wrestler mask


Game: Tabimatsu

Name: Imagawa-yaki

Attracts Characters: Osomatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Jyushimatsu Matsuno, Todomatsu Matsuno

Attracts Outfits:

  • Osomatsu Matsuno (Action Star)
  • Karamatsu Matsuno (Hardboiled)
  • Choromatsu Matsuno (Manager)
  • Ichimatsu Matsuno (Cat Man)
  • Jyushimatsu Matsuno (Masked Wrestler)
  • Todomatsu Matsuno (Dry Monster)

Set: None
Event: None

Event Multiplier: N/A

Rarity: ☆☆
Gacha Chance: 4.0% (old), 1.0% (current)
Unlock Requirement: N/A

Description: The Sextuplets’ snack. Stuff your face so they aren’t taken by anybody else.

AU where Roadhog’s a wrestler in a pig mask. Nobody knows who he is under the mask, and rumours about his dark and mysterious past circle the internet.

Jamie’s his biggest fan and won’t stop talking about him to his coworker Mako. Mako never seems that interested, but tends to cut the conversation short whenever Jamie starts talking about how badly he wants Roadhog to raw him.

The next episode of Tiger Mask W has a Ranger reference! Three masked Wrestlers in matching colored outfits are seen in a team match with Tiger Mask!


Before we had El Tigre on tv, we had…

Mucha Lucha!!!!!! :D

If some of you guys don’t know or remember this, mucha lucha is a 2003 warmer brothers/cartoon network animated series that’s about kids who are masked wrestlers and study about Mexican wrestling in a wrestling school.

This was part of my childhood! And I just loved watching it every time I came home from school back in 2003 ^_________^

Fun fact! mexopolis was part of the series’ team that worked on making mucha lucha :3

a young man is confined in a mental hospital. through a flashback we see that he was traumatized as a child, when he and his family were circus performers: he saw his father cut off the arms of his mother, a religious fanatic and leader of the heretical church of santa sangre (“holy blood”), and then commit suicide. back in the present, he escapes and rejoins his surviving and armless mother. against his will, he “becomes her arms” and the two undertake a grisly campaign of murder and revenge.

dir.: alejandro jodorowsky
drama / horror  

axel jodorowsky as fenix
blanca guerra as concha
guy stockwell as orgo
thelma tixou as the tattooed woman
sabrina dennison as alma
adan jodorowsky as young fenix
faviola elenka tapia as young alma
teo jodorowsky as pimp

some facts:

  • the project was launched when alejandro jodorowsky was commissioned to write and direct a film based on real-life mexican criminal named gregorio cárdenas.
  • as a tribute to mexican horror films, santa sangre (1989) includes a scene with masked wrestlers and a “superwoman” named la santa.
  • alejandro jodorowsky’s sons adan jodorowsky & axel jodorowsky both play the part of fenix at different ages.
  • the line spoken during the death of the elephant “the elephant is dying” is used as the opening line of “what’s up with you” - a song by eddie murphy and michael jackson.
  • on january 25, 2011, severin film gave the film a release on both dvd and blu-ray with more than “5 hours of exclusive extras”

+: amazon

Was This Really A Good Idea? (Wrestling Au, Brohm)

Based on a post I made a long time ago. I finally managed to finish it eventually. I’m eventually going to make more chapters. I hope you enjoy.

“I’m not so sure Luke, I mean we could always stay at home and wait for-” Luke placed a finger on Bryce’s lips, hushing his words.

“Fuck that, how long has it been since we seen Jonathan in person? Way too fucking long, plus he promised us front row seats! Please Bryce, do it for our little man?” Luke nearly begged for Bryce to go and he doesn’t blame him. Ever since Jonathan rose in the ranks of wrestling, neither Bryce nor Luke had seen their former roommate unless it was on a television screen. H2O Delirious was his stage name, and he was known to “drown” his enemies into concussion which was very well fitting to his maniacal persona. In reality, when he was just regular Jonathan, he was pretty laid back, he tended to stumble upon his vocabulary, and he certainly has one contagious laugh. The idea of catching up with his friend again was very tempting.
“Well Luke…”
“Jonathan and I agreed that if you go, he’ll treat us for dinner after his match.”

