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Things I absoulty love about the relationship of Moon and River Butterfly

1) He calls her “moon-pie”

2) River married into HER family, and not the traditional way around.

3) Moon knows, and doesn’t really care that her family doesn’t like River and vise-versa

4)They are are actually a super strong power couple who could beat you down in the blink an eye. She’s called “Moon the Undaunted” for a reason and River wrestles wild animals with his bare hands.

5) He calls her “MOON-PIE”

6) They come from different worlds but still love each other. River was a warrior Prince and Moon’s family are posh magic users.

7) Young River was an adorable mess.

8) “I cant believe I just called the queen "pal” “

9) Moon kept the apology meat

10) River was the only one who didnt baby her and insisted that she had a voice in the whole "peace treaty or war” matter

9) Moon probably likes River better than the other dude because he doesn’t treat her like a frail damsel.


11) Moon doesnt mind her husband being so dependent on her.

12) River automatically reaches over for moon in the morning.

13) River tries to party away his sadness because he misses Moon

14) Moon is worried about River, but is trying to focus on protecting Star.

15) “Of course I love my husband!
And Im worried sick!”

16) As soon River sees Star is okay after being reunited, he asks for his wife.

17) He CaLls HeR “MoOn-PiE”!!!!!

“...wait, so what movie are we doing, exactly?”

Ted the Animator:Curse of the Speed Demon. The script just came in.”

Carl the Animator: “…I thought you had said there was wrestling involved.”

Ted the Animator: “Yup, this is the WWE crossover. It’s all about wrestling.”

Carl the Animator: “…then why are there trucks?”

Ted the Animator: “Because… there are.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m so confused.”

Ted the Animator: “The script says there’s some kind of event. It’s called the, uh… Muscle Moto X Offroad Challenge.”

Carl the Animator: “…which sounds like a totally-xtreme ‘90s name I’d come up with as a joke.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, that’s the actual plot, apparently.”

Carl the Animator: “So… there are just, like… all the wrestlers….”

Ted the Animator: “Yup. Including all the ones with ‘dust’ in their names.”

Ted the Animator: “They even appear sequentially in the credits.”

Carl the Animator: “…but… all the wrestlers are in cars?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes. They’re not wrestling, and are instead in cars.”

Carl the Animator: “…including the guy with black lipstick on his upper lip?”

Ted the Animator: “Yessir.”

Carl the Animator: “…huh.”

Ted the Animator: “Mmhmm.”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “…so… what else does this action-packed wrestling crossover movie have in it?”

Ted the Animator: “Well, there’s a lot of people standing around and talking while being moderately miffed.”

Carl the Animator: “Sounds… thrilling.”

Ted the Animator: “Nothin’ says ‘big-time wrestling’ like a CEO passive-agressively commenting on his daughter driving a car when he thinks she has too much paperwork to do.”