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Okay but not we need a big, buff beautiful female s/o for Noctis (bearhugs a plenty) and Gladio (Mr and Mrs Wall). I'm sideyeing the build Zarya from Overwatch got going on.

Noctis- Small little prince and giant tree girlfriend! I can guarantee that he would cuddle the shit outta her. Big, buff, and best pillow! He kinda likes that he wouldn’t have to worry about her in combat. Probably because he worries about his cat enough as it is. I mean what. He’d probably just love the looks that people would get when he introduces her as his partner. Yes I’m the Prince, this is my girlfriend, and she could crush your skull in. Fear her. Would he feel any kind of insecurities with his scrawny body? Nah. Would he help her with training if she asked? Hell yeah. He smol supportive nugget.

Gladio- Arm wrestling, regular wrestling, the most competitive couple that ever fucking existed. Watching these two go at it would be like a fucking show. No doubt the rest of the Chocobros are taking bets and making popcorn when these two start sparring sessions. Gladio would kinda like having someone that kept up with him training wise. Someone that would make the effort to get up with him before dawn, train until they couldn’t anymore, and then push themselves farther. Standing together they would just be a good solid wall. Standing side by side they’d block off an alley in Lestallum. Watch out for these two cause they’d take no shit from anyone.

Not gonna lie, I had to look up who Zarya was. I haven’t and don’t honestly plan on playing Overwatch. The game is good yes but multiplayer fps games and I don’t mix.


The novice fan doesn’t understand when the word “chemistry” is used to describe your relationship with an opponent. Every step the last couple of years, including the first ever female ironman match in WWE history, you have made this journey with Sasha Banks. How has that chemistry developed and how does it play into taking your matches to incredible heights? (x)

“I’m really over WWE using their wrestler’s real life relationships in storylines. What they’re doing to Lana and Rusev is truly disgusting. Carmella’s comments about Nikki and Cena were unnecessary, and now Renee’s involvement in the Ambrose/Miz just straight up doesn’t have a place in their feud.”

“Common sense is rare in this wrestling-loving circle. This “true fan” and “ride or die” concept ain’t shit. You’re a fan so you only admire and appreciate them for their work ethics, their on screen character, wrestling and whatever goes on in the ring. And that’s it. That is your limit and that’s only how far you can go. Their love life is beyond your reach and is absofuckinglutely none of your business. Nobody needs to like or dislike them as a couple neither do you give your opinion on it, let alone dedicating a page on this site and discussing about them. Y'all be having antis on your minds while reading this, but I’m calling out those shippers too. Stop sticking your noses in places you don’t belong.”


ranma ½ Ranma & Akane arm wrestling

らんま1/2ep047 乱馬とあかね

I Didn’t Mean To...:Tom Holland x WOC

Still a continuation of A Day at The Zoo. Reader is spending Christmas in London. Her and Tom start wrestling (you know when couples play fight.) And Tom accidentally hits her. Reader becomes a dramatic ass bitch. *In no way am I condoning abusive relationships. Shit like this does happen tho.*

You jumped on Tom’s back, trying to make him fall down. “Ow!” He tickled you off and you fall to the floor. He had took the remote from you and you wanted to watch Naked and Afraid. “I’m not watching that shit!” He laughed. 

He carefully pinned your arm behind your back, you kicked him lightly in his stomach causing him to groan. “Fucking hell.” The remote slide across the floor and you both looked at it. He grabbed your waist and tossed you on the couch. “I’m want to watch UFC!”

“Well I don’t!” You reached for his legs, slowing him down. You two laughed and wrestled with each other for the remote until his elbow came in full force with your eye. He gasped and grabbed your face, “Babe!”

You were still in shock with what happened, “You hit me!” You cried holding your eye. “I swear I didn’t mean it. Y/N, look at me.”

You felt tear stinging your eye, “I’m blind!” You yelled. He ran to the freezer to get you a frozen pack of peas and he gently rested it on your eye. “Get away from me!” You pushed him. “I didn’t mean it!” 

He kissed your eye, “It hurts!” You said as the pain throbbed in your eye. “Y/N I’m sorry!” He said nuzzling his face in your neck. “I love you.” He whispered. “That’s what they all say before it gets worse.” You mumbled. “I am not abusive!” He said. “From that elbow to my face I couldn’t tell.” You folded your arms. “You can watch Naked and Afraid.” He handed you the remote but you slapped it out of his hand. “How? I only have one good eye now.”

He sighed and flipped through the channels, he tried to hold your hand but weren’t having it. 

You got up and searched for your sunglasses, you looked in the mirror to see your eye turning black. You threw the shades on and walked back into the living room. “You can’t be serious?” He asked watching you walk back in and sitting on the opposite end of the couch. 


“Don’t talk to me Ike!” You yelled throwing a pillow at him. “Who?”
“Ike Turner! You don’t know who that is?” You asked. “No.”

“How about you research it up.” You spat. He searched on his phone and after reading he sighed. “I have never hit you. Can you stop being a drama queen?”

