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Friend: You okay?
Me: Yeah I’m fine :)
Internally: Okay so Kenny Omega is the greatest wrestler of the modern era next only to AJ Styles and he’s also the leader of the Bullet Club, the greatest wrestling stable since NWO! So why can’t he win a damn match!? How could he have lost to Ishii, who by all means is great but not IWGP CHAMPION GREAT! KENNY IS ALREADY THERE! HE CANT GET OVER HIS LOSS TO OKADA AND IT SHOWS! THE MAN CANT EVEN HIT HIS DAMN FINISHER AND I JUST CANT WATCH MY FAVORITE WRESTLER AND MY FAVORITE STABLE KEEP LOSING LIKE THIS ITS TOO MU-

anonymous asked:

Favorite Bullet Club leader? I love that gif set you reposted of each leader's Wrestle Kingdom entrances. It's so different from the usual archetype of a wrestling stable leader who hides behind the other members (Evolution and The Shield come to mind). In the Bullet Club, each leader was the most dangerous motherfucker in a group of dangerous motherfuckers.

That’s such a good point! I hadn’t thought about that. I truly believe that Kenny would beat any Bullet Club member clean (even Adam Cole, and boy do I hope we’re building to that match. I want to see it so badly), whereas Triple H was maybe more powerful than Seth Rollins when you considered their places inside the company, but Seth could probably beat Triple H in a fair match.

And that’s true for all NJPW groups, right? Okada is the top guy in CHAOS and Naito is the top guy in LIJ and neither of them hide behind their guys. Like there’s still cheating sometimes (the young bucks are under the ring!) but it’s more like Charlotte having Dana help her. They’re not calling on someone stronger to protect them, they’re calling on a minion.

WWE groups are also set up in such a way that if the leader leaves, the group is over (no Evolution without Triple H), whereas Bullet Club and CHAOS have survived several transitions in leadership.

As far as favorite Bullet Club leader, if you follow my blog I think you know I’m gonna pick Kenny Omega. Partly because I don’t really know much about AJ or Finn in new japan, and partly because I just love Kenny so much. His character is so funny and strange. So frenetic and earnest and silly and mean. And above all entertaining. Always.