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Jeff Seid vs Alon Gabbay Wrestling


Jeff Seid is perhaps the sexiest muscle boy in the fitness industry.  Age 22 (June 14, 1994), weighing 210 of pure muscle, there is just no one juicier and no one you would prefer more to see in a wrestling match. Is all that hunky muscle for show, or can he put it into action!

Well that video kind of answers your question! Jeff was a high school wrestler but his skills are still there You can see him showing them against fellow fitness model Alon Gabbay. The guys are similar in weight and muscle.

Now we want to see that same match, but for real! Two Muscle hunks battling it out! Submission wrestling and strikes allowed!

DOUBLE DUTY - model: Ajak Deng, Jeneil Williams - photographer: Sharif Hamza - stylist: Miguel Enamorado - hair: Marki Shkreli - make-up: Susie Sobol - Interview Magazine September 2015

  • Dior jumpsuits - Cliff Keen Athletic headgear - Adidas wrestling shoes