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the man from uncle: gaby & illya bts  vs  actual  scene

Interviewer:  The dancing slash wrestling scene. Is something like that completely improvised or did you have to choreograph that?
No, it’s completely improvised that’s why it’s so much fun! I’ve really enjoyed it.

Prompt for  @vegan-ambreigns-luver85 : “ Would love to read about FaBreeze starting the 4th of July foodfight, love the idea of them showing of their mischievous side.”

They’d been partners for just a few weeks, but Tyler could already recognize trouble when Fandango looked at him a certain way. Or, in this case, look at the food on the table in a certain way. It looked like he’d just been told he’d inherited a fortune and if Tyler were honest, the impish grin on his face was kind of appealing.

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-Anon request

It had started off as none other than playful teasing, but before you knew it, you were on the forest floor clutching your right cheek and cursing so loud you were sure mermaids the other side of the island could hear you.

Devin grinned above you. “Bet you didn’t see that comin’, did ya, Y/N?” he sneered, smugly waving his dagger for all to see the crimson drip off the blade.

The two of you had been arguing over who was the better fighter all day and had finally agreed to just battle each other and find out once and for all. Then, after ten minutes of fighting- that alternated between wrestling, hitting, slashing with daggers, beating, and so on- you footing faltered over the irregular terrain of the island Devin took the moment to swipe at you with his wicked blade.

Thankfully, you’d seen the flash of darkened silver a second before he could embed it in your face, and had jumped backwards. Apparently, not quick enough though, because the force of his fist on your stomach a second afterwards had knocked you to the ground where you currently lay in shock, your cut cheek bleeding furiously.

Peter was off somewhere else and the Lost Boys and you hadn’t seen him for a few days now, but Felix had been keeping charge over the lot of you. At the moment, he had a vaguely intrigued look on his scarred face.

Gathering yourself, you stood up with a growl in your throat and lunged at him. Tackled to the floor, the boy was pinned under you and you took the opportunity to punch your firm firsts repeatedly in his face- which soon swelled up and bloodied. Not stopping until his grubby eyelids slipped closed and he fell into a sore unconsciousness; you picked yourself up and wiped a careless hand across your cheek, smearing the blood but preventing the onflow of scarlet to look like you’d been attacked brutally in the midst of war- its just a little scratch, you told yourself with an inner shrug.

Devin woke a while later, a glare fixed firmly on his face- generally pointed in your direction-, never failing to find an excuse to point out the throbbing cut on your cheek.

His relentless digging was kind of getting to you, so while everyone was settling down to eat for the night, you slinked through the woods unnoticed. Heading towards the bay, you carelessly rolled up your trouser legs and stumbled into the cool water. When you reached a comfortable spot, you pooled some water into your hands and set about cleaning the drying blood off your skin.

It stung, agonisingly, but you bit down hard on your lip and continued anyway. Having finished, you peered down at the water to examine yourself.

“Shit,” you mumbled into the quiet darkness that surrounded the island at night. The cut -gash- was deep, deep enough to scar. And it looked as though it would need stitches (it was just a pity you didn’t live in the real world anymore…)

Sighing and rubbing your eyes tiredly with the heel of your hand, you turned to return to shore. Only pausing when you saw a silhouetted figure standing on the beach already; arms folded and a cock to his head that made you recognise him immediately.

“Peter,” you said, still unmoving, the dark waters rippling at your bare knees.

Moving closer to you, you saw that a deep frown furrowed his brow. A tentative, yet still confident, hand lifted and went to stroke across your injure cheek. At your hiss, he dropped it but kept the piercing stare on your eyes. “What happened to you?” he asked, uncharacteristically.

Raising an eyebrow at his odd concern, you ducked around him to wade slowly back to the beach, explaining shortly over your shoulder, “Devin challenged me to a fight.” Then, with a hushed chuckle of humour, “He lost.”

The Demon Boy was back at your side in an instant, a fire to his jade eyes made you gulp and freeze to the spot- scratching sand sticking to your bare feet. A furious look was spreading across his face that made you flinch and regret telling him of the fight. Though you honestly couldn’t understand his anger.

“He did this to you?!” he snarled, chest heaving as his nostrils flared and his teeth bared.

Still drawing blanks, you asked nervously, “Why’re you so angry? We’re Lost Boys, we fight all the time.”

“Yes, but–” he spluttered. It’s you, he wanted to say. You’re different. I don’t want see you get hurt. You have no idea how much it kills me when I’m the most powerful creature on this island and I can’t do a thing to stop them, otherwise they’ll know how much I care about you.

