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Here’s a cute video of two baby bears wrestling at Yosemite National Park in California. Jeff Molyneaux captured this amazing video just outside the park near Hetch Hetchy as he was driving home from a hiking and camping trip. Don’t worry, the mama bear is out of the shot, just off the road and after the wrestling match, the bear cubs made it safely to her. “It is still one of the best experiences I have had on a camping trip,” Jeff says. Video courtesy of Jeff Molyneaux.


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Imagine: Being a badass Amity transfer and Uriah falls in love with you.

Y/D/N= Your daughter’s name, Y/S/N= Your son’s name

As a transfer from Amity, everyone thought you’d be weak, little, timid girl, you sure as hell surprised them during your first fight with a guy who was almost twice your size. Being from Amity, meant you always used to run around, climb trees, and practically wrestle farm animals to get them to cooperate, doing things like this sure gave a person a lot of strength. This is why within minutes of your first fight, the Candor boy was out like a light.

During a game of Capture the Flag, you had been chosen to be on Four’s team, alongside a boy named Uriah. You and Uriah had become friends by the end of the game, he even invited you to go zip lining with him and the other Dauntless-born initiates.

Over the course of the following months of training, you and Uriah got closer and closer, especially when you started confiding in each other during the fear simulations. Uriah had become your best friend, and you were desperately crushing on him, but you obviously didn’t want to tell him, you wouldn’t want to do anything that would put your friendship at stake.

You currently stood in the cafeteria, you had just gone through your fear landscapes a few hours ago and now you would be finding out your results. Max stands on the balcony, along with the other leaders, giving you all a speech, finally when the rankings go up, you scan the board, looking for your name. Your jaw drops once finally see it:

1. Y/N

2. Uriah

3. Peter

What?! The entire faction erupts into cheers, you even heard some people chanting your name. The people around you congratulate you, and then you see Uriah pushing his way through the crowd, “Y/N! I can’t believe it! You did it, I’m so proud of you!”

“You did so well too Uriah! Congratulations!” He pulls you into his arms and twirls you around.

Eventually, the faction settles down, and you join Uriah and the rest of your friends for dinner. After eating, Uriah gets up from the table and gestures for you to follow him. He leads you through the dark hallways of Dauntless, until you finally get to a door that leads to the roof.

“Why are we up here Uri?”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Well, Y/N, now that we’re both officially members of Dauntless, I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you. I’m in love with you Y/N, and I have been since that game of Capture the Flag. Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Aww Uri! I’ve been in love with you too, I wanted to tell you, but I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same way!” You lean in and hug him.

“So I’ll take that as a yes?”

“Yes!” He chuckles, and kisses you. At that moment everything vanishes, it’s just you and him standing there, madly in love.

The moment is ruined when you hear, “I thought you’d be up here Ur-”

You both step back from one another and turn around, you see Zeke and Shauna standing by the door, you hear Uriah curse under his breath, “Yeahhhh baby bro! Get some!”

Shauna and Zeke both laugh as you turn bright red; Uriah flips them off and tells them to get out. They turn to leave, but just before going Zeke calls over his shoulder, “Use a condom Uri, one of you is enough, we don’t need anymore!”

They shut the door behind them and Uriah turns to you, “Sorry about that, Zeke sure knows how to ruin a moment.”

You giggle, “It’s okay, at least we don’t have to worry about telling them that we’re together now.”

“Now where were we?” Uriah pulls you back in, and you can’t remember a time that you’ve ever been any happier.

*Time Skip*

“Mum!” Your three-year-old daughter, Y/D/N, squeals as she runs away from Y/S/N, your five-year-old son, “Mummy help!”

“Y/S/N, stop chasing your sister,” You scold as Y/D/N hides behind you.

He gives you his best puppy-dog eyes, “But mom! I’m only teaching her how to be more Dauntless.”

You shake your head, “You’re just like your dad.”

“Hey, my little man just wants his baby sister to grow up to be a beautiful and tough leader like his mommy!” Uriah says coming up from behind you. The two of you had been together since that day after initiation. You had both been offered leadership positions due to your amazing ranks, a few years later, Uriah had proposed to you. A year after you got married you had Y/S/N, and two years later Y/D/N was born, your lives were absolutely perfect, and your children were adored by everyone in the faction.

“Oh stop Uri!” You laugh, “You’re such a bad influence on Y/S/N.”

“Hey, hey, hey, it’s not my fault that Y/S/N got his father’s charms,” Uriah winks, lifting Y/S/N off the ground. You playfully punch his shoulder, and lean down to whisper into Y/D/N’s ear, she agrees to your plan cheerfully.

You take her hand and she growls as the two of you begin chasing Uriah and Y/S/N around the room. The apartment fills with the shrieks and laughter of you and your children.  

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Ok, so, the giant purple gorilla is going to wrestle Shaggy, and… wait, the animators already couldn’t keep the top of the tent consistent between scenes? 

Well, that doesn’t bode well.

And then later, the gorilla becomes twice as big as he was before, relative to the tent. Did he grow, or did the tent shrink?

…wait, no, it’s got to be the tent that’s messing with us. In this scene – despite him being as tall as/much taller than the tent – the poles and top are nowhere to be seen!

…and after that, the weird little guys cling to the top of the tent… and it’s less than a fourth of its original size?

Laff-A-Lympics, you’re already setting new lows in your first episode. Shame on you.