And that was how Bryce ended up in a stadium with Luke and a few thousand other people, holding a large box of popcorn. He was not a huge fan of wrestling but if watching an entire match of sweaty men beating each other up will make Luke and Jonathan happy, then so be it. For the first few matches he barely paid attention to the ring since his friend was not up until later. It was boring to say the least; he almost fell asleep if it wasn’t for the fact that they could catch him on National television at any point in time. Eventually Luke began to nudge him a little roughly.
“Here he is, that’s our boy! Yeah baby!” he cheered. Bryce looked up to see a man wearing a blue wife beater and black shorts, pumping his fists to the crowd as he walked up to the ring. Despite his face concealed by the cheap hockey mask, Bryce could easily tell that was Jonathan getting ready to beat the shit out of whoever was coming. Even though he didn’t like wrestling, he was extremely proud of Jonathan. The guy was obviously stronger than he looked and faced a thousand more horrors than Bryce could count, yet he managed to toughen up and still be that grinning man he always knew and loved. Not long after, he heard the announcer grab the crowd’s attention,
“In the other corner, this man is fierce! He will take on any man who dared to stand in the way of his victory; he is the one and only OHMWRECKER.” It did not take long for Bryce to choke on his popcorn from what he saw (which he prayed the cameras did not catch that). Like his friend, the opponent wore a mask as well, except it was white with a large Ohm symbol on it. For a moment, he wondered how the man could see, until he spotted the barely noticeable eyeholes. What made Bryce lose his composure was the fact the man was…not bad looking. Sure Jonathan too, but he never seemed to feel anything that special towards him. Not only that, Bryce KNEW at the last second, Ohmwrecker looked towards him, although he was also pretty sure that nobody would believe him if he ever said that to anyone. Luke raised an eyebrow as if to say-

“Bryce, are you alright? It sounded like a dick sucking went wrong.” He quickly waved it off once he managed to stop coughing.

“No, no it’s nothing. Wrong hole, that’s all.” Luke did not seem to believe any of that bullshit, yet he turned around to continue watching the match. It appeared that the match had already started and they were throwing punches, kicks, and grabbing at each other with little to no mercy. The two wrestlers were going all out in order to win the championship and everybody loved it. For once, Bryce had his full undivided attention to the fighters and cheered for Jonathan or Delirious in that case. He knew what Delirious had to sacrifice in order to be here today. He gave up his easy life with his friends, family and had to eventually overcome his fear of flying in order to pursue his dreams of having the belt of glory. For that, he gave his friend the highest respect he always deserved.

“Go Delirious, go!”

It turned out the match ended in a close tie according to the officials and they would have to reschedule a new match in the same ring. There were many disappointed people, but Bryce and Luke didn’t seem to care as they were lead towards their friend’s prep room. The guard knocked on the poor, announcing their presence with a quick “come in” from Jonathan. Once they were inside, the wrestler took off his mask in a swift motion and scooped his friends in a bear hug.

“Glad to see you motherfuckers are doing well!” he exclaimed with a genuine laugh.

“I could say the same to you too, brother. It took a bit of convincing but I got Bryce here too and we all know he doesn’t like sweaty people and cramped up rings.” Luke proved his point by Jonathan pretending to pull Bryce to his armpits only using half of his strength to tug him, making the blonde man struggle and yell out,

“Don’t you put your stinky underarms at my face; I can smell it from here! Have you ever heard of a shower?!” Eventually the older man rolled his eyes and let go, taking a seat on a stool, while Bryce acted as if he escaped a gas chamber.