He could tell you that it wasn’t your business. That you weren’t supposed to fight. Or that the Lost Boys would still be punished anyway.

But most of all, he just wanted you in his arms and to magic that beading scar right off your beautiful face. Wait, beautiful? Pan shook his head violently to clear his thoughts before seemingly ignoring your questions, and spinning on his heel to march straight back for the camp.

Blanching slightly, in fear for the boys if Peter’s wrath really was looking for an output tonight.“I think I’ll just be staying here,” you breathed to yourself, finding a suitable sleeping space in the thick branches of a nearby tree.

In your little tree, you were totally oblivious to Pan’s shouts at Devin.

And Felix’s knowing smile…

Right along with the fic reviews I’d like to write some short ficlets. Preferably for wrestling slash pairings, but if you think you can convince me your non-wrestling ship needs a go, go right ahead.

Please leave me a pairing and a prompt and if the prompt inspires me enough I will write a short ficlet for it. (Be aware, I do not promise I will write all prompts and any prompts I do write might end up NSFW!) You can leave these in my inbox, my messages, or on this post.

I’ll probably post them in batch form later. Now go and multiply bring me all the prompts!

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anonymous asked:

Fabreeze prompt: they're trying to "have some naughty fun", but fandango is creeped out by Tyler's dogs watching or turning to look at them with each move and sound.

It was getting downright disrespectful, Tyler thought. Four times now – he’d counted – his boyfriend had glanced away from Tyler’s naked body and towards the other side of the room. As if he wasn’t completely entranced by Tyler’s beauty and the way his hair fanned out across the pillow. Fandango was supposed to cherish this chance and properly appreciate the fact he’d point blank told Xavier – who he hadn’t spent time with in weeks! - to fuck off because Fandango had plans. Plans that apparently didn’t include giving Tyler’s undivided attention.

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So I've Got a WWE Secret Lovers series going on, on a writing website...

It’s Slash obviously… and I love it… But in all of them I assume at one point theyre going to have children so, I went on Morphthing and I Morphed these lovely boys together to see what their Bubbies would look like

The Pairs in My series are

  • John Cena/Wade Barrett (CenArrett)
  • Cm Punk/Randy Orton (PhilAndal)
  • Alex Riley/The Miz (MizRiley)
  • Evan Bourne/Cody Rhodes (CodEvan)
  • Ted DiBiasi/Jack Swagger (SwagIasi)

I bad at couple names I know but on to our WWE BUBBIES!!

First off is John Cena/Wade Barrett (Little Boy)

 (just adorable)

Second Cm Punk/Randy Orton (little girl)


Third The Miz/Alex Riley (Alexa Michelle Mizanin… I already have her written into the story line)

 (iddnt she just the cuuuutest)

Fourth Evan Bourne/Cody Rhodes (Little Boy)

 (Such a sweet baby boy!)

Fifth Ted DiBiasi/Jack Swagger (Baby Girl)

 (Just so sweet)

Well there you go… If you wanna read these stories Just ask me and I’ll give you the site for them… I think they’re good… Alexa’s the only one actually written into the Story Line and Randy and Punk have Alanna already with them… But John & Wade’s baby boy is soon to be written in and Punk and Randy will be having their second little girl thrown in there soon as well… Not sure when the other 2 are gonna be put in there but they will!!


Why can’t I have that kind of talent honestly someone make this for the Wrestling Fandom please. 

saso-danna101  asked:

For the FaBreeze prompts thing, how about Fandango staying the weekend at Tyler's house and meeting his dogs Kanga and Tigger?

“Stop acting like I’m feeding you to sharks,” Tyler grumbled.

Fandango was right behind him, body tense and pressing into him like he was actually scared. It was absolutely ridiculous. They’d driven all this way just to be able to spend time at Tyler’s apartment and not in some awful, ruin of a hotel room where just looking at the carpet made Tyler’s skin break out in hives. He’d be able to relax in his own bed, ruffle his pristine sheets as he showed Fandango how nice expensive bedding was, and afterwards leisurely choose a comfortable setting on his state of the art shower. He could even get a face mask and work on some of those wrinkles without being mocked by some random co-worker.

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Saving Super Cena Chapter 1, a wrestling fanfic | FanFiction

Okay now I am not a huge fan of John Cena but I really love this fanfic series. It ships John, Sheamus and Randy together and its done beautifully it can be dark at times but its so romantic too. I would love to meet the person who is writing this amazing series.

Give it a read sometime its worth your time ;)