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Can we just take a moment and appreciate Dean’s apparently intense love of potato salad in the WWE comics?

Here he is, grilling his perfect steaks (without a shirt, mind you, what are you doing) and he needs some potato salad to complete the meal:

Seth forgets the potato salad (a cardinal sin, even Roman knows this) and Dean reacts like a completely normal human being:

The steaks must be put on hold until this travesty is rectified. Seth’s offer to fix his mistake is rejected. Dean must complete this quest on his own.

Roman gets it:

Seth has to leave to take a mysterious phone call, so Roman is just going to chill and wait for that creamy potato salad, but Dean has other plans.

Did I mention they were grilling on top of a semi?

Cue intense driving to the grocery store:

Roman is pretty chill about this whole thing, proving he’s always got his boy’s back.

Unfortunately, we never get to see this legendary potato salad, but I imagine it complemented the perfect steaks perfectly.

A Long Time Ago

I made a digital painting lampooning the cliche’d “Alien Monster holding Space Babe Pose”.  You know, this one 

Anyways, it proved to be a popular image, and after many “Maybes” and “Almosts” and “What the Hell am I doing?”- the story of Rita Rodriguez the space roller derby champ and her small alien boyfriend Prince Zebulon the 23rd will be told….comic style!   My buddy Rhys took the official writing reigns, which is fine since he knows a thing or two about space adventure and space women’s wrestling.  While I wait for a replacement tablet cord, enjoy a tiny preview 

These are….INCREDIBLY ROUGH LINES but you get the idea. Expect a lot of stuff soon. 

anonymous asked:

who do you think would win in an arm wrestle match? charles or erik?

that’s a good question