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Sweetest Thing

Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader 

A/N; If Finn Balor told me he wanted to punch me in the face, I would ask if he wanted to hit my left cheek or right

Summary: Finn Balor thinks you are just the sweetest thing. So much so that all he wants to do is drag you through a crowded room with his arm around your waist and a shit eating grin that tells everyone that you are only his to stare at. 


“Ouch! Seriously Y/N, I’m not a damn voodoo doll”. 

“Piss off Lexi, you wiggle too much. Not my fault”, you grumble out with a mouth full of pins and a roll of your eyes. 

Alexa lowers her eyes and frowns as she watches you kneel in front of her, trying your best to hem the shit out of the gown that was obviously too long for her tiny stature. Between the two of you, it was no secret that Alexa Bliss was the hardest to dress for formal WWE events, but at the end of the day, as the stylist to the superstars, you had always found a way to make her shine. With that in mind, she should have been more appreciative about your grueling attempt to make the gown for this particular charity event fit. 

Everyone was going to be there tonight. It was a gala for one of the many charities the WWE sponsored which meant the most notable stars from both NXT and WWE needed to make an appearance. Now, as the head of the clothing and costume department, that meant that you and your team were in charge of making everyone dress like royalty. Particularly for you, that meant fitting and styling the best of the best. 

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shirokou  asked:

Just donated $5, XD! Um, so Cap drabble??? *scratches head trying to think of a good one* Bucky!Cap finds a hurt puppy after a mission. Cue puppy-dog eyes at Sam and wanting to keep it. XD!

The puppy was young – old enough to be a little awkward, but young enough he was still obviously a puppy – and probably desperate. He looked thin, and he didn’t shy away from Bucky’s arm the way most dogs did. 

“Cap,” Sam called, from a few floors up, looking down into the alley. “We should move, man, emergency services will be here soon and we can’t do anything more here.”

Bucky made a soft shushing noise, directed more at the puppy than at Sam as it limped towards him. “That’s right, brother,” he muttered. “Come to Captain America, truth justice liberty, blah blah…”

Steve, who had rescued everyone from little kids to heavyweight wrestlers in his day, used to pick up the odd cat or dog (once, infamously, a snake) but he usually handed them off to emergency services. Firemen were suckers for kittens. Bucky hadn’t rescued any animals As Captain America yet, usually because of the arm, but also because he wasn’t sure he was capable of giving one away once it crawled into his lap. 

The puppy – black wispy terrier-fur, a long foxlike snout, bright blue eyes – snuffled at Bucky’s fingers, then ducked under them and made straight for his feet, still limping but making very good time. It grabbed onto the criss-crossed laces on his boots and began worrying it with soft, squeaking growls.

“Funny, I got a best friend who used to be that way,” Bucky told him. 

“Cap, did you hear me?” Sam asked, landing next to him in the alley, wings folded in. The puppy looked up and whuffed disdainfully. Bucky gathered it into his hands, careful of the front left leg, and straightened up.

Sam looked at the dog, then at Bucky, whose eyes were wide and hopeful behind the helmet’s mask. 

 “We can give him to a fireman,” he said, voice indicating he knew it was hopeless.

“OR,” Bucky suggested, “We can name him Scout and he can be Captain America’s sidekick.” 

Sam sighed. “Are we gonna take him to the vet in-uniform, or do we get to go home and change first?” 

“Uniform,” Bucky said, turning and marching confidently out of the alley, now that he’d won. “I bet they give us a discount for being superheroes.” 

Playing Games

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You and Seth have been playing this game for months now with neither of you truly admitting your feelings for one another. Though, now that you’ve been called up to the main roster from NXT, some things are going to have to change.

A/N: I have no idea if Seth Rollins is actually allergic to peaches or not, but like if he was, that would honestly be torture because I fricken love peaches and he’d really be missing out on the best fruit ever. 


“Brought you, your favorite, regular Peach Beach with vitamin blend and whey protein enhancers”. 

“Ugh, Lopez, you are far too good to me”. 

“Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything”. 

Gladly, you reach for the smoothie cup placed on the table in front of you and stick the straw between your lips. Seth Rollins - who was always the people pleaser - stands across the table with his arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for that sigh of content that always comes from your mouth after gulping down the first sip of your favorite drink. Soon enough, the cold liquid slides down your throat and you move the straw from your mouth, throwing your head back, and letting out a long, satisfying groan. 

God, I can’t believe you’re allergic to peaches, you are seriously missing out on the best fruit”. 

“Eh, I’m more of a pineapple guy myself really.”, Seth shrugs with a growing smirk to match his teasing behavior. 

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Not Strong Enough (Adam Cole One Shot)

Originally posted by wrestlingsmarkmatty

This one is for @bizclizbaybay <3 I hope you like it!!!

The reader is the younger sister of the Young Bucks and Adam falls for her. Inspired by “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica.

Sexy times with baybay ahead

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i’m so tired of SJWs. these sexy japanese wrestlers have been here all day. they won’t leave. they just keep pushing each other around and looking at me with their well-developed arm muscles

It’s Going To Take A Lot

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Diesel [Kevin Nash]/OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: This is long. This is very, very long. And an AU. And horribly sappy. Merry Chrismuts, everyone.Tagging @tox-moxley…I would tag more folks but I don’t know who likes Diesel D: maybe I’m just old and pitiful. Enjoy!

[The Thirst Party Saturday entry will be up later tonight, never fear!]

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Freckles & Seashells

A Sami Zayn one shot

Summary: A beach day with a bunch of wrestlers turns into much more.

Pairing: Sami Zayn X Reader

Warnings: NSFW later in the story.

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Coach McKinney

I’ve hopped all the hot jocks at school. I’ve hopped Jared Campbell with his lean soccer player’s body. I’ve hopped into Neal Osborne, the tallest guy in school and the star of the basketball team. That was pretty cool. I’ve been Clinton Fitzgerald, everyone’s favorite wrestler. Gotta say it was pretty hot wearing his singlet all day underneath his regular clothes, and then lifting weights and rolling around on the wrestling mat after school with all of the other hot guys on the team.

Last weekend, I was inside Derrick Parsons, captain of the football team. I used his body to fuck Courtney Schmidt, the head cheerleader, and then went on to throw the winning pass at the Homecoming game. I walked around school on Monday morning wearing his letter jacket and his cocky grin. I felt like the fucking king of the school. It was awesome.

But for my next body, I’ve got my eyes set on something even better. I figure I’ve hopped inside all of the jocks now, and all of the kids at my school practically worship the jocks, but who do the jocks worship? That’d be Coach McKinney. If could get inside him, I’d practically have all of the jocks under my control. I could make them do just about anything I wanted. The problem is getting inside of him.

See, up until now, I’ve only been able to hop into guys (and a few girls) who are about my same age, or younger. The first time I tried to hop my dad it was a complete disaster. I just couldn’t seem to “click” into his body the way that I had been able to do with some of my classmates. So like an idiot, I pushed deeper and deeper inside of him, and that was when I got stuck. For days on end, I was just trapped there inside his body as nothing but a silent passenger, and then I finally was able to force my way out one night when he was deep, deep asleep. 

But I’ve been practicing a lot since then, with a couple of my teachers and even with my dad a few more times. What I love most about being in an adult body is that everyone instantly respects you. That’s why I think it’s going to be so awesome when I finally get the chance to hop into Coach McKinney.


Braun Strowman/OC: “I hate the word almost. You were almost mine. We almost made it.” Angst.

I found this on a prompt list and had to do it. It was originally written and meant for Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t happen. So here it is now. 

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Idle Talk

REQUEST by MBNMNB04: Hey can I request a imagine/oneshot for a Roman Reigns. Where the reader is also a WWE diva. And when another diva and superstar start talking trash about Roman, the reader confronts them. Kinda like what happened when The Miz and Maryse had John Cena as their guest and later on Maryse slaps John. Then Nikki Bella comes out tell Maryse “You mess with my man, I’m gonna break you bitch. You hear me?” Sorry if this is a lot. I just love your writing!

