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The top of this post is a 25-minute documentary on cholitas luchadores, female luchadore wrestlers. While any individual frame may look deadly, if you click through to the videos, you can tell it’s pretty silly WWE-style choreographed wrestling. It’s a hoot.

And even if you don’t appreciate wrestling, I think we can all appreciate those hats.

(and yes, lucha libre is not women’s-only, as the first card indicates – I didn’t make the documentary.)

Tumblr likes wrestling?

Yes, Tumblr likes wrestling. 

To the casual channel-flipper, professional wrestling might look like base, unsophisticated brawling. If you stick around and pay attention, you’ll find out that it’s a flamboyant, convoluted opera. Also it makes for some truly excellent GIFs. Here are some wrestling Tumblrs:

Wrestling Giffer (@wrestling-giffer)

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If you want to gain an appreciation for the pageantry and choreography of pro wrestling, flip through this Tumblr. It’s a good mix but it’s especially fond of…collisions.

Shitloads of Wrestling (@shitloadsofwrestling)

This one’s got some really interesting nuggets of history, including the time Vince McMahon admitted pro wrestling is fake and the US government set up a Senate Democratic Task Force on Professional Wrestling.

Wrestling out of Context (@wrestlingoutofcontext​)

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It’s wrestling, but get this: no context. If you’re not looking to learn about kayfabe and decade-long feuds but you still want to see the Strong People act goofy, this is the Tumblr for you. Look how happy the good boy is!

80′s Wrestling Pics (@80swrestlingpics​)

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A lot has changed since the eighties but thank goodness those belts never went out of style.

Imma make a track record of this(and keep adding to it) bc it just keeps growing:

Things WWE Have Done Against The Bullet Club(more specifically its members)

  • Took Cody’s last name
  • Made The Club which, not only consisted of ex-members but basically stole everything the Bullet Club was
  • Gave Jack Gallagher a fully black umbrella exactly like Marty has
  • Legally stopped them from using “Fuck The Revival”
  • Legally stopped them from using “Suck It”