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Competitive boyfriends.

Who do you think would win? I bet it would be a tie ^^


#okay i don’t think we talk enough about this  #we talk a lot about how much Punk loves AJ which is absolutely and incredibly adorable and heartwarming  # but can we just take a second to talk about how much AJ LOVES PUNK # Punk always mentioned that AJ wasn’t a huge fan of mma but she had his back and supported him at 100% # but this documentary shows exactly HOW HARD this can be for her  # I mean she wants to support him SO HARD cause she loves her husband very very much and wants him to achieve his dream  # BUT SHE JUST DOESN’T HIM TO GET HURT CAUSE SHE ALREADY SAW HIM BEING INJURED AND MISERABLE IN WWE THAT THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL SHE WILL BE ABLE TO SEE HIM LIKE AGAIN # just look at this progression # in the first gif she already knew it will be very difficult for her to watch Punk in action and in the second gif she tried to find a way to get comfortable with this situation  # then in the third gif she wants to show her full support to him but tells him it won’t be right now cause she is not completely prepared for this # and finally in the last gif she’s probably thinking “OH CRAP THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING ! MY BABY CAN GET HURT AGAIN ! I CAN NOT SEE IT ! I CAN NOT SEE THIS AGAIN” # and she is FREAKING CRYING # this, ladies and gentlemen, is how much AJ LOVES PUNK  # we don’t see this side of AJ very often # this is why i love this documentary so much

The Remote

Imagine your OTP is wrestling over the remote.

Damian x reader


You flop down on the couch, practically on top of your boyfriend Damian.

“Hello, Beloved”

“Hey, Dami” you mumble

Surprisingly Damian is watching TV, unfortunately he is watching golf. “Why are you watching this?” you groan

“I enjoy watching this sport, the players much use precision to get the ball to … why did you change the channel I was watching that!?”

You tuck the remote behind your back, “I don’t like sports, Dami! We can watch Chopped! We both love this show!”

Damian growled, “I was here first, so I get to choose what we watch, Beloved”

“No!” you jump up, clutching the remote behind your back

“Give me the remote, Y/N” he growled, practically stalking you, looking for a way to take you down and get the remote.

“Not if you are going to turn on golf again! I hate golf!”

“You are acting childish, habibti”

“You are being mean! I want to cuddle on the couch with you, but not if you are gonna make me watch golf!”


Damian lunged, trying to grab you around the waist, but you shriek and run out of the way, jumping over the back of the couch. You and Damian end up on the floor in front of the couch wrestling for the remote. Of course Damian doesn’t use any of his Batman training, if he did that then he might really hurt you.

“Dami, no!”

Damian has you pinned, one are wrapped around your waist, pinning your arms, and in the other he held the remote.

“Are you going to behave now, Beloved?”

“Never!” You growl, still trying to wriggle out of his hold.

He sighs, “If I leave on Chopped will you lie on the couch with me then?”

Immediately your struggling stops, “Let go, baby”

He does. You roll over, facing him, “You know I love your right?”

“Of course, and I love you”

You smile softly, “Well because I love you, I will allow you to watch golf, but only if we can go to the manor for Christmas”

Damian groaned, “We are going to the manor whether or not I agree, aren’t we?”

You swing your leg over Damian’s waist, looking down at his defeated expression, “Yup!” you lean down and rest your head on his chest, “but at least you can watch your show now”

“Yes, thank you for that”

“You know one of these days I am going to win the wrestling match for the remote”

“Beloved if you ever beat me, I will allow you to watch whatever show you want for the rest of your life”

You chuckle, “Well now I really have incentive!”

You lean up and press your lips gently to his. Damian pulls back and glances at the TV, “Now hush, Y/N, the commercials have ended”

You groan and debate on trying to steal the remote back, but when you look at Damian’s face he looks content. You sigh and settle against him. Well now is as good a time as any for a nap, plus you have the best pillow in the whole house at your disposal.