Warnings: Language
(A/N) I’m sorry it took so long and my apologies to y’all since I had difficulties writing this so I wanna thank @x-fivefoot for helping me out with this request since I really struggled with it😚


‘’You ready for tonight?’’ my boyfriend Roman asked me as we were in his locker room.

‘’Yes, I’m all set,’’ I replied with a smile as I took his hand in mine, ‘’You nervous?’’

‘’Babygirl, me and nervous? Not at all. Besides, I have you to cheer for me on the side of the ring so I’ll be fine.’’ He smiled. Just like my boyfriend, I was in the WWE business. A few months ago, I made my debut on RAW and Roman and I immediately fell for each other. I know how cliché ‘love at first sight’ sounds, but that’s what happened with us.

‘’You have a big ego Reigns,’’ I laughed and kissed him.

‘’I’m aware of that baby, but you praising me every day, makes it even bigger.’’  

‘’Keep on going like that and I’ll stop all the compliments,’’ I warned him playfully. He pretended to zip his mouth shut and throwing away the imaginary key. ‘’Alright, so I’m going to check the arena out for a bit, you just stay here and get ready okay?’’

‘’Whatever you wish, but come back asap.’’ He pouted his lips, wanting another kiss. I rolled my eyes and gave in, kissing him one more time before I exited the dressing room. I decided to just look around a bit, curious about how the whole arena looked like. When I was a kid, me and my parents used to watch wrestling all the time and as a little girl, I wanted nothing more than being a part of the business. So when I was probably around twenty years old, I decided to follow my childhood dream to become a wrestler myself. There was nothing more I enjoyed doing than working out every day, even though my body couldn’t even function anymore the day after, developing and getting to know different and new tactics, being trained and being guided to the wrestler, more important, woman I am this present day. Of course, there were bumps on the way, but everyone has that when you’re dreaming of something that is hard to accomplish. Once I could go from NXT to RAW, it was like my life couldn’t get any better. But the moment Roman and I saw each other and finally talked, I knew that I didn’t need or want anything else. He became so important to me in such short time and being around him made me feel even more confident. We trained together, traveled together, shared hotel rooms together, he would give me advice on how to beat everyone’s asses in the ring. Sure, we also have some alone time, everyone needs that from time to time. I’m blessed to have him in my life so you could imagine that when someone said or did something that would be in his disadvantage, I would step in and fight that person. As I made my way to the ring, I could hear someone mention Roman’s name. I frowned and walked over to a spot where I could hear what female voice was saying.

‘’Honestly, he’s just a show-off and an comedian,’’ Maryse laughed as she was talking to Lana. ‘’Not to mention his lack of experience and talent. He pretends to be ‘the guy’ around here, that this is his so called ‘yard’ or whatever, but how funny is that.’’

‘’You can’t just talk about him that way,’’ Lana replied as she rolled her eyes. Almost everyone knows by now that Maryse loves to talk shit about almost anyone who she dislikes, so I wasn’t surprised. But the fact that she was talking about my man that way, made me pissed.

‘’Lana, you know damn well that I’m right and his girlfriend, what’s her name again,’’ she pretended to think, tapping her heels on the floor, ‘’y/n, that was it, she’s getting on my nerves. Now that she’s new, everyone is talking about her and that pathetic boyfriend of hers. She’s dating him just because of the fame. Not that it helps,’’ she laughs and walks off. My blood was boiling while I walked towards Lana. She saw me coming her way, biting her lips, not knowing what to say.

‘’Y/n,’’ she started, ‘ ’Before you decide to break everything on your path, I hope you’re not mad at me.’’

‘’Mad at you? Why would I be mad at you?’’ I asked as I sat on the side of the ring, facing Lana who was standing in front of me.

‘’I don’t know, maybe for not saying anything.’’ She answered guilty.

