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For close to a century, women have more than held their own in the male dominated industry of sports entertainment. Mat-mavens like Mae Young shattered the proverbial glass ceiling; inspiring generations who would ‘Blayze’ a path —— taking their preternatural skills to unprecedented heights. Leading to a revolution in the women’s division. 

For people that say Wrestling is fake, here’s a quote from the WWE superstar: Seth Rollins

“Fake is like the worst word you could possibly use to describe anything, you know? what are you talking about? what is fake? it’s a
television show, and a live performance. nothing’s fake about it. we’re not telling you we’re out there fighting each other. we’re going out there to entertain you. i consider myself an athelete. i train like an athelete, i eat like an athelete, i recover and get sore just like any other athelete. we’re not lying to anybody. people just don’t understand the art form of what we do. it’s a mental and physical grind. you can't be a dolt in this industry. on the opposite end of that, you can be the smartest guy in the world and not understand what is to have a presence on stage. being a character, executing a live performance, understanding what is to connect a crowd and elicit a specific response at a specific time using moves and body language and emotions.
what we do is very complex. it’s underappreciated.”

-Seth Rollins

[Vince’s] vision for me as a heel was completely different from how I viewed it, but as soon as I did it for the first week, or the second week- and now I’ve got a couple of house shows under my belt- I’m like “oh man, he was so right! He’s right!” The analogy I would give is it’s almost like when you’re dating a girl, and she has these quirks, but they’re lovable. But then once you break up it’s like “oh god she was so annoying! She would always hog the blankets and she always wanted the room at 65 degrees!” The things you used to love about her, now you hate about her, because you don’t love her anymore. So it’s almost like, to me, that’s where I’m at right now. The character isn’t suddenly dying his hair black and wearing eyeliner, or something like that. It’s the same kind of guy, but now everything means something different, because his intentions are different…[Vince] didn’t even get in detail, some of it was just- he would just say, “Smile out there.” And I’d go, “really? Really? Smile?” “Big smile out there.” And then I do it and I’m like oh man of course! It’s so much more heat than going out there and scowling and being like “you guys all did me wrong!” like we get it you’re angry, cool. Everyone’s angry. But if you’re smiling it’s so much more obnoxious!”

-Sami Zayn, talking about working with Vince and his heel turn, on Edge and Christian’s podcast

“ A writer should always take extra caution when it comes to words. Simple word can become a hurricane, a sentence can carry out tsunamis. Word of an writer is an emotion created to kill. ”


Your mood can affect your level of motivation, but never let it affect your discipline. Successful people know what they need to do and do it, regardless of how they feel. Don’t miss out on possible opportunities just because you have chosen to be overpowered by temporary feelings.