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Some of your may have already seen my guest comic “Bubble Trouble” for the Steven Universe comic either in print or online but I wanted to make an official post on here.  I included some bonus WIP pages: the final pencil lines and thumbnails.

As this was my first official comic, it was a bit of a learning experience, especially in editing and formatting.  I’m still learning about how I like to go about my watercolor comic process, like what order I layer the colors, how I make the panels etc.  

I thumbnailed this comic back in September and I think I’ve improved since.  I feel that in the end, if a comic has strong, clear posing/staging and a good flow, then that will shine through an exterior that could maybe use more polish.


The Life of a Wrestling Fanatic 

Issue #49 - A New Beginning

I watched Raw yesterday, thinking that it would be the same shit over and over again. Guess what… RAW was amazing. I was surprised, I was moved, I cried, I laugh and I screamed. 

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I’ve been to a couple of conventions this year and this has been one of my favorites. I tried to turn this dress into the NXT TakeOver: Dallas Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Leatherface inspired demon but it ended up looking kind of cute that I could most likely still wear it. 😅 His costume for that event is by far my favorite especially since 1) Texas and 2) it’s Leatherface! Nonetheless, he knew right off the bat what I was going for and he kept saying he liked it and the inner fangirl in me swooned because he said I looked great and everyone at his panel is a witness. Could I be any more awkward doing an awkward Finn Freeze? Yes. Also, can I thank the perfect lighting at Wizard World’s photo ops? Because my make up looked flawless. 💁🏻