Kevin Randleman has passed away at the age of 44.

Confirmed by his family on facebook and Jeremy Botter on twitter. He died of heart failure at the hospital while being treated for pneumonia.

A former 2x NCAA national champion, Randleman is former UFC champion and Pride FC veteran. He’s been in there with so man great fighters - Fedor, Cro Cop, Shogun, Sakuraba, Rampage, Liddell, Couture, Rizzo ,etc. Can’t say there are too many guys who been put through that type of grind. A sad day for the MMA and wrestling communities.

Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

“We Are Grateful” by Dave Bogart (@BogartDesigns)

I love this spin on Daniel Bryan’s “Respect the Beard” t-shirt. I know I would would purchase one of these in a heart beat, especially if a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Brain Injury Association of America.

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Should girls lift?

Hell yes! Girls I hate to tell you, you all say it ‘all I want to do is get toned and I don’t want to get big’. Toned is muscle, and you cannot get big because you do not have the hormonal support to generate large muscle mass. So hit the weights. Doing cardio and only cardio is not going to tone the body, it is not going to work the muscle to the extent that weights would and by weight training as well you’re still going to burn calories for longer after the gym session than if you just do cardio. The way your body composition changes as we said before is dictated by your nutrition. So in the gym ladies do not be afraid of hitting that weight section. Any man  that looks derogatorily at a woman walking into a weighted area of a gym is not a man worth worrying about anyway.  So get in there, do your thing, be proud and progress.

- Lex Griffin 


Bleacher Report thank you so much for putting what I’VE been saying since mid-2015 into words and into the public wrestling fanbase.

WWE has a ton of superstars out with injury. They have a ton of talent not being used. This is the time for WWE to not worry about one storyline and start building up talent, new and veteran.

I can’t say anything bad about this post. I agree with it 100%. I’ve made some posts that one became popular. I wish WWE would see this and realize how much of an important asset Kane is. This person is right. Kane is NOT a monster anymore and it does not work anymore if he gets pummeled by the Wyatts or someone.

We need to give Kane his repackaging, remaking, rebooking I don’t care what. But this isn’t how you treat a man who willingly ruined his career for everyone else. This is the least he deserves.

One last point… While its a fantasy dream of mine much like others for Kane to win the WWE WHC, it’s not happening. Which is fine. Because the last time he was in the WWE WHC feud people turned on him and cheered for Seth. Kane totally lost all his credibility as the split personality storyline the SECOND it was announced he’d face Seth. But don’t we see? The tail end of their feud tanked because Kane isn’t believable. We all knew he wasn’t going to win.

Just give Kane the last year (maybe not even a year) left of his career a little rejuvenation. Please WWE.

Kenji Explains It All: Dean Ambrose

I think that Dean is having one of those accidental character development moments that WWE is so good at and I kind of love it?

So, Jon Moxley, right? Punk kid with nothing to live for. No one cares if he lives or dies, including him. The only peace he can find is in drugs or the endorphin rush of pain. The only way he can make a living his by using his body as a bargaining chip. Even when he first comes to FCW as Dean Ambrose, things aren’t much different. He could get dropped at any moment, he’s gotta be constantly drawing attention, proving himself, making sure no one can forget him.

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