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i’m so tired of SJWs. these sexy japanese wrestlers have been here all day. they won’t leave. they just keep pushing each other around and looking at me with their well-developed arm muscles

re: roadrat wrestling!au

what if, one day while working in the office together, mako and jamie overhear the radio advertise a contest where the winner gets to spend an entire day with the notorious wrestler Roadhog and get special VIP backstage access to a show with them

mako freaks out, because he was never?!? informed of this decision???!?!?

before mako can stop him, jamie frantically calls and redials until, finally, he reaches the station, and after answering all the trivia questions regarding Roadhog (which mako cant help but be thoroughly impressed) HEYYY HE WON!!! YEAH!!!!

mako buries his head in his hands. he’s gonna have a serious talking to with his manager.

CM Punk held the WWE Championship for 400+ days and people are still talking about it.

Wrestlers like The New Day and Roman hit milestones (Longest Reigning Tag Champions and #1 on the PWI 500 respectively) and people want to scream “it’s scripted.”

Man, POCs can’t get no appreciation for any accomplishment.


Seth Rollins x reader

They’re dating for 3 months and she’s a wrestler too, one day he came to surprise her at the performance center and she’s talking with her best friend Liv about crushes (besides their boyfriends) and she says her crushes are Shawn Michaels and John Cena and (y/n) says hers are Scott Hall and Finn Bálor. Seth hears and gets worried because (y/n) is really close with Finn (best friends) and Scott is like her mentor.

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Fight for Love (Sheamus x Reader)

A/N: Since it’s Saint Patrick Day, I decided to write a Sheamus imagine. He is another cute wrestler that I love. So here you go! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone :) MASTERLIST

Word Count: 449

Warnings: None

Gif Imagine: [x]

Y/R/N: Your Ring Name

“Y/R/N!” You walked down the ramp, head up, shoulders back and a wicked look in your eyes. A smirk completed your look. The crowd roared your name and cheered. You looked in the ring and saw Sheamus who had his hands on his waist and a smile. You and Sheamus had a match but it felt wrong because you had a thing for him and you weren’t sure if he does but you kept everything in the friend zone. You got in the ring and smiled. “Someone looks happy.” I said. “That’s because I’m with you.” 

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“Flirt.” You gently punched his shoulders and moved opposite. Since you joined the WWE, there was some acting involved but the way you two acted certainly wasn’t acting. You took your place in the corner of the ring and waited for Sheamus to get ready. He removed his shirt and threw it at the crowd. The crowd screamed as they saw his shirt flying around the stadium. You removed your leather jacket. His red cheeks were visible. The referee rang the bell and the fight began. You threw your leg and it hit his face, sending his straight to the ring floor. Your leg numbed for a moment. You both continued fighting when Kane’s song came on. You both looked at the ramp where he usually entered but he didn’t appear. You felt someone grabbing you by your neck and pulling you towards him. You saw Sheamus punching the man, who was Kane. The cold chains were cutting your oxygen supply. You held on to the chains, tried pulling them away but you failed. Your vision was getting blurrier by the second. Kane seemed indestructible. You dropped to the floor. King Barrett, Rusev and Alberto del Rio came to fight Kane while Sheamus ran next to you, his face had panic written all over it. “Y/N, stay with me! Please!” You laid there staring at him but your vision got darker by the second. He picked your fragile body up bridal style and took you to his room.


You opened your eyes and saw Sheamus staring at you. “Thank God you’re alright.” You smiled at him as he took your hand. “Y/N, would you like to go on a date…sometime?” You felt your cheeks getting hot. Wade who was in the background began flexing his muscles. You pursed your lips and looked back to Sheamus. “I’d love to.” Sheamus smiled and placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “Better sleep princess.”

“What about Kane?”

“We’ll deal with Kane ourselves.” He assured you. He covered you up with his ‘Celtic Warrior’ blanket and gently caressed your head until you fell into your slumber.

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A Thief

Wrestler: Roman Reigns

Reader Gender: Female


Word Count: 480

It had been an incredibly long day and all you wanted to do was go home and relax. Between training and going to the gym and doing promos you were feeling pretty stretched thin. You pulled into your driveway and noticed something strange, your boyfriend, Roman Reigns, was chasing your cat around your lawn. You got out of the car and stood on the edge of the lawn, watching the huge man chase the tiny black tabby cat, stifling giggles.

“Ro, sweetheart, what in the world are you doing?” You said to him, startling him which caused you to laugh even more. He looked at you with a very serious face and started walking towards you.

“Your damn cat stole my underwear and escaped the house, and when I ran after her to get them, the door closed and I was locked out.” He said to you as he walked toward you. When he got to you he wrapped you in a warm hug and kissed the top of your head. You were laughing to yourself and hoping he didn’t notice. You looked over at your cat, Molly, who was laying on the grass playing with a  pair of Roman’s underwear.