You didn’t answer, you just sat on the couch. “You want to go with me? I’m about to take Tess for a walk?”

Silence, he sighed and left the house with Tessa. The rest of Tom’s family came in to see you sitting on the couch with your sunglasses on. “Are you okay love?” His dad asked. 

“No, I’m not.” You sniffled. Tom came back in with Tess and looked at you. “Tom what’s wrong with Y/N?” His mom asked. “She’s being a drama queen.”
You jumped up, “is this being dramatic?” You ripped your sunglasses off and pointed to your eye. “What are we looking at?” Harry asked. 

“You do have an eye booger.” Sam laughed. You wiped your eye, “Ow. See it hurts.” 

“Well what are we supposed to be looking at?” Harry asked again. “You don’t see a black eye?” You asked. Everyone shook their heads no. “Well-” You put your sunglasses back on, “if you must know, Tom elbowed me in my face.”

“Thomas!” His mother yelled. “It was an accident! We were wrestling for the remote. It was an honest mistake. Hey, you kicked me in the stomach.”

“I was defending myself.” You said dramatically. “Oh bite me.” He retorted. “See his language is scaring me.” You placed your hand on your chest. “This was your gift to me for Christmas huh? A black eye. Well you’ve done hit the wrong one!”

 Tom clapped his hands slowly, “I still don’t see how you didn’t when that Academy Award. You are brilliant.”

“Hey! You bite your tongue! I could’ve won that one if it weren’t for Jennifer Lawrence’s basic ass.” 

“Y/N, take off the sunglasses. It was an accident.” Mrs. Holland said, trying not to laugh at you and Tom’s banter. 

You walked around the rest of the day with your sunglasses on while Tom tried to get you to talk to him. “Can you just stop for like a minute please.” He grabbed your hand and took your sunglasses off. “I didn’t mean to hit you in the eye.”

He kissed your cheek and you smiled, “Okay, I forgive you.” You both leaned in and bumped heads, “Ow!” 

“Sorry.” You mumbled. 

Reader being dramatic is literally me. I bumped my toe and walked around with crutches the whole day until my mom told me to stop. 


“I don’t understand why so many people are glorifying Del Rio’s behavior since being released from WWE. How is assaulting multiple people for little to no reason entertaining? It’s like some people can’t differentiate between sports entertainment and reality. Also while admittedly more so on other sites, it’s pretty stupid whenever someone says that Del Rio is dragging Paige down with him. She’s a grown ass woman, and she’s essentially co-signing his behavior. Even before they were an item, Paige had heat with Lana for allegedly bullying her. There was also that incident where she tried rough up Cameron whom she was meant to be training just because she accidentally hurt her. She’s green as fuck so you shouldn’t be training someone if you’re that much of a hothead.”

I’m in the middle of the ring. His music hits. The noise. No matter how big the building is. No matter how big the crowd is. No matter if they’re tired because it’s been a long night.. the noise. ‘Cuz it’s boos and it’s cheers and it just hits the middle of the ring. It’s the craziest sound. And to me, that’s what I want, one day. I don’t want to be universally loved or hated. I wanna have people going at with each other. That’s what John has and now that’s what Roman has. ‘Cuz I had the exact same experience. I was in the ring. I wrestled Roman a couple months ago in Atlantic City, I think. No, Wildwood, in New Jersey. It was his first match back from suspension and so people were like even more [worked up]. His music hit.. same thing. You get pelleted by noise and it’s the coolest thing, I find.
—  Kevin Owens talking about John Cena and Roman Reigns’ crowd reactions.
Varsity Boy - Grayson Dolan

So sorry for the delays! Thank you all so much for your support and patience. I know i don’t usually do imagines other than the “Magcon” boys, but this was requested, so i did it! If you have any requests other than “Magcon” boys i will do them! Thanks so much again, enjoy!

“You ready for this?” I smiled at my friend Mahogany was we walked into the Gym.

“Sure i guess.” She laughed and rolled her eyes. “I never thought you were really into Wrestling.” She teased.

“Hey! My brother’s out there! It’s his last year on Varsity, and it’s senior night! Today is special!” I retorted, finding a seat in the stands.

“Wow, there are some seriously hot guys here.” Mahogany states, settling next to me. I smirked and looked around the room.

“Hell yeah there are.” I scanned the room, my eyes settling on built male on the Varsity team talking to my brother. “Holy shit.” I mumbled, causing Mahogany to laugh as she met where my gaze was aimed. My brother noticed me staring at his friend and smirked at me.

“Don’t you dare.” I whispered. Y/B/N waved to me, causing the hot guy and a ton others to look and me. I waved back at y/b/n and smiled.

“Fuck you.” I gasped, causing Mahogany to laugh even harder.

“You know, that one you were staring at, he was checking you out.” Mahogany smirked.

“Yeah whatever.” I mumbled, hiding my embarrassment. I was interrupted by the loudspeaker going off.

“Would the seniors and their families come to the front door so we can begin the ceremony?” The voice boomed.

