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Hello WrestleLoaf!

So it turns out, a lot of people are interested in getting a WrestleLoaf!

What is a WrestleLoaf? It’s a thing like that big El Generico tsum tsum I made

(this one)

and since quite a few people have asked if I’m selling them, and the answer is YES!

The pillows are made out of felt, flannel, and polyfill stuffing. Mine is 22inches long and 16 inches across (it is a fantastically huggable pillow) and I will try to keep it around that size for each one.

How Much Does it Cost?

I will be selling customizable WrestleLoaves for $25 (plus shipping) and will donate 50% of the proceeds to SamiForSyria (which you can find out more about it here: https://twitter.com/iLikeSamiZayn/status/885225209778782208 ) 

How do I Order One?

1. Send me a message with the wrestler you would like (with a picture if you want a specific ring attire) and I will send you a link to my etsy store with YOUR order.

2. There it is. That’s it. Message me and I’ll get you your link. It could be a few hours if you message me during the day because I have work, but I will get it to you!

 Please be patient with me, I am the only one doing this so if your order takes longer, please don’t be rude!

Love and thanks,



PWG 1.21 Gigawatts

Kevin Steen returns to PWG after a 6-month absence as El Generico’s surprise tag partner against the Dynasty (Joey Ryan and Scott Lost), who have made an open challenge to the lockerroom for their tag titles. Generico and Steen go on to win the match, becoming two-time PWG Tag Team Champions.