“Roman, you should know by now that you can’t chase Molly because all she does is run away. Use a firm voice and tell her no and she’ll leave it alone. Also the spare key is on top of the door-frame, where you put it. So getting locked out is all your fault.” You said trying to keep a straight face, he looked so upset when he finally remembered that he was the one that had hidden the spare key.

“Well in all the commotion I forgot where the key was! And stop laughing at me Y/N or you’ll be the one I’m chasing next!” He said with a mischievous grin on his face. You backed away from him with a smile on your face.

“Ro, you wouldn’t dare!” You screamed as he started chasing you around the lawn, he couldn’t catch you at first but you started getting tired and began to slow down. Roman wrapped his arms around your hips and brought you down onto the lawn and knelt over you, beginning to tickle you. You could barely breathe by the time he stopped and he collapsed on the lawn next to you. You rolled onto your side so you could rest your head on his chest and he wrapped one arm around you.

“I love you Y/N. Even if your cat does steal my underwear.” Roman said as he pulled you up to him and kissed you.

“I love you too Ro.” You replied kissing him again. You both laid there kissing and cuddling for a little bit, while Molly still lay in the grass a little ways away still playing with Romans underwear.

Enzo Amore

I was wondering if you’d write a sweet and silly Enzo where him and the reader are best friends (she’s not a wrestler but an assistant) and they have a day off and he takes her on a date.

This was requested by @lolaspeaks


“Zo, let me go!” Ellie says laughing as Enzo picks her up. “No, Steph has you working too much. Today me and you are going on a date since it’s our only day off for the next month.” He says tightening his grip on her legs. “Well can you at least tell me where we’re going since I can’t see anything except your ass.” She says pinching his butt.

“We’re going to a carnival, and you better hope I don’t have to fart El.” He says laughing. “You fart in my face and I promise you, I will tell Stephanie to make your life a living hell.” Ellie says. He laughs and sets her down on the ground but grabs her hand. “So why are we going to a carnival?” She asks. “Because I said so, plus we’re in my hometown and not trying to brag or anything, but this place throws a pretty sick carnival.” He says.

“I’ll take your word for it.” She says grabbing his hat and putting it on her head. “Who knew you would look so cute wearing my stuff?” He says fixing his hair. “Everybody but you apparently.” She says laughing. “Cocky much sweetheart?” He says pulling her to him. “Maybe I am, I did learn from a Certified G.” She says. “Damn right you did babe.” He says walking down the road.

They walk into the carnival and Enzo says, “I’ll race ya to the Hammer.” He starts running and Ellie laughs and starts running to the ride. “Ha! I beat you here, what kind of award do I get?” Enzo asks leaning in towards Ellie. “A ride on the Hammer, now go before the people behind us try to get in the front.” She says getting on the ride.

Enzo gets on and stands beside her and says, “First one to puke has to buy the other lunch.” “I thought you were going to buy me lunch anyways?” She asks poking her lip out. “Why do you have to do that to me? Fine I’ll buy lunch but if you puke, you’re going to do something for me.” He says. “And what if you puke?” She asks.

“Babe, Certified G’s don’t puke.” He says as the ride starts moving. The ride starts getting faster and Enzo is starting to get a little sick. Once the ride stops, Enzo walks off and heads towards the trash can. “Awe, is little Enzo about to puke?” Ellie says. “Hell no, I don’t puke.” He says heading over to her and grabbing her by the waist.

“Maybe I can hold on to you.” He says. “I would say you could, but your face is extremely pale and I don’t need a certified g like you to be puking all over my Jordans.” She says. “You’re my type of girl Ellie. Now I see why I like you so much.” He says leading her over to a bench. “How about I get you a water and we’ll go on some more rides?” She asks standing up.

He nods his heads and she walks over to get him the water. She hands him the water and after he takes a couple of sips he says, “Let’s go enjoy the rest of this date.”

So they go on all of the rides and by the end of the date, they’re extremely tired. “I actually had a great time with you El, seriously.” Enzo says leading her inside the hotel. “I did too. Who knew you eat 15 funnel cakes and not puke.” She says laughing. “Hell I didn’t know I could do that until it happened.” He says putting an arm around her waist.

“I don’t want this day to end.” She says resting her head on his chest. “I do, because I want to take you on more dates and I want to show you a side of me that no one gets the chance to see.” He says. “I can’t wait to go on more dates with you. This was the most fun I’ve had in months, and I’m not joking.” She says. “Well on our next day off, I’ll take you somewhere that’s way better than a carnival.” He says.

“Well I mean that was probably the best carnival I’ve ever been to.” She says laughing. “And to think you didn’t believe me.” He says looking down at her. “I guess I should go inside and get ready for bed. Stephanie’s going to have me up early so we can go to the gym together.” She says. “Alright, well keep my hat and jacket. I’ll text you when I get back to my hotel room.” He says touching her face.

Enzo leans forward and says, “Before I go, can I ask you to be my girl?” “Of course I’ll be your girl Zo, I’ve always been your girl.” She says kissing him. “Damn right baby.” He says.