“Aight, man you win for now, better sleep with one eye open though. By the way, I have NO IDEA what this thing is you call ‘a shower’” He winked; Bryce shuddered in disgust, not wanting to think about his friend pranking him in the middle of the night just like the old days. Luke sat down on another chair, sitting back with his arms crossed.

“So Jon, how do you feel about this match and all this tie stuff? I honestly thought you had it right there with that nasty punch you had at the last minute.” Jonathan had a conflicted look on his face, trying to remember what he heard from the judges.

“Well apparently we inflicted equal damage and the same amount of punches, plus the fact that we hadn’t even attempted to go for a pin. I think the judges just want us to fight more or something like that, I wouldn’t know. Man, to be honest this Ohmwrecker guy is the most difficult opponent I have ever faced. He’s just so damn good, but I give respects to him though.” Luke leaned forward in his seat out of interest with Bryce listening with his full attention as well.

“Not that it’s a bad thing to respect your opponents but any reasons why?” Bryce asked,

“You see, I talked with him before the match started. How could I describe it…?” Jonathan narrowed his eyes in concentration, trying to form the words he wanted to say, “This Ohmwrecker guy and I are pretty alike, we don’t show our faces to anyone, and we sure as hell don’t give anything about our lives either. He has his reasons and I have mine.”

Bryce was intrigued to ask more questions about Ohmwrecker, unfortunately out of all times he needed to go.

“Sorry Jon, but have you seen the nearest bathroom?” Bryce asked his words were rushed. Mother Nature was calling and she wanted him to hurry his ass up to the nearest urinal. The wrestler pointed down the hall, but before he could explain, Bryce was already out the door, running. 
“Bryce you crazy son of a bitch!” that was the only thing he heard from his friend before he was out of earshot. 

He aimlessly walked in the general direction of where the bathroom was located, he thought maybe, just maybe he made a slight mistake and should have turned back, but he was already in far deep in, he was not sure he would have made it in time if he asked directions. He hastily opened doors left and right, hoping for the best on each one without any luck. Eventually he opened a door and he heard water running. He felt blessed as he walked in, he wanted to whoop and holler in delight. 
“Take that, Jonathan! I know where I’m going, I’m-oh crap,” he stopped in his tracks and felt his blood run cold. 
Right in front of him, was a lone man showering out in the open, but that wasn’t what made Bryce want to retreat. On top of the benches was a mask sitting on top of a grey bag, which contained the Ohm symbol. This was the man who nearly beat the shit out of Jonathan; this was the real Ohmwrecker. He felt like he discovered a secret that should have not been uncovered.

This Ohmwrecker guy and I are alike, we don’t show our faces to anyone and we sure as hell don’t give anything about our lives either.” Jonathan’s words echoed in his mind.

Bryce was slowly stepping back; his urge to go was pushed off to the side. He would rather hold his piss for three HOURS than being beaten to a pulp. Despite his height advantage, he was a noodle compared to this man and would not stand a chance. The man turned around facing the young blonde eye to eye, he was clearly upset for obvious reasons, his hazel eyes were narrowed to a glare as he grabbed a towel to quickly cover himself up from his waist down.
“Give me one good reason why you’re here, and you better not be a goddamn reporter,” he said in a threatening tone. Bryce quickly scrambled to find his words, stuttering out,
“It’s a pretty dumb story, y-you see my friend was the guy you fought i-in your match not that I hate you in fact you’re pretty cool a-and well…I didn’t listen to him when he was telling me direction for the bathroom and, I ended up here.” he could see him coming closer and he quickly muttered a “please don’t hurt me I’m sorry I didn’t know you were there, I won’t tell anyone I swear to go I’m so sorry”, he hoped that he would leave with JUST a bloody nose tonight as he shut his eyes tightly. He felt a strong pair of hands grasp his shoulder tightly, he silently panicked, he was about to kick him in the balls probably.