“Peace!” I screamed, running to the front door to meet up with y/b/n.

“Hey Y/n!” He waved, walking up to me in his warmup.

“Way to embarrass me in front of all those guys!” I punched his arm, pretending to be more upset than i was.

“You were checking him out! I thought i’d help you out!” He smirked, getting in his place in the lineup. I followed him, the front of my toes nipping at the back of his heels. He turned to me. “Besides, you don’t wanna date Grayson Dolan!” He screamed, causing all the guys to look at me. I covered his mouth with my hands.

“I will kill you.” I whispered while he was laughing hysterically. Suddenly, the line started moving and names were being called. We were up.

“Y/b/n Y/l/n and his younger sister Y/n.” The voice rang. Y/b/n smiled, offered me his arm, then escorted me through the gym in front of the crowd. When we stopped we were literally right in front of Grayson and some of his friends. Y/b/n nudged me. I just smiled and clapped for the rest of the boys entering the gym with their families. Out of the corner of my eye, i swore i saw Grayson staring.

After the meet, I was walking out of the school with Mahogany, when i heard a voice yell my name. I turned around to be faced by Grayson.

          “Hey?” I curiously stated, waiting for him to explain exactly why he was running after me.

          “Hey.” He sighed, catching his breath. He looked really cute while he was catching his breath. He gathered himself and spoke. “Can i talk to you for a sec?” He asked, gesturing towards the school.

          “Uh sure.” I turned to Mahogany, “I’ll be right back i guess.” I told her. She just smirked at me.

          “I’ll be waiting right here.” She pulled out her phone and began typing away. Grayson took my hand and lead me into the school, deep into the school. As soon as we were somewhere where absolutely nobody was or would go at the moment, we stopped walking.

          “So, what do you need to ask m-” I began to ask. I was cut off by him pushing me against the wall, his face inches from mine. “Wh-what are you doing?” I stammered, trying to hide how hot this was.

          “Don’t act like you don’t like it princess.” Grayson smirked, his hands moving from the side of my head to my hands.

          “Uh umh…” I didn’t know what to say, my mind was rushing with so many thoughts.

          “I saw you checking me out, I know you’re into me a little.” He cockily claimed. He got close to my ear and whispered, “But that’s okay, baby girl, I’m into you too.” He slowly pulled away, my eyes focusing on his. He laughed, sliding my hands above my head.                        “Y/n, just relax. If you don’t wanna do this just tell me.” He backed off a bit. I finally said something.

          “No no, this is perfect. You are perfect, wow uh.” I awkwardly threw out. He blushed a little and smiled.

          “You’re adorable when you’re flustered.” He admitted, coming closer to my body. My hands still pinned to the wall. He roughly kissed my lips, his tongue itching to enter. I put up a fight just to tease him. His lips traveled down to my neck, causing me to open my mouth in pleasure. He quickly got back to my mouth, his tongue now easily slipping in. Boy did he know what he was doing. His hands let go of my hands and began to travel around my body as the kiss heated up. I threw my hands around his neck, and felt around the back of his head. Suddenly, my phone started to ring like crazy. I pulled away, my lips only centimeters from his. I sighed and looked down, it was Mahogany texting me over and over.  

          Mahogany: Are you dead or something?

          Mahogany: OR ARE YOU GETTIN NASTAYYYYY ;)

          Mahogany: Seriously where are you?

          Mahogany: Y/b/n is gonna go look for you just answer me.

I typed a speedy reply.

            Me: I’m on my way back omg

“I have to go.” I sadly informed Grayson. He frowned and grabbed my phone and typed furiously.

“Well here’s my number so we can continue this tomorrow.” He smirked, handing me my phone back. I smiled.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” I smiled, walking away.

“I’ll be waiting.” He winked. I disappeared down the hallway, my heartbeat finally starting to slow down.

                                       ♔  Thanks for reading!


**Justin Bieber Imagine for justifyjason ** ((Requested))


You were a famous wrestler/boxer. You and Justin had been dating for a few months and he had never been to one of your matches. You really wanted just to see what you do so, you invited him to one of your matches. 

Justin came to the match but you could tell he looked uncomfortable.  To your surprise he even left. When the match was over and you went come Justin was on the couch watching tv.

“ Why’d you leave?” You asked a bit upset

He hesitated to answer “…I can’t watch you fight like that. I can’t see you get hurt. " 

You were speechless.

Justin spoke again "I know that’s your job so I’m not gonna ask you to stop because you wouldn’t ask me to stop doing what I love.  I want to grow old with you I don’t you getting hurt.”

“ I want to grow old with you too, Justin. I will try to be as careful as I can when I fight. I’m sorry you had to see that.”  you held his hand

“ It’s fine,baby don’t stress. It’s all good now, we’re on the same page.”  He smiled then kissed you

“ I’m glad.” You grinned

“By the way those outfits looked really hot on you. ” He admitted

“ Oh really? Maybe I’ll have to wear them around here more often.” you giggled

“I’d like that!” Justin laughed

For the rest of the night you watch tv and cuddled.


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