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i dream of a world where people don’t always sexualize finn; where they don’t insult him and only talk about his body; where words like “he’s just a stripper” wouldn’t get used as insults because, hello, 1) we are in 2017 and y’all still shame strippers/sex workers? yikes 2) finn’s not just abs and a nice body? he’s a talented wrestler with 10+ years of career on his shoulders

i dream of a world where wwe doesn’t capitalize on it too, doesn’t exploit his look and then books him like shit; treats him just like a piece of meat instead of an athlete; doesn’t allow gross signs to the shows, doesn’t use camera angles that, if used on any women on the roaster would - JUSTIFIABLY SO - make people mad.

P.S. i could talk about all the homophobic comments finn gets on a daily basis too, but that would probably produce an essay on how toxic masculinity rules most of the company (no matter how “progressive” wwe tries to depict itself)

Sweetest Thing

Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader 

A/N; If Finn Balor told me he wanted to punch me in the face, I would ask if he wanted to hit my left cheek or right

Summary: Finn Balor thinks you are just the sweetest thing. So much so that all he wants to do is drag you through a crowded room with his arm around your waist and a shit eating grin that tells everyone that you are only his to stare at. 


“Ouch! Seriously Y/N, I’m not a damn voodoo doll”. 

“Piss off Lexi, you wiggle too much. Not my fault”, you grumble out with a mouth full of pins and a roll of your eyes. 

Alexa lowers her eyes and frowns as she watches you kneel in front of her, trying your best to hem the shit out of the gown that was obviously too long for her tiny stature. Between the two of you, it was no secret that Alexa Bliss was the hardest to dress for formal WWE events, but at the end of the day, as the stylist to the superstars, you had always found a way to make her shine. With that in mind, she should have been more appreciative about your grueling attempt to make the gown for this particular charity event fit. 

Everyone was going to be there tonight. It was a gala for one of the many charities the WWE sponsored which meant the most notable stars from both NXT and WWE needed to make an appearance. Now, as the head of the clothing and costume department, that meant that you and your team were in charge of making everyone dress like royalty. Particularly for you, that meant fitting and styling the best of the best. 

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Some Gorgeous Roman Reigns for ur Saturday 😉🙃 Ur most welcome 😉

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Playing Games

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You and Seth have been playing this game for months now with neither of you truly admitting your feelings for one another. Though, now that you’ve been called up to the main roster from NXT, some things are going to have to change.

A/N: I have no idea if Seth Rollins is actually allergic to peaches or not, but like if he was, that would honestly be torture because I fricken love peaches and he’d really be missing out on the best fruit ever. 


“Brought you, your favorite, regular Peach Beach with vitamin blend and whey protein enhancers”. 

“Ugh, Lopez, you are far too good to me”. 

“Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything”. 

Gladly, you reach for the smoothie cup placed on the table in front of you and stick the straw between your lips. Seth Rollins - who was always the people pleaser - stands across the table with his arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for that sigh of content that always comes from your mouth after gulping down the first sip of your favorite drink. Soon enough, the cold liquid slides down your throat and you move the straw from your mouth, throwing your head back, and letting out a long, satisfying groan. 

God, I can’t believe you’re allergic to peaches, you are seriously missing out on the best fruit”. 

“Eh, I’m more of a pineapple guy myself really.”, Seth shrugs with a growing smirk to match his teasing behavior. 

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anonymous asked:

How about the Dads reacting to Dadsona revealing to them that he's actually the local superhero.


-“No you’re not. You’re a wimp”
-“Fuck you Robert I’m not a wimp and I saved your ass last night”
-“how the fuck did you know about that”

-“How incredibly courageous of you! Too bad you have to quit”
-he’s incredibly impressed
-and then VERY upset about it
-because that sounds REAL dangerous. But you assure him you’ve been doing this for awhile and know how to deal with this stuff

-he’s like, really proud of you for being that good of a person
-but also whenever you go out and do that damn thing he sits at home and worries
-worries for hours on end
-one time you come home and find him curled up on the couch with his head in his hands
-you’re going to have to start texting him every hour or so so that he doesn’t DIE


-please….for the love of god….let this man be your sidekick
-he’ll be so good at it
-and he dressed up like a wrestler every time you go out
-teacher by day, wrestling super hero by night?? His ideal life

-heart eyes for days
-you thought he loved you before? You’ve never seen a man more in awe
-honestly you’ll probably have to have a talk with him about how he can’t idealize you

-the most supportive
-smacks a hand on his forehead like “THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE”
-makes you lunches to take out with you on missions. You have to tell him that’s not how it works

-were you seriously fighting crime when you were that out of shape
-works you harder than he’s ever worked you before. You gotta be fit if you’re gonna get hit
-kisses your cheek and says “You know, I always thought that dude was hot”

in a perfect world, shinsuke is wwe champ and sami is united states champ and broken matt is allowed in the wwe and brock lesnar isn’t universal champ and fashion files is its own weekly tv show and the shield won’t get back together until seth really sincerely apologizes to both dean & roman and charlynch and the iconic duo are tag team women’s champions and the mcmahons won’t get matches that take away from the actual wrestlers in the company who barely get screen time and rusev day is a national holiday and-