But instead of pain he felt himself bend down a bit and a pair of lips press against his cheek. He opened his eyes to see the wrestler had flashed him a smile as he slipped on his mask again and began to change while Bryce turned around, trying to comprehend what had happened. He felt his body heat up from embarrassment and the fact that he just got kissed by someone he certainly doesn’t mind. He could feel his lips pull into an awkward smile as he covered it with his hand, and his heart was feeling all weird and fluttery.

Once the man finished putting on his clothes and gave Bryce the signal to turn around again, he said,
“Bathroom is right next door, nerd lord. I’ll let this little thing slide, but” Bryce had a sense of intimidation when the man’s smooth voice turned cold, “if you dare to tell anyone about my face, I won’t hesitate to punch YOUR pretty face. Promise?" 
"I s-swear,” Ohmwrecker patted him on the back which slid down to his bottom, making the younger man flinch in surprise.
“Alright then, I’ll see you soon.” once the man left, Bryce let out a relieved sigh, feeling lucky that he was left alone in one piece and…
“What the heck…?” he checked the back of his pants pocket to reveal a piece of paper what looked to have a phone number and an Ohm symbol as he let out an “Oh no”. He honestly did not know what to feel, he needed some advice and fast and he knew exactly who to talk to.

Right after he finished his business next door.


Josh is still putting the finishing touches on the next Utena recap so I will take a moment to talk about another thing that I enjoy.

It is insanely difficult to write for wrestling.

At any given moment, you are dealing with the following characters:

-Wrestlers who are faces (heroes)

-Wrestlers who are heels (villains)

-Wrestlers who are booked as faces but treated by the audience as heels

-Wrestlers who are booked as heels but treated by the audience as faces

-Wrestlers who are miscellaneous

-Interviewers, commentators, managers and assorted mascots, all of whom may be faces or heels

-On-screen authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-Actual authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-The audience, which may be face or heel, depending on what city you’re in, what year it is, and whether the bookers and writers of the show are intentionally antagonizing them or not

You also have comic book levels of backstory and continuity, which (much like in comics) is largely ignored in practice, except when it isn’t; performers who may or may not be able to act, who have a tendency to get injured or suspended for drug use in the middle of important storylines, and may simply refuse to do what you tell them; an audience which cannot even agree about what wrestling is, let alone what is good, but which is the single determinant of your success; and an additional, theoretical audience which stopped watching wrestling in 2003 and which it is your life’s goal to somehow bring back to the fold.

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Kamen Rider 45th Anniversary file: Kamen Rider Ichigo Part 1: Conception

Many newcomers may ask this upon seeing the franchise for the first time…where did all this come from?

What possessed a manga artist and a TV production company to come up with a Kung Fu bugman who fought shrieking masked luchador Neo-Nazi mooks and freaky cyborg monsters?

Well, let us rewind a bit to one of the “ancestral” components: Cyborg 009

For those unfamiliar, a quick rundown; Cyborg 009 was Ishinomori’s first big hit as a solo manga artist in 1964. Before then in the 1950s, he worked as an assistant on Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy manga among other projects. So the idea of superheroes was already instilled in Ishinomori by working with a great man. (In later years, it was revealed Tezuka was huge fan of Superman.)

Cyborg 009 was about a team of superheroes from different cultures and countries who fought a terrorist organization that originally abducted them and converted them into cyborgs to be used as human superweapons for their war profiteering/World Domination schemes. The Zero Zero Cyborgs are the first Superhero Team in Japan.

So we have aspects of the premise and formula and the cool scarf as the proto-form of the concept.

Next is The Skull Man

By this point, Ishinomori had established himself as a great writer and manga creator. In 1970, he created a character that would be morally ambiguous and scary. The Skull Man was a one shot but a huge hit and established manga’s template for Anti-heroes as the ghoulish costumed character was the first ever anti-hero of that medium. However, Ishinomori wasn’t satisfied with just leaving it like that. Enter Toru Hirayama.