‘’Lana, you did stood up for him and I appreciate that, I really do. It’s just that she frustrates the shit out of me, oh my g0d,’’ I groaned. ‘’She has been talking crap about me and Roman for quite some time and I’m on the edge of losing my shit.’’

‘’I can imagine,’’ Lana sighed.

‘’I couldn’t care less about the fact she’s talking about me, but no one talks about Roman that way.’’ I felt myself getting more angrier than I already was and a plan formed in my head.

‘’Y/n, I know that face, what are you up to?’’ Lana asked concerned. I’ve known Lana for a long time and we became close friends. She knows me too well, sometimes even better than I know myself.

‘’Nothing,’’ I simply said and hopped off  the ring, ‘’you’ll see tonight.’’ Giving Lana a hug, I walked back to the locker room. As I walked inside, I saw roman sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone. He looked up at me and frowned.

‘’Alright, spill it out, what’s wrong?’’

‘’There’s nothing wrong,’’ I lied and sat down next to him.

‘’Oh yes there is, I ain’t stupid babygirl.’’

‘’I never said you were,’’ I gave him a smile and rested my head on his shoulder, ‘’You’ll see tonight.’’


‘’You ready to go,’’ Roman asked me as I stood next to him, holding his hand. I nodded and walked right behind him as we walked out of the door. The fans started to scream loudly as we came out; some of them booed, some of them cheered. It felt amazing going out there, especially having Roman by my side. He had a match with Jericho and he was already standing in the ring.

‘’I see you couldn’t handle me on your own Reigns,’’ Jericho laughed as Roman stepped into the ring.

‘’The fact you lost your ‘best friend’, doesn’t mean I can’t bring mine.’’

‘’Touché, let’s hope for your sake you fight as good as you talk,’’ Chris said as the bell ringed. Roman gave me a kiss on the cheek before he started the match by slapping Jericho in the face. I stood behind the ropes, cheering for Roman and occasionally shouting what he should do and what not. Both Roman and Jericho got beaten up pretty bad, but they kept going. Eventually, Roman performed this breathtaking Samoan drop, causing him to win the match. Boy, I was so proud of him. I stepped into the ring and gave Roman a big hug before grabbing the mic in the corner. He frowned at me, not knowing what I was about to do. As Jericho rolled out of the ring I started to walk back and forth.

‘’So I overheard something,’’ I started, ‘’I heard that someone named Maryse, has been talking crap about my man and I ain’t gonna let that happen just like that of course. So I thought, why not clear the air a little.’’

‘’What has she been saying about me?’’ Roman asked with a grin on his face.

‘’Something like you being a comedian and a huge show-off. She also mentioned that I’m dating you because of the fame,’’ I laughed. ‘’I’m surprised you can’t see that your man is comedian and a pretty big show-off too. I mean, what’s it with ‘The Miz Show’ anyways?’’ As I was about to continue, Maryse and her husband came out.

‘’Roman, why don’t you keep your lady in control man? That’s not the attitude a new diva is supposed to have,’’ Mike said shaking his head.

‘’My lady is independent and has her own will and unlike yours, mine is standing up for me and she has my back. So how about the two of you just turn around and walk away before we kick your asses.’’ Roman angrily said.

‘’Roman honey, can’t you see that y/n is just dating you because of the fame and your money?’’ Maryse said. That made me snap.

‘’Listen up, doll, why would I date anyone for the fame and the money? I’m in the business as well so I gain my own money and my own fame. I have my own fans and my own style. It’s called being original, but I don’t expect you to know what it means. And just one more thing,’’ I continued, ‘’If I ever catch you talking crap about my man again, I’ll fucking kick your ass.’’ I dropped the mic and my music started to play. Everyone seemed to be cheering and I smiled as Maryse and Mike walked off irritated. Roman gave me a hug and shook his head

‘’You’re something else y/n, thank you,’’ he smiled.

‘’You’re welcome Ro,’’ I laughed. He gave me a kiss before we walked back to the locker room.