wrestling is best

Fall in love with someone who...
  • wants to make you laugh
  • accepts you for who you are
  • feels comfortable being themselves around you
  • won’t mind when you burp or fart
  • will let you win when you try to wrestle them
  • will sing in the car with you
  • will sing Disney duets in the car with you
  • finds time to tell you that you are important
  • makes you happy
  • understands that sometimes you still want to be a little kid
  • surprises you every day
  • wants to hear about your day
  • finds you beautiful when you first wake up in the morning
  • loves your flaws
  • loves your family
  • wants to support your passions
  • can’t stand being away from you
  • understands that you will always want a bite of their dessert
  • wants you to meet their friends
  • is not only your partner but also your best friend
  • loves you even when you have a bad day
  • will teach you new things
  • wants to try new things with you
  • loves you 
Best Friend (Adam Cole One Shot)

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Submission for @wrasslesmut‘s 14 Days of Valentine’s

Sexy times with the baybay ahead =) I hope you all enjoy <3

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some of the reasons why i lov seijou
  • third year dynamics
  • iwaizumi hajime
  • kyoutani can’t throw away a certain box of chicken “because it’s too cute" 
  • kindaichi’s massive crush on iwaizumi
  • shinji watari receiver of my heart libero of my soul 
  • iwaizumi hajime’s arms
  • ok but honestly oikawa tooru is one of the most well rounded and deep characters i have ever seen 
  • creampuff head yahaba shigeru 
  • third year dynamics again
  • entire team dynamic really
  • "if you miss this serve you’re buying us ramen" 
  • iwaizumi hajime wanting desperately to be just 1cm taller 
  • gay icon oikawa 
  • matsukawa’ eyebrows 
  • hanamaki’s distinct lack of eyebrows 
  • good senpai iwaizumi hajime 
  • even better senpai oikawa tooru cause he’s not always an asshole he’s captain for a reason and he only says "its britney bitch” with good reason
  • kyoutani’s emo eyeliner
  • training camp truth or dare at 3am cause that totally happens 
  • matsukawa-kunimi senpai dynamic
  • my daddy iwaizumi hajime 
  • hanamaki/iwaizumi/kyoutani arm wrestling competitions 
  • watari-yahaba best friends dynamic
  • Where Is My Seijou OVA