Mr. Hirayama was a producer for Toei and was already experienced in working in the tokusatsu genre, having the live action Giant Robo TV Series (Known to Baby Boomers in the US as Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot) and several other TV shows under his belt during the 1960s such as Kamen no Ninja Akakage. He would be one of the driving forces of tokusatsu for Toei from the 1970s all the way to the early 1980s.

He is considered to be the Kamen Rider TV show’s co-creator, though he was simply content in giving Ishinomori all the credit (He did draw the guy after all) when it came time for the show to run and simply wanted to be its producer. But he stayed with the franchise from the first series all the way until his retirement with ZX.

(A panel from the manga The Men Who Made Kamen Rider. The characters surrounding Mr. Hirayama are all from shows he would later produce: Gorenger, Henshin Ninja Arashi, Both Kikaider series, Akumaizer 3 and Choujin Bibyun, Robot Detective, Daitetsujin 17, Kaiketsu Zubat, Inazuman and Inazuman F, Choujin Barom 1, and Space Ironmen Kyodain)

At the dawn of the then-new decade, Toru was appointed as Producer for a work order to create a new SF/Fantasy series called “Maskman K” for the Execs. He needed a designer for the hero costume and chose Ishinomori to do it. Toru was aware how big and unapproachable the hit manga artist was due to his busy schedule and fame from creating Cyborg 009. He had only 30 minutes to pitch his idea.

Nervous, Toru was ready to leave and come back later but Ishinomori stopped him and asked him to stay.

He then showed him a drawing of what would be later dubbed as “CrossFire”.

CrossFire was a masked superhero wrestler who would fight evil while riding a motorcycle. Hirayama LOVED it and sent it to his bosses, who also approved it as did the Manichi Broadcasting board. However, Ishinomori was being difficult. He didn’t like his creation: “Something doesn’t feel right about it.”

So he asked for some time to rework it, much to the Execs annoyance.

He then made him a hero design called “Cross Kamen” and then a lion themed hero with the fire Kanji on his forehead.

When Hirayama asked why Ishinomori was reworking it, the legendary artist’s reply more or less was: “It’s too safe, all of this has been done before. I want something…fantastic…more..grotesque.”  What he meant was heroes like Gekko Kamen and Tiger Mask already covered this kind of ground. Ishinomori wanted a creation that was all his own and totally new.

So..he showed Hirayama a sketch of his Skull Man character, modified for what he hoped was his creation’s television debut.

Hirayama loved the concept and approved it….but his bosses and the network execs HATED IT.

They complained that it was “Too Dark” for a kids show, “Too Cerebral”. “The Hero is too scary, he looks like a bad guy!”.

Hirayama: “I don’t think that is really an issue, remember Ogon Bat? He was scary and children love him.”

Execs: “I’m sorry Hirayama, but we cannot put any backing behind this. It is too big a risk.”

Toru tired to shop around to get approval from networks but it just was not happening. So Ishinomori decided to keep trying but rework the concept and tone down the stuff that the execs didn’t like.

There is no 100% accurate account of how it happened. But, it is said that Ishinomori went though a line of doodles and his son chose one that he liked.  Like any young kid, Ishinomori’s son (It is unknown if it was Jo or Akira Onodera) wanted to help his Daddy with work. Unlike many real adult jobs, this one bit of help paid off. Ishinomori had finally found his star.

After several test designs for the helmet, Ishinomori finally had the concept done. A grasshopper-themed motorcycle riding hero who would take elements of Cyborg 009 and apply them to this new series.

The execs were happy and approved the show for production. Hirayama chose a crack team of writers and staff and selected actor Hiroshi Fujioka to be the star. 

On April 3, 1971, the families of Japan welcomed a new hero on TV into their homes and eventually into the zeitgeist of their pop culture. Come back on the “big day” and learn about the one that started it all!