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Crazy quotes from this weeks Raw☆6/11/17

•"Who’s your daddy?“- Crowd at The Miz.

•Elias:“I have a question for everyone here tonight.” Fan:“I will marry you!”

•Crowd:“Who are y’!” Elias:“I already said ‘hello I am Elias’.”

•"It’s gonna be better than anything that hometown nobody Noel Gallagher ever wrote.“- Elias about his original song.

•"You are fired up Book. Must have had that nap today.”- Michael Cole about Booker T.

•"Smackdown’s in trooouble.“- Booker T.

•"If someone needs to console Maryse after this, give her my number.”- Corey Graves about The Miz vs Braun Strowman.

•Seth:“After we’re done with them, they’re gonna be team black and blue.” Dean:“And purple. And yellow.” Seth:“What kind if bruises…”

•"Enzo might be the only guy less liked in England than Piers Morgan.“- Corey Graves.

•"The biggest name to enter the UK since the bubonic plague.”- Enzo Amore about himself.

•"Gucci stock is plummeting.“- Corey Graves about Enzo Amore dancing in gucci clothes.

•"Guys im gonna take a nap I’ll be back in a second.”- Corey Graves whilst listening to Enzo Amore.

•"I’m gonna send a couple pints Pete Dunne’s way tonight as a thankyou for shutting up Enzo.“- Corey Graves.

•"Skidiki pap pap” “Nahh, man’s not hot.”- Kofi Kingston singing Man’s Not Hot by Roadman Shaq(a popular british meme).

•"Smackdown Live hit Monday night Raw with an Anthony Joshua uppercut.“- Big E.