned, gently stepping away from me, then using his hand to guide my lips to his.

  “So, I’ll see ya later?” I asked, double checking.

  “Yep, I’ll see you later, babe. I love you.” He told me, kissing me again.

   “I love you Baron.” I grinned, kissing him a final time before slipping into the locker room.